May 2, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapter 8]

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Title: Indignant Lamentation over the Evils of the Times [It’s an idiom and no matter where I searched in the net, it is the same meaning in Jap-Eng dictionaries. ^^;] Hana cannot believe that this is the time when the hooded man would appear just when she is going after the culprit who threw a stone at Akesato. She hesitates a bit until she hears Natsu helping Akesato. Akesato tells Natsu that she is alright and it isn’t a grave wound. Natsu protests that there’s blood. This made Hana become resolved in chasing after the culprit for if that woman is indeed the one threw the stone, she won’t let her get away with it. While chasing after the woman, Hana thinks that even if that woman is far away and she can’t see her features clearly but that person could be.. Pushing the people aside, Hana shouts, “Move aside. Ah ah, it’s really hard to move in this. (no good, I totally couldn’t catch up with her) Who can help me catch that person!!” Suddenly a couple of men catches the culprit and shouts if she was the one who threw that stone at Akesato and what is she doing to their woman. Hana recognizes them as Akesato’s customers. Pushing them aside with her shoulder, the culprit shouts for them to quickly let her go. This made the man hit the other man’s head. ^^; Hana manages to grab the culprit just when her scarf falls down. Hana exclaims, “So, it is you!” It is Murasaki. The people around recognizes Murasaki. Murasaki angrily says that Hana is too meddlesome. The man manages to hold on to Murasaki again and says that does she think that he’ll let her run off. Murasaki starts to struggle and fight off everyone. She shouts that everyone is like that, and don’t touch her. This made Hana lose her balance but Rennosuke catches her from behind. He tells her to be careful. The men had managed to grab Murasaki tightly and say that this woman really won’t give up. They plan to bring her to Shiromatsuya for her to apologize to Akesato. Rennosuke tells Hana that upon seeing her run, he was thinking of being able to help [her] or not but it seems that it isn’t needed since the others already got Murasaki. He tells her to proper stand up and Hana thanks him.

Then, he notices that Hana is looking around so he asks her what’s up. Hana gloomily says that hooded man is no longer around when he was there a while ago. Rennosuke asks her what she is doing for didn’t he say that if she saw that man, she should quickly tell him. Hana shouts that someone treated Akesato like that and she doesn’t have time to do a lot [of things]. After calming down, Hana thinks that of course, that is a clue to helping her go back to her original world and if she can get it back, of course, she would want to go back now. Hana tells him that they should head back for she is worried about Akesato. Turning her around, Rennosuke says that if she is so worried then they should first head back. [<- not a typo; it is redundant.] She tells him to wait. Rennosuke tells them that about Akesato, leave it up to Takamichi and it is alright, but from his [Rennosuke] point of view, if during the parade, Hana is too conscious about the hooded man, then he [Rennosuke] will be troubled if she gorgeously falls down. He says that he’ll pay attention a bit at the side [to look for the hooded man] on her behalf so that she can concentrate on walking in the parade. This made Hana frustrated for he knew what she is thinking but he won’t let her know what he is thinking. Rennosuke tells her that in exchange, she must absolutely not fall down. Hana angrily shouts that she knows already, it will be fine as long as she doesn’t fall down. Back at Shiromatsuya, there is a ruckus. Hana rushes to Natsu and asks about Akesato. Natsu asks where she ran off to, and Akesato is being treated inside. Katsuki angrily shouts at Murasaki over what she planned to do. A man tries to restrain Katsuki. Murasaki shouts that she only hated [/cannot bear to see] them. Katsuki grabs her collar and angrily tells her to quit joking around for how she could do such a thing just because of that. Akesato arrives and tells her younger brother that is enough. Katsuki tries to protest but Akesato asks Murasaki why she would do such a thing for she will be punished by her store for doing this thing. Murasaki laughs and exclaims what about the punishment, she isn’t scared of that. “Anyway, starting tomorrow, I’ll be a Kashimise*’s teppou** prostitute!!” [*it is a low class brothel. According to the net, those brothels are located by the moat side of either east or west of Shin Yoshiwara. **Teppou means a Japanese matchlock rifle used during the Edo times. Teppou prostitute is a generic term used for yujo-s working in Kashimise. The women working in this area have a huge risk of acquiring syphilis. In case one has become infected with it, it means death so they are called Teppou prostitutes.]

