May 6, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 57]

Originally posted @ on May 2, 2012

In a storage room, Kotori tells Natsume that this kind of outfit is quite embarrassing. She is wearing a maid’s uniform. Natsume asks what she is talking about when looks cute this way, and it’s quite eye-catching. Kotori says that she doesn’t want to be too eye-catching. Natsume tells her that it is rare for her to dress up as a maid, and she’ll definitely captivate Yukito. Kotori blushes a bit and mutters, captivate.. Natsume suddenly pushes her out the door and shouts that Yukito is waiting for her. While in a maid uniform, she has a fake arrow across her head and a bleeding forehead stuck by a shuriken [ninja star]. Kotori goes out the room and is surprised to see someone standing in front of her. Kotori exclaims, “Hikaru..Hikaru! *mouth open* Wh..why!?” Hikaru leans to her and asks if she is very astonished. Whispering to her ear, he tells her not to look silly. Kotori touches her ear and blushes really red. She exclaims that it is Yukito’s voice. Blushing a bit, Yukito says yes. Kotori exclaims why, why is it Hikaru, and didn’t he really hate to cosplay Doki Memo. Yukito blushes and says, “That is, because of you.. that.. I’ve decided on this. And you even made me say it! *Kotori stares at him* It is for you that I..” Yukito freezes his smile when Kotori exclaims that it is amazing and takes his picture on her cellphone. While taking pictures of Yukito from all sides, Kotori kept on shouting that it is amazing, and he’s perfectly like Hikaru. It is somewhat irritating Yukito. Kotori happily asks if she can put make-up on him to make him look terrifying. Yukito says okay. Taking out some make-up and brushes, Kotori happily proceeds to put make-up on and there. Kotori beams that it really suits him to have some running blood. A note says that even if it is supposed to be horror, but it ended up with Yukito looking as if he was beaten up. Holding up some bandages, Kotori tells Yukito to put it around his head and then go there to make a pose. After putting on the bandages on his head, Yukito poses with his hand under his chin. He asks if it is this way. Kotori says no, that won’t do at all. Pointing to the side, she tells him to lie down there. Yukito is a bit puzzled. She tells him to lie down yet trying to get up, and then he should look in pain with his right hand reaching up to her. Yukito did as told and Kotori happily takes a picture of him. =P

Kotori is happily saying that it is quite similar to a love triangle scene in Doki Memo and Yukito really looks like Hikaru. Then, Kotori asks him if she can take another picture with her camera so that she’ll have a high definition photo and this time around, he should remove his coat then unbutton the first three buttons of his shirt. She wants to use it as her computer’s wallpaper. Gloomy Yukito takes her camera and shouts that she isn’t satisfied with small gains [/win an inch, want a foot]. Kotori gloomily mutters that is quite regretfully, when he obviously looked alike..and so handsome..and for it to be so easy for him. Blushing, Yukito turns around and says, okay, he can’t refuse her so for a little while.. Then, Yukito freaks out over seeing Kotori’s cleavage which is peeking a bit. He grabs her arm and says that how she is dressed up is quite dangerous, that chest. This made Kotori blush. She tells him that it is Natsume who lend that maid uniform to her and Natsume told her that when Yukito sees her in it, he will definitely be happy. This surprises Yukito. He thinks that Natsume is really such a good person and she is quite considerate after that thing. She didn’t turn out to be that arrogant girl with nose held up high and who looks at him with disdain. Kotori asks if this is a bit too gutsy and she also thought that dressing up this way doesn’t suit her. Yukito repeatedly tells her no, it doesn’t. Kotori says that it is because his reaction a while a go is a bit strange. Yukito explains that it is because she is so cute that he is troubled for he would feel unhappy if other guys see it. “Any..anyway, it really suits you! This kind of outfit, ..I’s really cute.” This made the two Kaji-s blush. Yukito mutters what he is saying. Kotori smiles and thanks him. She tells him that he’s also quite handsome and the uniform suits him also with all the blood stuff. Blushing Yukito says is that so but then, that match up is very queer. [He meant the fake arrow on her head with the waitress’ headdress] Pointing to her head, Kotori asks if it is strange, shouldn’t it be scary. She tells him that it would be scarier if there’s a lot. Yukito says don’t put too much for it won’t be cute and it would seem like she is particularly seducing people and will make them pay more attention to her chest. Blushing Kotori asks what he meant by seducing. Yukito says no, that isn’t what he meant..

