June 25, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 35 + Side Stories]

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[Note: From this chapter on, I’m be calling Riko as Rico like how the author has written her name in English] Cover page: “Movie (Director: Noihiro Koizumi. Music Producer: Seiji Kameda)[Amusingly, according to wiki, Mr. Kameda is a music producer, arranger and bass guitarist =P] Audition for Rico’s role convening!! Let’s SingaSong!” Looking down from the window, Rico asks, “..what..are you doing?” Aki looks up and tensely calls Rico’s name. Shinya is sitting on the ground and holding his face where Aki had punched him. Rico rushes to them and asks if Shinya is alright. After standing up, Shinya tells her that he is fine and don’t mind him. Rico tries to protest but embarrassed Shinya looks away and insists that he is truly fine. Aki is displeased over this. He says that Shinya himself had said that he is fine, so he is fine. Rico looks at Aki and exclaims that it is because Aki hit him that is why Shinya is injured. “Can you please not use that way of talking?!” Shinya tells her that is enough, for fundamentally, he was the one who first..[tried to hit Aki]. Aki says that it is precisely like what Shinya said. “Then, why are you criticizing me? When basically, this has nothing to do with you, right?” Rico is irked by that. (She angrily gives him a kick on the stomach and shouts, “What the heck’s up with that way of talking-” Holding his stomach, Aki tells karate posing Rico, “You’ve unexpectedly gave your boyfriend a flying kick..”) End imagination as Rico thinks that she really wants to do that. The guys are puzzled over Rico’s reaction. To their surprise, Rico takes Shinya’s wrist and tells him that they are going. Flustered Aki exclaims, wait, where they are going. With her face turned away as she prepares to go back to her house, Rico says that she is going to treat Shinya’s injury in her room. Aki exclaims in protest. Slightly turning to him, Rico says that she is very angry at him. Aki looks surprised. Shinya notices that Rico is trembling. After a pause, Aki nervously says that he can think of a lot of things but is it about that thing? Without looking at him, Rico says that it seems that he has self-awareness, and that is really good.

Inside the house, Rico’s tears start falling. While sniffing, she thinks, “but because Ogasawara-san said that he wants me to sing his song or otherwise, we break up. But, he had written a song for Mari-san. When Mari-san told me about it, I’m very frustrated. I’ve said such hateful things. I truly didn’t want to say such hate-whatever. Why didn’t you tell me? I won’t say it, that thing, I obviously do not even want to think about it. Because I can’t stop it anymore. I’m sorry. I truly am already in such a hideous mess. Why. When I obviously was able to see the person I really like but I’ve said such hateful things.” Rico’s father is in shock that he exclaims what happened to Rico, and why is she crying. “..ah, Shinya-san! Did our Rico made some mistake!?” Shinya tells him, no, totally none, and it isn’t like that.. Rico’s father invites him in and asks if he wants to drink something. Shinya looks flustered as he glances at crying Rico. Aki is still standing outside. Flustered, he mutters, ‘..what..’ then lightly kicks a rock. He looks up to Rico’s room and sees the lights inside opening. Then, he sees the shadowed figures of Rico and Shinya. He clenches his fist and felt horrible. “I know that those two are truly just only sitting down but..” Meanwhile, at Studio 2 which Mari occupies from 17:00-21:00, Mari looks at her nails and says, “So, what I’m saying, as I’ve said earlier, is that I won’t sing until Aki arrives.” While the other staff feel uneasy, her manager pleads with her that they don’t have much time. Still looking at her nails, Mari says that this is a song taken from Aki, and she wants him to hear it and get his approval. “And, that’s the proper thing to do, right?”
