June 25, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 4]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 23, 2012

As they hide inside the sleeping bag, Koharn blushes as Natski hugs her in. Koharn thinks that before, if her heart beats fast, it would quickly calm down afterwards. “But why? The heart beats this time, why is it becoming more intense? When I and Natski had obviously always been quite close.” Cover page blurb: “Holding hands while walking home together” Later on, the others come out of the sleeping bag. Konoha says that it is great that they weren’t discovered. Crawling out, Kotarou comments that as a guy, it felt really disgusting to unexpectedly squeeze in with someone of the same sex. To Kotarou’s shock, Masamoto teases that he had always imagine Kotarou as a girl. Everyone laughs over this then they notice that something is wrong. They look at the childhood friends. Konoha asks what happened between them that they are so quiet. Embarrassed Koharn quickly says that it is nothing. Natski also says the same thing and that everything is normal. Koharn says ya. Then, she looks at Natski. She suddenly blushes really red. This puzzles Natski. They were all surprised when Koharn suddenly rushes out of the tent. Koharn is quite puzzled over what this is all about. “I felt that my heart is beating so fast that I can’t look straight at Nats-chan.” The next morning, the two are with each other’s group of friends. Natski calls out to her and she runs away. Once..twice..and thrice-> climbing up the mountain, and on the fourth time, she offers some tangerine to Kotarou and the others. Natski is really unhappy over this. Then, Masamoto asks if Natski didn’t get to have Koharn’s tangerines. “Wanna have some?” Natski angrily shouts that he doesn’t need it. Scratching his head, Natski wonders what’s going on with Koharn.

Later on, a teacher[?] says that they go eat their lunches and they’ll meet up together at 2 o’clock. With her friends, tired Koharn lies down on the picnic blanket and wonders what the heck she is doing. Holding her onigiri, Konoha asks her if she ran away again. While drinking her juice, Sumire asks Koharn what happened between her and Natski. Sitting up, Koharn says, what happened.. She remembers hiding with Natski inside the sleeping bag. She tells her friends that she doesn’t quite know it either. She thinks that this question of ‘what’s going on’, she doesn’t know if she can consult it with her friends, and what the best thing to do. Koharn tells her friends that obviously, nothing has happened but right now, when she looks at Nats-chan, her heart keeps on beating really fast that it won’t stop. Konoha and Sumire look at each other. Konoha tells Koharn that her feelings had a change so it is impossible for her to say, ‘nothing has happened’. “Koharn, does your heart beat a lot towards some other guy?” Koharn exclaims that it doesn’t. Konoha asks her if she had some favorable impression[/good opinion] towards other guys. Koharn replies that she didn’t think of that at any time. Konoha asks, “For you not to think of it at any time, could it be that it is because you already have [that person]? *smiles at surprised Koharn* It started since when you were young. Could it be that because the guy whom you have a favorable impression of, had always been very close to your side?” Koharn looks surprised as the wind blows some leaves. Later on, Koharn is walking in the forest. She thinks that it is as Konoha had said, compared to other guys, the times she spent together with Nats-chan is more fun. “Nats-chan is certainly my closest[/most intimate with] guy.. Closest..”
Then, Koharn sees Natski lying on the porch of a building. She quickly turns to run away but she stops to look back. Staring intently at him, Koharn realizes that he is asleep. Taking off her jacket, she says, geez, sleeping here, he’ll catch a cold. She puts her jacket on Natski. Koharn comments that her jacket is so small. She looks at him and remembers Konoha asking that could it be that it is because the guy whom she had a favorable impression of has always been very close to her side. Her heart beats loudly when Natski wakes up and looks at her. Koharn blushes really red. Natski happily grabs her wrist and exclaims that he caught her. “Geez, why are you running away? Hey, look towards me.” Looking away, Koharn thinks that no, no, no, right now, he cannot look at her face. She mutters that she’s afraid and let go. To Natski’s surprise, Koharn pulls away from his grip. Then, Koharn apologizes to him. Scratching his head, Natski says that he doesn’t understand, and what should he do for her to directly tell him. “If you don’t say anything, I also have no way of apologizing to you.” Koharn looks flustered as she thinks that he didn’t do anything wrong. After a long pause, Natski stands up and says, “Okay, it doesn’t matter. I really don’t understand you. *walks away* I’m sorry.” Koharn can only just watch him leave. Felt like crying, Koharn thinks that he actually didn’t do anything wrong. “I’m such an idiot.” Later that night, a man is carrying some groceries and passes by the house. While looking up the window, he comments that the room’s lights are open and it seems that Natski and the others had come back. Then, he exclaims in surprise to see gloomy Koharn hugging her puppy near the dog house. Koharn comments that it’s Natski’s [elder] brother.
Inside the cafe, Natski’s brother gives Koharn some honey milk which she likes. Koharn thanks Tomo [guesswork name from 朋]. He tells her to properly drink it and did she quarrel with Natski. Koharn says that it can be called a quarrel but it is actually her fault. She tells him that it is the first time for her to have this kind of feeling and lately, she had become strange. “Looking at Nats-chan, there are times I felt upset, and there are times that I felt very angry. And we are obviously childhood friends.. And there are times when my heart beats a lot.. *flustered* The current me can’t even dare look straight at Nats-chan’s face.. For me to run away like this from Nats-chan, I had hurt him.” Tomo’s expression softens and he sits beside Koharn. He tells her, “Koharn, try looking directly at Nats-chan for 3 seconds. Just 3 seconds and it is enough. You would want to turn and look away, or perhaps, you would want to run away, but try and persevere for 3 seconds. *smiles at surprised Koharn* That way, you’ll definitely find the answer.” The next day, Koharn is surprised that Natski had already felt for school. Natski’s father tells her that it is rare for him to wake up early, and he left quite early. “For you not to be with him, that’s quite rare.” Koharn looks shock for this is the first time that Natski didn’t wait for her in going to school together. She looks flustered upon remembering Natski apologizing to her before as he left. Koharn quickly runs here and there but she couldn’t find Natski. Remembering Natski’s back towards her, Koharn looks flustered and tense. “I’m sorry, Nats-chan. Avoiding you, can’t talk to you, and I unexpectedly felt quite upset. *stops running and catching her breath* I don’t want this. I don’t want, not being able to talk with Nats-chan.”
From behind her, a man shouts, ‘watch out’ because while reading his cellphone, a guy is riding a bicycle in full speed straight at Koharn. Koharn turns around and looks surprised. Natski had appeared before her and had stopped the bicycle from hitting her. Natski turns to look at her. Koharn remembers Tomo’s advice for her to try looking at Natski for 3 seconds. Tok. 1 second. Tok. 2 second. Tok. 3 second. Natski smiles at her and Koharn blushes. Soon, Natski is riding the bicycle with Koharn to school. Natski tells her that he is going to make a dash for it so Koharn better hold on to him tight. While holding on to Natski’s back, Koharn thinks, “After looking straight at Nats-chan for three seconds, I finally understand. I had fallen in love with my childhood friend.” Scans by 夜莺工作室