May 24, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 9]

Originally posted @ on May 22, 2012

Page 9 – CHE.R.RY Nino and Sensei are shock that Yabe had kissed her on the lips. While kissing, Yabe snaps out of it and is shock by what he is doing. He quickly pushes her away. While Yabe looks at her quietly, a girl tells her boyfriend[?] that just now, they [N&Y] just kissed. Nino is puzzled and Sensei is furious over what is this brat has done. They are surprised to see blushing red Yabe saying, “What.. wha..wha..wha what was that just now. What are you..doing. I’m going home..” Nino sweatdrops and watches Yabe walks away. She wonders what is Yabe talking about, when that is suppose to be her line, and the exit is at the opposite direction. =P At Nino’s room, Sensei is surrounded by thumbtacks. Holding one up, Sensei exclaims, “Revenge. I’m going to put this thumbtack in his shoe box tomorrow!! That guy would unexpectedly do that unintelligible thing!!” Hugging her pillow, Nino asks him if it is simply to irritate her [to anger] and even if she is hated, he doesn’t ignore her when she talks with him. Sensei exclaims that even so, it is an absolute no-no to make a girl cry. This surprises Nino. She pulls aside the curtains to look at Kira’s room. The lights are out. She looks flustered and sad. Remembering Mio and Kira kissing, Nino asks why it is like this, when Mio obviously told her that she isn’t thinking of going steady with Kira. Sensei looks at her and says, “..Who knows. At most, it is only because she is a bad person. It is possible that there is an implication[/connection] between her and Curly Hair that we don’t know. About that kiss, if it isn’t with that oneesan, can you accept it? *Nino asks huh* If it is with some other girl, can you stand at the side and be happy for them?” Nino imagines Kira kissing with some other girl and she just looks at them. She grips her pillow tight upon remembering Kira smiling at that person. Nino thinks, “No. Is that so.. Fundamentally, the reason why I got a shock is because Kira-kun didn’t choose to be together with me. *holds pillow even tighter* So called ‘romantic love’ is really such a very terrifying thing. I don’t want that. *put down pillow* That’s right, I have to work [on my handicraft]. Work.” Nino quietly starts knitting. Sensei sweatdrops and thinks that Nino had run away [from the topic].

While walking in the rain, Kira sweatdrops over what Nino is randomly saying. She tells him that the rain is sweet and if it rains, and the toads will be very happy. Sensei exclaims not to lend umbrellas for ‘umbrellas are the murder weapon of fire’. [<- I think he is cracking a joke ^^;] Kira asks her what’s up for her mood is quite queer and by the way, her hair is quite messy [with a lot of flyaway hair]. Nino just smiles and says that there are times when she says sentimental things. Nino tells Sensei that that is quite scary. Sensei says then how about ‘Because if it rains, one can’t go home’. After quietly looking at them, Kira apologizes to her for suddenly leaving yesterday. While her heart is beating, Nino says that it is nothing. Kira tells her about what they talked about before, and mentioned about this, he is seeing someone. “It is our school clinic’s Shitara Mio. Do you know her?” A bit nervous, Nino says that she doesn’t know and are they going steady. Kira says that they aren’t. “For her, I’m only a very convenient guy. I think that she would only call me whenever she is lonely. Ah, that person seems to have some way of thinking[/reasons for it] but even if it is like that, it is also fine with me.” Nino thinks, “You knew? *remembers Kira commenting about being old with someone one loves is really good* Since you knew, why? *remembers Kira telling her at the zoo that saying some things at a really beautiful scene, it felt like using magic.*” Nino says, “Kira-kun, is that the so-called ‘like’[/love] that you were teaching me?” Kira looks stunned. This made Nino surprised that she wonders what she is saying. Nino tells him that she said some unnecessary things. Just then, Nino’s mother calls out to her. Her mother tells Nino that she has forgotten her lunch so she brought it to her. Nino goes to her mother and tells her not to wear her cosplay outside. Her mother tells her that it is because she has to chase after her. Sensei flies toward Kira and says, “What is it, Curly Hair? I want to hear your answer.” Remembering Mio crying, Kira answers, “It definitely is like that. It can’t be [anything else] except for like[/love].” Sensei wonders if that is so.

