May 24, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 65]

Originally posted @ on May 23, 2012

Cover page: “Always and forever, I want to be at your side. Densely, deeply, I want to feel your existence.” Teary-eyed and blushing really red, Misao exclaims that she wants to return to her mother’s house. Chasing after her, Kyo exclaims ah, what is it? “Hey, Misao!” Sagami stares at Kyo. Kyo turns to look at him and Sagami quickly looks away. Kyo tells Sagami to ask him a couple of lines like what happened-type of stuff. Sagami says that Misao is like this everyday, going back and forth to her mother’s house. Kyo says that with just one look, it isn’t like, because they are quarrelling that is why she went home. “Ask me.” Sagami sighs and seriously asks with stress, “So, WHAT had happened?” Kyo says that it is fart. Unflinching, Sagami asks, “..fart?” Kyo explains that Misao unintentionally farted. There is a scene of really embarrassed Misao looking at Kyo who is looking at her. “Of course, I’m not that kind of guy who minds that kind of thing. Hence, I inhale it a bit. Afterwards, the girl suddenly falls apart.” Misao freaking out and shouting that she’s going back to her mother’s house. End flashback. Holding up his hand, Kyo asks if it is his fault when he is fully expressing love. Aghast Sagami looks away and mutters that it is only [because] his way of teaching to Kyo is wrong hahahaha. Kyo is a bit flustered by that. Scratching his head, Kyo says that she’ll quickly feel lonely and come back. Sagami tells him that the Kuzunoha Immortal Fruit also felt lonely at that time that she can’t move away an inch from her husband. “Even if we don’t know if it is to prolong her lifespan but in the end, she passed away like that.” Kyo curses and says that there isn’t enough time and fundamentally, they don’t have time to quarrel. In her house, Misao bangs her hands on the table over her disbelief that Kyo unexpectedly sniff it. It would have been better if he pretend that he didn’t hear it or perhaps, just bluntly laugh at her. She complains that Kyo is always like this, being inconsiderate. Yoko, her mother, sighs that they are quarreling over some nonsense thing and maybe that is Kyo’s way of expressing love. Misao shouts for her mother not to have that kind of expression. She angrily pouts over feeling as if she’s not being treated like a girl. “It is simply like..” Then, Misao is surprised. Yoko asks what it is but Misao says that it is nothing.