In Rico’s room, Shinya asks if she had calmed down. Rico apologizes and says that it seems that she is always crying in front of him. “It’s so embarrassing.” Shinya says that it is because of things regarding Aki, right? Rico didn’t reply. Pushing a basin of water with ice cubes and towel near a teacup for Shinya Rico tells him to quickly put some cold on his cheek. “Please use it by yourself.” After a long pause, Shinya laughs and says that it turns out to be self-service. In a matter-of-fact way, Rico says, “Of course..” Then, the door bell rings. Rico looks surprised then sits down on the floor as Shinya takes the cold towel and puts it on his face. He says, “It’s Aki.” Rico looks a bit flustered, and she says, “..I know.” Somewhat flustered Aki had just pressed the door bell. He waits as the door knobs turns opens. Then, he goes into shock, when an eye from the dark, looks out at him. And, it turns out to be Azuki who had opened the door. Aki freaks out over the cat. Snarling, Azuki starts to approach Aki. It snarls threatening at him. Aki bends down and tries to coax it to come to him. Hissing Azuki approaches him. Aki looks at the back of his hand and notices a bleeding scratch. Aghast Aki wonders, “When did..!” Azuki smiles over this. =P Then, Aki’s cellphone starts ringing. Meanwhile, Rico is already going downstairs. She is puzzled over the opened door. She puts on her rubber shoes and goes out. “Ogasawara-san..?” Then, she notices Azuki walking towards the street. She quickly grabs it and reprimands it for going outside on its own again. Then, Rico notices that Azuki is angrily meowing towards the side. She looks at the side and sees Aki on the phone. Rico looks surprise as Aki says, “Mari won’t listen no matter what [you guys] say? Okay, I’ll go right now.” Aki hails a taxi. Carrying calm Azuki, Rico just stand there as she watches Aki going in the taxi and left.
In Rico’s room, Shinya squeezes the towel dry and puts it on his cheek again. Then, he notices a CD case on top of Rico’s bedside table. He looks at it and is shock for on the CD, Aki had written, ‘For Rico’. Shinya’s heart beat loudly. Looking flustered, he mutters, “..is that so.. so that’s how it is..” He loses his semi-smile. After taking out his keychain, he removes the CP-design USB memory stick and takes off its cap. He plugs it in a Toshiba TY-CR50 radio. Then, he puts in the CD and presses the recording button. Back at Studio 2, standing by the door, Mari happily says that he’s so slow. Aki just heads straight in and says that they should quickly start. After recovering from the snub, Mari just smiles and says okay. As Aki looks at the music sheets and starts munching on some snacks, Mari puts on her earphones. She tells him that seeing him looking at her singing at one side, makes her heart beat more. Aki casually asks if it will make her come out[?] Mari giggles and says that when her heart beats more, won’t she be able to sing better, which suits this song. Aki lamely tells her then first, just sing it once. Mari starts to sing. The staff says that this song is so kawaii..cute! and it really suits Mari’s voice. Looking serious, Aki thinks, “From theory, there’s not one bit of reason as to why it won’t do. But, ah, it’s no good. Just for her to sing it, I’ve quickly conscious of it. Mari’s tender voice had become like an idol’s. This song is more.. Right, it’s more..” He imagines Rico who says, ‘Only Ogasawara’s song, I absolutely won’t sing’. Aki looks surprised by this. Then, the staff is puzzled when Aki starts rumpling his hair. He remembers Shinya telling him that it is impossible for Mari to sing this song and he [Aki] better not be, unconscious in causing disastrous damage for the second time around. Aki looks flustered and mutters that he knows, and Shinya is always right.
Pressing the button, Aki apologizes to Mari, and tells her to please give him some time. Mari is puzzled. Aki apologizes and says that he thinks that this song doesn’t suit Mari. Mari and the staff are in shock. Mari’s manager nervously asks what’s going on. Aki says that it cannot be used. The manager says no, this won’t do, does he know what he is saying and can’t this be done. Pointing to the music sheet, Aki tells him that he thinks that even if Mari sings this song, it won’t sell big. “If that happens, Mari’s business value [/marketability] will drop. Will this be alright?” The staff says no, it’s really a good song and it’s really cute. Aki insists that it is no good, and perhaps they can’t understand it but it is 100% no good. Mari’s manager asks which part won’t do. Aki apologizes and tells him that he thinks that he would still not understand, no matter how much he [Aki] tried to explain it to him because he doesn’t know [things/music]. The manager looks flustered. Aki says, “I’m truly sorry but regrettably, there’s no leeway for argument.” The manager protests that the schedule is.. Aki sighs and says in irritation, “I really think that in this world, the unsuccessful people are those who would quietly compromise the quality, no matter what the reason. *manager and staff look tense and speechless over that* No, speaking of that, hear out what I have to say until the end. I also know that for things to reach up to this point, it is impossible to cancel again. So, just give me some time.” Mari and others look surprise as Aki heads out the door. He tells them, “Please give me one hour. I’ll come up with a new song.” Blurb: “And that is, the persistence of what people call as a ‘genius’!!”
