June 18, 2012

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 98-102]

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At Yachiougi residence, holding a chart sheet, Mioko tries to tell her grandparents to look at this data. She warns them that if things keep on going like that, they will be annexed by Kyousuke’s company. “So, we should quickly take some measures..” Her grandmother asks Mioko what’s up with her to suddenly say such difficult to understand things. Her grandfather tells Mioko to tell Kyousuke handle these things so there’s no need for her to worry. Mioko protests that they can’t for Kyousuke.. Kyousuke appears behind her and asks what’s going on. Her grandfather tells him that Mioko is saying some difficult to understand things and is there no problem between them. Putting on a smile, Kyousuke says that there’s no problem at all and they are getting along. Mioko couldn’t answer back. Kyousuke tells the grandparents that he would still listen to Mioko’s objections so they should go to the library. Mioko can only just timidly agree. After they went out, Mioko’s grandparents happily thinks that they got a good son-in-law. At the hallway, Kyousuke tells Mioko that whatever she does, it is useless. This made Mioko flustered. Just as Kyousuke is walking away, Mioko retorts back that what he is doing is a waste of energy for no matter what kind of chaos that he creates, there won’t be a change in everyone but only, Kyousuke himself, who would be feeling more empty. Kyousuke asks if that is so, then how about they have a bet. “Let’s see whether or not Gokurakuin Towako and Takayou Yuuga will break up, okay?” Flustered Mioko says that the bonds between those two cannot be broken by anyone. Kyousuke smiles and says that if they didn’t break up, then he will do it in accordance to her expectation, he will stop this plan. Mioko looks a bit tense.

While walking in the streets, Towako happily tells Yuuga that the panda is so cute and the gorilla is also so cool. “Later on, let’s go again♡” Towako looks at Yuuga, whose expression seem to slightly change. He just asks if she really had fun. Looking somewhat puzzled, Towako says that of course. Then, Yuuga starts walking away. Towako really feels that something is wrong. She angrily asks him if he is hiding something from her. This surprises Yuuga that he turns to look at her and say, ah.. Facing him, Towako angrily shouts that it is because his kindness today felt very strange and he is acting quite listless. She says that there are times when his expression looks very melancholic. “Something had absolutely happened! *Yuuga tries to say something* Why don’t you tell me? We are a married couple! Could it be.. it is something that you can’t open your mouth [to tell me]?!” Towako notices that Yuuga looks slightly flustered. After a long pause, Yuuga is surprised that Towako suddenly moves away from him and starts running off. He shouts for her to wait but she shouts, forget it, she doesn’t want to hear it. Yuuga runs after her and grabs her hand. She faces him and Towako wonders why Yuuga didn’t deny it when she asked that it is something he can’t tell her. “I’ve always had this bad feeling and it is a promotion that I don’t want to guess right. Yuuga.. wants to break up with me.” Yuuga lets go of her hand. Towako looks down. Yuuga tries to say something but Towako quickly exclaims that next week, they’ll go to the aquarium. “If not, then let’s go watch the movies, or an art gallery will do. And, even karaoke! Those are the places that I have not gone to yet before! There are still a lot of places that we haven’t gone together.. *cries* Why.. Why won’t you say, ‘Okay, let’s go together’.” Slightly biting his lips, Yuuga says, “Towako.. [we] already cannot go on. We..” Running off, Towako shouts, “I don’t want to hear it! I’m going ahead..!” Yuuga watches her leave.

