May 6, 2012

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 95-97]

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The next morning, Yuuga is surprised to see a happy Towako telling him that she has made breakfast. She also tells him that since she still can’t make miso soup, she just made it using an instant mix, and she also cooked some rice. Thinking that is good, Yuuga says that it is alright. Remembering Towako crying last night, Yuuga asks her if she is okay. Towako turns around and says that she is alright and sorry about yesterday but after crying it out, she felt refreshed. She tells him that she can’t always be lonely like that. Towako thinks that she had made Yuuga worried when she cried upon remembering her family. “Actually.. it isn’t only because of loneliness. I’m really so useless. I’ve obviously already decided to confront [them], but I still could only choose to go out and leave my family-- *clench her fist* I felt really frustrated-- *shakes head sideways* but, that is that! Right now is--” Towako happily carries two bowls and tells Yuuga that they should go eat now. Towako becomes gloomy when Yuuga asks her if the instant miso soup is a necessary expense. As she wonders what’s up with her, Yuuga laughs and says that he really doesn’t feel bored when he’s with her. Towako blushes over this because before, Yuuga would be very angry and he’ll reprimand her. She thinks that he really values her feelings. “It is rare for us to be all alone together, so, I’ll also exceptionally-- treasure this time right now--” While they were eating, Yuuga listens to Towako who is happily telling him something. Then, he looks somewhat worried at her. Somewhere else, melancholic Ritsuki is lying down at the porch and looks at some autumn leaves. Holding a paper, Kyousuke comes and tells him to look at this month’s budget and the expenditures for next month. Ritsuki looks at it and puts the paper aside. He tells Kyousuke that he knows already. Kyousuke asks him up to when is he going to be like that and the plan is currently discontinued. Putting his hand over his head/eyes, Ritsuki tells him that he’s annoying and he is still considering things. Kyousuke asks consider what, about Gokurakuin Towako? “Ha, what a joke! The guy who has grasp this country’s economy in his hands is feeling depressed over not being able to get a girl.” Ritsuki somewhat smiles and says that speaking of that, didn’t he tell him that he is going to snatch her away from that guy. Kyousuke says that is right, and he had actually prepared things. “You just wait and see!” Ritsuki sits up and looks at Kyousuke walking away. After remembering Towako rejecting him, Ritsuki mutters that girl won’t do[/it won’t work].

Soon, the couple had finished working at the restaurant and greets the others ‘good work’. Yuuga comments on how fast Towako was able to know everyone. Himeno arrives and greets them. He asks if the Gokurakuin is okay and they can live at his house. Towako asks how he knew. Himeno says that Yuuga told him. It seems that Yuuga is still keeping in touch with Himeno because he is concerned over what’s going on his side. Towako is a bit puzzled but Himeno tells her not to worry and it is already okay. “Right, Rina!” Himeno pulls out blushing Rina. The couple is surprised to see her. Rina becomes embarrassed and exclaims that she is going home but Himeno stops her that she can’t since she has something to tell them. This immediately put Towako on the defensive that she angrily shouts what else does Rina has to say after all the things that had happened, and that thing with Yuuga is already over. Himeno tells Towako to listen and it is true that Rina did such really cruel things but that is because she has been coerced by that glasses guy to cooperate or else, he’ll tell Rina’s friends about her original looks. Towako realizes that they are talking about Kyousuke. Yuuga is angry about this. Rina exclaims no, it is true that she has been threatened but she also have thoughts of wanting to extract revenge on Yuuga so.. Yuuga tells her that there’s no need to apologize for didn’t he tell her before, he had also done a really cruel thing so, it is alright. Towako sweatdrops for Yuuga is saying really nice things when Rina really did such cruel things. She is surprised when Rina thanks Yuuga and Yuuga just smiles. She remembers the sad expressions of Yuuga before. Later on, Himeno asks Towako if she is still angry. Towako says no, for those two were always in pain, and like this, Yuuga won’t have that kind of pained expression again, as well as Himeno. This made Himeno smile. He tells her that he still cannot forgive that glasses guy. Yuuga asks Rina if this is okay for her former self to be exposed. Rina says yes. She smiles and says that it is no longer important because Yuuga and Himeno approve of her former self. This made the three smile. Himeno sparklingly tells her to leave things to him and he’ll protect her. This made Rina blush. Rina exclaims how he could just say those things out loud and that will make it unbelievable. Himeno exclaims why, when she said that she believes in him. Blushing Rina says that they shouldn’t talk first about her, because the important thing is Yuuga and others. “Be careful of that guy called Kyousuke. That guy really.. wants to tear you guys apart! *Yuuga and Towako look surprised* Using whatever kind of method..!”

