June 18, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapters 31-32]

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Chapter 31 Cover page: “Want to text. Want to see. Afterwards, want to hug you tightly. I believe that these would definitely be warmer than any overcoat.” After asking if it is okay to give his song to Mari, Aki stops grating the radish and looks at Shun to know his answer. Aki is surprised when Shun breaks into a laugh and asks why he is suddenly asking this. Aki tells him that the song that wasn’t used today, it is just as Shinya said, it felt like it is more suitable for a female voice and it will be such a waste. Scowling, Shun says that he absolutely doesn’t want to. There is silence as Shun drinks his beer. Suddenly, Mush & Co’s Pepsi Next advertisement is shown on the television. Infuriated Aki breaks the radish in half with his bare hand. Then, he quickly takes the remote control to turn off the television. Looking at Aki in surprise, Shun asks him what Soichiro told him. Aki angrily turns to look at Shun. Eating a dumpling, Shun tells him that he should more or less give up on it. “Mushroom belongs to Shinya. Riko belongs to Aki. *putting hands on Aki’s shoulder* And, your music belongs to me. *smiles* Right♡” Aki angrily slaps his hand off and shouts, “I hate it that I can’t bear it! I won’t allow it! Why is it Shinya? Why is it that song? Why? Why? (Using that voice to weaving into the melody, it isn’t my song) Because if it is me, it would be more..!” Shun pats Aki’s head and says that is just his willfulness. Aki looks flustered. He says that he knows but still, hate is hate!! At Riko’s house, Riko’s father asks his wife where Riko is. She tells him that she is taking a bath. Riko’s father says that lately, the time when Riko is in the bath are increasingly becoming longer and what is she doing. In the bathroom, Riko is in the tub. While holding her cellphone in a plastic case, Riko says that there’s no message. She thinks that Aki did say that he is going to meet with someone. “Speaking of that, if he had gone to see Mari, what am I to do?”

Then, she is surprised that she gets a message. It is from Shinya. He wrote that he will be there in around 10 minutes, can they meet. Riko freaks out over this. Soon, her parents heard some loud sounds in the bathroom that her father wonders out loud as to what is Riko up to. Quickly drying her hair with a towel, Riko writes back to Shinya that her mother and the others will be shock so please don’t ring the door bell (>_<;) After sending it, Riko quietly sneaks out of the house. Running to Shinya who is waiting for her outside, Riko exclaims what happened for this is so sudden. Noticing that she looks quite steamy [from the bath], Shinya apologizes and says that it seems that he didn’t come on the right time. Riko tells him that it is okay. Then, she pulls her bangs and looks away. Shinya’s heart beats and he blushes. Riko asks him what’s up. Shinya stares at her and asks her what she think would be the ranking of the debut single. Riko exclaims in surprise and says that she totally doesn’t know. Shinya asks if it will be on the 50th spot. Riko asks won’t it go up. Shinya laughs and says so that’s how it is, she won’t say, ‘Because it’s a good song, so it would absolutely go up’. Shinya seriously asks her if she likes the debut song. Riko looks at him and asks what had happened. Shinya looks surprised then he looks away. A bit flustered, he tells her to properly answer him. “[Your] debut song and Crude Play song, which one do you like?” Riko exclaims, “Ha? Of course it is the debut song! *Shinya looks surprised* The debut song is my own thing! Isn’t this the same as asking ‘which one do you like, your boyfriend or Johnny’s idol?’ [I think Johnny means Johnny & Associates that produces a lot of male idol bands like Smap, Tokio, V6, Kat-tun, etc] Shinya-san, you shouldn’t have specially come here just to ask a strange question, right?” Shinya looks a bit tense as he looks at Riko who stares at him. Shinya blushes and laughs. He says, “Really..what did I come here? *Riko looks puzzled and after Shinya calms down* ..no, perhaps, I came to see you. *Riko goes huh* ..ya, I came to see you.” To Riko’s surprise, Shinya starts to take her towel from her head. Riko tries to tell him what he is doing but he tells her not to move. Shinya warps the towel on her throat and tells her to be careful, don’t let her throat catch cold. He lets her go and soon, in his car, he greets her good night. Riko looks at him leave. She mutters that it is obviously summer and it is quite hot. Then, Riko looks determined.