Back in their apartment, Towako cries on the curtains for she doesn’t want to break up or anything like that with Yuuga. Then, Sawatari climbs on her shoulder that she asks if he came to comfort her. To her surprise, Sawatari fiercely tugs her hair. Exclaiming in pain, Towako asks what’s up with it. Then, she notices a burning smell. Walking back to their apartment, Yuuga notices a huge fire. Their apartment is burning. Inside, Towako is coughing from the smoke and says that it is a huge fire, she must quickly get out. From the shelf, Towako notices some books. She takes out the album and remembers Yuuga saying that pictures are no longer needed. Trying to find the way out, Towako thinks, “Yes, Yuuga, if you are no longer around, then what’s the meaning of those things. But, I-- always, always believed that when I grow up, I will be with ‘Yuuga-sama’ together forever and ever.” Then, Towako collapses on the floor from the smoke. She thinks that there is fire everywhere. “Will I die here? Am I going to separate from Yuuga like this?” Then, dripping wet Yuuga arrives and hugs her. He tells her to hold on, they are going. After carrying semi-unconscious Towako behind his back, Yuuga sees the fire at the hallway and mutters that they can’t get out. He is surprised when Towako mutters, “Yuu..ga.. you were able to come.. I’ve very happy..” Yuuga blushes as he looks at her. Then, Tsubaki gives a good karate kick on the door and points the way to get out. Yuuga says okay. Towako thinks, “No matter when, you will straightforwardly come. Whether it is to go through water or trend on fire, you will come to rescue me and stay at my side, right?”

At Kanmitsuki residence, Towako’s parents freak out over what happened to Towako and calls for a doctor. At a room, angry Setsuna is busy shaking Yuuga hard by the collar. “What the heck are you doing! Jerk! Unexpectedly making sis encounter such a dangerous situation! If it weren’t for Tsubaki, do you even know what would be the outcome! *sweatdrops for Yuuga isn’t answering and just looks away* ..hey! How come you won’t say anything.. just like before.” Letting Yuuga go, Setsuna wonders if he had gone overboard. Yuuga says that he is envious of Setsuna for he can use his own strength to protect Towako. Just when Setsuna is going to ask what is he saying, Yuuga says, “And I, can only do what the enemy says, to protect her.” Scowling, Setsuna asks if he..could it be.. At room, Yuuga sits by the futon where Towako is sleeping. He lies down beside her and caresses her face. Then, he leans down to her and kisses her. “Forgive me for not being able to tell you early on.” [<- I’m not sure if Yuuga said this or it is a flashback of Towako saying it] Then, he remembers his memories of Towako – she introduces herself for the first time and says that she is his wife, she doesn’t care about the family rules for she wants to be with him, she gives him a bento filled with her love, their quarrels, she tells him that there’s no need to wait because they have the same feelings for each other, and Towako saying that she is happy and she meant that the current Yuuga is better. Yuuga imagines happy Towako saying, “It’s alright! I will be with you forever!” A tear falls down from Yuuga’s eye. Sitting with head down, Yuuga says, “...Towako. I’m sorry.” Narration: “I had a dream. When I was young, I would always cry.” Flashback: Tokiko asked Towako what’s the matter and don’t cry anymore. Towako tearfully told her mother that a picture of Yuuga got lost. Her mother comforted her that it is alright for even if there’s no picture, Yuuga will definitely come. Towako asked if that is really true, but what if the time to part comes? End flashback.

Towako wakes up and sees a divorce paper on the floor with a wedding ring. Yuuga has already filled up his information side on the paper along with his signature. Taking the ring, Towako cries while looking at it. Narration: “Yuuga.. I won’t blame you, [but] it is just that I’m very very sad. Despite that it is just a three month marriage, but, for me, it is my everything. If I were to lose you, I.. *takes off her ring and places it beside Yuuga’s ring on the floor* I..” Soon, outside her room, Setsuna and his parents are fidgety and aghast. Tokiko says that it has been three days since Yuuga left and is Towako fine. Setsuna tells her not to talk so loud. Nobu looks in the room where Towako is just sitting by herself on the futon. Tokiko says that Towako hasn’t been properly eating and she doesn’t sleep at 9pm. Setsuna tells her that the doctor said that there’s nothing wrong with her body but.. Crying and in medusa mode, Tokiko exclaims that if something bad happens to Towako, she won’t forgive either Ritsuki or Yuuga. Setsuna feels down as he remembers Yuuga telling him that he’ll leave Towako up to him. He mutters that even if Yuuga didn’t say it, he would. Entering the room, Setsuna puts on his best smile and asks Towako how she is feeling. He tells her that the weather today is good and the pine trees in the courtyard are very nice and straight. While Setsuna continues to talk about pine trees, Towako interrupts him and happily asks what’s wrong with him for it seems that he is going about a tongue-twister. Setsuna freezes over Towako’s reaction. She stands up and says that he is right, the pine trees are really shapely. Setsuna thinks that yesterday, Towako is still distracted. Towako tells him that she is very hungry. Setsuna says that it is because she hasn’t eaten for three days. Surprised Towako exclaims, three days, why. Setsuna nervously tells Towako that there’s no need to force herself to be cheerful. Towako asks again why would she be forcing herself to be cheerful. Setsuna tells her, “Regarding Yuuga.. That guy.. he’ll definitely come back! No! I definitely will make him come back..” Puzzled Towako says, “--? Who is.. Yuuga?”

