May 15, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 37]

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Title: Yuuzan-kun’s words[/view]. Flashback: At a party, young Haru said, “Hey, Yuuzan. Do you see that uncle at that side? Why is he dressed up like a peacock? It seems like an idiot.” Young Yuuzan replied, “Haha, Haru, that isn’t an uncle, that’s auntie [wife of father’s younger brother].” [Lol, over the implication of what Haru said. =P] Haru sadly said that he want to go back to Tone’s house. Yuuzan just looked at him. Blurb: “..This is Yuuzan’s memory..” Yuuzan answered, “..don’t worry, Haru. For you, I will definitely create a place where you’ll belong [/can go back to].” Narration: “Those are absolutely not empty words, but they are merely a small tiny wish in my heart when we were still kids.” At Yamaguchi General Hospital, Yuuzan walks in from the back exit. A light colored hair nurse tries to tell him that people are not allowed to go through there. A dark colored hair nurse said that it is okay if it is this guy, he is the son of the sick person in the special ward. Yuuzan smiles and apologizes for disturbing them because there are a lot of reporters at the front gate. Light colored hair girl exclaims that he’s so handsome, Yoshida-san’s son is also quite handsome. Yuuzan laughs and says that she is praising him too much, and well, he’s going ahead. The nurse is broken hearted for Yuuzan got away. Walking away, blushing Yuuzan thinks that is dangerous for he almost liked being praised that way and how come girls can easily say those kind of words. “They definitely don’t know how much guys would mind those kinds of words. How scary. Women are snakes. And, she most definitely already has a boyfriend.” In the special ward with a sign of ‘no visitors’, a stern-looking man angrily tells Yuuzan that he’s late. Yuuzan looks totally aghast to see the man holding the waist of a slightly undressed nurse. Putting her glasses and clothes on, the nurse tells Yoshida-san that she is going to call the doctor. Taizou [Haru’s father] calls out to Nurse Muuko [guesswork name from 夢子] to come back again. Sweating and aghast, Yuuzan says, “ you even realize why are you here?” Taizou says that it is because of a lover problem scandal, right and this morning, the media are still investigating by breaking in the 14th ward. Blurb: “New school term. Newly back in school. New all sorts of situation in entering society.” Looking away, blushing Yuuzan says that since he himself knew, so please self-regulate himself a bit and it is even such a young girl like that. “It’s because of you that the people around you are in great confusion.” Reading the newspaper, Taizou tells Yuuzan to sit down. Yuuzan glances at his father and thinks that even if his father doesn’t directly look at him, he won’t even dare do any deep breathe[/relax] kind of thing.

After sitting down, Taizou tells him about the birthday party to celebrate Yuuzan’s coming of age as an adult. [I think that is age 20]. Yuuzan asks if it is okay to do this at this time. Taizou says that he’ll only invite intimate people and the president is really annoying. Thinking that it is a comeback for a discussion meeting, Yuuzan says that he understands. Then, Taizou tosses away the newspapers and curses a certain Sougo [guesswork from 三河] for being such a detestable guy, especially for playing up this nonsense thing, just because he is more popular with girls. Yuuzan sweatdrops and thinks that for this father, there are only two types of people, ‘enemy’ or ‘right now is still not yet an enemy’. Taizou asks what Haru said, does he plan on coming back. Yuuzan says how he can say it, anyway, that side is progressing smoothly. Munching on an apple, Taizou tells Yuuzan to quickly bring Haru back for continuing the severed relationship can make the situation worse. “And the president will be too annoying that I can’t stand it. That old geezer also likes to butt in the business of other people’s families. He’s a hypocrite who is only pretending to be highly esteemed with integrity. Go die.” Sweatdropping Yuuzan asks if it is okay to say those kinds of things when the president is also his supporter. Taizou says that it would be good if only there is a person that has both Yuuzan and Haru’s good points. Yuuzan just looks thoughtful. Taizou tells him to forget it, and it is up to Yuuzan to figure things out regarding the birthday party. “It’s alright as long as you don’t make me lose face.” Standing up, Yuuzan says okay. As Yuuzan goes out of the door, he meets up with Dr. Yamaguchi. After Yuuzan greeted him and left, Dr. Yamaguchi asks Taizou how he is. Taizou complains that Dr. Yamaguchi is late, and why is it that the nurses there are outrageously idle[/slow]. Dr. Yamaguchi says that he is the one who’s outrageous and his daughter won’t be coming [here]. Narration: “When I was 10 years old, I and Haru came to the Yoshida residence.” Flashback: Holding a Little Prince book, young Yuuzan thought that if he strived hard here, he can be acknowledged at this house. Narration: “Even if I vaguely remember my father, I also thought that parents, are just like those in children stories [/fairy tales] who would always think of their children. That is my truly childish fantasy. *Reading a book in the garden, Yuuzan blushed upon seeing his father looking at him. He father just passed by with his bodyguards.* After a month, at the latest time when I was able to meet my father again, in a flash, it was quickly smashed into pieces.” Waving at Haru, Yuuzan told him that it is impossible [for Haru to see him] because their father looked really scary, and he looked scary for him [Yuuzan] at times, too. Haru asked if that is true for he also wanted to see their father.

