June 30, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 32]

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At a teahouse in Kanrou, Hakuyou’s royal capital, the people are gossiping. “—Have you heard, lately something interesting had happened?” “—are you referring to that! The ‘Wolf King’s ‘Queen Consort’! That Queen Consort is really-” “—So that’s how it is, no matter what dynasty, women are a recipe for disaster.” A black-haired, pony-tailed man smiles over this. Narration: “In order to conceal feared King Haku Reishou, the ‘cold-hearted ruthless Wolf King’’s true nature, I, Tei Yuulin has been hired. Right now, I’m currently in the progress of doing my best in becoming a professional temporary bride. Suddenly, one day, an urgent situation came up.” Flustered and in tears, Yuulin exclaims, “Your Majesty! Please let me go to my hometown!” This startles Reishou. Freaking out, Reishou shouts, “Wai..wait a minute! Yuulin! What happened? Properly say it! Calm down a bit!” Flustered Yuulin replies, “I..am..am...ve..ve...very..calm!” Looking aghast and wondering what’s going on, Li Jun, the trusted aide, tells the two to please calm down a bit. “Your Highness Yuulin, quickly let Your Majesty look at that letter.” Taking out a letter, Yuulin says okay. Reishou reads the letter, “Sister, our father had once again caused trouble. Please quickly return here. Seishin.” Yuulin tells Reishou that this is something that Jun had just given her and it said that her father had caused some trouble. After a pause, Reishou says is that so. Teary-eyed and flustered Yuulin says, “Let’s not talk about my father first, I’m also very worried about Seishin!” Reishou looks at her and then says, “Is that so! Okay! I’ll also go with you!” Jun darkly says that His Majesty’s schedule is all filled up. Yuulin tells Reishou that she will speedily handle this situation and then, she’ll come back quickly. “Can I go on a vacation?” Trembling and flustered Reishou says, “I still should go along with you.” Dark Jun calls out to Reishou. Narration: “Thus, I’ve temporarily left lonely puppy-faced His Majesty!” Yuulin feels sorry for puppy Reishou who timidly calls out to her while Jun is emitting dark aura. =P Narration: “I, Tei Yuulin, is going back to the commoner’s residence area after a long time.” Chibi Dai says, “I’m Kou Dai, who is responsible for secret surveillance. I’ll be nearby.”
In a room, Yuulin looks speechless and aghast. A small old woman complains, “—Look, what had become of me, Tei family’s girlie! *shows bandaged arm* Thanks to your father, this had been my situation!” Yuulin bows and apologizes. Narration: “—it seems, that it is because of my stupid father, she injured her arm when my father tripped over her. *grinds teeth* Ah, geez! That father is such an idiot! Really a super idiot! How come the other party has to be Ki family’s granny-sama! In the residence area, everyone knows that she is a fiend whom no one can afford to offend with!” Ki Gaku speechlessly scratches his head. Note on him: “the son of [Yuulin’s] hated neighbor, the loan shark”. While Yuulin keeps on repeating in her head that her father is an idiot, Gaku calls out, “—hey! Granny-- what's the use of telling these things to her.” Granny angrily shouts, “Saying it to that idiot Gankei is more useless!” <- After bumping into her, Tei Gankei, Yuulin’s father, just laughs and apologizes for tripping. This surprises the two. Yuulin agrees with granny about that. Gloomily thinking of debt, school expenses, living expenses and treatment expense, Yuulin says that in short, she has to pay for granny’s treatment expense. Granny angrily shouts as to who would want her measly money. “It is quite inconvenient for me to be like this! Give me some good faith[/sincerity], will you! Good faith!” Puzzled Yuulin asks what she meant. Pointing at her, granny shouts, “I’ll order you around, girlie! Always until my anger disappears!” Yuulin goes into shock.

Outside the room, Gaku tells gloomy Yuulin that she is really out of luck, because lately, his granny’s mood has been very bad. Yuulin asks if the injury isn’t grave. Kou tells him that it is only a slight sprain but she kept whining about it like a restless chicken. Chibi granny shouts that it hurts, it hurts to death. Gaku informs Yuulin that granny will definitely vent her anger on her, if not, it won’t disappear. “Will you really be okay?” Yuulin says that whether or not she’ll be okay, she must be responsible or rather, fundamentally, it is her father who is at fault. Kou tells her, “If you really can no longer bear with it, remember to go and find me--” Yuulin tartly says that she doesn’t want to owe a favor from a loan shark. “Enemy!” As Yuulin angrily left, Kou scratches his head and mutters that Yuulin hasn’t change a bit. “She is still so uncute.. Granny is also a loan shark..” Running towards Yuulin, Seishin calls out to his sister and asks what had happened with Ki family’s granny-sama. Yuulin tells him that it is alright, and didn’t granny vent her temper on him. Seishin says that she didn’t, she only told him to call his sister and said that a kid won’t be able to understand. Yuulin is relieved over that. Yuulin smiles and says, “During my vacation, I will apologize [for the offense] in good faith, so you don’t have to worry!” Seishin is a bit worried about her. Looking sharp, Yuulin thinks, “That’s right, whatever is said, it is useless right now! In order to satisfy granny, I must make her feel my sincerity!” Yuulin asks, “By the way, where is father?” To Yuulin’s anger, Seishin says, “Of course, he had run away..” On top of the roof, Dai is whistling. Back at the palace, Reishou looks at a paper and says that this is the list of the officials who were exposed a few days ago. “..so many.” Jun replies, “It is estimated that there will be some people around [/in the surrounding area] who will be implicated. So, the number of people will increase.. Furthermore, those are the documents that Prime Mister Shuu wants you to read and evaluate.” Reishou looks gloomy over huge boxfuls of scrolls. Jun sighs and says, “Also, that is the investigation report regarding the Ki family.” Taking some documents from the table, Reishou says, “Good work. ..who would have thought, Yuulin had a dispute with the family of her childhood friend, loan shark-kun..” Jun says that he had heard that aside from money lending [with high interest], the Ki family has other business like hotel and inn accommodations, etc, which are quite successful. This time, Her Highness Yuulin’s father had tripped and injured that madame. So, Gi family holds the power [/is on the right side].” Frowning, Reishou says that it is a very troublesome adversary. Then, he looks thoughtful.