They were interrupted when someone calls out, “Silly lovers~~..” They scream in shock to see blood shot Abe in shorts, sitting underneath a table. Crawling out, Abe says that this is a horror café and yet, their hearts and minds are into flirting. The two Kaji-s deny it. Yukito asks what Abe is doing and is this a cosplay. Abe gloomily says that he is.. Crawing back under the table and sits below it, Abe says, “Ju-on’s Toshio..”. [Ju-on is also known in the name of ‘The Grudge’, a horror movie] The two Kaji-s say ah, is that so. After Abe comes out again, Yukito says that this kind of cosplay really doesn’t cost any money but isn’t he cold. Abe shouts that it is cold and could Yukito at least look a bit frightened. Abe starts to stare at Yukito that Yukito exclaims what’s up, that he would suddenly stare at him, and it is creepy. Abe says that it’s very alike. “This cosplay looks very much like your brother. No wonder you two are brothers-” Yukito looks aghast and gloomily thinks about looking alike with his brother and he also thought that way but then, he wanted to make Kotori happy yet he has mixed feelings about it. Then, someone with vampire fangs says, “‘Similar to Hikaru’ and ‘Similar to [your] brother’ have the same meaning..” Yukito turns to look to see Natsume cosplaying a vampire. Fangirls are saying that Natsume is really amazing, and looks more handsome than guys. They ask her to call them ojousama/milady and please suck their blood. Others say that Natsume really suits becoming a vampire and please let them take a picture with her. Holding her rose, Natsume says of course, they can. She tells them to go into the cafe and drink something so that she can chat together with them. Natsume starts telling them of the cake and tea that are available and how much they costs. The fangirls are more than happy to go in the café with her. Kotori says that Natsume is really amazing for she was able to attract a lot of customers. Yukito says that isn’t she like a host[/gigolo] but if she didn’t talk, it wouldn’t be known so they should write on her back that she’s a vampire. Natsume looks at Yukito. Posing with ‘I love you’ hand signs, Natsume says, “‘Similar to Hikaru’ and ‘Similar to [your] brother’ have the same meaning. Because it’s important, it has to be mentioned twice.” Yukito angrily shouts for her to shut up and don’t pose that way. While Yukito sweatdrops over what’s up with her, the fangirls are already following Natsume as she tells them that she won’t leave them, just go with her. Yukito is surprised when Kotori says that she’ll take a picture with Natsume later on, and when she goes home, she is going to play some vampire shoujo [girl/ dating] game. Yukito grips her head and says that she’s so mean.

While the two are playing around, the guy [from last chapter’s end page] arrive in front of the café with male identical twins. The twins tell the guy, Kouda [guesswork name from 廣田] that this is Yukito’s class. Kouda says finally, he has found him and his 8 months & 15 days grudge can now finally be.. Yukito and Kotori bump into him and they quickly apologize to him. Then, the couple continues to lovey-dovey by saying that was dangerous and they shouldn’t be too noisy but rather, they should go to work. Soon, the two are tickling each other. Kouda looks at the back of those two and mutters that it is a couple of idiots. Abe arrives and tells the couple that there isn’t enough hot water so can they go and get a couple of thermos of hot water back. Yukito offers to go and get them. As Kotori tells Yukito to quickly go, the twins tell Kouda that they can’t tell who is who in this place. Kouda says that they should just go and try to get some information. He exclaims in surprise upon seeing a skeleton-Death holding a scythe. Death asks Kouda if he is looking for someone. Kouda says it is Kaji Yukito. Death snickers. While wondering what that reaction is, Kouda asks if he knows Yukito and if he does, can he help him. While trembling [in laughter], Death says that Yukito got a grave ‘hemorrhoid’ and has been brought to the hospital. Surprised Kouda asks, hemorrhoid. Death nods and says, but, Yukito will come back soon. Kouda mutters hemorrhoid again then starts laughing out loud that is good news and he has found Yukito’s weakness. Death says that is right, and speaking of weakness, Yukito also has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend should be in the class. Kouda is stunned over this. While the twins wonder about this, Kouda says that he specially came there, and that pervert has a girl. Death says that is right, he’s a pervert who would always frivolously be affectionate. Pointing in the classroom, Death says that girl is Yukito’s girlfriend, the maid wearing a black apron. Kouda looks in and is surprised to see Kotori. Then, he looks at a bit of her legs that are peeking out from her long stockings. Kouda is filled with jealousy, envy and hatred. Clenching his fist, Kouda says that Yukito is a scoundrel, and actually, this is too much that he is being affectionate with that kind of girl. Death tells Kouda to get rid of Yukito even if he [Death] doesn’t know what this is all about. The twins tell Kouda that isn’t it good that Yukito isn’t around so how about they go and straight-forwardly hit on someone for they did go to other school’s cultural festival to hit on someone. Kouda tells them that is impossible for he came here because of a grudge with Yukito. The twins ask him what Yukito did to him. After looking gloomy, Kouda says that it isn’t that big. “It started 8 months & 16 days ago.. that graduation day of junior high--”