In class, Nino is taking out her notebook from her bag and thinks that she said some idiotic things and next time, she shouldn’t be like that. During roll call, the teacher calls out to Yabe and it seems that he is absent. Nino blushes a bit and thinks of Yabe. She shakes her head and thinks, no, that’s not right, that thing with Yabe never happened. “By the way, compared to that, I still have something that needs more thinking.” In her room, Nino looks at her written notes – Kira-kun wants to do ∙World’s Most Delicious Food∙ In the end, is it meat? Sushi? Nino thinks that this is quite hard for what food is delicious, varies from person to person. “But in the end, expensive food is delicious so I need money. *Sensei is sleeping* Right now, I can’t go to work and from Kira-kun’s physical strength, I’m afraid that it also won’t do. Ah, that’s right. If I sell my birthday gifts, perhaps, I will be a bit of help. *opens balcony door* It would be better if I directly tell it to the person himself. Can I go to that side? Before, he told me that if there is an emergency, I can go over to look for him. *goes over to Kira’s balcony* Ah, it’s so cold outside. *rubs shoulders to warm herself* ! The window [door] is open.. *looks in to see Kira sleeping* !! He is sleeping without being covered by a quilt. It’s not quite good to peep on someone sleeping, right. And, this stomach is exposed! Kira-kun, he’ll catch a cold. *goes in the room and says I’m intruding* ..must cover him up with the quilt *steps on Kira’s bed and takes the quilt at the side* quietly *pulls the quilt and covers it on Kira* quietly.” Kira is now neatly covered up with the quilt. Nino exhales over a good job she did. Nino looks at sleeping Kira. Lying down beside him, she wonders if he is smiling. “His eyebrows bending down is quite cute.. Normally, he is tensely scowling. His eyelashes are also very long.” Soon, it is 23:15. Kira wakes up and is surprised to see Nino sleeping beside him. He quickly sits up and thinks, “What!? *blush and heart beating* Why is she here..? *looks at Nino* By the way, she is eating her hair.” He reaches out his finger to take away the hair but to his surprise, Nino smiles in her sleep and holds his hand. Kira looks at her and bends down to her. Then, he stops before exhaling and falling at Nino’s side. “ I an idiot?”

Soon, Nino suddenly wakes up. She sits up and is surprised that she has fallen asleep. She notices that she is covered with the quilt. She is puzzled because she obviously covered it on Kira. She looks at the side to find Kira sleeping beside her, without a quilt. Nino is moved by this. Blushing, she quickly calls out to him and thanks him for covering her up with the quilt and she is very sorry for coming into his room at will. Kira groggily sits up and mutters that the quilt has rolled up and left. Nino looks at him in surprise and then she bends down laughing. Then, Kira is fully awake and is puzzled over Nino. Nino laughs over what Kira said about rolling up and taking the quilt away. Narration: “It is only when I am together with you that I feel very warm.” Later on, Nino is back at her own balcony. With crossed arms, Kira asks her that in the end, why did she go to his place. Nino remembered about it. She tells him that regarding the thing that he wanted to do, please use the money that she is going to have after selling her birthday gifts. Kira refuses and says that he has money because his father bet on horse race and won. “That’s a secret though.” This surprises Nino and says is that so, well, that is good. Nino mutters that there’s no meaning to it anymore. She is puzzled when Kira tells her that if there is nothing else she wants, then just buy him clothes that he can wear while eating. He smiles and says, “Isn’t our birthday on the same day? *Nino blushes* Huh? Could it be that you have something else to do on that day? I really want to celebrate it together with you.” Nino exclaims, “Ab..Absolutely none!!” Returning to his room, Kira says, “That’s great, then it has been decided. Let’s talk about the details tomorrow. It’s quite cold so go in [your room] early.” After he left, Nino just stands there before bending down on the floor. She smiles and thinks, “Birthday..this is also the first time that I’m really looking forward to it.” Narration: “November 3rd. In the end, I really like Kira-kun. Even if I thought of running away, I still want to cherish this feeling.”

In class, Nino holds her bento box and thinks that Kira is still in the toilet. She already feels hungry. Then, she is called out by blushing Yabe. Just when Kira is returning to the classroom, he sees Yabe pulling Nino out of the classroom. At the stairs behind the building, sparkling Yabe says, “—in short, it isn’t because I’m bothered by that kiss before, that is why I’m absent. It definitely isn’t!! That is only because I want to irritate you to anger. Don’t misunderstand, I’m just doing the duty of a good nasty character.” Nino answers, “Ya, I understand.” Angrily pointing at her, Yabe shouts, “Act like you were hurt! Let me first state things explicitly, I really, really detest you!!” To his surprise, Nino touches his pointing finger with hers and says, “But, Yabe-kun, you didn’t ignore me. *smiles* Aside from Kira-kun, you are the first one who ‘talked’ with me. So, perhaps, you are also a kind person. *Yabe looks surprised* Then, I should go back. *turns around to leave* Kira-kun is waiting for me.” After she left, Kira, who is standing behind Yabe, calls out to him and asks just now, what is that about? Yabe looks tense and exclaims that it isn’t so, he and that kind of girl.. Kira grabs Yabe’s collar and says, “If you make Nino cry, I’m going to beat you up. Don’t go near her.” Yabe looks surprised as Kira lets him go. While Kira is walking away, Yabe remembers Nino’s teary-eyed expression. Yabe asks, “Don’t make her cry? *Kira turns around while Yabe quickly walks up the stairs to face Kira* To whom, are you saying that? What is your motive for staying at that girl’s side? *Kira looks surprised* If I had fallen in love with Okamura, you shouldn’t have any complaints, right?” Blurb: “Obviously the ‘shit’, who really looks down on the female lead, Yabe provokes Kira!?”

Scans by 離境漢化組.