June 25, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 10]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 22, 2012

Page 10 – You Belong With Me In class 1-5, Nino is waiting for Kira. She thinks that he’s so slow and she’s hungry. “Even if he has gone to the toilet but it’s too long. Could it be that he had gone somewhere else?” At the back of the school building, Yabe had just asked Kira that if he had fallen in love with Nino, Kira won’t have any complaints. Yabe looks serious at surprised Kira. Then, Yabe snaps out of it when Kira asks, “You like Nino? What’s up with this kind of joke? Is there a problem with your brain, Yabe? By the way, why did you even have to climb up the stairs?” Yabe becomes speechless. Blushing really red, Yabe looks away and wonders what the heck, is he saying again. ^^; Kira says, “Or, could it be, that you really have that kind of thinking, so you made a move on her?” Blushing Yabe shouts, “Ba..bastard, that kind of thing is impossible!! That somewhat strange Bird Girl is rubbish and scum!! It’s because you’re acting very high and mighty that I’m so angry that you had intimidated me!! *turning to go in the school* From above, it is a great feeling to look down on you! Goodbye.” After Yabe left, Kira wonders if that is why Yabe ran upstairs. Then, he looks away and wonders about what Yabe said, “What is your motive for staying at that girl’s side?” Then, his cellphone rings. He wonders if it is Nino. It turns out to be message from Shitara Mio. She wrote, “It will be your birthday soon. If it’s possible, let’s celebrate it together, okay?” Kira looks surprised. Later on, at the back staircase of the school, Sensei tells Kira that he can finally eat. Calling Kira Natural Perm, Sensei says that in the end, Kira’s poop is kind of like his face so he’ll call him Poop Guy next time. [<- I think Sensei is assuming that is the reason why Kira stayed in the toilet for such a long time =P] Irritated Kira calls Sensei an uncivilized bird and he shouldn’t always say poop while eating. Sensei angrily shouts, what, it’s because Kira is too slow that they weren’t able to happily eat early on. Kira apologizes and says that on the way back, a girl called out to him. Nino just quietly looks at them and thinks, “I thought something had happened to him. It ought to be just my imagination.”

Kira tells Nino that he had already thought of what he wants to eat on his birthday. Nino asks if he had decided on it. He informs her that in the end, as a commoner, he would want to try some French-style cuisine once. “We should go to a high class place so proper attire is a must. Nino nervously asks what she should concretely do, because she hasn’t been paying much attention to her clothes, so mommy would always help her in preparing for it. Surprised Kira asks if that is true. He suggests that they go out together after school to buy. He comments that she isn’t girly [/feminine] at all. Blushing Nino exclaims, “Really!? Yes Yes! Yes!!” Kira laughs and says that she is too excited and why is she talking in English. Nino thinks that they would unexpectedly go shopping, so she ought to bring her wallet. “He smiled!” Narration: “November 4th, lately, Kira has always been smiling. And, it also made me feel quite happy. I want him to show a lot more smiling expressions on his birthday.” At a clothing store, Kira is looking glum. He asks what kind of choice is that. Wearing a stripes and star long sleeved dress, Nino asks if it is no good, and aren’t starts quite elegant. Kira tells her that with just one look, he knows that it is no good. “Are you Terryman? Quickly change it.” [*Terryman is a character in Kinnikuman, and his outfit has stars on it. I’m amused that Kira watches that..or rather, the author =P ] Nino wonders if she looked strange. So, she changes to a yukata for Japanese style outfit. Kira tells her that it isn’t summer vacation. [*yukata is usually worn during summer vacation’s festival/matsuri] Wearing a mouse mascot outfit, Nino asks how about this, it’s kind of cute. Kira tells her that it made him feel more spooked[/jittery]. She nervously asks what about this one. Kira angrily shouts for her to change it. Later on, at the food court to eat some snack, Kira says that Nino really doesn’t have a clue [/feeling] at all. Nino gloomily apologizes. Sensei is kept in her bag. While eating her crepe, Nino thinks that it would be good if she had lived like a normal girl before. “Next time, I’ll go buy and read some magazines.”
