May 15, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 23 - White Palace – This Beautiful Person Belongs to Me: Part 2 of 3]

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Cover page: “At that time, I thought that nothing will change and I can always be like this--” Arthur looks shock upon seeing Momoe happily chatting with Nogami. Turning around, Momoe is surprised to see Arthur standing there. She exclaims, “Ah..Arthur-sa[ma] –sensei!” 

Nogami also greets Mr. Arthur, hello. Nogami is surprised when Momoe starts to apologize to Arthur about what happened a while ago, for saying unnecessary things to him. Flashing a smile, Arthur greets Nogami and Momoe. He says that it is good that Momoe is there for he wanted to give her these. 

Holding a folder with papers inside, he asks if these are her teaching materials. Momoe thanks him. She thinks that he is back to his usual ‘handling the butcher’s cleaver with ease’ mode. Walking away, Arthur says, “Then see you tomorrow. I’m already going ahead.” Momoe sweatdrops over his mention of ‘already’. 

Pouting and slightly flustered Arthur thinks, “..what’s with that apology, forget about it. I also shouldn’t have given the teaching materials to her! [Thanks to Jen-chan for the correction ^^] ..apology-whatever, forget about it, I also won't give back the teaching materials to her! It’s always like this. She obviously always likes to worry about others and she would run in and intervene into my affairs...

...And right now, what is that, being together with some other man. Chatting in such a lively manner!! *goes in the elevator* That middle-aged uncle is the student before whom she cheerfully and wittily talked with, right. *jittery* Not only does she like BL, but in reality, she actually likes middle-aged men!? *twitchy; goes out of the elevator* Geez, what’s up with that! *fidgety* Even telling me that I can’t move on type of thing about my past love, and even treats me like a kid! 

...*walks downstairs* Always acting like that with that middle-age man! Showing that smiling face that you never show in front of me--- *surprised-pause* ..that thing about Nina. By now, I have already totally tossed it at the back of my head. Not at all, do I ‘constantly keep in mind’ that incident. –that was my humiliation.”
Flashback: Young Arthur is kissing Nina on a canopy bed. Narration: “When I was 16 years old, at a party, I met a beautiful Japanese girl studying abroad. That was my beloved Nina. My first kiss. My first love making. I and Nina were captivated with each other. But Nina only comes here during summer vacation and I don’t see her during those other times...

...So, I really wanted to go to Japan to see her. And it is no good if I can’t see her. Because I’ve missed her so much that I couldn’t control it, upon entering college, I quickly go on a journey to Japan. I want to give her a pleasant surprise by proposing to her. I want to bring Nina back with me. I thought that Nina would definitely be very happy with me.”

With his luggage, Arthur rang the door bell and he is surprised to see a man with completely unbuttoned shirt answering the door. Standing behind the man, Nina looked surprised to see him. Somewhat flustered Nina told Arthur, “ troublesome, Arthur. How come you are in Japan? *touches crying Arthur’s face* You are..

...You only belong to me when I’m studying abroad. Shining brightly like a treasure, a boyfriend that I can be proud of. You are a golden haired prince that can make everyone become green with envy. I thought that you definitely also understand this reason so you went steady with me.” Apparently, Nina already has a fiance.

Crying Arthur said, “Don’t. Don’t abandon[/dump] me. I love you. *crying down in front of the closed door* I love you.” End flashback. Flustered Arthur thinks, “I won’t say those humiliating words ever again. Then, I won’t get hurt again.” At the staff room, Momoe clenches her fist on her table and mutters that she has been had.

Trembling in anger, Momoe thinks, “This is fundamentally not teaching materials, Arthur-sama~~~~~ But, it is also my fault for not immediately checking if it is right!!” She calls out to the manager and tells her that about the teaching materials, it seems that Arthur made a mistake and has given her the wrong ones. The manager tells her that is too bad, for there are no longer any back copies, the teachers had already left and Arthur carelessly made a mistake.
Furious Momoe thinks, “Ughhhh Are you certain that he didn’t deliberately do it!? *remembering smiling Arthur saying that he wants to give these to her* It’s because I’ve provoke him to anger because of the things I’ve said in the elevator, right!? ..sigh-- I won’t intervene in other people’s love problems again. *teary eyed* ..but, that expression before...

...*thinking* How he is just now.. it is truly COMPARATIVELY LIKE the normal mean Arthur. COMPARATIVELY LIKE and.. But.. there is also a possibility that he just got such a huge shock that he was mistaken about the teaching materials..? Ahahaha..I really don’t understand!! Wrongwrongwrongwrong, this isn’t something that I should be worrying about. Right now, this is really meddling in other people’s business.”

The manager suggests to Momoe about giving a call to Arthur to ask about it. A couple of female staff members raise their hands and offer to be the one to call Arthur. Then, Momoe’s cellphone rings. She looks surprised upon reading the message. “Arthur P. Lange. This is Arthur. If you want these teaching materials,..”

The second message is about a new BL manga that is out. After a long pause, nervous Momoe says, “..about that manager..” The manager asks what it is. Momoe says that Arthur had contacted her. The message: “If you want these teaching materials, then come and fully pay me back the favor.”