Towako thinks that when she woke up, she felt quite hungry. “Then, I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping at some strange room. And, I’m the only one smiling while everyone looks shock. What’s more strange is-- It is already November 25th.” She asks that isn’t yesterday August 19th. Later on, the doctor tells Setsuna and his parents that it is memory lost. Towako had lost her three months memory. Setsuna mutters that it is from the time of marriage until now. Tokiko says that it isn’t only that, she had also shown pictures of young Yuuga but Towako would just asks who this cute child is. “That child has totally wiped out her memories regarding Yuuga!” A bit tense, Setsuna says that in the end, it was just a huge shock for Towako. To Setsuna’s surprise, Tokiko would prefer that Towako be like this, to forget about Yuuga. “If those memories would just give her pain, it would better if she forget.. and let that child start again one more time, a life without Yuuga.” After a pause, Setsuna respects her mother’s wishes and says that he understands. Outside the door, Mitsuya is eavesdropping on them. In a room with some panda bear toys, Mitsuya calls on the phone and says that those two had already broken up. “I’ve also heard that she lost the memories of her husband. And, her family also plans to make her forget like this. She herself fundamentally thinks that she had ‘slept through three months’. She’s temporarily recuperating at my house.” Kyousuke thanks Mitsuya’s report and asks if he wasn’t found out by anyone. Mitsuya happily says of course not. Then, Mitsuya is shock to see Tsubaki standing in front of him.

After Mitsuya hangs up the phone, Tsubaki says that she has been wondering as to who was leaking information, and it turns out to be him. Backing away, Mitsuya says that she is Gokurakuin family’s servant so will she tell them about him. Tsubaki says no, for if she said it, it will hurt her master. “But, from today on, I will constantly keep a close watch on you. You better remember that.” Mitsuya blushes as Tsubaki quickly makes her quick exit. Mitsuya goes out and exclaims where she went. Then, he sees Utsugi, who is carrying a tray. Mitsuya shouts at him as to what’s the name of that Gokurakuin servant, the small girl with a doll-like hair, with very sharp eyes. Utsugi happily says that it is Tsubaki. With sparkles, Mitsuya says that it is such a beautiful name. “It’s the first time that I had been lashed out on by a girl! Using those strict looking stare, looking at me.. I’m too stunningly shock! Tsubaki~♡” It made Utsugi confused over what’s going on. At Yachiougi residence, Kyousuke informs shocked Ritsuki that those two had broke up and Towako even lost her memories regarding Yuuga so now is absolutely a good opportunity. Grabbing Kyousuke’s collar, Ritsuki exclaims what he did to Towako. Kyousuke says that it isn’t necessary for him to know but what’s important is, that girl is.. Ritsuki threatens Kyousuke that if he dares do something to that girl again, he will sever his relationship with him. “Thoroughly sever!” Taking Ritsuki’s hands off him, Kyousuke says that he won’t do anything again and he’ll concentrate on work. “I give this key to you.. it is for a door to a path where only the Kanmitsuki family members know. *tosses the key to Ritsuki* As for the rest, it is up to you.. you better do your best.” Ritsuki looks flustered as Kyousuke leaves the room. Then, Kyousuke passes by crying Mioko and tells her that he won this bet.