Kira notices some cream on her face. She is surprised when he leans to her and wipes the cream from her face with his finger. Holding the cream on his finger, Kira tells her that she is slow, and something had stuck on her face. Blushing Nino thanks him. Continuing to eat, Nino thinks that if she properly thinks of it, this situation seems a bit like.. Kira looks puzzled. A couple of girls are talking loudly. They say that is nice♡ A girl says that reaction just now, she wants her boyfriend to do that for her, too. The other girl says that it is so cute, this kind of date. Nino and Kira are surprised to hear this. Kira looks thoughtful. Nino is quite surprised for people to think that way even if the other party is her. Kira comments what does that mean. “When we are obviously just friends, right?” This surprises Nino that she mutters, yes. Standing up, Kira says that they are now going to start the latter half of their battle. “I’ll go to the toilet so you go ahead first.” Nino just says okay. She thinks that she is stupid for becoming overly happy. Sensei quietly watches her. At a record store, Yabe is listening to Mr. Children’s Micro album. His friend tells him that he’ll be going to the bookstore to look at some magazines. Yabe sighs and hits the player. He is frustrated that lately he is out of sorts, and it is because of that strange person and he had been thinking of that incident before. Removing the earphones, he thinks that fundamentally, he just wants to restore his original relationship with Kira. He looks at the side and is surprised to see a man holding Nino’s wrist. Trying to resist, Nino tells the man that it isn’t so, she is truly not alone, and she is waiting for someone. The man says that it is quite rare to find a girl having this strange aura. “Please, you must go with me to my office.” Nino tells him to let her go. Suddenly, Yabe grabs the man’s hand off Nino and tells him why he is bothering this girl.
As the man backs away, Nino is surprised to see Yabe for she thought that he would ignore after what she had said before. Yabe tells her not to misunderstand. With crossed arms, Yabe says in a matter-of-fact way, that he doesn’t care what happens to her but he is only annoyed upon seeing that jerk frivolously trying to hit on someone. Nino asks, “Hitting on me? No, he is only inviting me if I want to go and buy some pot. But, thank you very much [for your help]. *Surprised Yabe wonders if it is kidnapping* ..and, it is impossible for him to come and hit on me.” Yabe looks surprised then he tells her, “Who told you to be so unfeminine. So, he just used that kind of reason to hit on you. A strange person[/eccentric] is really pitiful..” He is surprised to see Nino looking really sad. She gloomily tells him that it truly made her feel pitiful that she couldn’t even choose clothes that Kira will like. Yabe looks surprised as Nino looks sad that he turns to the side and tells her that if it is clothes, how about that. Pointing to a lacey dress, he says, “Isn’t that one nice? You have long hair and gives of a kind of graceful, fluffy feeling so choose an angel-type.” Nino blushes in surprise and says, “..huh? Angel?” This made Yabe blush really red. He shouts, “-if it is Kira, he ought to say that!! Gross, super disgusting! *prepares to go down the escalator* You go ahead and choose on your own!” Nino is totally puzzled. Sensei tells Nino to go and try out that dress. Later on, Kira is looking around, wondering where Nino went. Then, Nino approaches and calls out to him. She is wearing the dress that Yabe pointed out. Kira looks surprised. Nino asks him what he thinks of this one, and the saleslady had helped braid her hair. Nino is puzzled when Kira isn’t reacting. After a while, to Nino’s delight, Kira says yes, it’s nice. Nino happily asks if it is true, and actually, she also really like it.
Turning to leave, Nino tells him that she’ll go and buy this, so she’ll tell the saleslady. Kira still looks stunned. Sensei asks him that isn’t his reaction too feeble. Kira looks at him then he bends down to the floor. He says, “..No.. Ah, I’m sorry. *blushing a bit* I just agreed with her as usual.” Sensei looks at Kira in surprise and thinks, “...this guy..” Kira asks Sensei how come Nino suddenly chose that. Sensei says that it is because of ‘Shit’. To Kira’s surprise, Sensei informs him that just now, Yabe helped Nino get rid of a guy who is trying to hit on her, and during that time, Yabe conveniently gave her a little suggestion. Surprised Kira mutters, “Yabe, he?” In school, Kira and Nino are at the shoe lockers when they see Yabe. Nino thinks that it is Yabe, and should she give him a small thank you token regarding the incident yesterday but he doesn’t want her to go and talk with him so forget about it. Kira is quietly watching Nino’s expression. Later on, in the classroom, Nino is erasing the blackboard. Old Timer/teacher calls out to some girls and says, “Hey, health committee member, did you properly get the health check-up form?” To his surprise, the girls tell him that the health committee member had left already. Old Timer couldn’t believe it for three days ago, he had already told that girl. To Nino’s surprise, Old Timer calls out to her, who is on day duty, to go to the clinic and get the forms. Soon, Nino is standing in front of the clinic. Nino really hates this for if it is possible, she doesn’t want to meet with Mio. Sensei tells her to ‘gambatte’. Exhaling, Nino opens the door and says, “I’ll be intruding.” She is surprised to see Mio on her table with head on it. She goes to Mio and wonders if Mio is sleeping. Just when she decides that it would be better to leave, Nino notices that Mio is crying while holding a photo. Nino wonders out loud as to why she is crying and that picture. To Nino’s surprise, Mio wakes up and calls Nino’s name. Sitting up, Mio says that just when she is taking a nap so what’s up. Startled Nino tells her that she came to get the check-up forms. “About that.. are you alright?”