Natsu says that means she has suffered a disastrous decline in position but for her to hate them for it, she is mistaken [over who to hate]. Murasaki shouts for Natsu to shut up for she is just an amateur shinzo who is posing as if she is amazing. “I really hate headstrong stores like the Shiromatsuya!! I also hate prostitutes like you who work here but the customers who go here, blabbering Akesato this and that, are really a bunch of fools. *men are tense and surprised* This is a rare chance so I’ll good-heartedly tell them that you are someone who’s carrying a disease!!” This surprises Akesato. While the men around are muttering if that rumor is true, Katsuki says could it be that the one spreading the rumors is.. Coming out of Shiromatsuya, Takamichi tells them that rumor is a lie. “Akesato is a famous prostitute but— her heart is naturally [/inborn] not that well. We are also running a business so if we let a prostitute who’ll endanger the customers stay here, it will be disadvantageous to us. Thus, we won’t do such a thing. And the frequent customers of Shiromatsuya would surely know of this.” A man exclaims but of course since he has been going to this place for a long time, but there’s no life threatening disease like the others say, unlike those yujo women at the sides. The people around start to talk among themselves, that it must be Murasaki who has been spreading the rumors in order to discredit Akesato. They say that this kind of woman is really quite scary, and in the end, there’s nothing amazing about a high class prostitute. “Just look at her, a finished prostitute is really tragic.” Murasaki trembles from shame and anger. Hana thinks that even if she knows that Murasaki is reaping what she sowed but it felt that this is a bit too much. Hana tries to call out their attention but someone else says, “Please.. take back what you’ve just said a while ago.” It is Akesato standing in front of Murasaki. Akesato says that for prostitutes, there is no high or low for everyone is the same. Everyone is surprised by what Akesato said. Flustered Murasaki asks, what..could it be that she is covering up for her. “What are you planning--” She didn’t finish what she is saying because Akesato has already slapped her. While stunned Murasaki holds her slapped face, Akesato says, “People are saying that you are finished. Could it be that you don’t feel frustrated at all by that? It’s okay for you to be displeased with me but if you throw away your prostitute’s spirit[/drive] and attitude, what else are you going to do? I cannot stand people who would say that to a Yoshiwara prostitute.” Murasaki looks flustered and Hana looks surprised. Narration: “More and more, I feel that this place is incredible.”

A man claps his hyoshiki [/Japansese clapper] and shouts, “Shiro-Matsu-ya” Another man shouts that it is the Shiromatsuya’s parade. Akesato walks in front with the two kids, Toraji and Yukiji, while Natsu and Hana walk behind Akesato. People are muttering that it is Shiromatsuya and don’t push. Someone said that he felt numb all over about what Akesato said a while ago. Narration: “On stage, it is obviously quite bright and beautiful but inside, it is actually quite dark. *Hana notices some jealous prostitutes whispering to each other* But, perhaps it is because of this.. moving straightforward Miss Akesato looks dazzling inside this place.” The people are saying that the Shiromatsuya parade is quite shocking for the shinzo are also quite beautiful. They wonder who that girl beside Natsu is because she is such a beauty that it made them remember Takitsuki-tayuu of before. At a teahouse, an old lady greets Akesato and tells her to sit. Hana narrates that the parade ends at a tea house in Nakanomachi. The prostitutes would show off while wait for customers. Akesato is the only one sitting while Hana and the others are standing behind her. Hana says that it is really amazing for the other side is quite full of people. Natsu tells her that it is okay for her to be shock but she can’t talk, so just look. Hana apologizes and says that she wasn’t careful. Hana wonders how things are going on Rennosuke’s side. Soon, everyone gets excited for she’s here, amazing, it is the person herself, Mitsubaya’s Takitsuki-tayuu. Hana exclaims how luxurious Takitsuki looks. Natsu says that no wonder a tayuu parade isn’t the same even if it is simpler compared to before. Hana exclaims in surprise if that is called, simpler than before. Natsu explains to her that the people on top had ordered the prohibition of daimyou-s [retainer of the shogun, feudal lords] and hatamoto-s [samurai in the direct service of the shogun] to go and have fun there in Yoshiwara, and because there are no big-moneyed clients, tayuu are also not that well-off. [Note: I’ve read in the internet that it is usually the prostitutes who have to pay their clothes, furniture, etc. High ranking ones also have to support their attendants like the shinzo. Thus, they will always be in debt and it is harder to get out of Yoshiwara. Also, sorry, I made a slight mistake before in chapter 5 because I didn’t know that daimyou and hatamoto are terms and not to be translated literally. I thought they meant famous people but at least, I was right about them being retainers of the shogun. ^^; ]