The next day, granny shouts, “Girlie! Isn’t the tea ready yet!” Yuulin rushes to the left with a tray of tea. She shouts, “Yes, it’s coming!” Granny shouts that she also go tidy up the table at that side. Yuulin rushes to the right with a rag and wooden bucket. Granny scolds her for being slow and useless. Yuulin apologizes. Granny shouts for her to quit dilly-dallying and be quick. Yuulin exclaims yes. Granny angrily shouts, “Hey- You’re really inconsiderate! You weren’t even thinking of giving me a back massage! You don’t look like you are doing this in good faith, not one bit!” Yuulin exclaims, “Understood! Okay! Your order!” Tense and dizzy, Yuulin thinks, “This mouth, it is quite unforgiving.. –but.. this feeling, I’m already used to this..” There is a scene of haughty Jun saying that what she did is no good, and she really does everything wrong. While granny keeps on scolding, Yuulin thinks, “Even if saying this seems a bit strange, but I still really grateful, Li Jun-sama..” Outside the house, granny shouts to Yuulin that she is going out so quickly prepare things. Yuulin says yes. Yuulin thinks that in short, she has to strive to do her best and she must quickly get granny’s forgiveness. From the other building, a shadowed figure, who seems to have a ponytail, is standing nearby. At her house, Yuulin is busy making some dumplings. Yuulin thinks that she is really quite tired to death today. “When will this end? But, I still want to quickly end this matter, it would be bad if granny goes and troubles Seishin. *Seishin is currently studying for an exam* Father is also quite undependable. –I, must pull myself together! This feeling of not meeting for a long time.. it seems that in the job of being a temporary bride, I am quite taken care of, even if there are times when my life is in danger, among various sorts of things. This isn’t as relaxing as in the palace.. *blushes* --His Majesty, is he properly working..” Carrying some laundry, Seishin calls out to her and says that she has a visitor. Tidying up, Yuulin asks who it is. From the door, glasses Reishou exclaims, “Yuulin! I still came! Ahahaha” Yuulin freaks out. She quickly grabs him and brings him in the living room. Yuulin shouts, “Why have you come!? *puppy Reishou is surprised* Your work is totally brimming to the full!” Wagging tail, puppy Reishou says, “Ah ah, but I still want to go and look around. It has been such a long time since I’ve come out. You know, there are discrepancies in document reports and reality. *Yuulin shock* About work, there’s no problem, there’s no problem at all!” Puppy Reishou, who can’t wait, wags his tail. Shock Yuulin thinks, “What! It isn’t ‘no problem at all’! *imagines dark Jun cursing her* Wah..I’m so dead.”

Reishou says, “—besides, Yuulin, I heard from your younger brother. It seems that your family’s affairs are more troublesome than imagined. Can you resolve it? Do you want me to go and talk things over?” Shocked Yuulin shouts that there’s no need. She thinks, “This person! Always when someone is doing one’s best..” Yuulin says, “No, Your Majesty! This is my family’s problem. Your Majesty should do the things that Your Majesty should do.” Dejected puppy Reishou says, “But--” Yuulin happily assures Reishou that she’ll quickly resolve it. “It’s true! Please don’t worry! I’m fine!” Reishou says, “-Yuulin.” This startles blushing Yuulin. “-it is the Wolf King.” Looking serious, Reishou takes off his glasses and says, “This attitude of facing up to difficulties is good, but I also can’t bear to see you in a predicament. *corners scared Yuulin to the wall* How about, you, depend a bit on your husband-kun. *blushing Yuulin couldn’t reply* Yuulin?” As Reishou holds her hand, Yuulin’s knees weaken that she is already bending down on the floor and thinks that he is quite cunning. Blushing and teary-eyed, Yuulin says, “Right now, I’m on vacation, right? How can I.. cause trouble to you! In short, I can handle this! So, please Your Majesty, to back to the palace.. (If I depend on him this time around, later on, I pretty much cannot depend on my own strength to stand up again.)” Wolf Reishou says that in this situation, she is still acting strong. Yuulin shouts that she isn’t acting strong. After a pause, Reishou bends down to her and smiles. He says, “Yes, because currently, you are not at work, so you are treating me as ‘others’, that I have no right to get involve.” Surprised Yuulin thinks, “Other.. I obviously didn’t mean it that way!” Yuulin trembles while biting her lips. Reishou looks at her. Then, to her surprise, he holds her face and kisses her upper cheek. He says, “You’re still really stubborn!” Stunned Yuulin asks, “-Your Majesty! What are you doing?” Holding his chin, Reishou says, “-ah, yes, that.. is bullying[/teasing], right? Looking at the you just now, you’re not like my bride. *smiles* –ya, if I can’t be nice to you, then I’ll bully you! So that’s it! *puts on glasses* Tomorrow, I’ll still come to bully you! If you want to depend on me, then you are more than welcome to do so.” Heading out, Seishin asks Reishou if he is leaving. Reishou says that he is going to look for a place to stay. There is that shadowed figure again, standing near some houses. Blushing and trembling, Yuulin thinks, “Why? Why did things turn out this way?” Narration: “—and that’s how it is, my rough life of being a servant girl has started.”

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