May 15, 2012

Chitose, Etc. [Chapter 42]

Originally posted @ on May 11, 2012

The Matsuri members are in a club meeting. Looking at Chitose, Shun thinks, “What’s up with me? From that time, I’ve always inadvertently pay attention to Kaneshiro. I can’t stop myself from staring at her. Kaneshiro and Yuki had already become one, and I have been looking forward to that. What is this? This confused feeling.. When she had become Yuki’s, I would unexpectedly feel that it is a loss? But, I’m not a person who’ll want to monopolize someone else’s person[/lover]. *holds head* Ah, geez- What’s going on with me! *glances at an empty chair* Huh? No longer there..” Shun is surprised to see Chitose standing at his side. Holding a notebook, she is asking him about the computation he made and can he go through it again since she is going to re-do it. After talking with him about it, Chitose smiles and thanks him. While Chitose asks him to look at another thing, Shun thinks, “Was this girl this cute? Her smile is too brilliant! Ah, ah, that’s right, it’s definitely, because she’s so happy, that’s why it is quite dazzling..” Shun frowns and pinches Chitose’s cheek really hard. Holding her cheek, Chitose screams that it hurts, what is he doing!? Shun says that it is nothing, he is just in a bit of bad mood. Chitose exclaims, what, that’s so mean. Chitose cries to Yuki who exclaims what Shun is doing. Shun snubs him. Yuki touches Chitose’s cheek and comforts her. Shun looks at the two talking and smiling together. Irked Shun thinks that it’s only a hand and it doesn’t go beyond the boundary. Shun looks away. Saaya is quietly watching this. Walking at the hallway, Yuki asks if he went overboard. Shun says that even if their relationship had progressed, but isn’t that a bit unsightly and they are still in the middle of club activity. Yuki says is that so, sorry, he didn’t notice it. Shun thinks that this is jealousy and the one who can’t bear to watch it is him. Shun says that Yuki even said that he wanted to maintain this period of time but things happened quickly that he didn’t even have to tell that to him. Yuki sheepishly says that yes, his endurance is already at its limit. “But, it’s alright! There’s no need for me to worry at all! Chitose is still simple[/pure] and cute, and there’s not much change at all. Ah, but, she did become a bit sexy. Ah! It is possible that it’s because my perspective towards her is no longer the same! Haha” This irks gloomy Shun. Shun turns around and says that he is going to buy a snack. Puzzled Yuki looks at Shun walking away and thinks that it seems that Shun is unhappy.

Walking together with Shun, Saaya tells Shun that lately, he has been looking at Chitose. Shun says ya, that is right. Saaya thinks that Shun had unexpectedly admitted it. Shun tells her that he has unconsciously been looking at Chitose. “And, I’m also a bit jealous of Yuki’s happiness... What’s going on?” Surprised Saaya exclaims, “..what!! –that is, you like Chitose, right!?” With wide-eyes Shun replies, “Like!? How could I! It’s impossible, it’s impossible. I obviously have you! It is that, right. The feeling when a younger sister or perhaps a daughter is getting married. Obviously, one would want to quickly free oneself from her [/marry her off] but during the crucial moment, one would feel very lonely, and would come to hate that other guy. Even if we are at the same age, but that girl is like a younger sister, right? In fact, she is a younger sister, and I feel that I must take care of her.” After a pause, Saaya says that if it is truly like that, then he wouldn’t have always been looking at Chitose. “I feel uneasy..” Shun apologizes and says, okay, he’ll pay attention to that [next time]. He holds Saaya’s shoulder and nervously tells her not to be unhappy so how about they go eat something. “I’ll treat you!” Saaya says that there is a new rice [flour] donut store at Nishiguchi. Shun says, okay, rice..then he becomes puzzled about it. [I don’t know if it is a joke or he is surprised that donuts can be made from rice flour] Back in school, Yuki manages to spike the volleyball and his teammates praise him for it. Chitose and the others are cheering. After the game, Chitose greets him. Yuki asks if she is watching. Smiling Chitose tells him that she only saw the last part, thought it feels quite fresh since it is the first time that she saw him playing ball. Blushing, she also tells him that he looks cool when he jumped for the ball. Yuki thanks her and asks if she is in basketball. Chitose says yes, she was forced to but she isn’t good at it. He asks her when it starts but she tells him not to go see it. He says that he wants to see it but Chitose insists that he shouldn’t. Someone calls out to Yuki about a referee so Yuki bids Chitose goodbye and tells her again that he’ll go watch the basketball. Embarrassed Chitose exclaims that she told him not to come. Going out of the gym, Chitose thinks that she really isn’t good with contact sports and volleyball is much better because there is a net to separate the opponents. She concedes that it isn’t an ordinary sports meet, and having a balls competition is not quite bad at all for a sports festival.

Then, Chitose notices Shun by the outdoor sink. She happily greets him and asks how was his first soccer match against section 3. He says that it is 0-2 and they’ve lost. Chitose exclaims that wasn’t he in a soccer club when he was in junior high. Shun angrily says that the opponents have three current active members of the soccer club so how can they win. Chitose says is that so. After a pause, Shun turns around and says that he’s leaving. Chitose tells him to wait. She catches up to him and says that lately, he’s attitude has been quite cold as if he has been avoiding her. “And earlier, you were always looking at me. It’s a bit strange right?” Shun thinks that he never imagined that she would be conscious of it when she is obviously very slow-witted. Shun tells her that it is nothing, it just feels like he lost a younger sister. Puzzled Chitose asks if he has a younger sister. ^^; Midoriko calls out to the two and tells them that the score board[/card] is broken so can they go to the storage room to get the one they’ve prepared. In the storage room, the two look around for the prepared score board, and it shouldn’t have been taken away. Shun is surprised when Chitose suddenly turns around and bumps into his chest. Holding her nose, Chitose apologizes and says that it is because the place is too small. Shun looks a bit tense. “Previously, I couldn’t control myself in wanting to have Saaya, and this feeling hasn’t changed when I was going steady with Kaneshiro. But, right now, Saaya is my girlfriend and Kaneshiro is like my younger sister. Even if I say that, but right now, I can’t do it anymore. *looks at Chitose* Even if I don’t want to admit it, but one would absolutely not do this kind of thing to one’s younger sister.” Chitose is surprised when Shun suddenly hugs her tight from behind. Scans by defer for