At Katagiri General Hospital, the nurses sees Kyousuke and says that it is the director’s son. [Reminder: Kyousuke’s surname is Katagiri.] Holding a cup of drink, Kyousuke is walking at the hallway. The nurses gossip that they’ve heard he is studying medicine in Teito University, and no wonder he is an elite. Kyousuke passes by a nurse then he quickly spills his drink which catches the nurse by surprise. The nurse immediately apologizes to him. Holding a flash drive, Kyousuke says that it is now all wet. He asks her what will happen to her now, since it was given to him by the director. It contains the data for the director’s speech[/lecture] and there’s no back up. “Ha! Miss Takatou.” The nurse looks tense and her name tag reads, ‘Takatou Miyuki’. [Note: The ‘mi’ of Miyuki is the same kanji as the ‘mi’ of Miju, and the ‘yu’ of Miyuki is the same kanji as ‘yuu’ of Yuuga’. ^^]. Meanwhile, the couple is walking home. They talk about the wind becoming cooler and it is already November. Yuuga asks if she is cold. Towako says that she isn’t and she doesn’t know why but today, her chest feels quite warm. This surprises Yuuga especially since her chest is moving. It turns out that Sawatari the Monkey is hiding inside. Towako tells it that it has been a long time and did it come to see them. Sawatari asks if they forgot about him. Yuuga shouts that they don’t have extra money to feed a monkey. While Sawatari kisses Towako’s cheek, Yuuga laments over not being able to do lewd stuff [with it around]. Towako asks Yuuga why he looks a bit depressed. Yuuga says that it is nothing. Then, they were surprised when a couple of girls exclaims in disbelief about the news regarding Miju, that is shown at a store’s television. In the show, it mentions about exposing 16 year old Miju’s love life. A couple of tv hosts are saying that it is quite shocking for that genius shoujo [young female] model to be with this kind of ‘uncle’ though he is quite manly. They wonder out loud if it is a crime. Towako exclaims that it is Miju and her uncle Sadao. The picture shown is just the two walking with Miju looking at Sadao. The host says that whether it is true or not, it would definitely ruin Miju’s image, and currently, all of her activities had already been limited. Towako is surprised when Yuuga starts running off. Towako shouts for him to wait because she’s coming, too. She wonders how come Miju and her uncle are [alone] together by chance.

Upon arriving at his house, Yuuga is shock to see a lot of reporters outside the door of his apartment. Towako tensely asks if Miju is a superstar. Yuuga asks how can that be, for she is only a model and the other party is only a photographer. If she used to be always on the television, that is because of a television drama but it had already ended. The couple goes to the door. Yuuga tries to tell them to leave but they started asking him if he is related to Miju. This irritates Yuuga that he uses his Super Shiny Eye and tells them to leave. Everyone immediately left. =P Yuuga grabs hold of Towako who is also charmed, and tells her not to go. Yuuga is surprised when Miju calls out to him. She happily asks if he was worried about her so he came, well, please come in. Yuuga says that of course, he is. He asks her if she really is with that uncle. Miju says that is impossible for during that time, she is with her manager. Yuuga asks her, then, what is this all about. Miju says that she also doesn’t know and she can’t imagine that everyone would pay a lot of attention to her. “Let’s not talk about me first, brother, you..” Then, someone exclaims in surprise and says, “Yuuga! Welcome home--” Yuuga exclaims, “Mother!” Charmed Towako processes this thought – ‘mother’ -> ‘mama’ -> ‘Yuuga’s mama’ -> It’s ‘mother-in-law’-sama! Just when Yuuga tries to tell Towako to go inside first, he is surprised to see Towako looking very shock. Trembling really badly, Towako greets her, “Moth—mother—in—in—la—law—sa—sama! Towakokokoko Pleeeasse to mmmeet..” Holding her steady, Yuuga exclaims that she is shaking badly. Then, he realizes that it is the first time Towako has met his mother. Miju happily assures Towako that her mother isn’t scary. Yuuga’s mother looks dark and scarily tells Towako, “Are you that unfaithful kitten?” This totally freaks out Towako. Then, Yuuga’s mother breaks into a smile and tells her that she is just kidding and Towako is so cute. The siblings sweatdrop and thinks that their mother is a super S[adist], and what’s with that unfaithful kitten stuff. Yuuga’s mother introduces herself as Miyuki and greets her yoroshiku [/nice to meet you]. Towako sighs in relief that Yuuga’s mother is quite nice though she isn’t like how she imagined her to be and she doesn’t look quite like Yuuga.