At the recording room, Soichiroh apologizes to the glasses man staff for specially making him come back there again. The staff says that he had been drinking at a nearby bar so it is alright. He asks what’s up. Later on, the staff plays a song. The staff says that it is such a waste because it wasn’t used when it was obviously a good song. Soichiroh smiles and says that it is alright because this song has some other use. “Can you give me the song material?” On the next day, at school, Yuu asks Sou why he hasn’t been answering his messages yesterday, asking what happened. Sou apologizes for he doesn’t know how to answer him. Yuu asks what he meant by that. Sou tells him that he obviously didn’t remember himself telling Terada as to what is his route that day. “And yet, she would even say that I’ve told her, ‘you also come to the recording studio to look around the place’. She’s saying that I’ve invited her.. *stare* ..amnesia..?” Yuu tells him that is impossible and maybe she had secretly looked into his cellphone. “Just in case, lock up your cellphone!” After Yuu’s insistence, Sou did as told. He takes his cellphone and locks everything up. At the music room, Terada is looking grumpy. Everyone in class is amazed at how good Riko is in singing. When a girl starts clapping, Riko and everyone else start to clap along. Yuu comments that Riko really loses herself in happiness. Terada looks really irritated[/jealous]. After singing, Riko curtseys to her classmates who shout that she’s amazing. The teacher sighs and says that it is obviously just a music class’s song exam and yet, she is quite enthusiastic about it. The teacher points to her list -> Terada Reiko, and calls out to Terada. Terada is surprised. The teacher tells her that it might be a bit awkward since she is up next after Riko, but don’t mind it. The other classmates pity Terada while Riko is a bit tense about it. Terada looks really flustered. The teacher starts playing the piano and Terada sings very softly. The teacher tells her that she can’t hear it so let’s start again one more time. Embarrassed Terada says yes. Then, she looks quite angry [probably at Riko].

Later on, Riko arrives at Office Takagi. She sings and skips upon arriving that the receptionist giggles and greets her. Embarrassed, Riko bows to her in greeting. Then, while singing and walking, she goes to the recording studio. At the hallway, she is surprised to see Mari sitting on the chair while reading something. Seeing her, Mari takes off her headphones and greets her, “Mushroom-chan? *Riko surprised* Hello, in a while, you’ll rehearse, right?” Riko becomes nervous then shouts that she knows her. Mari smiles and says of course, she is her cute kouhai. Mari invites her to sit beside her, which shocks Riko, but Mari tells her not to be shy about it. Riko sits and bumps the guitar, she’s carring behind her, on the chair. Riko promptly falls on the floor. Riko is too embarrassed. Mari asks her if she is alright. While Riko sits stiffly beside her, Mari asks her if she is going to rehearse for Music Station. “I’m also going to appear on that day. I’m be under your care[/yoroshiku].” Riko exclaims that she should be the one saying that. Riko notices Mari sighing. Mari tells her that she fears live broadcast and she’ll be very nervous, so she is really envious of Mushroom-chan. Riko asks why. Glancing at her, Mari says that it is because it is okay for Mushroom-chan to only lip-sync. “I’m envious of the lip-synching.” At the recording studio, Aki is surprised that song was given to Soichiro. The staff asks Aki if he is happy since Soichiro said that it is rare for Aki to write such a good song that he’ll find some other use for it. Back to Riko, she is shock that she is going to lip-sync. Mari giggles and says that she has no live broadcast experience and it is thanks to an advertisement collaboration, that she gets to debut as a newcomer. “How is it possible that they’ll let you sing?” Looking at Mari’s sly expression, Riko realizes that this person had waited there just to tell her that. Mari continues to say, “I’m going to sing a new song. Aki’s song. He composed that song especially for me.” Riko looks at her in shock. She looks away but her clenched fists are trembling. She tells herself not to cry, only in front of this person. “I absolutely don’t want to cry.” Riko starts to cry. Meanwhile, Aki is trying to call Soichiro but the line is busy. Elsewhere, Soichiro is asking someone to write an explosive news. The man on the phone asks if Soichiro is telling this news only to them. Soichiro says that is right. Lighting up a cigarette, he continues to say, “The headline..yes, ‘The first music production of Crude Play’s Aki. Power duo Mari x Aki’.” Aki continues trying to contact Soichiro. Narration: “Now that I think of it, everything is exactly as I anticipated. But, I know that my most unanticipated thing is going to be played up.” Tot- tot- tot- [<- busy signal.]

