June 2, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 40]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 26, 2012

Cover page: “My hair is gradually becoming longer. Missing you is also accumulating and deepening..” At Senan castle, two ministers [type of guys] are talking. Long haired minister [LHM] comments over it being unexpected for the red haired princess to become Adele’s Queen Consort. Hat minister [HM] replies that even if she was already been given to the Belquat’s prince for marriage..but for her to become the Queen Consort of the next heir to the king of the country, she is no pushover. LHM asks if that is so for maybe it is because Adele just complied with His Majesty’s order. HM says that it definite for she is rumored to possess a witch-like ability. LHM says that actually, until now, her predictions had been right on mark and she properly used the advantage of this power, to get married. They wonder if there is some sort of inside trick to it. LHM asks if it is a power. HM wonders if their ancestor had this spying ability and perhaps, there is a secret maneuver to it. They both agree that no matter what, there’s no problem at al if it can be used as Senan’s power. Adele’s two companions are standing by and it seems that they have heard the two ministers. Braid guy says that he doesn’t approve of that girl and he is in a bad mood towards that look in her eyes. Short haired guy says that it is a very powerful glance [look in her eyes] and she’s definitely hiding something. Braid guy asks hiding what, is it towards Adele-sama. Short haired guy says who knows, for looking at it from this angle, for her to have an expression of seemingly not concealing anything, there has to be something that she is hiding since that kind of attitude is too open [/sincere]. Braid guy says whatever it is, is fine but if she becomes Adele’s hindrance, he will absolutely not forgive her. Short haired guy tells him that it is useless saying it to him, so what will happen if he [braid guy] mentions this advice to Adele himself. Braid guy exclaims, right now!? He tells short haired guy to quit joking for he’ll be slaughtered by Adele. Short haired guy laughs and says that right now, those two are all alone together in the room. Braid guy tsks, and says that tonight is welcoming the first night and for Adele, it is also an unusual thing.

Inside the room, Nakaba is sitting on the sofa while Adele is standing in front of her. Nakaba asks him if something is up for him to come at this time of the night. Adele says that he just wants the two of them to talk. While Adele walks toward her, Nakaba looks away and says, talk, between the two of them, what do they have to talk about for she doesn’t have anything good to talk.. To her surprise, Adele holds her face and tells her to turn around. After turning her head towards him, Nakaba is in disbelief when Adele is leaning towards her to kiss her. Nakaba says no, and quickly pushes him away. Nakaba asks what kind of fooling around is this. Adele asks fooling around, when the one who is fooling around is her. Scowling, Nakaba asks, what.. Adele tells her that this marriage act is fooling around. Nakaba looks a bit tense. Pushing her down on the sofa, Adele says that it’s fooling around, right, then let’s accompany each other in this until the end. Pinning her down, Nakaba asks why do this. Looking down on her, Adele asks isn’t this what she wished for, getting married with him. Nakaba nervously thinks that this is just because she wants to get Senan. Adele asks her what she is hiding, what is she aiming for upon sitting on the position as Queen Consort? Clenching her fist, tense Nakaba says that fundamentally, she is Senan’s princess! “Just because of having red hair, I’m locked up in a tower and looked down with contempt! In order to overturn that position and do something about it, what’s wrong with that!” Adele laughs, “Ha! That’s really boring. You just want revenge against those who despised you, right? Do you also want power[/authority] that much? In the end, you are a royal family member who snuck in from the commoners.” Looking straight at him, Nakaba says, “Can’t I?” Adele looks at her and says, “Ah, whatever. It’s fine whatever it is that you want but it doesn’t change the fact that you are my thing[/possession], right?” Nakaba shouts that she isn’t a thing. Then, Nakaba realizes that he is going to touch her. She starts resisting and tells him to stop.
Puzzled Adele asks her what’s with this reaction because for her, this isn’t her first time.. He notices that Nakaba is slightly flustered and she is trembling. Adele asks if she is a virgin. This made Nakaba look even more flustered. Adele smirks and asks what is this, for even the Belquat prince hasn’t laid a hand on her. “When you came here, you seemed to be given importance but actually, were you really loved by him? *Nakaba asks what* It’s because you have no charisma that making a move would make no difference... *leans down to Nakaba and whispers* Or I should say, in the end, it is because of your ugly red hair, right?” Adele bites her hair. Flustered Nakaba thinks, “You’re wrong, Caesar, he..” Nakaba remembers blushing Caesar apologizing that he can’t because the other party is her so his pacing is always messed up..no matter when. “I really want to see him.” Adele is surprised to see a tear forming on Nakaba’s left eye. He looks flustered that he quickly grabs her hair and shouts that she isn’t allowed to cry. Nakaba winces in pain and says that it hurts. Adele lets her go and quickly turns around to leave. He says that he lost the mood and for tonight, it will be up to here. Nakaba just quietly sits down in the sofa. Ouside, Adele’s companions notices that he came out. Braid guy holds a huge placard which says, ‘Congrats ♡ Virginity Lost’. Blushing Braid guy asks, “Adele-sama, you’ve already..” Adele keeps on walking and shouts that he’s annoying to death and it stopped midway. Irritated, he thinks that he had wanted to try and make Nakaba cry and he had already been successfully in making her cry. There is a flashback of young Adele pulling Nakaba’s braid and making her cry. “But just now, it really puts me in a bad mood. *remembering Nakaba teary-eyed* Even if she is crying in front of me, but she isn’t crying because of me. I had wanted to know her inner feelings, letting me see it, appearing on her face. *Flashback of Adele looking at emotionless Nakaba* But, right now, she isn’t moved because of me.” Back in the room, Nakaba thinks that it is because she is married so she has consciousness about doing this. “I know it but at least, I want to wait until I truly become that person[Caesar]’s wife, and do it afterwards.. what.. I’m still quite indecisive..”
