May 15, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 22 - White Palace – This Beautiful Person Belongs to Me: Part 1 of 3]

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Cover page: "I’ve also gone through high school, and if I can go back to that time, I’ll--..” As Arthur holds Momoe’s hand, Momoe remembers the time when she is buying gloves. Flashback: She asked the saleslady if there is a bigger size for these gloves. The saleslady apologized to her for it is already size L and that is already the biggest.

She offered some other same style gloves but those are for men. Momoe declined and said that it is alright, this always happens. Momoe thought that as a woman who has quite big hands, she is always told that by people. During elementary, she measured her hands with her classmates and got told that Momoe’s hands are indeed quite bigger than everyone else there. End flashback.

“But, this man was able to totally grasp my hand. *blush* This is bad. It’s so moe. No wonder he’s a popular guy. He unexpectedly can still calmly hold hands with a girl whom he is only having a FAKE relationship with. For him, holding hands is just a piece of cake. For me, this is a first elementary sports’ meetingt. Darn it. This would a memory throughout my life.”

At the school, Momoe glances at Arthur who is surrounded by girls. Momoe thinks, “But, he fundamentally is an angel-faced devil-natured, love to tease girls, playboy. I never thought that he would help me in lying by acting as my boyfriend in front of my mother. Maybe, he is actually a pretty good person. What shocks me the most is he unexpectedly said that it is the same whether one is a virgin or not. Those words really totally went beyond by expectation.”

Arthur notices Momoe looking at him. He smiles and greets her a good morning. To Momoe’s surprise, Arthur grabs her arm and thanks her for she really doesn’t know how he should thank her. “It’s-- really such a great help to me. I’ll leave this thing up to you. *women are angrily looking at Momoe*...

...I’m saying the truth. I didn’t think that you’ll agree in substituting this Sunday’s class for me!!! *looks at the women who are now happily smiling at him* Everyone, you can relax now that Ms. Momoe is here. I’m really sorry but it happens that I have something to do on that day.” The smiling women say, “It is really QUITE REGRETFUL- but it is inevitable that Arthur-san isn’t free. If it is Momoe-sensei, then we can only just BEAR WITH—IT”

Puzzled Momoe whispers to him as to what’s going on for she totally hasn’t heard anything about this. “Also, I have something to do this Sunday. (There will be a new book being sold this Sunday).” With innocent eyes, Arthur says, “What? You are really quite nice, Ms. Momoe! You totally don’t have to MIND THAT DEBT OF GRATITUDE THAT YOU OWE ME...

...*Momoe looks aghast-shock* You unexpectedly said that AS A RETURN FAVOR, if I’m in trouble, you’ll agree to help in substituting, right!? This is quite proper. *Momoe gloomy for she owes him a debt of gratitude* This Saturday, I and SOME female college friends will be going to stay overnight at an onsen [hot spring] in Yugawara- And this is a Japanese style of ‘intimacy’ [/nothing gets in between]. Did I use the word right?”

Stunned Momoe looks at him and thinks, “SOME!?..what’s the meaning of that!!” Waving goodbye to the smiling women, smiling Arthur says, “Then-- I still have a class so I’ll be going ahead. *turns around and walks away* (Geez *irritated* I really can’t bear it that I wanted to bully her. That day, too.)”

Flashback: Upon arriving at the station, Momoe said, “We have arrived, Arthur-sama. This is the station. *pulled hand away from Arthur’s grasp* After two stations, please remember to change trains. Then, I’ll be going ahead. Thank you for today.” Speechless Arthur looked at Momoe who quickly left. Sweatdropping, he looked at his hand. <- First time to be abandoned without a care by a woman. <- First time a woman pulled away her hand from his grasp. <- First time being alone with a woman at night and yet she didn’t invite him. End flashback.

