June 18, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 30]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 12, 2012

Cover page: “The thing that I wanted the most had escaped from my hand. However, at that time, I was able to create music. Am I lucky? Or am I not?” Narration: “When Yuu-kun transferred to our school, it was in grade 3’s second term.” Flashback: In class, young Yuu somewhat arrogantly introduced himself. Narration: “I bluntly say it but my first impression on him is quite bad.” Reading a book, Yuu said that since he was grade 2, he no longer plays childish games like dodge ball. The others are gloomy over it since he won’t join them. Riko is furious that she angrily threw the ball at Yuu, knocking him down from the chair. The others asked who would go and stop Riko [from beating Yuu up?]. Narration: “At that time, I don’t know why but I thought of dodege ball as supreme that I would risk my life on it. And, for first time in his life, Sou becoming popular has arrived.” The kids are amazed at how Sou can easily hit the others in dodge ball and it is already the third one. The girls praised him as cool. Grumpy Yuu just quietly watched them play from the window. Narration: “Thore are the peaceful times when even if Shou is fat, he is quite omnipotent at sports. Afterwards, Yuu’s acting has been exposed during PE class.” On a horizontal bar, Shou easily swung around and round it. The others exclaimed at how amazing he is. Soon, it is Yuu’s turn. Riko watched him intently. Yuu looked up the horizontal bar. He jumped and fell down without even reaching it. This surprises everyone. Later on, Riko, walking with Sou, called out to Yuu to hurry up, sports idiot. Yuu is breathing hard from carrying his, Riko and Sou’s bags. Narration: “And, that is how Yuu became my and Sou-chan’s subordinate.” =P End flashback. Putting her pointing finger and thumb under her chin, Riko couldn’t believe it. During practice, she glances at Yuu who is playing the guitar. She thinks that at that time, after seeing Yuu’s expression, she wondered if Yuu likes her. Then, she quickly dismisses the thought and just thinks that Yuu is just admiring the sunset, too. Then, Soichiro calls out to Yuu and tells him to try turning around while playing. Riko and Sou try to suppress their laughter as Yuu stiffly turn around. Then, Riko and Sou burst into laughter. Soichiro tells embarrassed Yuu that is too much, for there ought to be a limit to one’s lack of motor skills. There is a camera there, viewing them.

In a different recording studio, using his iPad, Shinya goes into Soichiro[/Takagi]’s USTREAM account and types a password. He watches the others laughing at Yuu as Soichiroh exclaims about there being a limit to one’s lack of motor skills. Shinya smiles as Yuu shouts at his friends, up to when they are going to laugh. In a bad mood, Aki reminds Shinya that right now is the time for Crude Play to work. Shinya looks at him and gestures to the side. He asks if it is okay for Aki not to mind that side. There is a huge balloon shark floating around the studio. Using a remote control, Teppei makes the shark to poke Aki’s head and he shouts that the prey is found. Aki pushes the shark away and angrily shouts for Teppei to get out. Irritated Teppei says that it is a balloon fish, and he thought that Aki would like it so he specially bought it [for him]. The shark nudges Aki’s face. Aki strictly tells him to restrain himself a bit. Kaoru and Teppei sigh together for Aki has already gone into that temperament mode since they are currently recording. Shinya comments that isn’t it good if they just do it in accordance to what Aki likes. Aki tells him that of course they are going to do it in accordance to what he likes. “It is only that you guys can’t do it that way, right?” In the recording booth, Shun asks what part won’t do. Aki says everything. Shun says that he sang it with a feeling of ‘kapow’ like what Aki said. Aki says that wasn’t a ‘kapow’ feeling. Shun asks if it is like when a fireworks explodes. Aki says that he hates the sound of ‘bi-yo’ just when the fireworks go up the sky. Shun asks if it is like a mouse flare. Aki says that it isn’t ‘chiu chiu’. Teppei and others wonder what kind of conversation meeting is that. Just when Aki is about to bite into his snack, Shinya casually says, “..by the way, isn’t this song more suitable for a female singer? *whispers* Fundamentally, it is like that.” Aki looks at Shinya in surprise. After thinking for a while, Aki apologizes to Shun and tells him that in the end, this song won’t be recorded in the album, so let’s move on to the next one. Somewhat flustered Shun tries to protest but Aki says that this isn’t a song that Shun voice can sing [/doesn’t suit him] and it is his mistake, sorry. Everyone is puzzled for there is no problem at all with it. Shinya glances at Aki. Shun looks frustrated.
