May 15, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 119-120]

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A couple of reporters landed on the island. The younger man tells his senpai to forget about it but the older man says that he’s annoying when he [older man] has seen a smoke there. He thinks that it is related to that mysterious explosion this morning and this is news. The younger man says that their bureau chief told them that they cannot go into an in-depth investigation on this. The man scolds him for not having the spirit of a reporter. Then, he notices a campfire that has been put out on the ground. He exclaims for the younger man to look, in the end, there is someone there. Then, the younger man says that he hears some moaning sound there. Suddenly, they were attacked from behind by Xiang. Xiang pats off his hands and tells Mei that he had made her wait. Mei is tied up and gagged. Taking off his necktie from Mei’s mouth [and untying her], Xiang apologizes for his rudeness and the plane is now prepared. Mei exclaims what he is planning to do. Xiang carries her and says that if she won’t be a bit sincere, he’ll kill those two guys on the ground. Seeing Mei staring at him, Xiang asks what it is. Mei says that he can easily say things like killing people, and today is the second time. Xiang says that for him, it is very easy and that is how he had managed to live on. Mei looks thoughtful. After Xiang puts her in the reporters’ chopper, Mei asks him what he plans to do next. Xiang says that he is going to make her his. Mei says that it is loathsome that someone else decides on that. Xiang smiles and says that she also has no way of deciding. [<- I think Xiang is referring to Mei’s indecision regarding the Shibata brothers] Mei tries to protest about this, [is different from] that. Xiang says that if, no matter what, she cannot become his.. Mei is surprised when Xiang takes out a fan[/butterfly] knife. Mei dares him if he can do it, then there’s no harm in trying. To her surprise, Xiang points the knife to his throat. Mei shouts for him to stop. Xiang tells her that if he loses her, there is no longer any significance for him to still exist in this world. Mei tells him to stop pulling this really nasty joke. Xiang lightly moves the knife on his throat and it starts to bleed. He tells her that for him, this is very easy. Mei quickly holds down his hand with the knife and shouts for him to stop. She tells him that he is quite cunning. Thinking that she couldn’t refuse, Mei keeps telling him that he is too cunning and despicable. Xiang says that even so, if he can at least get her, he’ll willingly accept whatever filthy names she gives him. Somewhat flustered, Mei asks him why he is like that (so casual).

Then, Mei seems to have resolved on something. She says, “..but, I think that it is impossible. I think you have no way of winning against Shibata and Rihito-san.” Xiang says that they are already dead. Mei exclaims that they are still alive and right now, they probably got information about the unknown whereabouts of that plane. “With that, this island will soon be discovered and then, they will immediately come and rescue me. You can’t win if you are all alone by yourself.” Xiang says that if one doesn’t try, one won’t know the outcome. He notices that Mei is looking at him. With a serious look, Mei says, “If it is me, we can win against them. *Xiang sweatdrops and mutters, what?* Always thought..ya..I always thought that this will do. *clenches fist* Can win! I can definitely win against Rihito-san and the others! First of all, let us go first to..*whispers to Xiang*” Xiang exclaims but that place is.. Mei says that if it is that place, even if it is Rihito, he also won’t be able to think of it. Xiang admits that it is possible. All fired up, Mei exclaims, “Okay! Then, according to plan, we’ll run away for 5 days!” Looking at Mei, Xiang asks her what she is thinking. Mei says that she will assist him, so he mustn’t easily say words like die or kill, and it is also forbidden to force someone to die. After a pause, Mei says okay, they have to quickly depart and they mustn’t let Rihito and the others notice them. Xiang says okay. While the chopper flies off, Mei asks if the fuel is enough. Xiang says that it is barely enough. Mei tells him that she is going to sleep for a moment so she’ll leave the rest to him. Xiang sweatdrops and says okay. Somewhat sleepy Mei thinks that things are becoming more and more strange..but this is the only way to stop Xiang from losing control. “I think ‘Rishu’.. no matter how I think of it, she must be the one whom Xiang likes.. It’s good if they can see each other.. *remembers Shibata brothers* if can see..” Then, Mei has fallen asleep. Meanwhile, Rihito and others had ridden a fishing boat to the island. Kento says that according to the news from Nezu’s friend’s girlfriend P, there is a lost communication with a couple of reporters who went there on a chopper.