They were surprised when Takitsuki approaches them and asks if it is Hana. She asks Hana what she is doing, and is she alright. Remembering that she fainted before, Hana apologizes to Takitsuki for making her worry but she is already alright. She tells her that right now, she is a substitute shinzo. Takitsuki says is that so, but speaking of that, it is surprising to see how Hana looks after being made up. “After you put on make-up.. you looked very much like the me of before.” Blushing a bit, Hana asks if that is so. Takitsuki exclaims it is. “I’m so happy for it feels like I have a younger sister.” While Akesato and Takitsuki exchange greetings, Hana blushes for perhaps, she is Takitsuki’s descendant. Natsu whispers up to when, does she plan to keep on smiling like that, it’s disgusting. Hana apologizes and says that her mood had gone up just now. She thinks that after talking with Takitsuki, her heart feels warm and fuzzy. Then, someone shouts, “Utae!!” Hana thinks that it seems that Utae is Takitsuki’s name. Hana and Takitsuki turn to look. The hooded man slightly pulls down his hood [by the mouth] and calls out again, “Utae!!” Pointing to the man, shocked Hana screams, “Ah-!!” She thinks that it is the hooded man and why is he here. The hooded man says that he said to wait a minute. “Let go of me, Rennosuke!!” Grabbing on to him, Rennosuke shouts for him to stop while he’s ahead. Hana is confused over what’s going on. Flustered Takitsuki rushes forward and shouts, “Rennosuke!! Quickly make that man shut up!!” Rennosuke quickly punches the hooded man on the stomach and made him fall unconscious. While the people around are talking, Rennosuke carries the unconscious hooded man on his shoulder. He smiles and apologizes to the people for the ruckus for this man is quite drunk. “Everyone, please don’t mind him and continue to enjoy the tayuu-s’ parade.” While surprised Hana is watching them, Takitsuki calls out to Rennosuke. He tells her not to worry and he’ll bring this man to Shiromatsuya first. Hana wonders if that hooded man is a friend of those two and what kind of relationship do they have. Soon, it is night. Hana goes in the room and calls out to Rennosuke who is smoking. The un-hooded man is sleeping beside him. Rennosuke tells her to be quiet, and it seems that the hooded man she is talking about is this person. “But, actually, if it is this person.. it is also not strange for him to have your item..” Hana is a bit puzzled for it seems that Rennosuke is in a bad mood. Hana asks him what’s going on. “Do you know each other? Takitsuki-san apparently also knows him..” Rennosuke says ya. “That hairpin which is very much similar to your mother’s memento... It is this man who gave it to Takitsuki.” This surprises Hana and wonders if it is because of this, that Takitsuki treasures that hairpin so much. “Is it because this man.. is the one who gave it to her..?”