He thinks, “I’ve obviously gave her a chance to kiss me. *gets angry upon remembering that he was patted on the head by Momoe* Am I a kid.” He suddenly turns around and bumps into someone. As he apologizes, the woman calls out his name. Arthur looks surprised then he looks down. He calls her, Nina [guesswork name from 仁奈].

Meanwhile, Momoe has been cornered by Arthur’s ‘students’ and she tries to tell them that it is time for her class soon. They tell her to please tell them the truth today. Masako just watches the scene and thinks that it is quite frighteningly scary.
The women say that they’ve heard that Momoe is going steady with Arthur, is this a rumor or is it true? “You better not say that it isn’t so. To get into his favor, you are even ready to substitute for his class.” Aghast Momoe says no, she will also be troubled in substituting for that Sunday class. They tell her to quit pretending for didn’t she drag him out to eat lunch before. 

Momoe says no, she was impulsively invited by him for lunch. They accuse her of abusing her power. Then, Momoe shudders when Arthur calls out her name. Almost crying, Momoe asks him what it is this time, please forgive her already. Arthur asks her to please entertaining this client who is interested in applying for the children experience program.

He tells her to accompany the client first, before the teacher-in-charge arrives. Momoe is surprised that Arthur is making her entertain this newly arrived client. Nina asks if Arthur won’t be the one entertaining her. Arthur says that he has a class to attend to. He kisses Nina on the forehead and apologizes to her.

As the other women are screaming in shock, Momoe just looks surprised. Soon, through a glass window, Momoe and Nina watch some children, playing with teachers and their parents[?] watching inside the room. Nina says that the mood is quite good and it seems very fun. “If she knew early on, I would have brought my child with me here...

...Fundamentally, I have been hesitating whether it would be in Platinum[/Shirakane 白金] children school or in this place, but it seems that it would be best if I chooses this place. And, I can occasionally bump into Arthur. This is definitely fate ♡ So, I’ve decided on this place.” 

Momoe just sweatdrops and thinks, “What fate are you talking about. You’re exaggerating too much. Shijou [guesswork from 四條] Nina is really such a beautiful woman and she’s a 23 year old young mother- But, from the situation earlier, is she also a member of Arthur’s supporters? Ah, but if she has a child, then she’s someone’s wife—(sweatdrop)”
Nina asks if Momoe’s child is also studying there. Shaking her head, Momoe says that she doesn’t have a child and she’s also not married. Nina says is that so, and may she asks her age. Momoe says that she’s 28 years old. Nina says that Momoe is older than her by 5 years and she must quickly find someone.

Momoe just laughs it off and tells her to fill the form up regarding her preferred date for the class. But to Momoe’s dismay, Nina didn’t listen to her and keep on talking about Arthur being a very popular teacher in this school for didn’t it cause a great uproar when he kissed her. “When I was going steady with Arthur, it is also always like this. It really puts me in a happy[/cheerful] mood.”

With raised eyebrows, Momoe thinks that she would even say happy mood but then, he also can get the ‘rich division’, geez. Later on, returning to the staff room, Momoe thinks that for the time being it is some female college friends, but one shouldn’t make a move on someone’s wife, right? “So in the end, he’s an unacceptable guy...”

In the room, she finds Arthur berating a glasses man. Arthur asks what this is about, it is the wrong teaching materials[/printed lecture] when he already told him about it so many times but he totally didn’t write the corrections. The glasses guy apologizes to him for it is because he was careless.

Arthur angrily says that is right, he should apologize for his carelessness but it shouldn’t be towards him but towards the students who will be hassled by this. “Please quickly make the corrections, ok?” A couple of female staff is whispering that Arthur suddenly got angry and this is the first time, but it can’t be helped because the manager is very careless. “But then, his angry face is really amazing ♡♡”

Momoe looks down when Arthur passes by her. She looks sideways at him and wonders if this is okay since he did that in front of everyone and Black Arthur getting angry is probably seen [by others]. She thinks that it isn’t quite the same when he is being mean [腹黒い to her]. To her surprise, Arthur suddenly grabs her arm and pulls her backwards to him, out the room.
Outside, Arthur mutters, “From Nina..” Momoe asks what. He asks if she heard anything from Nina. After realizing that he is referring to Shijou, Momoe says that she has already left. Blushing and tense, Arthur says that Nina tend to exaggerate the things she say. “So, even if she told you something about me, it’s definitely half truth and half lie so don’t believe all of it. And, I also totally don’t think about it [/bothered by it] anymore.” 