Later on, Nakaba calls out to Loki for his report. Loki informs her that the nearby town has promised to set aside a place where the refugees can reside but at the same time, there had been questions about it. Nakaba says that it is inevitable and they will only understand it when the avalanche happens. Loki says that even if it isn’t a problem but.. Nakaba says is that so, the people who were evacuating couldn’t understand it. She asks Loki how to handle it. Loki replies that they should have a solid plan to settle it though he doesn’t want to use the force of the soliders. He tells her that he will be going on a trip to Vorumaa. Soon, at the snowy mountains of Vorumaa, the villagers are whispering as Nakaba, Loki and some others are walking in the streets. They ask if that is the rumored princess and it seems that she really has red hair. They also talk about Nakaba being a witch who has the mysterious power of prediction and she must be the one who predicted that there will be some sort of avalanche. Another one says that he can’t dare believe it on how the wind[/style] has changed but she is still a grand royal family. “They [royal family] never thought of us commoners and suddenly for some avalanche which may or may not happen, we are to leave our houses..” Soon, the villagers are starting to evacuate. Nakaba is satisfied and says that there seems to be no problem. Loki agrees with her. He tells her that when it is confirmed that no one is left, they will also head to the village where the refugees are accommodated. A boy refugee, who is walking with his parents, looks somewhat worried. In a room at the other village, Nakaba uses her Arcana to look at the evacuated village. “There’s no problem.. everyone has already been evacuated. *looking at the empty village* No one is left.. Soon, the avalanche will be coming.. *sees a cave* ...? A cave within the village..? *sees someone’s legs on the ground* ..is someone there?” Within the Arcana, Nakaba sees a young rabbit Ajin blindfolded, gagged with hands and feet tied up. The rabbit Ajin is moaning for help. Nakaba is surprised by this that she quickly shouts, “Loki!” Loki goes to the door and asks her what happened. Nakaba goes out and says that she has to confirm something and quickly call the Vorumaa villagers. When they go out of the house, they hear a couple of parents shouting with their son. The mother[?] shouts for Theo [guesswork name from 特歐] to not be like this. Theo exclaims that in the end, he doesn’t want to, and why only that girl.. Then, they notice Nakaba.
Nakaba asks if they are people from Vorumaa. Theo kneels down to her and says that his friend is left in the village. “..please save her!” Nakaba is surprised by this and her Arcana activates. She ‘sees’ three men talking about not letting that child go out of the village and they won’t be found out if they don’t talk about it. Theo’s father said that in case they were exposed to the king’s court, they would also be blamed since they have hid her. The other man replied that in the end, they can’t do it. Theo’s father said that it is pitiful, but they can’t directly do it [/kill her] ..but if she is buried in the snow.. End Arcana. Covering her face, Nakaba tells Loki that there is a long rabbit ears girl has been abandoned. Theo’s father is surprised over how Nakaba knew. He prostrates down to her and asks for her forgiveness. “That child will be buried in the snow, and her parents had already passed away.. please forgive us!” Puzzled Nakaba asks, what.. Loki says that he is afraid that child is a mixed blood between a human and an Ajin. “It’s the biggest human taboo in this world of mating with a different bloodline. Even if it is very rare, but there are children who were born from a human and an Ajin. But in this world, they have no shelter [place to go to]. If it has been found out, both parents and child will get the capital offence[/death].” Nakaba is surprised to hear this. Thinking how can this be, Nakaba grinds her teeth. She mutters that this is utterly foolish. Theo’s father begs for forgiveness again. Nakaba wonders, “Forgive? Forgive who? Forgive what? Is there meaning to forgiving this kind of thing? Who, from the very start of time, didn’t go and forgive?” Theo and his father are surprised when Nakaba walks past them. Nakaba tells Loki to prepare the horses. Loki protests that it is very dangerous. Nakaba tensely says that she has power and from the time of the avalanche, there is still time. “I won’t let her die.. Unexpectedly.. (the cause isn’t the avalanche, but the cause is some nonsense ‘taboo’)” Just as Nakaba and Loki are about to ride off in their horses, Theo shouts, “..Princess-sama! You.. agree to go and save her!? I beg of you.. that girl is.. *Nakaba shouts that she’ll surely save her!* ..she’s my important friend!!” While riding off with Loki, Nakaba thinks, “See. This is but a life that has hope.” Blurb: “Next up, Urgent situation!”
Scans by Rei'S工作室.