Later on, Mush & Co. are about to leave when Miwako calls them aside. She apologizes that they must be tired but can they lend her some of their time. In a meeting room, Miwako informs them of the information leak in Twitter about next, next week’s Music Station’s performance. “Did you guys tell it to your friends?” Riko says that she didn’t tell anyone except for her father and the others but then, they don’t know how to use Twitter. Yuu and Sou say that they also didn’t. Miwako is a bit puzzled and says, is that so. Realizing something, Yuu asks Sou if he told that freckled girl who confessed to him. Sou denies it and declares that among the three of them, Miwako can have confidence that he is the one who can strictly seal his lips. Yuu admits that is true. Miwako laughs and says is that so, then there’s no problem. She apologizes for asking them a weird question. She advises them to pay attention in managing information. While walking at the hallway towards the reception area, Riko tells the others that there is really such a thing as an information leak. Yuu says that it is really scary, Facebook, Twitter and such things. Sou says that he totally don’t know the motive of someone who will specially do such a thing. Riko agrees with him. Realizing something, Yuu says is it that..feeling of superiority? Then, they see Terada at the reception area telling the receptionist that she is a friend but the receptionist is still hesitant [to let her go in]. Terada sees the trio and she brightens up. She calls out to Sou and says that it is great that she gets to see him. Sou asks why she is there. Blushing, Terada says that of course, it is because she wants to see him. While Riko and Yuu nervously look at each other, Sou blushes and says that didn’t they see each other after school. Terada says that she still wants to see him. Sou says that they can see each other tomorrow at school. Terada insists that she wants to still see him and timidly asks if she is causing trouble. Sou asks her how come she knows that he is there. She says that of course, it is because he told her. This puzzles Sou. He says that he didn’t say that. Terada insists that he did. She smiles and tells them that thing doesn’t matter so quickly bring her in the office for a tour. Flustered, Sou says no, for unrelated people can’t go in. Terada asks if she is unrelated. This made Yuu and Riko uneasy and flustered. With a sour expression, Terada asks why.
Back in Studio 2 which CP occupies from 15:00~20:00, the staff had already left. The only ones left inside are only Aki and Shun. Flipping over a leaflet, Aki looks at Shun who is smoking. He asks if Shun can come to his house today. Surprised Shun says that he can. Aki says that he is going to ride the train so they’ll see each other later on. Putting on his sunglasses, Shun says that Aki can ride on his car. Holding the balloon shark, Aki says that it is because he is going to bring this guy home and it won’t fit in Shun’s car. Kicking the door open, Aki happily says that he is going to take it away even before Teppei and the others come back from the toilet. Shun is shock that he asks if Aki is for real. On the door, Aki leaves a note, “To Teppei, I have captured the shark! Aki.” In the toilet, while urinating, Kaoru is happily singing Totoro [theme song of My Neighbor Totoro]. Also urinating, Teppei asks Kaoru what’s the meaning of him singing that at this time. Kaoru asks if he can’t, then should he sing Ponyo [theme song of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Both Totoro and Ponyo are animated movies by Hayao Miyazaki] Teppei says that all the more, he can’t. As they laugh, Shinya washes his hands. Then, he tells them that since before he has been thinking as to why the two of them [Teppei and Kaoru] has a lot of free time [/leisure]. Facing Shinya, the two are surprised. Shinya continues to say that what they plan to do if Crude Play disbands. This made the two flustered that they say what disband is he talking about and why is he saying this all of a sudden. Shinya seriously tells them that perhaps, it would be better for them to [start] thinking about it early on. At the train, aghast Yuu exclaims to Riko that it is definitely that girl and she’s quite scary. Riko says that Terada really likes Sou. Surprised Yuu exclaims if Riko is an idiot, for didn’t she saw that girl looking like a leopard. While the other passengers are glancing at them, Riko tells him that he’s noisy. Yuu tries to protest but Riko tells him that he can’t say such things without proof, and Sou did say that he would find a good place to ask her. Yuu gives in. Arriving at Tsukishima station, they see a huge shark balloon floating. Everyone is surprised by it. Riko and Yuu wonder if they are sleep or is it a dream. Then, they see Aki holding the string of the balloon and apologizing to the people around. After recovering from their shock, Riko is embarrassed when someone says that it feels that there is a weirdo there. Riko angrily calls out to Aki.