Mio looks at her then she looks serious. Hiding the picture, Mio says that compared to that, there is something that she wants to tell her. Nino timidly asks what it is. Mio says, “It seems that in his upcoming birthday, you are going to celebrating with Kira. *Nino is surprised* I had given him a text invitation for I want to have a date with him but he declined it.” Blushing a bit, Nino asks is that so. Mio tells her that Nino ought to be a bit anxious about it. “On contrary, don’t you feel that it would better for him to be together with me?” Nino looks surprised. A bit puzzled, she asks, “But teacher, you also don’t like Kira-kun..” Mio tells Nino that it is fine for her feelings to be like this. “But, maybe Kira is currently regretting that he made that appointment with you first. And what’s important is, maybe he would be comparatively happy if he spends his last birthday with someone [like me]. *haughty look* Or, I should say, that you are only thinking of your own feelings first, right? *Nino looks down* Properly think about it.” While walking home with downcast Nino, Kira is holding his cellphone and telling Nino that this restaurant is quite nice. “During class, I’ve used my cellphone to check on these two restaurants that I’m interested in. The pictures of this restaurant’s cuisine seem to look very delicious. How confusing-” Nino thinks that actually, she really doesn’t want to say it but the fact is, it is precisely like what Mio said. Nino says, “Kira-kun, *tense* I’m sorry but I can’t be together with you on your birthday.” Surprised Kira asks, “Ha? Why, it is so sudden.” Nino tells him that yesterday, mommy said that the whole family will celebrate her birthday together.. “I want to tell you first. I’m really sorry.” Kira looks tense as he looks at sad Nino. He mutters, “Could it be because of Ab--..” Nino asks huh. Kira looks at her then looks away. “It’s nothing. I know already.” At night, Nino’s new dress is hanging on the bookshelf. Nino looks at the dress and thinks that Kira had become silent, could it be because he is angry. “Is this really for the best? *imagines Kira and Mio holding hands* But, he ought to feel that it would be better that if he doesn’t spend his birthday with me.” Sensei just looks on quietly. Then, Nino hears someone sneezing.
A bit puzzled, Nino goes out the balcony and sees Kira standing at the balcony while fiddling with his cellphone. She reprimands Kira that he is wearing light clothes, what is he doing. Kira says that it doesn’t matter for he only felt that he wanted to watch and appreciate the beautiful moon. “For me to say such childish things, do you have any objection, stupid?” Nino is surprised by that. Then, she says, “..that..about that.. could it be that you’re drunk? And it seems that you drank a lot.” Kira is quite red-faced. Kira says that she is wrong, it is ‘self-indulging bubble’ [<- it is most likely bubble chocolates.] Holding a box of chocolates, Kira says that it has whiskey flavor. While facing her, Kira munches on more chocolates. He tells her that even if his body is quite weak against liquor but it is fine for him to eat chocolates, and besides his father brought it back from the store. Nino sweatdrops that he would even say that it is fine. To her surprise, Kira says that when he is in a bad mood, it is best to eat. Flustered Nino asks if it has something to do with the birthday. Kira looks at her. Offering a piece of chocolate to her, he asks Nino if she wants to eat a bubble. “Here.” Surprised, Nino says, “Huh? Ah..okay, then give me one.” She reaches out her hand to get one but Kira throw it on her head. She is surprised when Kira giggles over that. Touching her forehead, Nino tells not to recklessly throw food. Looking away, Kira childishly says that he doesn’t know about that. Nino shouts that even if he says that in such a cute way, he is still too much. Kira says that the one who’s too much[/mean] is her. Nino is surprised by this. Looking away, Kira says, “About the birthday, you were actually thinking of inviting Yabe, right? *Nino is surprised and thinks ‘what?’* Since you’ve lie to me, then I’ll also bully you. If you like Yabe, won’t it be good for you to just directly tell me? *blush a bit* I was pretty much looking forward to it.” The wind blows and Nino is flustered. She thinks, “What is he talking about? *holding on the railing tight* The one who wants to be with him but who always has been restraining is obviously me.” Nino shouts, “You’re so cunning, Kira-kun. *Kira goes huh* How come the person I like is Yabe. You obviously don’t know anything so don’t show that kind of expression!!” Kira goes ha, what.. Then, Nino suddenly grabs his collar and pulls her to him. Kira looks surprised as flustered Nino says, “In front of my eyes.. When obviously, the person I like is right in front of my eyes.” Kira’s eyes widen and he mutters, “Huh [/exclaim in surprise].” Blurb: “In front of a sorrowful misunderstanding, Nino can no longer suppress her feelings!! In one breath, she had confessed to Kira!?”
Scans by 離境漢化組.