In a club bar, a couple of girls are looking at Arthur. Holding the folder with her teaching materials, Arthur tells Momoe that it is great that she was able to come to this place in accordance to what he said. “I wanted to say that if you are embarrassed, I can go and meet up with you at the door.”

Slightly aghast Momoe says, “Haha, no way. I’m also an adult!! But then, this is a club and this isn’t my first time to go [in this kind of place] either.!! (Actually, I’ve only went to an Akihabara cosplay activity! And even took care of someone)” Arthur smiles and apologizes to her for being careless in taking her teaching materials. 
Momoe wonders if he is saying that that it isn’t deliberate and that it is because he was rattled by that thing about Nina. “In a glance, he looks like the mean Arthur. And how he dressed up like this, he looks like a foreign model..ah, this kind of thing doesn’t really matter [to me].” 

Momeo says okay, but how did he know her email address. Arthur tells her that while he took care of her cellphone, he made the manager tell him of the emergency back-up way to contact [her]. Momoe nervously says that this time around, she really is under his care [/ for helping her on this].

Holding the folder up front, Arthur tells her, “That’s right so after a while, just like what I’ve told you, I want you to pay back in whole the favors that you owed me until now. Using your body.” Holding her hand to her ear, surprised Momoe thinks, “Eh!? What did he just say?”

Arthur tells her that Nina will arrive here soon. “From now on, you will act as my sweetheart. Help me get that endlessly clingy Nina out of my life. Towards Nina, this is the method that is the most effective. Do you understand what I’m saying? I truly don’t put that thing, constantly in my mind. I’m going to prove to you everything that I have said...

...I already do not want to see Nina at the school again. *Momoe looks surprised* Anyway, please sit down first. It is alright even if you don’t do anything. It is okay that you only stay at my side, DON’T MAKE A SOUND and keep on smiling. You only have to smile and BE SILENT, NOT MAKING A SOUND for this is a completely mysterious type of beauty. Please be sure NOT TO MAKE A SOUND...

...Afterwards, I will appropriately fabricate a brilliant reason and you only have to coordinate with me. With only this, all the favors until now are going to be settled and I’ll also give you the teaching materials.” Momoe asks him if he really want this. Puzzled Arthur asks, what? Momoe tells him that it seems that he is forcing himself.
Touching his hat, Arthur denies it. Momoe says that it seems like wanting to have revenge on someone he likes, as if it is an elementary kid doing a mischief. “The..the teaching materials is also because your heart had gotten a huge shock that is why you fundamentally had mistakenly give that to me.” Arthur says, “It isn’t that. It is because you and that middle-aged..” 

Momoe looks surprised at him and says, “Me..? Ah yes! It’s because I’ve said unnecessary things at the elevator.” Arthur says no, it isn’t because of that.. “..Forget it, it’s because I wanted this. To make everything thoroughly become the past.” Momoe thinks that she totally doesn’t understand what he is saying.

Frowning, Momoe says, “Goodbye, the favor that I owe you, let me keeping on owing you for this time. When Miss Nina comes, it would be better if the two of you would sit together and properly talk with each other!” Arthur tries to tell her to wait but Momoe has already started walking away.

She thinks, “Ah- geez, why did I even come here. My worry is fundamentally unnecessary. I’ve already decided not to blab about your affairs. At that time, it is only.. because for the first time, I saw his helpless expression. So on my own, I felt that there is no way that I can just let him be without a care.”

Then, someone calls out to her. She turns around to see Nina. Nina says, “So, it turns out to be you, sensei. Actually, it is such a coincidence. Ah.. could it be that.. you followed Arthur, that you even came here. Don’t do that. Don’t hinder us again.” With a raised eyebrow, Momoe tells her that no, she isn’t.

Nina continues to say, “Even if I’m very sorry to say this, but Arthur cannot like a woman who is older than him and it is even 5 years older. (laugh) That is impossible so you should give it up. Because tonight, Arthur took the initiative to invite me here and he told me that he wanted to see me. When he was obviously, quite cold towards me at school...

...He is really so cute-♡ *blush* Oh ya, anyway, currently I don’t have a boyfriend. And isn’t this just- right [timing]? Ah, of course, husband and boyfriend are two separate things.” This irks Momoe. She holds Nina’s wrist and starts to pull her. Nina asks what it is, where is she taking her? Momoe tells her that she’ll bring him to Arthur. 
Momoe thinks, “Ah yes, it’s more than one, the reason why I can’t help, but want to aid him. Even if I do not want to intervene into their affairs *frowning* but, this person is actually too awful.” At the bar, Nina greets Arthur and tells him that she is very happy that he invited her to come. A bit tense Arthur calls out Momoe and says that Nina had come.

Going to Arthur, Momoe whispers, “ the end, I still hate owing favors. I’m going to return it to you now. Stand up.” Arthur is a bit puzzled but he did stand up. To his surprise, Momoe smiles and put her hands around his neck. She whispers to him, “I will smile! ..I’ll leave the rest up to you.” Momoe puts on her best smile and looks toward Nina.

Surprised and flustered Nina says, “Hey.. wait a.. what are you doing?” Momoe says, “Sorry, the one hindering us is you. Isn’t that right, Arthur?” Looking a bit flustered, Arthur let out a sigh and says, “..Yes, Miss Momoe.” Blurb: “Next chapter, conclusion!!”

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