At the porch, Towako holds Sawatari and says that it is so cute. She mentions that Setsuna told her that it is her pet and it makes her so happy. Sawatari is angry that Towako has forgotten about him. Then, Towako says that it seems that she gave him the name of Sawatari. Sawatari tearfully runs off to the courtyard for it felt complicated since Towako has forgotten. Puzzled Towako asks if he doesn’t like the name. She calls out its name then felt that it is quite nostalgic and also this place, even if she shouldn’t be familiar with this place. She thinks that the reason is because she has been asleep for three months and during that time, her family’s business had also declined that is why they moved to Kanmitsuki residence. “I should pull myself together and help my parents--” Then, there is some rustling among the bushes. Towako is surprised to see a young man emerging out. It is Ritsuki. Flustered Towako exclaims who he is, and what is he doing there. She remembers Setsuna telling her that only the family can get in there. Just when she is thinking that Ritsuki looks handsome, Ritsuki suddenly hugs her tight and shouts her name. She immediately pushes him away. Blushing, she nervously asks him why he suddenly hug her, you pervert. Ritsuki just looks flustered and he charms Towako who thinks, no, he’s a bishounen [beautiful guy]. Then, someone shouts, “What are you doing!” They turn to the side to see Setsuna and Tokiko [probably also Nobu] approaching them. Setsuna tells his sister to quickly get away from that person for that is the one who mortgaged the Gokurakuin residence. Towako is surprised by that.

They were surprised when Ritsuki holds out an huge envelope and takes out its contents. Setsuna sees that it is the creditor rights of the Gokurakuin. Ritsuki sadly tells them that he’s giving it to them since the current him no longer needs it. Setsuna exclaims, “what..! Right now-” Ritsuki exclaims that is right. Kneeling down with head bow, Ritsuki says, “Even if I apologize it is also no use, but.. I already won’t do anything to harm you people again, so please! Let me, stay at Towako’s side..” Setsuna is stunned by this. While Towako’s parents throw salt [belief to drive evil spirits away] around, Tokiko exclaims, “No, no! Absolutely no way! No matter if you give back the house or not, no matter if you are a handsome guy or not! I firmly won’t allow you to get near Towako! Someone come and take him away!” A couple of guys grab Ritsuki and forcefully takes him away. Ritsuki can only call out to Towako. Somewhat flustered Towako wonders what’s going on for this person looks quite sorrowful just by looking at her expression. Setsuna asks Towako if she is alright. Towako asks if that person is really a bad person and how come she doesn’t think so. She thinks, “If I were to definitely say it-- All the more my heart felt uneasy-- *remembers Ritsuki’s expression, then the back of Yuuga* -!? *holds chest in pain that Setsuna calls out to her* What’s going on!? This sharp pain deep in my heart, what is this? *flustered and crying* What’s going on with me?” Later on, Towako is dreaming in her sleep. “Red.. Is it sunset? How beautiful.. Who? *image of Yuuga whose face[/eyes] isn’t shown* He seems to be saying something.. *Yuuga smiled and said, ‘let’s walk, and go home together’.* This person is..? Blazing.. *maple leaves floating around and Yuuga hugs her* I know this, know this warmth. This kind of warmth-- No-- *fire* It’s hot!” She opens her eyes and wonders what’s up with that blaze. “That person is..*blushes*”

