May 15, 2012

Bara to Juudan [Chapter 4]

[The Chinese scans for this had stopped so this might no longer be updated =(]

Originally posted @ on May 9, 2012

Flashback: Young Ren excitedly went home because it is his birthday and his mother is going to bake a cake for him. Opening the door, Ren called out to his parents but only to find them dead on the floor. There is blood around, a ruined strawberry birthday cake and some roses. End flashback. Standing on top of the roof, Ren looks at the rose pendant necklace and remembers Mitsuki exclaiming that it is her precious thing. He holds it tightly and walks back in the building. Then, Mitsuki wakes up and finds herself in an old room. Her hand is chained to the wall. Sitting up from the sofa, she wonders where she is. She is surprised when someone calls out, “Are you awake, Queen?” Ren holds her arm from behind and says that her wound has healed overnight, no wonder she is a vampire. Mitsuki remembers that she was caught by Ren last night. Putting a plateful of rice with some sausage and veggies, Ren tells her to eat for she didn’t eat since yesterday. Puzzled for Ren was suppose to.., Mitsuki exclaims why. Pointing the gun to her, he tells her not to misunderstand for before he kills her, he wants to examine her body. “Don’t you dare try any tricks, or else, I’ll immediately kill you.” As Ren turns to go out the room, angry and crying Mitsuki wonders what’s up with that for rather than this, he should have straightforwardly kill her that time. She exclaims, “I don’t need this! I..don’t want to see you again..” Ren tells her to relax, because very soon, they’ll say goodbye [to each other]. He looks at her and tells her not to leave the potato [uneaten]. This surprises Mitsuki. She remembers the time during school lunch time, she would give her potatoes to Ren because she doesn’t like eating them. Ren would tell her not to be picky with food because there’s no way he can replace her in eating them throughout her life. End flashback. Mitsuki starts crying for that is the Ren she knew. “Why.. won’t you let me simply hate you..”

At the hallway, underlings call out to Ren and asks about the Queen’s condition. Ren says that there’s no problem and he’ll guard her tonight. One of the underlings asks why he won’t immediately kill her. “Could it be that towards the Queen, you..” Ren sternly looks at him and says that he will be the one who’ll decide when to kill her. Then, Ren starts practicing at the firing range and he hits the bulleye many times. He thinks that for things to reach up to today, what is he hesitating for? Later on, Ren is sleeping while guarding Mitsuki. Mitsuki couldn’t sleep because she is quite thirsty. “Water..? No.. it’s that kind of thirst.. just like before *closes eyes* Don’t! Don’t come out..!” Then, she is surprised to hear Ren moaning. She wonders if Ren is having a nightmare. Ren is perspiring as he dreams of his parents. Then, he wakes up when someone calls out his name. He is surprised to see that Mitsuki is sitting in front of him. She is asking if he is okay. Ren looks flustered and he quickly pushes her away. He points his gun to her and says that she’s not allowed to get close to him. Mitsuki looks at him and asks if he dreamt of his parents for she heard him calling out to them and he looked in pain. Ren lowers his gun and says that his parents were killed by a vampire. There is a scene of the police investigating the room and stunned young Ren is sitting on the sofa. He tells her that at that time, he was the only one alive and from that time, he promised himself that he will definitely avenge his parents using his own hands. “Annihilating all vampires is the meaning of my life!” There is a scene of Ren with a gun and dead vampires on the floor.

Mitsuki thinks, “Ah, so Ren.. wanted to kill me.. *cries* because I’m a vampire.. if that is how it is..” Mitsuki stands up and holds up Ren’s gun towards her. This surprises Ren. Mitsuki says, “Ren.. kill me... Kill me.. and you’ll feel better, right? *Ren is surprised and she puts her fingers around the trigger* I’m sorry.. I.. *trembling* From before until now.. I always like you, Ren.. *crying and smiles* I really celebrate this life for I was able to meet you, love you.. if there is a next life.. I hope.. that I can still be with you.. *pulls trigger* (Farewell)..” Bang! Lying on the floor, Mitsuki is surprised that Ren had stopped her by throwing away the gun and he is on top of her. Mitsuki asks him why. Ren says, “I also don’t want you, to awaken.. *flashbacks* I also.. ever since from the start! I also always really like you..!” As Ren helps her sit up, Mitsuki thinks no way. She asks if he is deceiving her again. She is surprised when Ren puts the rose pendant necklace back on her neck. He tells her that isn’t this, her most precious thing. Crying Mitsuki thinks that it is the Ren of before. She exclaims, “Idiot!” They look at each other. They hold on to each other and kisses. Narration: “I like you, Ren.. Even if I know.. that this is a forbidden love..” Scans by defer for jmydm.