June 9, 2012

The One [Chapter 90]

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Holding her waist and feeling her forehead, Eros says that her fever is gone and how come she got confined in the hospital after arriving in Paris, that he is quite shock to death. She tells him that is an accident for the hot lights had injured her. She asks him how he knew that she is there. Eros looks at blushing Anji. He says that someone told him on the phone after she fainted. He thanks Anji. In female mode, Anji says that it is okay and since Eros is tired from hurriedly traveling there, he’ll go get some food and drinks so that the two can first chat with each other. He goes out and thinks that is the guy whose beauty won’t lose to him. He happily says that in the end, he is really charismatic especially those silver-colored eyes..what to do, his heart is beating so fast. Eros asks if Anji worked with Lele for the first time. She says yes, and right now, Anji is famous. Lele decides to keep Anji’s true gender from Eros. Eros comments that they seem to be quite in good terms. Teary Lele says that it is because she is quite lonely and she misses him. Eros says that she is acting like a kid. Then, with pouting lips, Lele asks to be passionately kissed ala French style. Holding her chin, Eros says that even if this is the hospital, but they haven’t meet for almost a month, and there is a bed here so isn’t she afraid that after a kiss.. Lele pushes him away and squeals. Then, Anji arrives with the food. They eat quietly. Anji says that it is quite nice that Lele has such a caring boyfriend. Thinking that there is something different about Eros from other guys, Anji asks if they [L&E] met in a trip for he looks like a model. Eros says no which embarrasses Anji that he apologizes. Gesturing to Ero’s face, Lele happily says that what Anji is thinking is common because Eros is super model Angus’s twin. Anji is totally pepped up that Eros is Angus’ twin. He holds Eros’ hand and says that he didn’t notice it because he hasn’t met Angus himself but among his circle, Angus is like some fantasy character, and who would have thought that he would unexpectedly meet the older twin. Anji is surprised when Eros asks him if he always talk that way because compared to the voice on the phone, he is more flirty.

Outside the restrooms, Anji thinks that it is weird for it seems like Eros doesn’t like him because even if he said that, there is no kindness[/warmth] in it. He curses for it is the first time he met a guy who isn’t charmed by him. Just when Anji is about to go in the women’s restroom, Eros says that he isn’t suited there even if he looks like a woman. A note says that Anji always goes to the women’s restroom. Anji asks if he fundamentally know about it or Lele told him. Eros says no, for he hasn’t been paying much attention to the fashion world so he doesn’t exactly know who Anji is but from the start, he wasn’t mistaken over his gender even if his voice is in between sexes. Anji is surprised that Eros knew and they only met for the first time. Amazed Anji asks how he knew for no one has ever guessed his gender from a glance. Eros says that it is a man’s intuition for one will become sharp if other people intents to infringe into another’s territory. He asks Anji if he knows what he is saying. Anji says that no wonder he felt hostility from him. Suddenly putting his arms around Eros, Anji says what now, perhaps, Eros should be worrying about himself since his motive might change. Unfazed Eros grabs Anji’s face to him and tells him that towards him [Eros], this is useless for his other self would always tell him that Anji is a through and through heterosexual. Eros says that perhaps, Anji is interested in him but that is only because he wants to get his attention. Eros also says that because Anji is already used to using his appearance to conquer other people’s senses, Anji had hoped that Eros will be captivated by him just to fully satisfy his vanity, and that’s all there is to it. Lele arrives and asks what they are doing. Letting go of Anji, Eros says, “Darling, how come you didn’t tell me that Anji is a ‘brother’ and just now I’m almost baffled[/bewitched] by him!” This shocks Lele that she pushes Anji away and tells him not to be like that. It made Lele think that Anji is the same with Leo. While Eros is making a face at Anji =P, Lele tearfully tells Anji that she treated him like a ‘sister’ so how could he lay a hand on her man. While Anji is freaking out over losing the first round and Eros is a meanie, Eros thinks that Anji should go home and drink milk for him to even think of fighting against him [Eros].
Later on, Glenn asks Lele if she can become a 100% tomboy. Lele assures him that it’s no problem, to be a man and cool, she did it before since she can go into that just by cutting her hair. Glenn says that it won’t be as simple as cutting one’s hair for she has to be a man thoroughly from inside to outside. He admits that he is worried for she had totally become a woman in love and he doesn’t see that ‘manly girl’ in her so he had arranged for an emergency training. There are only two weeks left before the show, Lele is to live together with Anji and act as a man. Later on, Eros is totally dark and aghast that Lele has to live together with Anji. He doesn’t like the idea for Anji is a guy and it isn’t convenient. Anji laughs it off and deliberately says that he doesn’t think of himself as a guy because now, he and Lele are ‘sisters’. Eros is totally not buying that. =P Lele tries to tell Eros that it is for the work so it is needed. Lele thinks that she is more worried about Eros and that it would be better for Eros to leave or else, it would be very dangerous. [I think she is still thinking of Anji seducing Eros. =P] Lele tells him that he can now go back to New York for she is totally fine now. Eros angrily tells Lele who told him that he’s going back to New York for before he went to Paris it is because of work but this time around, it is a rare time when he doesn’t have work. While the two are freaking out, Eros tells them that he is going to spend the remainder of his vacation there. =P Lele sweatdrops and says that three is a crowd but she only has one bed and one sofa so how will the allocation be done. Pointing to each other, Eros and Anji simultaneously say, “Of course, he is going to sleep on the sofa and we will sleep together on the bed!!” Furious Eros shouts on what basis is Anji thinking that he’ll sleep with Lele. Holding on to Lele, Anji tells him not to be jealous for right now, Lele is going to act as his man, for their job is to trick the fashion show’s audience. Happily double hi-fives with Lele, Anji says that they are going to play the ‘gender concept’ to the hilt and it is interesting. Eros thinks yeah right. Touching Eros’ chin, Anji says that it is too bad if he isn’t working, he wants to spend a lot of time in getting to know Eros. Lele immediately chops his hand away from Anji which surprises the guys. Fired up Lele says that shouldn’t Anji be spending a lot time in getting to know more about her instead. She pushes Anji on the bed. While holding Anji’s thigh and chin, Lele tells him that from today on, he has eyes only for her, and his heart would only think of her. She seriously tells him that she will make his heart beat for her. Blushing Anji is surprised over the change in Lele. Grabbing her arm, Eros tells her that is enough, what is she doing. Lele pulls her hand away from Eros and tells him to let go. She says that before she said about feeling weak when she hears his voice but now, she is working and his existence is a hindrance. Anji mentally squeals over how manly Lele is. Lele tells Eros that she is here right now because he said that he would lose appetite towards her if she would give up her dream for love and in order for her to stay within his line of sight, she has to give it her all. While Eros looks aghast, Lele says, “So, you shouldn’t obstruct me. Leave this place, and temporarily, get out of my life. *holding on to Anji* You should ignore me for a week as I live alone together with Anji!” Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on July 5th. Blurb teaser: “In order to go back to ‘boyish Lele’, she is going to live with Anji under one roof, cultivating a lovers’ secret agreement. Staying outside, Eros is worried over Anji’s chance to charm Lele. At the same time, Feidna has come to mix things up.”
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