Soon, Towako and others finally get to go back to their house. Tokiko and probably Nobu, are delighted that they are back to their cute house. Towako says that it is good that their parents are very happy. Setsuna agrees with her. Setsuna is surprised when Towako says that it is all thanks to that person. Setsuna angrily shouts at her as to how many times does he have to tell her. “That guy is a mad stalker! It’s because he had fallen in love with you at first sight that is why he sneaked in!” <- lies. Blushing Towako says yes but that guy thinks of her.. While Setsuna looks surprised, Towako tells him that even if this is not being cautious, but she felt somewhat shy just by thinking that there is someone thinking of her.. “I had a dream. Even if the features isn’t clear, but I’m sure it is a guy.. He gave me such a warm feeling, but in the end, fire is enveloping around.. *smiles* That person is definitely my destined person! Of course, that person didn’t say that.. Love is really a beautiful thing..” Setsuna tells her that she can’t which puzzles Towako. Holding on to Towako’s shoulders, flustered Setsuna exclaims, “Right now, that guy won’t appear in front of you! And, Nigami, he.. no matter how much he thinks of[/wants] it, it is also impossible! If I had known this, it would be better if I..” Setsuna is surprised when Utsugi calls out to him and tells him that it is almost time to go to school. Setsuna calms down and tells his sister that he is going. He also tells her to properly rest, and he will come again to see her. Towako is surprised by Setsuna’s outburst. She thinks that she really has no brain for how can she have a good feeling towards a guy who took away their house. “But for Setsuna to be like that-- *thinking of what he said about that guy won’t appear again in front of her* When I was young, I really longed for that kind of relationship with my parents, and I also want to meet that destined person--”

Later on, Towako is playing with Sawatari but Sawatari snubs her, thinking that his tail is more beautiful than that reed-like stick she is trying to coax him with. Lying on her futon, Towako is bored and Sawatari won’t play with her. “I also cannot just be always resting like this, and not going to school especially since there’s no problem with my body. It will be just for a moment, I’ll go out and have fun. *sits up and walks away* Right! It will be just for a moment! *all dressed up and looks out the door* Right side, safe. Left side, safe. There’s no one around. Okay, let’s go-- Hihi, I’m so excited! This path will lead outside. *walks in the secret pathway* Even I’m baffled that I would stealthily run out of the house. When did I.. become quite gutsy? If I were to pass through here, it would lead outside..” She goes out and is surprised to see Ritsuki standing outside. He is also surprised to see her. As Towako screams in shock, Ritsuki happily calls out her name. Backing away, Towako asks how come he is there. Ritsuki says that he came to see her but everything is close shut that he is looking around if there is some backdoor. He smiles and says that he didn’t think that she herself would come out! Blushing Towako thinks that he had specially come to see her. After seeing his smile, she thinks that in the end, he doesn’t seem like a bad person. Pointing to the wall, Ritsuki asks how come she went out of there. Towako says that she is bored stiff but everyone won’t let her out. “You better keep this a secret.” Ritsuki happily says is that so. “Then, let’s go and have fun.” Towako tries to protest when someone shouts, “You can’t!” It is Tsubaki who tells Towako to please go back inside for that man is Gokurakuin family’s enemy. Ritsuki tells her that he isn’t an enemy anymore. “I only want to be with this girl. That’s all there is to it. Please, believe me..” Tsubaki says, “What are you saying..” Blushing Towako says, “Tsubaki. I beg of you, let me go. *Tsubaki and Ritsuki are surprised* I.. I..also want to go and look outside. This person, I want to believe in him..” This made blushing Ritsuki really happy.

