May 15, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 10]

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Soon, it is time for the midterm exams. Their school is a two term system so after that, they only have to wait for summer vacation. Hearing Uki muttering that this is really tragic [/bad], Makoto asks her if she is talking about the exams. She says that Uki had told her before that she can pretty much get through it. Uki says that they were told that if they fail, they cannot participate in the club until after the make-up exam and cram [/extra] classes. Uki exclaims that it is really tragic for if the priority is cram class during summer vacation, attaining the official team’s throne by the first year will be.. Uki complains why they did tell them about this only yesterday. Nanami tells her that it is because she has been napping during class that is why she didn’t understand the lessons. She says that sleeping while studying gadgets has no effect and she won’t be tricked by internet shopping to buy those kinds of stuff. Uki shouts that she isn’t talking about that. Makoto is surprised when Uki tries to ask her to teach her about something. Looking at the textbook, Makoto thinks that she isn’t good in math, and she is much better in English and the Classics. Makoto tries to explain it to Uki who doesn’t understand. They were surprised when Yusa is shouting that it is tragic. Yusa is clinging on to Iriya asking him to save him. Iriya tells him to quit sticking on him. Yusa tearfully says that it is because his grandma said that if he ever fail once in the exams, he would have to spend the whole summer in cram class. He exclaims that his grandma can really do that, and if it happens, he’ll be dead. “Aren’t you really good in math! Please-!!” Makoto is surprised that Uki’s eyes are flashing. Uki asks if Iriya is good in math. She shouts for him to also teach her for things are not quite reassuring for her. Yusa shouts for Uki not to steal away Iriya because his side is more tragic. Soon, Uki and Yusa are shouting as to who is in real dire situation and would really need Iriya’s help. Iriya and Makoto sweatdrop over what kind of competition is that. Makoto thinks that she would also want to be taught by Iriya.

To Iriya’s surprise, Yusa exclaims that he will go to Iriya’s house to study. Iriya tells him to wait for how can he decide that on his own. Yusa says that it is okay, and lately, he hasn’t gone to visit. Uki exclaims that Yusa is too cunning, she wants to go to his [Iriya] house, too. “Makoto and Shiroyuki also want to go right?!” This surprises Makoto. Nanami asks why her, too. Uki tells her that the more teachers, the better. Makoto is conflicted for she wanted to go but it seems that Iriya is troubled. She tries to tell the others not to be like that but everyone else saw from her expression that she wants to go. So, Iriya relents and agrees with that plan. While calling on the phone, Iriya says that even if he said that they can come but it is strictly just for studying, especially Yusa. Uki and Yusa rejoice. Makoto is really happy over this development. Soon, they arrive at a two story white house. Makoto is amazed by it and thinks that it is like a temple. She whispers to Nanami if Iriya is a young master. Nanami tells her that it seems that his father is a doctor. Then, Makoto looks aghast over depending on Nanami again. Then, a beautiful woman claps her hands and happily greets everyone. She thanks them for always taking care of Iriya. Iriya introduces everyone properly except for Yusa. Makoto thinks that Iriya’s mother is so cute and maybe they are very alike. Holding the hand of Iriya’s mother, Yusa says that she is still beautiful like before. She laughs and says that Yusa hasn’t come and play for such a long time. Iriya has to remind them that they are not to have fun there, they are studying. Iriya’s mother comments that it is the first time for Iriya to bring home his female friends. Makoto thinks that is quite unexpected. Iriya’s mother asks them how is Iriya at school, is everything going smoothly. Uki tells her that Iriya is popular with both guys and girls. His mother is delighted to hear about that because Iriya doesn’t tell her about school, so he is quite popular. Slightly embarrassed Iriya tells his mother that is enough questions and she shouldn’t totally mind them [while they are there]. He also tells the others to go with him. Makoto finds this scene of a guy and his mother interesting because in her family, they are only sisters.

