June 25, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapters 33-34]

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Chapter 33 Cover page: “That. How can I say this..even if at first, I only wanted to try an ordinary way of composing a song but in case I’ve started doing it, it would be better if it becomes something that I want to pursue stubbornly. If it isn’t like that, then I would feel frustrated... If we are to talk regarding this kind of guy, a girlfriend, in the end, is bothersome..right?” On the cover, it seems that Aki is reading a cookbook on dumplings. =P Shinya is flustered upon overhearing Riko saying that she wants to sing Aki’s song. Mari turns to the side and sees Shinya. Then, she smiles and lightly giggles. Shinya looks unfazed as Riko continues to cry. Shinya quickly turns to leave but he bumps into a plant pot. Holding the pot steady, Shinya mutters why it is like this. [<- or why is the pot there] A man asks Shinya what he is doing for this is quite rare for that to happen to him. Riko had already noticed the noise that she looks at the side to see Shinya. Shinya is quite embarrassed that he mutters that this is so lame. Riko looks surprised. Shinya glances back, and notices that Riko is looking at him. He looks speechless. Riko quickly wipes her tears away and tells Shinya that it seems that Mari’s new song is going to be written by Crude Play’s Aki. Riko thinks that just by mentioning his name, it felt quite difficult. Shinya and Mari didn’t react. Clenching her fists, Riko says, “But, Mush & Co. will also not lose to that. (I absolutely should not *remembers shaking Shinya’s hand* betray this person)” Shinya looks surprised but looks serious when Mari starts laughing. Riko looks surprised. Mari says, “Ah yes, then good luck [/gambatte].”

At the recording room, Soichiro happily claps his hand and says okay, okay, quickly finish the recording to get the sound source for the lip-synching. Riko looks flustered and determined at Soichiro. Ready to press the recording button, Soichiro tells Riko to first try to sing the song in a trembling way as if she is nervous, then it would feel natural. Shinya, Yuu and Sou are also there to listen. Yuu whispers to Sou as to why, don’t they just use the CD edited song. Sou agrees to this. Overhearing them, Soichiro says that they are stupid for of course if they do that, those who listen to the CD would notice it. “While singing, we would want the audience to think, ‘It’s not like in the CD! She’s really good at singing’ and that’s very important.” Yuu and Sou say, ah..[is that so]. Riko still looks flustered when Soichiro tells her to do it one more time. To Soichiro’s surprise, Riko answers that she doesn’t want to. “Regarding lip-synching whatever, I absolutely don’t want to!” This made Soichiro smile. He shouts back, “You haven’t even made your song into a bestseller and yet, you newcomer brat would act like you’re somebody! If you are being willful, then do it after you made it into a bestseller!” Teary-eyed and flustered, Riko retorts back, “Will..willful what.. It’s because it will be a bestseller! It will sell big! It will sell big! I’ll show you, it will have one million sales!” Soichiro says, “If you can get a million sales, then whenever there is an on-the-spot[/live broadcast], I will let you sing.” Riko exclaims, “You’ve said it. Then, we have made a deal. I’ll definitely [do it].” Soichiro casually replies, “Yes- It really makes one anticipate it. One million sales~~!” Shinya looks nervous-surprised. Yuu and Sou are totally shock over the million sales.

Later on, Sou has arrived home. His father asks him what happened for he just didn’t see him for a while but now, he looks thinner. Sou says that it is very tiring to see Riko and an amazing person quarreling. His father says that it is because that person is an idiot and Riko’s opinion definitely has a reason. Then, Sou gets a message with subject ‘in the end’ from Riko saying, ‘I hate lip-synching.. How frustrating (*’A’)/!!’ Blushing a bit, Sou says is that so. Meanwhile, Terada is twittering with the other CP fans. Delicate Pencil asked when Crude Play’s new song will come out. Yumiyu0632 asks if it is moving in according to schedule, she can’t wait. Love_cocoro Rie types that it will be soon because she witnessed it in Nogizaka recording room. Then, Terada’s cellphone rings. She grumpily reads it and it is Riko’s message forwarded from Sou’s phone. Terada smiles over this. Meanwhile at Riko’s house, Riko’s mother is calling her to quickly come and eat but Riko isn’t answering. Holding her cellphone, Riko had jumped on her bed. Azuki the cat tries to play with her. Riko sits up and starts to contemplate about calling Aki. Looking flustered, she thinks that she doesn’t know of the right way of saying it. “‘How come you didn’t tell me that you are going to write a song for Mari?’ Isn’t it too strange if I ask it that way? Ogasawara also doesn’t have a duty to tell me because this is work. Moreover, he said before that he wants to separate work and private life. *holds cellphone tightly* Also, I’ve also said that I regarded ‘Aki’ and ‘Ogawara-san’ separately. I’ve obviously think that way. *bends down on the bed* Then, why is my feelings in chaos?” Suddenly, her cellphone starts ringing. She quickly sits up and looks at the caller. Looking up at Riko’s room from outside, Aki is also calling but he only gets a busy signal. He wonders if Riko is currently in a conversation.