Flashback: In their school, there are two factions in their school. One is the Kaji faction wherein he attracted the attention of the girls. And, there is Kouda who is always fighting everyday. Probably, Yukito thinks that he is dominating the school and thought that he is an eyesore so on the day of the graduation, that guy gave him a challenge letter. It is a leader vs leader so coming out to the fight is a must. The letter is put inside Kouda’s shoe locker. A note says that letter is Masaya’s mischief. =P But on the day when they are going to learn who is truly manly, that guy didn’t show up and he is probably afraid of him. And then..after waiting for two hours, he saw his beloved Miki [guesswork name from 美樹] confessing to Yukito at the courtyard. Scratching his head, Yukito said not to say that he still doesn’t know her for even if he did, he won’t go steady with her. Looking away, Yukito told her that it is useless even if she cries. And so, that is how Yukito cold-heartedly rejected his beloved Miki. Stabbing his heart right then and there, his heart broke upon seeing Miki cry. End flashback. Kouda proudly tells Death that is the story even if it isn’t really necessary to say it and it isn’t really a big deal. So, when Yukito sees him, he will definitely be shock. Death is quite speechless. The twins say that it has really nothing to do with Yukito and he is just entangling himself with him so this isn’t really a grudge for honestly speaking, he was just stood up and jilted. Embarrassed Kouda shouts for them to shut up. Kotori calls out to him and invites him in to sit. Smiling, she recommends that he go look at their menu. Kouda says no, he is waiting for someone. Holding a drink, Kotori tells him to try out their recommended drink, and if he likes it, he can come back and she’ll happily serve him. Holding the drink, Kouda blushes and says okay. Then, he notices Kotori’s cleavage. Kouda turns around and is infuriated that Yukito is affection with this kind of chest. Walking away, Kouda exclaims that they are going to a battle meeting. The twins ask if they are going to hit on someone. Kotori laments that she isn’t like Natsume who can easily pull in customers. Death quietly giggles. Pulling out his death mask, Ryosuke says that things are becoming more interesting. At the courtyard, Natsume takes off her cape. After massaging a bit her stiff shoulders, she sits down to drink. Then, she overhears a girl saying that Luka is there. Another girl asks which class. Someone says that she knows Luka for she is her classmate during junior high. Natsume turns around and sees that no one is there. Natsume laughs by herself and says that it is impossible for those girls to be there. Then, she felt a shadowed figure looking at her from behind. She quickly turns to look when someone taps her shoulder. Startled Natsume turns around again to see Masaya. Back in class, Kotori complains that Yukito is too slow and what is he doing since they don’t have hot water anymore. Kotori tells another girl that until now, Yukito hasn’t come back so she’ll go and check on him. Cat girl says okay for it isn’t busy now. Kotori apologizes and says that she’ll come back quickly. Walking at the hallway, Kotori wonders what’s up with Yukito when it will be noon soon. Suddenly a hand reaches out to her and covers her mouth. The person tells her not to scream.

 Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.