May 15, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 68]

Originally posted @ on May 14, 2012

So, the party started. After the toast, Shouta starts collecting the gifts for the exchange gift. Moki spills a drink that Shouta gives him tissues to wipe it. Chizuru helps out and she had unconsciously hit Ryu to help out. Ryu looks at her and she hits him again to stop looking. Ryu complains what does she want him to do and she shouts that she doesn’t know. Ayane and others feel sorry for Ryu. Sawako feels a bit lonely when Shouta called to the waiter to clean the spill. A couple of girls ask Sawako to sing karaoke. Then, Sawako and Shouta glance at each other when the other isn’t looking. The two feel a bit nervous and shy when Shouta goes back to his seat but it is only temporary since Shouta is called out by the others again. Kent reminds Sawako that it is because Shouta is in charge that is why he is busy. [/to assure her that he isn’t really avoiding her] This somewhat comforts Sawako. Ayane thinks that Kent is really such a nice guy. Moki is freaking out that there are many couples among them. Moki then starts to say some stuff and Sawako learns that Shouta isn’t good in writing text/sms. To everyone’s shock, Moki asks if Sawako is going steady with Shouta for how come she didn’t know about this. Moki starts asking what are they doing while they are going steady and they haven’t even kissed. Ayane immediately smacks him to shut him up. Sawako starts to have doubts if they are really a couple. Kent tries to change the topic about a girl whom Moki thinks is good. Moki says that he always thinks of having a girlfriend and he anticipates Ayane to be the one. While Ayane is telling him off, Kent tells Moki that he can’t touch Ayane so how about changing tactic. Ayane looks a bit embarrassed as Kent ignores Moki’s question as to why he can’t.

Kent starts to lecture them about courting and Moki takes notes. Ayane asks Kent if what he said that to other girls, ‘what do you think of me’. Kent tells her that he can’t say it to her. Ayane thinks that it’s no good. Soon, after they’ve all ate and drink, they started the exchange gift. Sawako is jealous that some other guy got Shouta’s gift. When Ayane asked her what’s the matter, Sawako shakes her head and mentions about a beast in her heart. Then, Chizuru starts to become nervous over her gift which is now going to be exchanged. They sang karaoke and pass the gift. To Chizuru’s shock, Ryu passes the gift to Moki. Just when Moki is opening it, Chizuru snatches it away and says he can’t. Everyone is shock. Chizuru blushes really red and runs away. Ryu tells Sawako that he’ll go after her. He takes her coat and goes out. While Moki is crying, Ayane gets her gift from the box that Shouta is carrying and gave it to Moki. It is a stone to pray to, to have a girlfriend. He asks her to be his girlfriend and Ayane immediately refuses. Kent quietly looks on. Sawako thinks that Chizuru’s gift is.. Chizuru runs out of the karaoke bar but is surprised at how cold it is outside. To her surprise, Ryu puts her coat on her and holds her hand. Inside, they look at each other while he holds her hand. Scans by 君届同好会