Momoe tells him that Nina didn’t say much and she only mentioned something about the two of you seems to be going steady. With crossed arms, uneasy Arthur says that he went steady with Nina when he was in high school. “I was only just a brat then, and only making a tearful scene on.. ..ah..she only said those stuff?” 

Momoe says yes, those are the only stuff she heard. Somewhat embarrassed, Arthur turns to the side and tells Momoe to act like she didn’t hear what he said just now. Turning to leave, he tells her that he is going ahead. Momoe looks a bit worried about him. Then, the timid manager comes out of the staff room and asks if Arthur has already left.

He tells Momoe that he had mistakenly exchanged hers and Arthur’s course teaching materials. Momoe exclaims in surprise. He says that it was because Arthur looked scary so he was nervous that is why.. He laments over what to do if he would once again incur Arthur’s anger and this is bad. Momoe says that the bad thing is on her side.

While walking out to find Arthur, Momoe thinks that she’s wrong, he wasn’t angry and it isn’t because he’s being mean, it felt like.. “How should I say it.. Normally, he’ll always handling the butcher’s cleaver with ease*, a calm person. Suddenly, he isn’t smiling and it seems like he is messed up[/confused]. It isn’t a bit like his style at all.” [*it is an idiom meaning do things skillfully and easily]

Downstairs, Nina calls out to Arthur. She tells him that she has been waiting for him. “It’s not easy to see you again so I want to properly chat with you. Let me say Arthur, I didn’t know that you were actually always in Japan.. After breaking up, I’ve always been worried about you.” Momoe thinks that this is bad for it seems that she came to eavesdrop on them.
Arthur smiles and says, “I don’t need you to worry [about me].” Momoe goes ‘eh’, he returned to his calm face. Arthur says that he came to Japan purely because he’s studying abroad and it is just a coincidence. He tells her that it isn’t influenced at all by what had happened when he was young. “I won’t do things that will disturb your family *smiles* Don’t look at me that way. I am someone who already has a girlfriend.”

 Momoe sweatdrops and thinks that just now, he was simply very angry and just by talking with a woman, he would change back to his normal fully smiling angel face. “No good- *turns to leave* the teaching materials will be used tomorrow I should go back.” She stops when she heard Nina saying, “Liar. Don’t show off as if you’re strong. *puts her arms around Arthur* You were obviously crying and saying that you want to go back with me to London. Actually, I.. at that time, I would also want to give up on my fiance and go back with you.”

Frowning Momoe looks tense and thinks that it ought to be good if they did that [get together] at that time (trying to be a tsukkomi). Remembering Nina saying that it puts her in a happy mood, Momoe thinks that isn’t Nina speaking her mind too much. “This person--” Momoe suddenly goes out to the two and says, “Sorry for interrupting! Arthur-sensei, the manager had [mistaken] the teaching.."

Momoe freezes when the two look at her. She thinks, “This is bad. In passing.. wahhh, I’ll provoke his anger~~” Momoe is surprised to see slightly flustered timid [kinda puppy look] expression of Arthur. Arthur says, “Is that so. I’m really sorry that you specially came [for that]. It turns out that I still have work that isn’t finished!! *Nina calls out his name*...