Kento comments that it turns out that there is an islet there. Rihito clarifies that it is a sea fortress, a man-made island made during the Meiji era. Rihito calls Kento useless for not even knowing about that. Kento is irritated over how Rihito is flaunting himself. Fujiko says that about this, didn’t the Hongo family suppress the news from leaking outside so could it be their work that chopper had disappeared. Kanzaki says that it is possible but then, it might not be since he can only think of.. He looks at Fei. Tami exclaims that it is to forcefully take back this guy. Fujiko asks if it is Xiang. Nezu says that the possibility is quite high. Fei mutters Xiang’s name and Kento exclaims that surely Mei is alright. At the islet, the reporter says that they were suddenly being attacked by someone but they weren’t able to see the face, so who are they. The younger reporter tells him that is why he told him that they should have stopped investigating. Someone tells the reporters that for their safety, it would be better if they forget about seeing them. Looking at the burned out bonfire, Tami says that this is something that s/he and Mei had learned from Kanzaki. Then, Fujiko asks Kanzaki and Rihito who were approaching if they found Mei. Kanzaki says no for the plane and Mei are no longer here. Kento happily says that since it is ‘no longer’, then that means Mei was there. Kanzaki says yes, and they don’t know the whereabouts but what is left here is..Mei’s uniform. Kento becomes tense and asks if that guy had.. Rihito tells Kento that the thing between them is postpone for now.. Kento continues it by saying that they must get rid of that guy. Side story: Rihito has prepared some breakfast for Mei but she is sick. After diagnosing it as a cold, he tells her to rest and he’ll always be with her. Mei tells him that he cannot for she’ll infect her. Rihito assures her that butlers don’t get sick because of their training. So, Mei sleeps while holding Rihito’s hand. That night, Mei is drenched in sweat so Rihito wants to change her clothes. In her sleep, Mei calls for him to come. Rihito says okay. After a while, he comes out and sighs that Mei is still developing. Somewhere else, Izumi got sick but no worries, Kiba has a special medicine that made her become better quickly. But for some unknown reason she had a stomachache afterwards so she still has to get well for a week. Kiba looks at a scroll and wonders what he did wrong. Elsewhere, Aoyama thinks that he is a failure since Rika got sick. Rika asks for some hot milk but he made ginger tea instead, since it is better than milk when one has a cold. He comments that it is always given by his grandma when he was sick. Rika says that it is rare for him to talk about his past. He apologizes. Rika blushes and says that in exchange for the hot milk, she wants to hear about his childhood.

Somewhere, Daimon comments that in this era of many advances in medicine, the cure for cold is still not discovered. Then, he scolds Miruku to stop playing games. Miruku says that in exchange for that, Daimon has to perform by singing to her. Daimon obliges and sings for her to sleep. He wonders if it is because the cure for cold can’t be made or is it because it isn’t necessary. In another place, Nezu reprimands Fujiko for wearing thin clothes when it is currently winter. He tells her that she isn’t young anymore. Fujiko is already 22 years old. Wearing thick clothes, Fujiko laments that he is mean when she is doing her best everyday so that he’ll tell her that she’s cute. Giving her hot lemon juice, Nezu says that a furry Fujiko is also so moe[/fascinating]. Then, Fujiko starts to shout about her love for him. At some other place, Leon says that it is rare that Claris gets a cold. Claris says that Kraus will always get a cold and if she knew earlier, she would have treated him nicely but now, it is too late. Then, she asks why Leon is smiling. Leon says that it is nothing but weak Claris is quite cute, but then, not weak Claris is also cute. Claris tensely tells him not to casually say cute. As for Tami, s/he doesn’t catch colds and even wear short sleeves in winter. Unexpectedly, Sister Rose is also sick so Sakuraba won’t give her any wine even if she wants it. Later on, Kento asks Mei what happened while he was gone. Kento went to Hongo residence for an errand. Mei says that it is very serious, the whole class has been sealed off. Mei also says that it is a good thing that butlers don’t get sick. To their surprise, Rihito suddenly faints. Wearing a nurse uniform, Mei tells Kento that she’ll take care of Rihito because Kento’s body is weak. Kento is jealous over what kind of treatment Mei is giving Rihito. The nurse uniform is borrowed from Fujiko. She checks Rihito’s forehead for fever. This wakes Rihito up and tells her not to mind him. Mei asks what he is saying when she had infected him. She says that occasionally, she also wants to do this for him. Rihito looks at her and says that she looks so moe and he’ll die [from this]. Mei says that he is sweating and that means, he is getting better. She tries to change his clothes but he protests. Since she is moping, Rihito finally to let her. Soon, Mei is having a hard time unbuttoning his pajamas. Just when Mei finally manages to do it, Rihito can’t take it anymore and faints down on her. She tries to tell him to stop or else, his cold will get worse. He has already fallen asleep. Mei decides to let him be and use her own body to warm him. While she hugs him, Kento goes in with a medicine from Kiba. He is shock to see the uncompromising position of the two that he angrily shouts Rihito’s name and tells him to quit pretending to be sick. Mei scolds him that Rihito is sick. Kento reprimands her for wearing that kind of uniform. Then, they will give Kiba’s medicine to him which is said to be very effective. End Side Story

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