Then, Iriya brings them to a room with a small table, and cushions for seats. [It is something like where tea ceremonies are being held] Yusa asks if they aren’t going to his room. Iriya says that if it is in his room, they will rummage over his things and just play around. He reminds them that for today, the goal is to study. Yusa whines over wanting to go to his room. Makoto thinks that this is bad for she is disappointed like Yusa and if she isn’t careful, she’ll be too excited. While Yusa keeps on pestering Iriya, Makoto tries to tell him to stop it for today, they have to study. They just look at her for Makoto’s expression says that she wants to go to Iriya’s room. So, she just covers her face and tells them that they should study. Soon, Iriya threatens them that anyone who isn’t seriously studying will be quickly driven out of the house. After two hours, Yusa starts chatting about mistaking Iriya’s name [which literally means ‘enter the valley’], and he thought it is like some mountain field thing when he was in elementary, that is why he always calls his name. Nostalgic Yusa says that elementary kid Iriya is so cute. Iriya tries to tell him to quit talking about unrelated things and also Makoto to stop listening. Makoto’s eyes are already in sparkles over how Iriya looked like then. Nanami also says that her name ‘Shiroyuki’[/Snow White] is also always being mistaken. Uki says that it is possible. Soon, they are talking about their names when Iriya’s mother comes in and asks if they are hungry. She brought in some curry and rice for their dinner. Yusa tells Iriya to let them rest for they’ve studied for two whole hours. Iriya tells his mother that they’ll get the food themselves for isn’t it heavy. His mother asks if that is so, well, she is going to bring some tea for them too. Makoto gives Iriya a plate of curry which has fewer carrots. Iriya praises her and this made Yusa angry. He plans to spill water on her but he ends up tripping and spilling the curry on Makoto’s head. Makoto and the others are stunned by that. Iriya angrily calls out Yusa who tries to tell him that it is an should be [the water].. Uki promptly puts Yusa in a head grip that made Yusa admits that it is his fault. =P

Nanami tells Makoto that they have to clean her blouse quickly or else, the curry will stain. To Makoto’s surprise, Iriya’s mother tells her to go take a shower in the bathroom. Uki urges her to go. Soon, Makoto takes a shower and thinks that she smells of curry but then, what is she doing at the house of the guy she likes. Yusa is an idiot. Then, she uses some shampoo and realizes that it is the same as Iriya’s scent. Taking note of the brand, she wonders if it is disgusting if she buys the same one. Bunny says that it is a little bit disgusting. After she comes out, Iriya’s mother asks if the clothes fit and no one has wear that yet. Thinking that she is really nice, Makoto says yes, and thank you. Iriya’s mother says that she is cleaning her blouse so please use this new towel. Iriya checks on Makoto if she is finished. He apologizes for Yusa’s behavior and punished him by making him answer the practice questions first before he can eat. Makoto just quietly smiles over that. Iriya’s mother tells him to lend the hair blower to Makoto while she goes check on the blouse. Iriya says that it is in his room so he’ll go and get it. Iriya notices that Makoto is looking at him so he asks her if she wants to see his room but don’t tell the others. Then, Makoto goes in his room and thinks that it is the first time that she is in a guy’s room. Iriya gestures for her to come and sit on a chair at his study table. She did as told and soon, she is blushing because Iriya is blow-drying and touching her hair. To conceal her delight over this development, Makoto starts to chat with him about how nice and attentive his mother is. Blushing a bit Iriya says that it is ordinary. She says that it feels that their relationship is quite good and having a son like Iriya, as a mother, one would definitely feel proud. Iriya says who knows about that, and isn’t her mother the same. Makoto says no, for in her family, she feels that her parents think that her sister is cuter. Though it isn’t an exaggeration, like they don’t like her but in the photo albums, her sister has 15 times more pictures than hers, and it seems that they are happier when going out to buy clothes for her sister. She laughs it off that in the end, the first child is the special one and they are both girls so it is inevitable that it is biased.

Iriya closes the hair blower and tells her how can that be. “[They] definitely think that you are very cute because you are their own [/born from them] important daughter.” Makoto looks surprised over Iriya’s expression and what he said. Iriya snaps out of it and says nothing, the fact is he thinks that she is also very cute. This made Makoto blush that she quickly stands up. She says that it is almost time for them to go back for the others are waiting. She ends up tripping on the wire of the hair blower and falls on Iriya who falls on the bed. Blushing Makoto holds his shoulder and apologizes. She tries to sit up but to her surprise, Iriya gently touches her hair and looks at her. Scans by all★wink汉化组.