...It’s like that so I’m sorry. I still have work today, let’s talk next time, Nina. *grabs Momoe’s arm* Let us go now, Ms. Momoe.” Momoe says okay and glances at Nina who is looking at her. As the elevator door closes, smiling Arthur waves goodbye to Nina.
In the elevator, relieved Arthur leans on the wall and asks her what’s up. Momoe goes, ‘huh!?’, for didn’t he bring her there because he wants something. Momoe got irritated when Arthur accuses her of going there to peep on him. “You were thinking of spreading gossip everywhere about me and Nina as revenge for the bullying I usually do to you, right?”

A bit tense and looking at the side, Momoe thinks that Arthur has not gone back to his attitude of handling the butcher’s cleaver with ease. Momoe tells him that it seems that the teaching materials that he is holding are hers, and it seems that the manager was mistaken. “There’s..there is no need for you to be in jitters, uneasy and be easily angered..”

Arthur denies that he is uneasy and jittering. He claims to be in his normal self. Thinking that she can’t look straight at him or else, she can’t say it, Momoe tells him that he is only like that when he was talking with Nina. “When you were at the staff room, you were also quite ill-mannered towards everyone.”

Arthur denies it and tells her that he is already an adult. “A mature man won’t always.. because of being jilted when he is young, would brood about it until now. That would be truly ridiculous!” Momoe thinks for a while and says, “’s okay if it’s a virgin, or even if it’s not a virgin, whichever it is, one would be jealous either way. So for a person who can say that there is no distinction, I think he is definitely a deeply sentimental man...

...I think this kind of person has been hurt because of love that it is inevitable that he would always unable to move on [/forget].. *Arthur frowns and looks flustered* Based on that, it would be quite odd if he doesn’t take a bit of offense by that.” Arthur denies that he can’t move on. “You obviously don’t have any experience in love so please don’t talk much about such things as if you understand it. The BL manga you like, and reality isn’t the same.” Arthur goes out of the elevator and it closes.
Momoe is shock since the door already closed, and it is already going down. She sighs and looks up. “That’s right, just like what he said, my experience in love is zero. What he said is right-- But, what I’ve said a while ago, I’m not talking about [/basing it from] BL.” The elevator door opens and Nogami comes in. 

Nogami greets her first in Japanese, then greets her again with ‘hello’. Surprised and flustered Momoe greets him back. Nogami asks her if she is going up. Momoe says that she is, sorry, but she was careless and the elevator went down. After pressing the floor button, Nogami comments that she looks a bit down today, is it because she’s quite tired. 

Momoe says no, but rather, she thinks that she pretty much did some unnecessary things. “Getting involved.. in some other man and woman’s relationship.. it provoked the other into anger.” Nogami laughs and says that it is really such a headache. While Momoe wonders about telling this to her student, Nogami asks if her friend is the man or the woman. 

Momoe tells her that it is the man. She tries to drop the subject by apologizing to him for talking too much and they will reach the 4F soon. Nogami says, “A so-called man is a combination of ego [/self-esteem] and vanity. If he is poked at a crucial point by a woman, he would be ashamed and won’t be able to show his face. Unconsciously, he would say sarcastic words. He’s really a natural idiot.”
Meanwhile, somewhat downcast Arthur wonders if he was a bit too mean about what he said a while ago. The manager sees him. He approaches Arthur and keeps on apologizing to him. The manager says that not only does he has to make corrections, but he is really VERY SORRY about the teaching materials.

Arthur tells him that there’s no need for him to apologize like that. Then, he remembers Momoe telling him that he was quite impatient with everyone in the staff room. Arthur apologizes to him for he was quite rude to him, his boss, so please forgive him. Arthur looks away and thinks that he must apologize [to Momoe].

Arthur apologizes again and says that he’ll go ahead and give the teaching materials to Momoe. Then, the elevator opens and Arthur sees Momoe talking with Nogami. Momoe says that’s quite right. Nogami[?/Momoe] laughs and says [that a man] always keep on making the same mistake. Arthur looks stunned upon seeing Momoe laughing over what Nogami is saying. Blurb: “Seeing the two like that, stunned Arthur will..!?”

Scans by 深雪汉化组