May 6, 2012

The One [Chapter 89]

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Cover page: “Lele and Anji rapidly becoming closer..!” Blushing Lele backs away and thinks that isn’t this guy a narcissist. Anji tells her not to be afraid. Lele wonders afraid of what. Anji admits to her that he is always uneasy about his future since he knows that his neutral appearance is very extraordinary and a lot of people like it, but that is because he is still 17 years old. He doesn’t know until when he can maintain this features for perhaps at age 20, his body frame would become more rugged[/rough like a man] and his skin won’t be delicate like a woman’s. But, even if he becomes manly, he also knows that he will still be too feminine among men. Currently this extraordinary look is his best asset but after some years, he will lose it. And until then, no matter if it is among female or male models, his plight looks awkward and it made him extremely uneasy so he doesn’t want to work with any male or female models in a photo shoot. He fears that the camera will expose that he is neither a male or female beside those models, and at one side, he doesn’t want to stand beside them to be reminded of his imperfection. Anji tells Lele that she had saved him when she told him about working to make oneself be noticed if some other person is shining brightly. It is like what she said, it is enough that he work hard in his own thing and doing one’s best to like oneself, and he’ll have a piece of day in the future. Lele holds his arms and says that is right, for the two of them are unrivalled[/unique]. She tells him that the heavens had bestowed this kind of beauty to him and it won’t easily be taken away. She believes that he’ll forever be this special. Anji is touched by what Lele said.

The next day, Glenn went to see the photo shoot upon learning that Anji has agreed to collaborate. While the two models were posing, Lele didn’t know if Glenn is satisfied by her because he didn’t say anything and he has a smug expression. Later on, Diego shows the pictures to Glenn and says that he’ll be finished with one more working day. Lele winces in pain over the blisters on her shoulder. She plans to bear with it for one more day and hopes that Glenn won’t notice that she is injured. She is thankful that the clothes lately weren’t the ones that will expose her shoulder. While changing, Anji asks if her injury is hurting but Lele denies it. Lele thinks that her and Anji understanding of each other turns out to be quite good. She also finds him interesting and cute. Anji calls out to Lele and tells her that he has something good to show her. Anji takes off his skirt and shows his bottom front. Lele looks at it and is amazed at how flat it is and wonders if it hurts. He tells her that it is a special underwear to make his thing become relaxed. Lele exclaims if it is unhealthy and he better be careful or else, he can’t have kids later on. Anji says that it can’t be helped because it’s for work. He boasts that this year, he lived 70% of his life as a woman but it is no big deal for him. Then, Lele touches his legs and comments over how smooth it is. Anji touches her chest and says that the size is quite right and felt nice, too. This made Lele a bit uneasy as she wonders what kind of conversation is this and what is this guy’s hand doing. She knows that he is a guy but it felt like that they are sisters and she isn’t quite defensive. She thinks that this felt like how it is with Leo. She holds Anji’s hand and tells her that next time, she is going to introduce him to someone she knows and they’ll definitely get along.

At his office, Glenn looks at Lele’s data which includes the time when she is going for an androgynous look. On the last day of the photo shoot, Anji notices that Lele’s face looks reddish. He asks if she has a fever. Lele assures him that she is fine for this will soon finish. Lele is looking unwell. Soon, with a pose of Lele slightly leaning down and Anji holding her, Diego shouts that it is a wrap. Anji is surprised when Lele suddenly grabs on to him tightly. She tells him to help her. As she hugs Anji, Lele tells him to help her hide from Glenn that she is disappointing and not dedicated to her work because she is injured. This is her come back so she must pass the test. While holding on to Anji, Lele greets Glenn and says that she was successful. She asks if the pictures are okay. Glenn compliments her for being able to work with Anji for such a short period of time. Holding Lele’s previous androgynous look in a magazine, Glenn says that but, he isn’t fully satisfied and he wants her to go back to that kind of look and work with Anji again. He would prefer if she would have more masculine image than this one. He wants her and Anji to be on stage together and if she can deceive the audience there, then, he would really admit that she has truly passed the test. The models are shock and Lele is furious that Glenn isn’t keeping his word. In the car, Lele is whining to Anji over Glenn when they already had a deal. She is also furious over having to go back to the boyish look when it wasn’t easy for her to become a charming girl-type. Anji somewhat sympathizes with Lele then he lets out a laugh for he didn’t expect that she used to be androgynous, too. Lele tries to boast that she is a ‘transvestite’ when he is still drinking milk. Then, she feels dizzy that Anji says that she is quite feverish when he touched her. Lele leans on Anji’s shoulder to rest and tells him that she will be fine after going to the doctor and get some medicine.

Anji thinks that Lele is really thinking of him as some female companion. Then, Lele’s cellphone rings. She answers it and Eros scolds her for being stupid since she is unaccounted for this past two days. Lele is happy to hear Eros’s voice that she says that she’s very busy. Eros shouts that even if she is busy, she should send a message. “Do you want me to worry, okay?” Missing him, Lele apologizes to him. “I..” Then Eros is puzzled when Lele didn’t say anything more. He starts shouting hello, what happened, are you still there. Lele has already fainted in Anji’s arms. Anji takes the cellphone and apologizes to Eros. He tells her that Lele has fainted and he is going to bring her to hospital. Eros is shock that Lele fainted. Soon, Lele is resting at the hospital. The doctor tells Anji why they’ve delayed it this long in treating the injury so now, it is infected that is why Lele has developed a fever. She will be confined for 2-3 days. Looking over Lele, Anji apologizes to Lele for it is his fault that she got injured. He remembers Lele hugging him a while ago during the photo shoot. He holds Lele’s hand and thinks, “Do you know? At that moment when you hugged me, it is the first time in my whole life when I have a desire to go and protect a girl!” The next day, Lele wakes up and wonders where she is. Someone says that she is finally awake. Lele is surprised that Anji is lying beside her on the bed. Anji tells her that they are in the hospital and she slept for 24 hours. Anji yawns and says that she really slept well and he’s tired. She has been talking in her sleep and even grabbed him tightly. Since she won’t let go, he accompanied her to sleep. Surprised Lele quickly let go of his arm. Anji laments over having eyebags. With sparkles, Lele says that Anji is like an angel. “Thank you for protecting me the whole night~” Someone says that God really treats her well. Lele happily says yes. Then, she recognizes the voice and looks surprised. Eros says that anywhere she goes, there is always a helping guardian angel arranged for her. “It seems that from your side, you’re not a bit lonely~” A note writes, Silver-eyed angel. Lele freaks out to see Eros. Next chapter will be out on June 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next/upcoming chapter: “Because of what Anji told Eros, he immediately fly to Paris to visit sick Lele. Eros always felt[/intuition] that there is some indescribable hostility from Anji towards him! And, since Lele is concentrating on work, she deliberately treats Eros coldly. Their relationship has become strained..”

Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.