Chapter 32 Cover page: “Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru is going to be adapted into a movie!!!!” Smiling Mari asks Riko why she is crying. Wiping her tears, Riko says that she is so envious. Mari is surprised. Riko continues to say that she is so envious for she had always been a fan of Crude Play’s Aki. “I first heard them on Music Station when I was still in the elementary.” Mari exclaims in shock, “Elementary!? Eh, then the first time you saw me is.. I am Crude Play’s three years older senpai.” Riko says that it is when she was in kindergarten when they used her song as music accompaniment for a play. Riko is puzzled as to why Mari is looking really gloomy. [<- Hehe, she’s old and she’s picking on a kid ^^;] Flashback: While holding a bowl of soup, young Riko watched Crude Play on the television. She is so mesmerized by it that her mother had to shout that she is spilling the soup on the floor. Riko exclaimed for her to be quiet. She quickly took the remote control and the increase volume. Narration: “Perhaps you would laugh at me and say that I’m exaggerating if I say that from that day on, everyday is sparkling brilliantly.” Riko intently watched CP’s performance on the television. At school, Riko asked Yuu if he has watched Music Station yesterday, and isn’t Crude Play really cool. Yuu casually said that it is nothing for anyway, they will quickly fade away. This irritates Riko that she threw her bag at Yuu, who fell off the chair. [again ^^;] Someone is saying that Riko is at it again. Later on, Sou happily asks Riko if she wants to play dodge ball, they can gather up at the playground. To Sou and everyone’s shock, Riko says that dodge ball and games like that are for kids, she won’t play again. Riko is listening to CP on her father’s portable CD player.

Later on, Riko saw a flyer on a bulletin board regarding recruiting band members. Riko managed to get in the club and she is warmly welcomed by the others. The teacher assigned Riko to play the glockenspiel. Riko tried playing before complaining to the teacher that she wanted a more band like thing. The teacher is puzzled. Riko exclaimed that it is something like Crude Play. To Riko’s shock, the teacher says that it is impossible for their club because they are an orchestra band. “And if it is something like Crude Play.. it ought to be a guitar-type, right?” Soon, Riko is pestering her father to buy her a guitar. Arranging some boxes of vegetables, her father asked what is this all of a sudden, and where is he going to get the money for that. Pulling her father’s shirt, Riko exclaimed for him to please give her one and she’ll help out in the store. After Riko’s constant pestering, her father told her to leave it up to him. Riko is delighted. That night, Riko went out of the room and notice a light. She peeked in the room to see her father making a handmade guitar using carton boxes, glue and rubber band. Riko is totally shock. The next day, her father happily gave her a huge package and asked her to guess what’s inside. “Try opening it and see inside!” A bit teary-eyed Riko is muttering that it could be that. Riko can darkly look at the handmade guitar toy and let out a laugh. Her father is quite excite and happy. He urged her to go and try playing it. “This way, from today on, you’ll also be a guitarist!”

At school, Riko is sighing. Yuu asked why she is so gloomy so early in the morning. Sou also asked her what happened. Riko asked them if she wanted to buy a guitar, how much does it roughly costs. The boys think for a while and simultaneously say that around 1 million yen. [Note: children way of thinking] Riko whines that in the end, it is impossible for her to buy one throughout her lifetime when she obviously wanted to become like Crude Play. Sou told her that speaking of that, the family of Crude Play’s Shun has opened a very huge pastry shop so when he was in grade 5, they bought him a guitar. Riko gloomily cried that she doesn’t want to be a child of a vegetable store [owner]. In reading class, the teacher is writing the list of characters in the story on the board when she noticed that Riko’s head is bowed down into her arms on the table [as if she is sleeping]. The teacher decided to call Riko to read the book’s page 120. Riko isn’t responding to her that the teacher asks if she is listening. Then, Sou raised his hand and told the teacher that Riko is quite broken hearted today so he’ll read on her behalf. The other classmates praise Sou for being nice and cool. Sou starts to read the story about a fox running in the field then, towards the lights in the town. Yuu looked somewhat flustered. Riko is still sad over not being able to buy a million worth guitar that she won’t become like Crude Play throughout her life. Soon, it is class dismissal. Still depressed, Riko headed out the gate. She started to walk then stopped. She took out the portable CD player and started to listen to the music. Soon, it cheers her up that she is running and singing at the same time. End flashback. Mari looks surprised as Riko says that it is really nice. “Really nice..” Then, Shinya passes by a guy who wished him good luck[/gambatte] on next week’s Music Station. Shinya thanks him. Then, Riko says, “Actually, I really.. *remembers hearing Aki hum a song when she passed him by[/the first time they’ve met]* ..really want.. *blushing and crying* ..to sing Aki’s song. *Shinya arrives and looks shock for he had overheard it* I want to sing..”

Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组