Narration: “But, at this house, there are a lot of enticing sweet snacks.” Yuuzan told Haru, “Since it is like this, time to go for plan B. Accumulate strength and wait until I become an adult, then I’ll seize this house. It’s called coup d'etat. Holding a much thicker book than the one Yuuzan is reading, Haru said that is a romantic plan. Glancing at Haru, Yuuzan said, “But, this plan is very realistic.” Narration: “No matter what is said, I still have my younger brother to accompany me. Pitiful Haru, he definitely doesn’t even remember father’s face.” The scene changes to Taizou asking, “..Are you Haru? Don’t do this strange kind of thing. Are you an idiot. Properly go to school and study.” With clenched fist, Haru just pouted at his father. Yuuzan looked at them. Narration: “-On the day when Haru first met father. Rather than having care for my younger brother who was told off harshly, thinking of [Haru being] ‘too cunning’ had earlier on, appeared in my heart. Because I was never being told any words by our father.” At the courtyard, Haru is standing near the bushes. He told Yuuzan that he hated it there. “The people in this house would only tell me don’t do this, don’t do that. It’s so annoying. Much more than at [maternal] auntie’s.” Yuuzan said that it can’t be helped and in order to continue staying at this house, they must endure it. Haru happily holds out his hand to show a caterpillar. He laughingly told Yuuzan, “Just now, I put one of this in dad’s bag. That stinky father apparently really hates this guy. He would most probably throw his bag away immediately after opening it. Hahaha.” Yuuzan looked surprised and then, he burst into laughter. “Hahaha, what are you doing. Be careful for you might be driven away from this house at any time.” Haru says, “It doesn’t matter to me. On contrary, it is a bit more fun at auntie’s. And I feel really bored at school.” Yuuzan smiled and said that he really doesn’t know what to do with Haru. “Okay, Haru, you just do whatever it is that you like. I will do my best so that [we] can stay at this house. Let us promise to definitely create a place where we will belong to.” End flashback [Long time no see] Yamaken is walking at the hallway. Light colored hair nurse exclaims that it is Kenji. Dark colored hair nurse happily asked what it is, is he going anywhere, is he coming in or going out. Yamaken smiles and says that he doesn’t know where his younger sister went. [= subtle way of asking if he is lost?] Light colored hair nurse happily tells him that he is super handsome today. Yamaken laughs and thanks her. While she says that he had escaped, Yamaken thinks that of course he is [handsome]. He glances at the side and gets a shock for he has seen Yuuzan. Blurb: “Yamaguchi General a hospital established by Yamaken’s grandfather.” Yuuzan glances at freaking out Yamaken then, he walks away. Yamaken angrily shouts that he has been unexpectedly being snubbed. Unhappy Yuuzan glances back and says, “..Tsk I wondered who it is. If it isn’t Yamaguchi family’s Kenji. What’s up?” Irritated, aghast and tense Yamaken says that it is nothing. <-Because he felt threatened, his brain had stopped working. Yuuzan asks if Haru also came. Yuuzan said how it is possible, that Haru would come here. Yamaken says that before, they were always inseparable and he would even specially go to his younger brother’s camping place. Yuuzan says camping?, that time he didn’t specially go there to see Haru. After thinking for a while, Yuuzan says, “By the way, how is Shizuku-chan lately?” This surprises Yamaken. Looking away, Yamaken says, “...who knows? After the start of summer vacation, I didn’t get to meet with her.”

