May 15, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 41]

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Cover page: “Even if it is raining, [I’m] still very happy♥ Besides, for whom is this other umbrella prepared for?” Narration: “I totally didn’t know that Ayane-chan thinks that way.” Riding on the train, Hinata asks Anna what did Aso-chan tell her awhile ago. Anna looks at him in surprise and says that there are times when she wonders if he has a super power. Hinata tells her that while waiting for the drawing of lots, he would occasionally see the two of them talking and their voices are unexpectedly quite loud. Anna is aghast-surprised by this. Hinata says that even if he wasn’t able to hear all of it, he can roughly know the situation. Surprised Anna says is that so. Anna thinks that maybe if she talked about this with Hinata, she can calm down a bit. “Even if I don’t quite understand the reason as to why my heart indescribably hurts as it beats. This feeling..” Anna tells Hinata that didn’t they met up with Ayane-chan and Sou at the fireworks display. “Afterwards, Ayane-chan told me, ‘Thank you for not telling this to Nanoka.’” Puzzled Hinata asks why she is being thanked. Anna explains that Nanoka is Ayane-chan’s childhood playmate and she is very much infatuated with Ayane-chan. “Afterwards, she is particularly hostile Sou who used to go steady with Ayane-chan. She has been so hostile towards him that upon entering this school, it caused a huge uproar!!” Hinata says is that so, and that’s amazing. Anna continues to tell him that so, it appears that Ayane-chan has no plans of telling Nanoka about Sou. And she would even say, ‘Even if I tell Nanoka, she also won’t understand. And I don’t want to be bothered[/hindered] by her’ Isn’t that.. *remembers Ayane’s expression when she said that and how she looked at her* That.. Ah, but!? Before, Nanoka told me, ‘Aya-chan might already have a boyfriend- (sob)’ So, it is also very hard to pretend that I don’t know.. But, I also can’t tell her. What is the best thing that I should do.” Hinata tells her that before wondering whether to tell her [Nanoka] or not, he thinks that basically she [Ayane] doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. “Did Aso-chan say when she started going steady with Sou?” Anna says, ah, she didn’t clearly tell her. Hinata says then that definitely means that the two has not yet gone steady. “It is purely Aso-chan likes to be clingy[/involved with] Sou. *Anna sweatdrops over Hinata’s choice of words.* Even if it is difficult that you are being sandwiched between those two, but I think that this is inevitable [/can’t do anything about it]. And this is a problem between Aso-chan and Saeki-chan.”

Anna mutters that is right. She thinkss the way Ayane said things is a bit mean but then, Nanoka said those kind of mean things, too. She remembers Nanoka shouting at Sou that he’s an idiot and Poophead Nagase shouldn’t come close to her Aya-chan. Anna wonders if this is a problem wherein she can’t be of help, no matter what she does. After they got out of the train, Anna tells Hinata that there is a photography club meeting tomorrow after school, so it is also okay if Hinata goes home first. Hinata says okay. Then, he asks if Suzui and the others are also in the photography club. Anna says that she doesn’t know when, but Hime and Rui had quit the club. Hinata laughs over this. Anna smiles and thinks that pain that has coiled around her heart is gone. “It’s really great that I’ve talked [about this] with Hinata.” The next day, while Hinata writes on the blackboard, Anna says that their class will do a stage performance on the cultural festival day. “Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of play[/show] we will do?” Someone raises his hand and says, “Yes.” Sparkling Sou says, “Action play. Let us perform a ‘13 Assassins*’ type of play. With blood coming out from the floor!!!” [*That is a samurai epic movie. Check out wiki if you want to know the story.] Anna says okay, then she’ll put it as a period play but the blood thing is impossible. The girls imagine Sou as a samurai and they really like the idea because Sou would look handsome in a kimono. To Sou’s surprise, Tokiwa says, “I suggest that we make Sou-kun act as a prince in a Snow White play-” Sou angrily shouts at Tokiwa for being a scoundrel-idiot for who would act as some kind of prince. The girls are excited over this because Princess Snow White will get a kiss from the prince and who would be Snow White. Then, someone says that if they think about it carefully, it will just be a fake kiss. Another girl says who cares, she still wants a fake kiss. Nanoka looks totally aghast over the reaction of the other girls. Hinata thinks that Sou is really popular. Sweatdrop-smiling Anna asks if there are any other proposals. Nanoka raises up her hand and says that their class don’t have any drama club members so she thinks that even if they seriously act, it won’t turn out well. Anna and the others are speechlessly over that. Hinata tells Nanoka to be a bit mindful of the situation [/read the mood] for it has already been decided that they are going to do a play. Nanoka continues to say, “Please don’t misunderstand! Nanoka really approves of acting out Snow White and having Nagase-kun who is popular among the girls to become the lead in the play!” Somewhat scowling Sou doesn’t look pleased over that. Tokiwa thinks Nanoka is interesting. Looking a bit dark, Nanoka smiles and says, “But! I think we should put in some comedy.”