While Miyuki invites Towako in, Miju calls Yuuga and pulls him aside. In Miju’s room, she tells him that their mother has been fired from her job. Yuuga asks why. Miju says that their mother didn’t tell her the specifics of the situation and their mother even told her not to tell him. “Actually, I felt that it is quite strange! It is very sudden, and did something happen.. she would only say, don’t worry.” Yuuga says is that so. He thanks Miju for informing him and he’ll ask their mother again later on but then, since their mother said not to worry, things ought to be alright. Worried Miju says okay. Yuuga asks if she will be okay. Miju says yes, and even if she is currently frozen, but at least, it’s not totally without any leeway. She tells him that it isn’t only modeling which she can go to and speaking of that, very soon, she will have a reader[/s?] who will come looking for her. Giving him a shiny eye, she assures him that it is alright. Yuuga gloomily thinks that he felt like a fool for worrying about her and she’s really optimistic. Miju says that compared to her, Sadao would be more troubled by this. She smiles and assures her brother again that it’s not big deal. Yuuga smiles over this. Then, his cellphone rings. He looks at it and it is from an unknown number. Yuuga answers it. He is surprised when Kyousuke says that it has been a long time since Yuuga returned home so how does it feels, and the media can really flock up to there. Yuuga tensely exclaims if it is all his doing. Miju looks puzzled at her brother’s outburst. Kyousuke laughs and says that he thinks that Yuuga is also aware of it. “If you don’t want this kind of scenario to happen again, break up with Gokurakuin Towako! *Yuuga asks why, when they already..* This has nothing to do with the Gokurakuin family. This is for Ritsuki!” Miju worried calls out to her brother as he slowly holds down his cellphone. Later on, Towako happily thanks Miyuki and Miju and bids them goodbye. Yuuga just stands quietly by her side. He looks a bit flustered as he looks at his smiling family. While walking in the streets, Towako happily says that is fun and she even met her mother-in-law. She also says that it is great that Miju is quite cheerful. Towako starts to become puzzled since Yuuga isn’t reacting. She wonders if he is angry or depressed so maybe he had a shock over what happened to Miju. Yuuga remembers what Kyousuke told him. Kyousuke had threaten him that if he doesn’t break up with Towako right now, he will continue to pressure down the people around him. “Next will be the Gokurakuin family, and afterwards, I will destroy the Kanmitsuki family.”

He snaps out of it when Towako happily calls out to him and tells him to come to her. She tells him that it is red autumn leaves and it is like the place is burning. Looking at the trees, Yuuga smiles and says that it is beautiful, that he never noticed it. Towako exclaims that it is great that he smiled and is it because of that thing with Miju that he is feeling listless. Yuuga denies it. Towako tells him that it is okay for when Setsuna had a miai [marriage proposal date], her feelings were also quite complicated. Yuuga exclaims that he’s saying that isn’t it. Towako smiles and says, “But, it is alright! I will be with you forever!” Yuuga looks surprised then becomes flustered. To Towako’s surprise, Yuuga suddenly hugs her tightly. Towako is puzzled especially since Yuuga isn’t reacting when she called his name. Then, something moved between them. Sawatari jumps up from Towako’s chest and tail-whips Yuuga’s face. While furious Yuuga holds his face, Towako apologizes to Sawatari for choking it. When Towako tries to pacify Sawatari, Yuuga asks her if she wants to go out with him on Saturday. Towako happily asks if they are going out on a date. Yuuga says that it can be considered as that. Towako twirls around in delight and happily exclaims it is okay so where are they going. Yuuga somewhat smiles and says that they’ll go to whatever place Towako wants to go. Towako says okay, she’ll think about it. Yuuga picks up their bags and says okay. Towako watches Yuuga and wonders why he has that kind of expression. Back in the Takatou’s apartment, Miju watches a television show while the reporters are still standing outside the door asking for her comment on the issue. Miju closes the television and felt quite bored. She wonders what Setsuna would think about all of this. Sitting up, she sighs and says forget it for he doesn’t watch television and this program is really of poor taste. She is surprised when she hears some ruckus outside and someone shouts not to cut the line, what is he doing. Miju opens the door and is surprised to see Setsuna. Setsuna tells the reporters to please immediately get lost and stop disturbing Miju’s life. This made Miju blush and call out to Setsuna. The reporters notice that Miju has came out. They start to ask her comment on the issue. “Also, what’s your relationship with this person?”