To Yamaken’s surprise, Yuuzan lets out a laugh and says, “You were obviously already been dumped. *smiles* It is really quite unexpected for you, someone who has a lot of self-confidence, that I thought that you would keep on pressing on towards her. Could it be that it is because you are afraid of attaining a more serious injury? *Yamaken glances at him* Ah, but luckily, you have helpful good friends to hinder you. Cheer up for people, anyone would have once, twice or thrice times of being dispirited.” Iyo angrily comes out from the side. “Ah, geez, brother!! Didn’t I tell you that while Iyo goes to call out the car, you are not to recklessly move around! I’ve obviously really emphasize it! *Yuuzan and Iyo look surprised upon seeing each other.* Hi..! Yuuzan-sama..!!” Nervously looking away and thinking ‘hi?’, Yuuzan greets her and apologizes about before because he didn’t know that he is the daughter of the Yamaguchi family. He is puzzled when Iyo blushes. She tells him that she has always wanted to see him again. Shy Yuuzan says then..if she doesn’t mind..they can go and have tea at a nearby delicious crepe shop. Hitting Iyo’s head, Yamaken exclaims that wasn’t she always saying ‘want to see Haru-senpai’ some time ago. Yuuzan goes into shock-aghast. Holding her head, Iyo tells Yamaken to forgive her for even if she likes Haru-senpai, she also likes Yuuzan-sama and she is serious with both of them. Yamaken angrily shouts that she’s really disappointing to be shilly-shallying[/waver] like this, and she better quickly stop that. Dragging Iyo away, Yamaken bids Yuuzan goodbye. Yamaken looks thoughtful about what Yuuzan said that he is afraid of getting a more serious injury. Yuuzan didn’t notice because he is too shock for compared to his younger brother, he had unexpectedly blindly believed the words of a girl younger than him. Walking in the streets, Yuuzan calls up Andou and tells him that he is getting ready to go home. “There’s no need for you to come and pick me up. By chance, there is something that I have to think about. I want to go to an appropriate place where I can stroll around. Ha? Going for a spin together with Haru and Natsume? Preparation for the cultural festival? Why you, have you forgotten all about your work. Ah, that’s right. It has been decided to hold a birthday party for me. I don’t know whether to borrow a place [for the meeting] or not. A hotel that has a platform[/speaking area?].. Yes, yes..that’s it. Then, I’ll leave it up to you.” While thinking that he should first send his greetings to the president, Yuuzan notices that his cellphone is ringing. He comments that it is Miss Nazuka [guesswork from 名家]. Blurb: “The one who called Yuuzan is Miss Nazuka. His father’s wife. 28 years old, very pesky [/wordy].” Yuuzan answers the phone, “..Hello, this is Yuuzan. Father? Ah, he is currently going into a deep soul searching. He seems to say that if there’s no you, he would lose the hope of his life. No, no, I’m telling you the truth. Yes, yes. ..huh? *surprised over what Nazuka is screaming* ..I’m really sorry but I coincidentally have something urgent to do that I even took a leave of absence from college. *aghast and tense* Yes, then, goodbye.” Yuuzan sighs and hangs up the phone. “No matter what is said, right now, I want to be alone.”

At a movie theater, Yuuzan buys a lovers seat ticket even if he is alone. He also bought caramel pop corn, drinks and chips [I think]. While Yuuzan watches the movie, a boy behind him says, “Sister, I want to eat some hot udon soup.” The sister replies that he just ate an American hotdog. “Takaya, is this regarded as romantic love’s fantasy?” Takaya tells his sister that it is frightening. Blurb: “Movie’s caramel popcorn.. really like it if the caramel is thoroughly spread and it would seem like tea-colored popcorn.” Meanwhile, while eating, Yuuzan thinks that he would first greet the president then arrange the family in accordance to the female line, but before that, he still has to determine the guest list. “ the way, this movie is really boring. *yawn* And, the people behind me are really noisy. This female actress is quite similar with Ms. Nazuka. Arms and legs are very long like an insect. Speaking of that, there is a children story about an ant and the grasshopper. Ah, forget it, I’m going to take a nap.. Ah, what’s the ending of that story? In the end, the trifling grasshopper has been saved by the hardworking ant but still, it died all alone by itself.” Then, he hears someone calling out to him. He opens his eyes to see Shizuku telling him that the movie is already over. He quickly sits up and looks surprised. Shizuku says that it is really such a chance encounter and he even got a favorable ticket. Shizuku bids him goodbye and starts walking away with Takaya. Takaya asks her who that man is. Shizuku tells him that it is Haru’s brother. Yuuzan looks at Shizuku and calls out to her. Later on at some outdoor food court[?], Shizuku asks Yuuzan if he always sleep in that place. Yuuzan laughs and says that she saw him in such an uncouth manner, so eat up and do not hesitate for this is expenses to shut their mouths. Looking at the food laid out on the table, Shizuku drops the topic and says that since he said it that way, then she won’t refuse it. Takaya stands up and tells Yuuzan that he wants bacon sandwich, manga jelly ice cream, and chocolate frappuccino. Yuuzan says that he can have those. Exclaiming that this is awesome, Takaya runs off. Shizuku asks Yuuzan if he always watches movies. Yuuzan says that he watches occasionally. “I really like endings. Aren’t these things called stories for consoling people’s hearts?” While munching on a pretzel, Shizuku thinks that even if he said that but wasn’t he always sleeping but then, it truly does calm one down. Finish eating a pastry, Yuuzan says that speaking of that, it seems that Haru went shopping together with their Andou. Blurb: “Our expected, his hand is hovering around Natsume-chan’s shoulder.” Shizuku says that she knows for she and Asako are in charge of the publicity of the class for the next month’s cultural festival. Feeling uneasy and eating a pie, Shizuku says that if it goes on, she might only just receive a shock for Haru is together with Asako in buying the clothes. Getting ready to eat a sundae, Yuuzan excitedly says what she is talking about, don’t provoke[/excite] others for wasn’t her ‘being not shock [over anything]’ nature, her charisma. “You absolutely can’t fool me! Women these days are quite vicious!” Shizuku tells him that it is useless even if he praised her like that but she will still thank him for it.”