The man wakes up and is surprised to see Hana. After sitting up, he quickly grabs her arm and calls her, Utae. After a second glance, the man says that she isn’t Utae. Rennosuke holds the man’s hand off Hana and says, “Kiyomasa, let go.” [That is a guesswork name from 清雅] Kiyomasa winces in pain. Rennosuke tells him that shouldn’t he be in the daimyou’s residence[/estate] at the capital. “Why are you here?” Rennosuke holds his hand tighter that Kiyomasa exclaims that it hurts. Rennosuke tells him to answer him. Taking out the flower pendant, Kiyomasa says that it is because he has seen this and bought it from a traveling merchant. Hana exclaims that it is her pendant. This surprises Kiyomasa. Rennosuke tells him that what he is holding isn’t Utae’s item so quickly give it back to her. Looking at the pendant, Kiyomasa says to wait for no matter how he looked at it, this is.. Holding the hair pin, Takitsuki enters the room and says that the hair pin he gave her is here. She tosses the hair pin on to Kiyomasa and angrily shouts what he is doing here for given his status, he isn’t allowed in Yoshiwara. “I.. fundamentally don’t want to see your face again. *Hana looks surprised and Rennosuke just looks on* Take that back and quickly leave Yoshiwara. I’ve come here just to say that. Goodbye.” Takitsuki leaves and Kiyomasa tries to run after her. Hana is wondering why Takitsuki would say that when she obviously.. Hana remembers the time when she tried to get the hairpin back from Hana at all cost when it was being sold at the store. Rennosuke blocks the door and tells Kiyomasa that is enough. “You should also think of things on her behalf.” Kiyomasa looks a bit tense and says that he did think through a lot of things. “..So, I also clearly think of whether it would be better to see each other or not. But-- in the end, I couldn’t forget about her. *holding the pendant* Even if I know but I couldn’t give up on this feeling.” Kiyomasu returns the pendant to Hana and apologizes for it is hers so he’ll give it back. Hana thanks him. Hana thinks that even if she isn’t quite sure what’s going on but she felt quite sad just by looking at them. Kiyomasu says, “But, I didn’t expect that there is a similar thing to it. I really ought to thank fate. *Hana is puzzled* If it weren’t for it, perhaps, I wouldn’t have come back to Yoshiwara. *Hana is surprised* No matter what kind of circumstance, it’s really great that I was able to see Takitsuki.. I’m going to take my leave for today..” As he goes out of the room, Hana thinks, “Wait.. what you’ve just said, Could it be that.. This person came to see Takitsuki-san here is because I.. is the reason for coming to this era..?”

Soon, the full moon is shining up in the night sky. Rennosuke has been drinking by the balcony. From the door, Hana peeks in and thinks that if it really so, then the reason why Rennosuke is always been in a bad mood since that time, is generally because those two were able to see each other again. “One could say that it is my fault.” She is surprised when Rennosuke says that it’s great that she found her memento. Thinking that she has been found out and he’s sharp as ever, Hana timidly says yes. She goes to him and apologizes. He asks why she is apologizing. She tells him that Kiyomasa guy and Takitsuki-san, if it weren’t for the pendant, perhaps today, those two wouldn’t have met each other so.. Rennosuke says what that is about. Just when Hana is saying that is about.., Rennosuke tells her that she’s so noisy, don’t talk [about that] again. He suddenly pulls her to him and kisses her. This surprises her. Then, he made her lay down and partly pulls up her blouse. Hana thinks, “..what!? What’s going on, I don’t understand. But..there is only one important thing that I do know.. Rennosuke isn’t looking at me.” While touching her bare waist, Rennosuke asks her what it is, she’s still so naïve, and won’t she resist. He is startled to see surprised Hana teary-eyed. Hana thinks that it isn’t because she’s frightened or perhaps terrified but only, she’s very sad. Blurb: “Upon seeing Hana’s tears, Rennosuke will..!?” Scans by 不良汉化组.