Miju tells Setsuna that it would better for him to go or else, they’ll also recklessly write things about him. Setsuna introduces himself as Kanmitsuki Setsuna and tells them to remember the title Kanmitsuki for it is quite influential. He threatens that if they continue to force Miju like this, he won’t be lenient and he can strip them off their position in society. “Because, Takatou Miju’s lover is me.” This made Miju blush and it surprises the reporters. Holding out his hand to Miju, Setsuna says, “Come, Miju.” Miju takes his hand and they run off. The reporters quickly shout for their photographer to take a picture and the current news topic is model and the prestigious young master. Someone asks if it is really true. Somewhere else, Setsuna is catching his breath from running. Miju exclaims what nonsense was he talking about a while ago and he is just randomly saying that. Setsuna says that there is no other way because if she can’t smoothly live her life, he would be perplexed. Miju asks what. Setsuna says that it is because his sister won’t be at ease. Miju looks surprised and asks if he really was only thinking of his sister. Puzzled Setsuna says of course. He is surprised when Miju looks flustered and tells him that he doesn’t even consider her feelings a bit. This made Setsuna tense that he asks what’s up with that expression. “Could it be that you and Sadao are..” Miju angrily shouts how can that be. Setsuna asks if it is really not so. Miju shouts that he’s annoying. Setsuna smiles and says is that so, then that’s good. This made Miju blush really red and she asks him what he meant by that. Puzzled Setsuna wonders why he felt good about that when it has nothing to do with him if she and Sadao are going steady. Miju is speechless when Setsuna wonders what’s going on. Miju angrily says that he really makes her angry. Setsuna exclaims, what, for no matter what is said, he helped her a lot. Miju says ya, ya, thank you. Pulling Setsuna’s sleeve, Miju says that he cannot just go back like this, right? “Because, you are my boyfriend, right?” Setsuna looks at her in surprise. While they walk together, Setsuna asks her what kind of theory is that, but then, forget it. Miju replies that here it is again, that way of talking that angers her. Setsuna tells her that is his normal way of talking. While they talk, Utsugi happily watches the two from the corner of the building.

At Sima Zoo, Towako happily looks at the animals and exclaims that they are all cute. Yuuga is glad to see Towako looking very happy. Then, he is speechless when Towako dressed up in a horse costume. Yuuga immediately stops her from buying it. Towako says that she knows already, she can’t recklessly spend money. Yuuga sweatdrops and says that it isn’t really that. While Towako is still thinking of it, Yuuga quickly tells her that they go to some other attractions. Soon, they buy tickets to feed and pet some animals. Towako is really happy for today is their date at the zoo. While petting some rabbits, Yuuga asks why she chose to go to the zoo. Towako says that it is because she hasn’t come here before, even if there are large animals in her house. Yuuga says is that so. Towako thinks that it is great that they’ve come here because she can see this kind of beautiful scene –> Yuuga carrying a rabbit. Yuuga is puzzled when Towako is happily looking at him. Towako happily takes his picture on her cellphone and this made Yuuga smile. She thinks that Yuuga is also quite happy today. She thinks that Yuuga is so cute when he is admiring the lion. She begins to think that she is just overly sensitive over that gloomy expression on Yuuga before. Then, when they got to the place where there are a lot of monkeys, Towako tells Sawatari to look for he has a lot of friends. Then, Yuuga gets an email. He is surprised to get a message from Kyousuke that Miju and Setsuna is now the current news item. Kyousuke had attached a picture of Miju together with Setsuna. Yuuga becomes tense and worried as he remembers Kyousuke’s threat if he doesn’t break up with Towako. Towako calls out to Yuuga and tells him that Sawatari is being difficult with. Sawatari is hugging tightly on to Towako. Towako says that is right. She apologizes to it for its family isn’t there and it must be very lonely. “But, look, you still have us, so cheer up.. *smiles* Right, Yuuga.” Towako is surprised to see Yuuga’s flustered-sad expression while looking at her. Then, he turns around and says, ya. Towako thinks, “I have an ominous premonition. Yuuga, could it be that he-- I obviously don’t want to think of that.”

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