Drinking some juice, Shizuku looks at him and tells Yuuzan that she heard from Andou the whole story on why he and Haru moved in with that family, but Haru told her that the connection between that family and him is only Yuuzan. Taking to eat a sandwich, Shizuku asks if the reason why Haru won’t go back home has a definite relation to Yuuzan. Yuuzan says that Andou is quite talkative. Shizuku says that apparently Haru doesn’t have plans to go to college when he obviously can choose so many schools, and yet he doesn’t plan on taking exams to go in. “I really felt that it is such a waste.” Yuuzan looks thoughtful then he says that since he was young, Haru is a very intelligent child. “No matter how much I’ve strive hard, he would quickly shake me off so I chose to escape[/avoid]. That time when he ran away, I can say that I can sigh in relief. *smiles and holds his coffee* Whether or not Haru wants to go to college, that is Haru’s freedom. The people around shouldn’t intervene.” As Takaya returns with his food, Shizuku looks surprised at Yuuzan. Takaya tells his sister that he got fresh cream because he was told that he is cute. Shizuku tells him to remember to properly say thank you. Blushing, Takaya says that she is really such a beautiful sister. Yuuzan observes that Shizuku and Takaya’s relationship is quite good. Then, he smiles. Later on, the siblings thank Takaya for treating them. Yuuzan calls out to Shizuku and thanks her for worrying about Haru. As the wind blows, Shizuku says, “..when Haru said that he didn’t want to go to college. Somewhere in my heart, I thought, ‘I can’t forgive’. Even if I don’t know why that is, but that time, I’m actually jealous of Haru.” Yuuzan’s eyes become blank. Flashback: It is raining, Yuuzan told Haru that Haru is quite good. “You definitely cannot imagine as to what kind of feelings I have as I look upon you. You definitely won’t understand a bit. My feelings.. never understood.” Haru looked surprised then gets angry but he stops to look really sad. He muttered, “ that so?” Later on, Taizou was told that Haru got in trouble again. Taizou told his aid to forget it, just send Haru to Kyouko. Yuuzan thought that Taizou’s expression didn’t even change. “This way, he [Haru] is simply given up on. Pitiful Haru. You are not suited to this place. I will continue to survive in this place, at this house. My body quickly felt relaxed [/lighter]. From that day on, I only need to think of my own affairs and that’s it. Create a place where I belong. *Someone saying, ‘let’s make a promise that we will definitely make a place where we belong’* In the end, that promise is for whom?” Yuuzan calls out to Shizuku and says, “Do you still remember what I’ve told you during camping? At that time, I told you, ‘The choice which you don’t regret is the right one.’ There is still a follow-up to that. No matter what the choice is, a person can only continue on the path that one had imagined oneself to have chosen. *smiles* ..goodbye, Shizuku-chan. I’ll leave Haru up to you.” After a pause, Shizuku says, okay. Narration: “Generally, I’m always drowning. For someone who wants to depend on me, who is drowning, I will take that hand away [from me]. What’s wrong with that? This is [what] a person [is]. A person named me.” Meanwhile, Haru and Asako are buying cosplay clothes that are in sale. Holding a cheerleader and sailor outfit, Asako scolds Haru that’s wrong, totally not right. Holding a huge caterpillar outfit, Haru calls Asako stupid for no matter how he looks at it, this is it. Andou tells a female passerby that she is very cute so how about go out together for a cup of tea. Blurb: “The effect of this opportune encounter is..!?”

Scans by 離境漢化組.