Riko answers the phone, “..Hello, Shinya-san.” Leaning on his car, flustered Shinya apologizes for today, that he wasn’t able to help her. “And also, I’ve made you feel very troubled. I’m sorry. *Riko tries to say, about that* Is there such a thing as victory or defeat in music? *Riko looks surprised* The only thing that is certain, the one who would say victory or defeat is absolutely the losing side. But after winning, don’t let go again.” Shinya looks determined. Riko looks flustered-surprised. She clenches her fist and replies, “..yes. Please don’t let go.” Then, Aki looks up to Riko’s room and wonders whom is Riko talking with. He opens his cellphone and gets ready to call again when he turns around to see Shinya behind him. Both guys look surprised to see each other. Chapter 34 Cover page: “Bring it out, my most amazing self!! Movie adaptation! Audition for Riko’s role currently in progress!” Narration: “I think that I’ve already given my all-out.” There is a Mush & Co. 1st (demo) cd on the table. Flashback: Soichiro listened to the music while Shinya seemed to be praying. Soichiro looked at Shinya and said, “..hey, is this thing it?” Shinya looked surprised. Narration: “Even if it seems like a mocking type of OK confirmation, I’m quite happy. Because he is a type of guy who would bluntly reject it if it won’t do. *Soichiro started to call someone regarding preparations for the shooting* I think that I’ve surpassed the qualification but as the sales day comes near, I’ve become scared. ‘Is it okay with just this?’ ‘Is there a better proposal?’ ‘Is there something else that can be done to make it better?’ Obviously, I’ve already given my all-out up to the point that there is already no ‘much better’ way to improve it. But, this uneasiness would still keep flowing out. What song..actually, I’m afraid that if only one person said that it is ‘nice[/pleasant to listen to]’, with only that, it is enough, I thought. Even if it totally doesn’t become a bestseller, a knowing person would still know that in this world, there are lots and lots of that kind of famous song, that are just buried so..”

During the recording, Riko told him that this song felt comforting. Shinya looks surprised-blush as he watches Riko sings the song. Narration: “She said that after singing the song. With only that, it is already alright. I’m so happy that I stayed in the toilet to cry. It is obviously already enough because I’m a professional composer. Sales, depending on vibrations in the air, this thing that has no entity, is able to become an exploiting, money-making profession. Sales volume is through the assessment of [common] people. On the day of sale, one cannot just go not mind the performance ranking. And, during this time, I got an email from him. *Shinya gets an email from Aki regarding Crude Play’s album demo* Beer.. It seems that there are still some.. *stands up and gets some Carlsberg beer* Right now, I want to have a drink before listening to his song.” After five bottles of beer, Shinya downloaded the mp3 demo and played it in his iTunes. As the music play, Shinya muttered that this is quite troublesome. “How come I like his music so much? *takes his bass guitar from the guitar rack and starts playing* ..and, even if I only have to listen to the demo accompanying his bass playing, I also really like it. *glances at Aki’s message, ‘the bass is only a temporary arrangement, and it is okay for you to change it as you please’* He is obviously a talented person and yet, he has no confidence in his self. He is obviously special but he considers himself as very ordinary. He believes that everyone in the world can do what he can do. People like you are really annoying. With just a command, destroying one’s precious thing. I really hope that you’ll get to experience a bit what I’m feeling. *laughs* Why is this song so cute? If it is a live performance, everyone would also want to jump along with this melody, right?.” Shinya imagined Riko happily jumping while playing her guitar. Then, he had a rude awakening. Trembling and flustered, Shinya muttered, “..this song.. And, just like that, he always uses an unconscious [violent] force and ruthlessly knocked me down.” End flashback

Holding the phone, Shinya is surprised to see Aki that he mutters, “Aki-kun..” Aki says, “Shinya?” Riko says, “You’ve said Aki-kun.. Shinya-san, right now..” Shinya apologizes to Riko and says that he is hanging up the phone. Riko is puzzled as she looks at the cellphone. Shinya asks Aki how come he is there. Aki says that song that wasn’t used in the album will be given to Mari. Shinya tells him if he can, more or less, be more conscious. “How can Mari-san sing that kind of song? It will once again be like what happened with Shun-kun. This time, are you prepared to hurt Mari-san? *Aki is puzzled* Do not do it again. Please don’t enlarge the unconscious disastrous damage for the second time around.” Shinya looks serious at Aki. To Aki’s surprise, Shinya rushes towards him to punch him. Meanwhile, Azuki is scratching the window and meowing. Riko asks it, what’s going on outside. Below, Shinya misses Aki as Aki evades it. Aki asks, ‘Wha..’ Then, Aki instinctively forms a fist and punches Shinya. Aki seems surprised that it connects. Looking down on them and holding tightly on the railing, Riko asks, “What are you guys doing?” Narration: “I have heard Mushroom’s voice. It is obviously a punch that isn’t that strong but I felt that my consciousness is slowly going far away from me. It will be good if Aki-kun’s right hand isn’t hurt. Today, I had fully let Mushroom see my sorry [/awful] side. Making a child, eight years younger than me, to be concerned with me. It would be good to just be humiliated and died. Afterwards, after dying on the spot, there’s no need to open my eyes, and it is the end. But I must open my eyes. These pair of ‘jealous over a genius’ tainted eyes of an insignificant man.”

Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组