Misao thinks that it felt like a living thing that is being observed and experimented on. After her birthday, that day, Kyo is with her but.. Flashback: There is a scene of Kyo holding out his hand to her to help her walk down the bridge. He kissed her then he took out a small notebook and started to write something. While thinking that Kyo is writing an observation diary, Misao thinks that it is like Kyo is comparing her with the Kuzunoha Immortal Fruit in the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’. Misao asked him if he knew something. Kyo told her that there are some similarities. “The scent and maintaining a very good relationship with one’s husband but the fond of food physique is a bit different and there are a lot of things that are different. Fundamentally, there are each own nature. Is it an individual difference for there is nothing much that can be compared with, and perhaps, there is no answer in the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’.” End flashback. Misao thinks that not knowing anything, just following the change of seasons, Kyo is starting to become anxious again. It felt like it has been a long time since they’ve quarreled. Before, she was obviously quite afraid of making Kyo angry. This time, what can she accomplish[/do]. “Is it because Kyo isn’t really angry? Lately, we are always together. It is like we are comfortable and feeling really at ease. *blank eyes*..could it be that the scent became strong for this? It is to stabilize one’s heart and body in order to continuously enticing the monster that has become one’s husband. If the Kuzunoha Immortal Fruit is also like this, then there should be a crucial point here somewhere..” Putting a cup of tea on the table, Yoko tells her not to keep on worrying or else, the baby’s face will be quite scary. Touching Misao’s belly, Yoko says that there is already a bump. She asks Misao about her appetite. Misao says that it is the same as usual. With a loving look, Yoko mutters that it is Misao’s child. Misao smiles over this.
Yoko says that it is unknown whether it is a girl or a boy so which one does Misao wants. Misao says that she likes both but to have a heir, it would be better if it is a boy. Yoko says is that so, and if it is a girl, it will be quite troublesome. Misao is puzzled. Yoko tells her that Kyo ought to be the type who’ll really dote on one’s daughter and it will be quite tiring for Misao who’ll definitely be jealous but no matter what, Kyo ought to properly take care [of them] so Misao can live quite relaxed. Misao looks surprised and just mutters, “..ya.” She thinks, “I couldn’t say it. After giving birth to this child, perhaps, I will be dead. I couldn’t say it.” Tense and trembling, Misao says, “Mama, I’m sorry..” Yoko says that it is alright, fundamentally, it is a gratifying thing. Misao tries to say that it isn’t that but her mother continues to say that thankfully, the other party is Kyo who seems to be responsible and not some brat. “Also, he is living just beside us.” Misao thinks that she can’t make her mother aware of Kyo’s true identity and about the possibility of her dying. Yoko is surprised when Misao thanks her for everything up to now. Yoko laughs it off and tells Misao not to say such things as if she won’t be around anymore, but rather, she should be say ‘I’ll be in your care’/[yoroshiku]. The doorbell rings so Yoko stands up and wonders out loud if it is Kyo. After she left, Misao starts to sob, “ Papa, I’m sorry.. (I want to give birth to this child)” Then, someone calls out her name. She turns around to see YOU [Kyo’s father and I’ll caps his name to differentiate from ‘you’]. YOU says that he wanted to quickly pay them a visit but because of the situation.. He gestures to his missing right arm. Yoko asks if he got a grave injury. YOU says that he brought a small tribute. Yoko says that it is a good wine and how about she goes to prepare for them to drink it. Misao laments that papa is going to cry again.
After Yoko left, YOU sits down and asks how Misao is and is his grandchild healthy. Misao smiles and says yes, very healthy. After a pause, YOU asks if Kyo had visited. Seeing her pout, YOU asks what it is. Misao tells him that they had a quarrel. YOU laughs and says is that so, and they must have quarreled over some nonsense thing but if it was him, he would say, ‘Darling, you are beautiful like a flower’-type of stuff. Misao sweatdrops and thinks that no wonder he is Kyo’s father. YOU continues to say that actually, he told his wife, ‘You are the green leaf’. Misao tearfully tells him not to say anymore. YOU says that he’s quite envious for it is already impossible for him and Yuri to have quarrels over meaningless things. This made Misao tense that she says is that so, then she shouldn’t be like this. YOU laughs and says no, it is alright for didn’t he say that he’s envious of them so they can just go ahead and quarrel. Misao tries to protest but YOU tells her that anyway, for them to quarrel like this, it isn’t frequent because they are conscious that it is possible that there won’t be much time left and there is a mutual misgiving. “If the expression isn’t the same as one’s normal self, then it will be dull. Please live out your [true] self and that way, no matter what happens, you definitely won’t regret it. ..that’s how it is, Misao. And, possibly, no one has said this to you. Thank you for deciding to give birth to this child.” Misao is teary-eyed over this. She wipes her tear and felt a dark aura behind her. She turns around to see a black figure on the window-door fuming. [Lol, it is Kyo] Entering the house, Kyo shouts why YOU is there and tells him to get away from Misao. Holding a tray of glasses, Yoko asks if Kyo also wants to drink, too. Grabbing YOU’s scarf, Kyo shouts why he came here first, before going to his house. While Misao tries to calm Kyo down, YOU tells him that it is because he will be like angry like this. Kyo shouts that he is provoking him to anger. Kyo grabs Misao’s wrist and exclaims that they are going home. Misao exclaims that it hurts. Kyo apologizes to Yoko for the intrusion. Misao angrily tells Kyo if he isn’t going to say something. Flustered Kyo looks away and says that he didn’t do anything wrong so he won’t apologize. Misao asks, oh really. After a long pause/stand-off, Kyo timidly says that he won’t do it again. Misao says that’s good. Yoko laughs out loud and exclaims that until death, they’ll quarrel like that. This surprises Kyo especially when Misao smiles and says yes, it is really like what they’ll do.
Later on, while walking back to his house, Misao follows Kyo and calls out to him. She tells him that it is because her mother didn’t know and it isn’t what her mother meant. Looking at the autumn leaves, Kyo says that he knows. “Saying about not wanting to create memories, it is not wanting to make some unusual memories and isn’t human life specially made of daily meaningless living. Accumulating one day after another, and inadvertently, it is called human life. Obviously, things are spilled[/spread] fairly on each person. I’m like a fool, thinking of childish things.. Thinking that it would be good if time can just stop--..” Sad Misao leans on his arm. He touches her face and hugs her. Looking at him, she touches his hand that is touching her face. They hold hands as they go back to his house. At the gate, they hug each other again. Narration: “Using all one’s strength to live on. Scarlet maple leaves, gradually falling down.” That night, YOU calls out to Kyo. With a scowl, Kyo asks him what it is. YOU smiles and tells him not to be so cold. He has heard about the note that Shou had left - ‘Is it possible to preserve both the Immortal Fruit and Misao?’ YOU asks if he got any clue based on that. Kyo tells him that he has been comparing Misao with the Kuzunoha Immortal Fruit. YOU says no, it is the word ‘preserve’. Kyo says that he didn’t think anything about it. YOU says is that so, it seems that Shou is considerably proficient with forbidden, fundamentally, it is because he is the heir so possibly, someone taught him. Kyo looks at his father in surprise and asks if there is a clue. YOU says that it is the forbidden technique of ‘Preserve’. “The physical body will be in a state of fake death and time will stop. A technique to prolong one’s life. I’m thinking that if you want to learn it, I can teach it to you so I specially came here. How about it..?” Kyo looks surprised and tense about this. [Sorry, the blurb is too blurry to read but it is something about this option of ‘preserve’ technique and forced choice Kyo will..!?”
Scans by 水银工作室.