Just when Tsubaki is about to protest, Ritsuki holds on to Towako and tells her, “Okay! Let’s go, Towako!” Tsubaki shouts at him but Ritsuki happily says, “If you are worried, then come and follow to watch over [us]! Goodbye!” Tsubaki watches as Ritsuki takes Towako away. She remembers the time when Yuuga takes Towako away before. Later on, lack of exercise Ritsuki is already breathing hard from running. While catching his breath, Ritsuki says that it has been a long time since he ran so fast and asks how come she is fine. Towako says that she doesn’t know. Blushing Ritsuki pouts and says forget it, where does she want to go. Towako thinks that he is like a kid. She tells him that she didn’t think of it that far. Smiling Ritsuki tells her that since she doesn’t have some place special to go to, then just go with him, and he’ll choose the place. Towako wonders if it is okay to just follow him. She observes that even if basically there’s no time to think, Ritsuki’s line of thinking is quite quick[/active] and his expression had become quite happy that he is a feast for the eyes, he is such a baffling person. With a taxi beside him, Ritsuki tells her that he called a taxi. Then, he happily points out the way to her. Later on, outside an ice cream parlor, the two are enjoying some ice cream. Towako happily says that the teddy bear-design ice cream is so cute, and it is the first time she bought one. Ritsuki says that this one is also delicious so try it out. Embarrassed Towako thanks him but she fears about indirect kissing. She calls out, “Nigami-san..” Ritsuki complains that being called that way, it is quite awkward and she had also forgot about him. Pouting, Ritsuki tells her, “What Nigami-san! Call me Ritsuki--” Flustered Towako wants to protest but she ends up saying “Ri..Ritsuki-san..” Frowning Ritsuki is surprised. After a pause, Ritsuki says, “Just call me ‘Ritsu’..” Towako did as told. Then, Towako is surprised to see Ritsuki blushing really red. While Towako is puzzled by that, Ritsuki proudly says that’s right. “Call me like that!” Towako is surprised by that then she looks at happily blushing Ritsuki. Noticing her, Ritsuki tells her not to look at him like that and why is she laughing. Narration: “I.. felt quite happy upon seeing this person’s smile.”

At Takatou residence, holding her phone, Miju happily tells her mother that they’ve said that she can go back to the shooting. Miyuki says that’s great, they finally let down their vigilance. Miju says that of course, they shouldn’t get carried away. Miyuki tells her that she also got an interview today because a teacher who always helped her had written a recommendation letter, and she has working experience. “So, there’s a high chance that I’ll get hired. And, it is a private hospital, so unlike before, I don’t have to work the night shift..” Miju exclaims that is great, gambatte! Then, putting his shoes on, Yuuga says that he is leaving. Miyuki asks if he isn’t going to eat. Yuuga says that if he did, he’ll be late. Miju is surprised at how late it is. Then, he congratulates them, before heading out. After he left, Miju says that Yuuga is quite calm. Her mother agrees, even the time when he came back home. There is a flashback of Miyuki and Miju being surprised that Yuuga came back and what’s up with the luggage he is carrying and the divoce, what happened. [<- the luggage is probably the other stuff he has that are still with the Gokurakuin family; those that are not burned.] Miju wonders out loud if Yuuga is alright. Miyuki just looks thoughtful. In school, Reimi is totally furious. She mutters that she cannot understand it. Saho tells her that she understands her feelings but calm down a bit. Reimi exclaims, “Why! It’s too strange! That guy would suddenly change school! *Reimi was shock when the teacher said that Towako has transferred back to her former school* When I’ve asked Yuuga, he unexpectedly said that they’ve break up?! And! *looks at Yuuga talking with Yasumochi* Yuuga can be quite calm as if nothing had happened! *Saho nervously tells Reimi that Yuuga can hear her* From the very start, Yuuga is very nice that he is a target of many girls! *looks at the class window where a lot of girls are looking inside* Leave! *Saho calls her name* I had given up on Yuuga *sad* is because the other party is that girl.. *clenches fists* That person.. unexpectedly didn’t say anything and just left..”

Then, they were surprised over some loud screaming of the girls. They rush towards Kaoru and say that it has been a long time. Looking irritated, Kaoru calls out to Yuuga. “Come here.” Yuuga refuses. Putting his arm around Yuuga’s neck, Kaoru tells him to be nice and come with him. Kaoru is dragging Yuuga away at the hallway. Yuuga tells him to stop and let him go. A female teacher calls out to Kaoru and tells him that class is starting so where is he bringing Yuuga. Pointing to Yuuga, Kaoru smiles and tells her that he is going to give Yuuga a private lesson[/solo tutoring], so please don’t worry. This made the teacher and other girls blush as they exclaim, private lesson!? Yuuga shouts why they are reacting like that. Saho and Reimi just look surprised. At the social science prep room, Kaoru confronts Yuuga and asks him what happened. After a pause, Yuuga says nothing. Kaoru angrily shout for him to say it and is he a guy who would break up with the girl he likes without a reason. Flustered and clenching his fist, Yuuga says that Kaoru is annoying and it has nothing to do with him. Kaoru says that it has something to do with him. This surprises Yuuga that he asks what is he saying. Kaoru says, “I’m saying that I’ll help you. Threatening you guys is the same as threatening someone from the Godaimeika. If there is someone who’ll lay a hand on you guys, I’ll help you guys out.” Yuuga looks at him. Then, he looks away and says that it is already too late. Starting to leave, Yuuga says that whatever help he can do, it won’t be of help. Kaoru turns towards him and asks, “Since you are giving up on the right to stay by her side, then afterwards, if she belongs to someone else, doesn’t it matter to you?” Yuuga becomes flustered as he remembers Towako smiling. He says, “How is it possible that it doesn’t matter.. No matter who would stay at her side, I will..” Irritated Kaoru bites his teeth and mutters, “[Such a] child.”