Side Story 1: Ono* Kaoru [*guesswork name from 大野] – Crude Play’s guitarist; If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Cover page: “You say that I look frivolous? Ah, don’t look at me that way. Actually, ..I’m considered frivolous (laugh)” Kaoru is sleeping. Narration: “My early mornings are particularly early.” He wakes up at five minutes to 5am, and sees a woman asking if she had woke him up. Narration: “That is to send off my older model girlfriend to work.” Kaoru happily tells her to take care on her way and wishes her gambatte in her shooting. Narration: “I’m used to dealing with household chores. *prepares to do the laundry in the washing machine* Honestly speaking, I’m a pretty boy[/gigolo].” He stretches out the laundry and looks at the calendar. On March 18, there is a heart shape on it and the words, ‘MY BIRTHDAY♡’ Narration: “Next week is my girlfriend’s 30th birthday. She is absolutely anticipating that I’ll propose to her. *sparkle* It’s a good opportunity because a model who went past the age of 30, it is very difficult to go on with [/get work?]. For me who’ll be jobless if Crude Play disbanded, it is best to have a woman who has a stable fixed income.” At Office Takagi, a man is surprised to see Kaoru and exclaims that it is quite rare, did he come to practice. Kaoru laughs and says that is impossible, for he is only come there for a meeting. The man says that is right, Shun and Teppei frequently come to practice. “You should also practice.” Kaoru says that he doesn’t want to. “Spare me from that practicing stuff.” The man says that by the way, he saw it yesterday in Shibuya, someone is wearing those branded clothing that Kaoru made, and it is quite popular. Kaoru laughs and says that honestly speaking, he really wish that is his job. Narration: “My guitar playing really sucks. In a sound studio, a man gives Kaoru the keys to a studio room A which is empty. Kaoru thanks him. Inside, Kaoru starts to practice. Narration: “If someone would think that I was practicing as if my life depend on it, during the crucial moment, it would be very hard for me to walk away and retreat, right? So, I absolutely won’t practice in front of others. Even if my playing really sucks, I also like it. Just because of this love, no matter what, I cannot give it up..”
Side Story 2: Yazaki* Teppei [*guesswork name from 矢崎] – Crude Play’s drummer; Better Break than bend. Cover page: “My work is very pompous? Those who want to say that, let them say it.” While practicing, Teppei gets a fan letter. Yes, he wants to see it. Narration: “While practicing my drums, I chanced upon a fan’s letter.” It wrote, “Dear Tei-kun♡ It’s the first time I’ve send a letter (:3) Of the Crude Play’s members, I like you the most. I thought you are very handsome when I first saw you. Afterwards, I’ve always..” Then, Teppei notices a picture falling down from the letter. He grabs it and looks shock. It is the picture of a topless girl winking. <- “this is me. This is my cellphone number and email address. At any time, you can contact me♡♡” Blushing, Teppei shouts, “Don’t you even know how to be ashamed! Giving a person whom you haven’t even meet, such an reckless picture! If your parents knew, they would have cried. Your parents don’t remember bringing up such a kind of daughter. *looks at the picture again* So.. So cute. Such a curvy butt.. *takes cellphone* I’ll go see her once.. *pause* It’s impossible for me to go!!! *tears up the photo*” Note says, “but of course.” Narration: “Others would always say that I’m a very decent person.” Later on, Teppei is in bed with a woman. The woman happily says that this time around, she is going to be in the television drama. Teppei congratulates her. Preparing to leave, the woman happily says, “So, it will be bad if this is exposed as a scandal. Hence, today is the last time.” She left Teppei in the bed, looking stunned. Lighting up a cigarette, Teppei thinks, “Forget it, it doesn’t matter. *Narration: “Actually, I’m not really decent. Occasionally, I would also randomly play around but..* It’s amazing that she would unexpectedly go to bed with a guy whom she doesn’t really like. Even if I don’t have the right to say that..” Then, Teppei starts playing his drums again. Narration: “In short, I really hate twisted things so I wanted to walk away from this vortex, and that is all. Doing what I can do right now, in order that one day, it would be enough for me to convey my own voice.”
Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组, and 深雪汉化组