May 2, 2012

Kurobara Alice [Chapter 27]

Originally posted @ on April 27, 2012

In her room, Alice thinks that it is that again. When she apologized and asked him to stay, he said, “I like you, goodbye.” She nicely stayed and waited for him to return, he would say, “Why are you still here.” And, when she said, “I choose you”, he would say that she fundamentally doesn’t know his feelings. It is like using a twisted logic as an alibi to escape. It really puts her in a dead end. She jumps into bed and thinks that this is too tiring that she should have chosen Leo. After a long pause, she mutters that if Leo heard her saying that, he would have laughed. Later on, while Alice is sleeping, a firefly comes in from the window and into Alice’s mouth. In dreamland, long haired Azusa-Alice is sitting on a throne at the top of the stairs. There are thorny vines around. Alice asks who is there. From the stairs, Dimitri walks up to her and says so that’s how it is, that is the current stance of her soul. Alice asks why he is there. Dimitri says that them vampire-trees are fundamentally omnipotent, and like this, they can go to the throne of where a soul sits. Almost reaching out to her face, Dimitri says that he wants proof, and so does she. Like her, he wants to believe from one’s heart. He tells her that in talking, it would at times causes estrangements and gaps but the soul is one’s original stance. The soul can’t tell a lie, whether it is him or her, in this place, they can only do what they truly want to do. Things that they don’t want would be driven away and things they want can’t be stopped. Right now, they can face each other here and this is all true. He touches her face and asks if compared to Kouya, she likes this more. She asks him if he said that, because he can no longer hide his true feelings. Dimitri tells her that things are apparently that way. Alice says that is a laugh and is he sympathizing him [Kouya], or should she say, it felt like he is basking in his self-superiority. Dimitri comments that for her to still be shrewish at a time like this, a woman’s soul is quite terrifying. Dimitri leans close to her to kiss her but Alice asks him if he always does this kind of thing before. Dimitri stops to look at her. He says no, this is the first time, and that is why he is trembling like this. His hand that touches her is shaking. Then, he kisses her twice before pulling her down from the throne to gently make her lie down on the floor.

Dimitri says violating a soul like this is like what a sex fiend will do, a taboo, but one can’t stop what one wants, as long as she doesn’t refuse. He kisses her again. She hugs him. Soon, he pulls her dress and they made love. Soon, it is the next day. Alice wakes up and she becomes surprised. She quickly rushes to Dimitri’s room and calls out to him. While in his bed, covered by the blanket, Dimitri wakes up and says that it is so early in the morning and can’t he sleep peacefully. He complains that he hopes that she would make him sleep comfortably, so what is it. Alice says that she thought that his head had fallen off. Dimitri asks why, did something happen like she had an intensely sensual beautiful dream. This made Alice blush really red. She turns around and says that it is nothing, and it seems she is mistaken so sorry for the interruption. Dimitri calls out to her and apologizes because both of them are dishonest and apparently, they seem to always create meaningless walls and gaps [between them]. This made Alice blush. Dimitri says that he still feels that pleasurable feeling as if he really had sex with that body and it exceeded one’s imagination. This made Alice blush even more. He tells her to leave for he is going to change his clothes. Clenching her first, Alice says that she is always bothered by something because he has been deliberately hiding it. “How long is the age around your neck? ..your lifespan, how much is left?” Looking serious, Dimitri says that is right, because he doesn’t want her to know. She asks why. He smiles and says that it is because those twins’ lives are longer and if they knew, he might be at a disadvantage or perhaps, opposing Leo’s reason. Alice shouts for him not to fool her and show her his age. Dimitri tells her that if she chooses him, he’ll show it to her for a while. Alice shouts that she has chosen so, show her his age. Dimitri looks at her. Alice says, “I’ve already chosen you. Quickly let me see your age. *clenching her fist* Quickly tell me how much longer.. is your lifespan..” Dimitri looks sober and he pulls down the blanket that he is using to cover himself. Alice’s eyes widen. The thorn ring around Dimitri has almost encircled his neck. Alice starts to cry. Dimitri says that it is really good to reach this point while there is still time because if she didn’t chose him before his life ends, he would have breed with some other woman. Even if it isn’t the very first wish [/what he wanted], but he will violate a very important agreement if he waited for extinction.

Dimitri comforts her and says that there’s no need to grieve that much for he still doesn’t know how many years he still left before it reaches the end, and perhaps it will be for a 100 years, but then, 100 years maybe over the top, but at least, it won’t grow as fast as Leo’s. He is surprised when crying Alice hugs him and says, “Dimitri, I.. even if I haven’t told you, but I like you.” This made Dimitri blush. Dimitri says, “Is that so. I’ll also tell you how I like you many times. I like your seriousness. *touches face* dangerousness, kindness, shrewdness, calmness, passion, *kisses her* intelligence, silliness.” And, they hug each other on his bed. Later on, looking out the window to the courtyard where Alice and Dimitri are, Reiji says that in the end, those two are prepared to do it. Kai says that it seems that they are preparing to create a lot of memories until the last moment. Reiji says will memories stay, for after breeding, Dimitri will die and Alice will also depart this world after a month. Kai says that even if it is as he said, but they would want to be emotionally attached for a while and if there are a lot more love infused into the breeding, there will be a lot more favorable influence on the seed. Reiji says that is why he is saying that like this, they should seize the opportunity of breeding at their most passionate point. Reiji looks at the mirror and is startled to see the face of another man [Maximillian]. Kai asks Reiji what he wants to do to those two. With blank eyes, Reiji says nothing, for even if he doesn’t do anything, things will automatically change gradually. Even if right now, he is able to do something, [but] after a period of time perhaps, what he can do, will become something that can’t be done. He asks Kai what he plans to do later on. Looking serious, Kai says that it isn’t his wish to currently live for he ought to have died like that and yet, he was given a new life. It is definitely because he still has a mission to finish. Reiji repeats about Kai having a mission to finish and that is why he is reborn, but then, he [Kai] said that before. Mission, that’s right, Kai can take [/have sex with] Alice a lot of times after Dimitri dies. Reiji says that Kai would always have an ordinary expression and would modestly decline but at the last moment, he will take away the good fruit. Kai says that if he wants that duty, he can give it to him. Reiji says that he doesn’t think that he can do that for he doesn’t have the makings for that. Kai asks what about him, has he properly thought of what he should do afterwards. Reiji says that is right, what should he do..

Outside, Dimitri tells Alice that they go on a stroll. Alice tells him to wait for she’ll go change her clothes. She asks him why he is laughing. He tells her that he was thinking that finally, he got her to agree and it is the first time he had spent such a long time before succeeding in inviting a woman for a walk. Smiles back at him, Alice says so, he shouldn’t give up so early on because one wouldn’t know when the other party will change one’s mind. End of First Arc. According to the Chinese scanlator, this is the end so I don’t know if they will still scanlate this. But then, as of now, this series has been in hiatus since last August when this chapter is published. Also, aside from this series, this author has two other ongoing series in other magazines. Scans by 動漫花園S組.