At the photography club, Chiaki exclaims, “A reversed gender play?” While Anna looks at her, Nanoka happily says that the girls will dress up as guys and perform the male roles while boys will dress up as girls and perform the female roles♪ Chiaki says that is quite interesting. With a dark look, Nanoka says, “Princess Snow White will definitely be Nagase-kun. Dressed up in a disgusting female outfit, appearing in front of the whole school, it would be good if he is made into a laughingstock. Fufufufu..” Anna says no, the roles has not yet been decided. “Speaking of that- it is because you are quite hostile with Sou [/treating him like an enemy] that is why Ayane-chan..” Nanoka looks at her and asks what about Ayane-chan. Anna freaks out over her slip of the tongue. Grabbing Anna’s arms, Nanoka exclaims why she would mention Aya’s name along with Nagase’s. “Could it be that those two are indeed going steady!? Anna, did you hear that from Aya-chan!?” Looking away, Anna denies it and says that she didn’t hear it from her. Nanoka lets Anna go and says, is that so. Anna looks really uneasy and wonders if she shouldn’t have lied. Interested Chiaki asks what it is, does Aso-chan has a boyfriend. Nanoka says that it is basically just her guessing if Aya has a boyfriend or not, and she hasn’t heard of it from Aya. Chiaki asks why she doesn’t ask Aya herself. Nanoka says that she won’t go and ask for it has no meaning if she just forces Aya to say it. Chikai comments that Nanoka is really sensible[/thoughtful]. Anna looks really tense. Nanoka angrily says that even if there are times when she can’t read the mood but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to read the mood. “Even if Nanoka really likes Aya-chan, Nanoka also knows that Aya-chan doesn’t plan on letting Nanoka pry in too deeply in her business[/domain]. If [I] force her to say it, there is a possibility that she’ll sever ties with Nanoka. ..that way, I’ll be more hated. *Anna looks surprised by that* Speaking of that, Aya-chan is so slow. Even if she said that she is in cleaning duty..” Then, Aya arrives and apologizes for being late because cleaning up took quite some time. Nanoka happily calls out her name.

Chiaki says that everyone is present so they are now going to start the meeting regarding the cultural festival. Nanoka asks if the photography club is also going to do something. Aya asks if she didn’t know, but she [Aya] has a proposal. Chiaki says that is very good, so what is it. Aya says that it is a purikura [/photo sticker booth] wherein they’ll take pictures of the visitors then print them into stickers. Chiaki and Nanoka are delighted over this proposal and say that she’s really amazing. Aya says that it is fun to have a purikura in school. Nanoka tells her that they take a picture together. Anna just looks at the two and thinks that no wonder it’s Nanoka, it is pretty like what she thinks of Ayane-chan. “She also understands Ayane-chan very, very much. But of course, because ever since they were young, they’ve always been together..” Later on, after the club meeting, Nanoka laments over not being able to go home together with Aya. Aya says that it is because she is a committee member so she has to go back to class to work especially since the display[/activity] will be in their classroom. Nanoka whines that she still doesn’t have any work to do. Anna sheepishly smiles and says that it is because she forgot to hand over the topic. So, Nanoka waves goodbye and says that she’ll see them tomorrow. While walking together with Anna, Aya laughs and says that Nanoka really hasn’t change a bit since from the start and perhaps she’ll change if she has a boyfriend. Looking serious-sad, Anna stops walking and calls out to her. “About that thing with Sou.. why don’t you talk about it with Nanoka? Although you’ve said that ‘even if I tell Nanoka, she will still not understand’, of course I also know the meaning of what you’ve said. *holds head* But, I think that if you can properly talk about it with Nanoka, she’ll definitely understand you. How could you say something like giving up when you guys are childhood friends and you were always together, right? *Aya has a blank expression* It will be such a waste if you don’t properly treasure it..”

Aya breaks into a smile and says, “..Haha You’re really troublesome, Anna-chan. Just because I didn’t tell her the secret, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about Nanoka, okay? It’s only just a little bit of maintaining distance from Nanoka so that we can smoothly have a relationship[/friendship]. Even if we started to be together ever since we were young, we would still meet a lot of new people while we are growing up. Establishing relationships and there are so many things that will bring about change. In return, there will be a distance between childhood friends which I think is a very natural thing. Being bonded[/restricted] by it can actually be quite painful. Sou definitely also think that way.” Anna looks at her in surprise and asks, huh, Sou? Aya says, “..don’t you know?” Aya starts saying something which surprises Anna. Sitting on the floor by the shoe lockers, Hinata calls out to Anna and greets her ‘good job’. “I thought that you’ll be a bit late but you were unexpectedly early.” Surprised Anna exclaims, “Hinata!? Ah, could it be that you were waiting for me!?” Hinata says, “To be told, ‘you go home first’, a man’s heart would want to continue on waiting.. Then, the next question is, *sparkles* if I’m told, ‘wait for me’, what do you think I’ll do?” This made Anna tense and says that it such a sudden question. “Ah— That.. ‘I’m going home first’?” Hinata says, “Wrong-- No matter what you’ll say, I’ll wait for you *v-sign*” Anna is speechless then she says, “Thank you.” As Hinata stands up, Anna says, “Geez- what’s up with that question?” Hinata tells her, “It’s because I’m very worried. *looks at her* I’m worried of whether or not that person would tell something to you again--” Hinata looks surprised when Anna says, “ appeared again. *covers eyes* Hinata’s super power. How come you knew?” Flashback: Aya told Anna, “..Don’t you know? If you normally think about it about you and Hinata.. If the person one previously likes is going steady with one’s intimate friend, it is impossible for that person to feel happy with them, right? But, to be bonded by this frame of ‘childhood friends’ that he has to be together [with you guys], Sou ought to be quite pitiful, right?” Comforting her, Hinata hugs Anna and says, “..How come [I know]? It’s pretty much because I like you, right?” Hinata holds her face and kisses her. Looking at him, Anna somewhat smiles and says, “Thank you.”

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