While walking with his balloon, Aki looks dispirited as he walks with the two. He timidly says that it isn’t that but a friend bought it for him. Riko says that it would better if he just let the air out and bring it home. Talking nonstop, Aki tells the two that it is because the set-up of the balloon’s body is quite hard. “And, if it is too much, it won’t be able to properly float. My friend worked very hard to help me in putting air in it. *using the remote control* By the way, look! This can make the shark’s tail sway about! Isn’t it amazing!” The two snubs him and keeps on walking. Later on, Aki tells them that they are going to part there. He apologizes to Riko that he can’t walk her home because he has an appointment to meet with someone but it is great that they were able to coincidentally see each other. Yuu kicks Aki and tells him to stop yapping and quickly go home. Riko scolds Yuu. Later on, Aki asks Yuu how come he is following him. Yuu says that he also lives there. Then, Aki says that it seems that he has heard about it from Riko. Yuu angrily says is that so. Then, Yuu quickly walks past Aki as the receptionist welcomes them back. This irritates Aki that he quickly walks past Yuu. Soon, the two are running towards the elevator. Inside the elevator, Yuu presses the 38th floor and says that Aki would definitely be below that. To Yuu’s surprise, Aki presses the 45th floor. While Aki looks smug, Yuu exclaims that fundamentally, he is a NEET so how can he pay for the rent. [Note says that the higher the floor, the higher the rent] Aki tells him not to show off when he obviously doesn’t pay the rent himself. Yuu is flustered for he can’t answer back. Angry Yuu wonders why he is very infuriated with Aki. “Is it because he’s Riko’s boyfriend. Is boyfriend is boyfriend is boyfriend∞” Angry Aki thinks that in this whole week, he only met with Riko for just 15 minutes and it is a coincidence but this guy gets to be in school and recording room 5 days a week. Soon, the elevator opens at the 38th floor. Ignoring each other, Yuu goes out. Then, he looks back and wonders if Aki is truly a NEET.
At room 4501, Shun gets a can of beer. He looks at Aki who is busy cooking. Like in some cooking demo, Aki talks to himself on how he prepares the dumplings. First, use some hot water to boil the peelings of the tomato and onion slices Then, mix the cheese and the shiso[/perilla] into the ground meat with generous salt and some black pepper. Then, hand folding it into the dumpling wrappers is still comparatively delicious. On the pan, add some olive oil, and shivers of chili spices for taste. And, it should be pan fried. Holding a plate of dumplings[/potstickers] on hand and the spatula on the other, Aki happily says that the tomato dumplings are done. Shun lamely asks on what’s the meaning for him to totally make only dumplings. On the table, there are platefuls of dumplings, seasonings and beer. Aki tells him that the taste isn’t all the same. Preparing to eat a dumpling, Shun says that even so.. Then, he happily exclaims that it is very delicious, what is that, what is that. Aki happily beams to say that of course, it is barbecue sauce and mayonnaise dumpling. Later on, Aki is busy grating a white radish [/daikon]. Shun asks isn’t he making too much radish. Aki says that it is because they are eating too many dumplings that one should use the white radish-vinegar-soy sauce because it is a good match with it. Shun intently looks at Aki then he says, “Say it. It is because you wanted to say something that is why you called me here, right?” Aki looks surprised as Shun looks straight at him. Aki sadly asks, “Is it okay for me to give the song to Mari?” Shun looks flustered by what Aki said. Riding in his car, Shinya talks to himself that Aki is really so slow-witted and stupid. “In spite of being a type of genius, he is slow-witted up to this extent. Don’t make one feel disgusted. *stops at a stoplight and looks at Mush&Co. CD case spilling from his bag on the other seat* But, right now, the music that Aki-kun makes, not all of it are written for Mushroom.”
Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组