Later on, Yuuga is lying down on the roof. Then, his cellphone is ringing. He gets irritated that he seems to have closed it. That was Himeno and he tearfully asks Yuuga to pick the phone up. Yuuga looks at his cellphone and remembers that Towako thanking him for giving her a same cellphone as his. He closes the flip phone and puts his hand on his forehead. Soon, at a store, Towako is amazed over the display of cellphones. Ritsuki happily asks if she doesn’t have one yet, he’ll buy her one. Towako asks if that is okay. Ritsuki happily says that it is alright for he is rich. After a pause, Towako says that there’s no need, she’ll buy it herself. Looking at the display, she wonders what would be nice. Pouting, Ritsuki says that it would be good if he bought it. Towako wonders what’s with this feeling as if this had happened before. Towako asks the salesman if all the cellphones available are already displayedthere. The salesman says yes, the current elegant ones from the market. Ritsuki is a bit surprised when Towako is asking for something that is squarish, has two colors, and fastened with a screw, type of cellphone. Towako is baffled for how come such a cellphone image clearly emerges in her mind. “Could it be that I have seen it on the television?” After the salesman looked at the catalogue, Towako says that it is too bad that they don’t have it. Then, Ritsuki calls out to her and tells her to choose this cellphone. It is a flip phone that seems to be shaped like a chocolate bar. Holding it, Towako happily says that it is pink, and there are even small flowers. “It’s so cute♡” Ritsuki says that is right, so choose that one. “It really suits you.” This made Towako blush that she exclaims that if he said it that way, it would make her embarrassed to buy it. Ritsuki exclaims if she isn’t going to buy it. Towako thinks that Ritsuki blushes when she calls his name, but he can say such sappy words without even blushing or heart beating fast.

While walking with Ritsuki, Towako is very pleased with her cellphone. Then, she wonders what she is in Ritsuki’s eyes for she felt quite embarrassed. At the park, sitting at a bench, Ritsuki transferred his contact number [via infrared] to Towako’s cellphone from his cellphone. He says that it is okay. “Look. Your cellphone’s phone book only has me on it.” Towako takes the cellphone and happily thinks that soon, she’ll put in her family’s numbers in it. She calls out, “Ritsu..” This quickly made Ritsuki blush. <- still not used to it. Towako says, “I’m very happy today.. If.. I’ll all by myself, it will definitely be boring. *smiles* Thank you..” This made Ritsuki blush again and he mutters her name. He leans close to her to kiss her. This surprises Towako that she quickly pushes him away and exclaims, No-- Kneeling on the floor, Ritsuki gloomily thinks that in the end, he knew-- Blushing Towako exclaims that he is thinking of impure things. “No- No! This thing is absolutely forbidden! Marriage, before marriage, it is something that one should absolutely not do--” After a pause, Ritsuki stands up and seriously says, “If we get married, then it is okay, right? *looking at each other* Marry me.. Towako.” Towako looks at him in surprise. At some other store, Yuuga gets a brand new cellphone. The saleslady asks what he plans to do with his old one. Yuuga tells her to help him dispose of it.

Scans by 17kkcc