April 6, 2012

Skip Beat! [Chapter 187]

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The chapter starts with a narration that no one can enter in the innermost, deep part of Tsuruga-senpai’s heart. It is very deep and dark. Even if people would extend their hands in, they can’t touch Tsuruga-senpai for everything would just disappear in the darkness. From the trailer, Yashiro is about to greet out to Kyouko when the trailer door opens. He is shock to see Kyouko wearing her school uniform quickly dashing out. Screaming and blushing, Kyouko apologizes to Ren that she’ll go ahead because she is already late. Jelly shouts at her that she forgot her breakfast and she should at least eat first. Yashiro is quite shock by this scene for it is the first time he saw a high school girl running out and screaming that she is late. Ren tells him that the director called and the shooting will be delayed because of the lead star’s time schedule. Yashiro realizes that this made Kyouko decide to go to school instead. He muses that it would be better if Kyouko would at least have fun during her breaks. Ren tells her that it is because Kyouko thinks that school shouldn’t be belittled and during breaks, she has to go to school. Yashiro comments that Kyouko hasn’t changed and she talks like a professional housewife. He also mentions that even if her advanced schedule has suddenly changed, she would still bring her uniform with her. Ren tells him that Kyouko told him that there is always that possibility, and she also brings along her Love Me uniform. Then, Lory comes out of the trailer and exclaims on the phone about someone escaping so it can’t be helped, so just come back. Ren asks him what happened. Lory tells him that he plans on getting his subordinate to drive Kyouko to school but scary-looking Kyouko rejects because she is a newbie and she isn’t going to work, but to school. After that, Kyouko had quickly run off to school. Lory is already thinking of whether or not he should give Kyouko a manager..a super imposing type. Yashiro says that there’s no need for it to be a super imposing type but smiling Ren agrees with this. He says that even if a Love Me member is a substitute actor/performer, but thinking of the [scary] expressions that she would suddenly show and the situation afterwards, he thinks that a manager is needed. Yashiro complains why he is like that, for he should at least say that it has to be a female manager. Ren asks him what’s wrong with an imposing manager. Lory is quietly watching them. Ren says that isn’t looking handsome/cool and capable very important, and he is very happy that Yashiro became his manager. Ren said that with a sparkling aura that Yashiro asks if Ren is seducing him. =P

He says that Ren is really a devil for not only is he doing it with women, he is also doing it with men but he won’t bite into that. Yashiro plans to call him ‘devil beast’ for not distinguishing between sexes. Ren tearfully cries that he is mean when he was just truthfully saying his thanks. While taking out a cigar and lighting, Lory is watching smiling Ren closely. Yashiro tells Ren that they should go for this isn’t the time to chit-chat. So, smiling Ren and Yashiro bid them goodbye. Before they can leave, Lory tells Ren that today or tomorrow, after work, if he is free, drop by at his house. Lory says that he got a very good mayulan[?] tea which Ren really likes so he’ll treat him. Yashiro wonders what that that tea is. Ren just smiles and thanks him that he won’t be modest. While walking with Jelly, Lory thinks that from that expression, Ren won’t come. Jelly asks him if Ren like that tea, and Lory says yes. Lory thinks that Ren has never heard or seen that tea but Ren should have noticed his signal for it meant that if Ren is troubled, he’ll [Lory] listen to what he’ll have to say so if he is free, go to his house. Jelly comments that it is great that Ren looks fine and lively but then, work is only just starting, though she is a bit worried afterwards since it is a physically and emotionally exhausting type of work. Lory thinks that is true, and looking at Ren’s face, even if he won’t agree, he felt like inviting him but then, Ren won’t make the first move. Lory wonders what’s up with Ren. Upon arriving at school, Kyouko is puzzled to see Mimori angrily looking at her. Mimori complains why Kyouko came and for someone like Kyouko, she shouldn’t come to school throughout her life. Kyouko thinks that it is a miracle that they got to see each other even if Mimori would always snub her ever since the PV ended. When the class starts, the teacher informs them of an exam before spring break so they should remember some things. Kyouko has forgotten that this class for showbiz, always has few students going to class because everyone would chooses their own free days. Always until spring break, she must take up the exam to graduate [/go to the next school level]. So, Kyouko starts to concentrate as the teacher starts to review them on past lessons. And, Kyouko’s brain just drifted to Ren. =P
Kyouko thinks that Ren seems to be feeling really good [based on that smiling expression] and it started from last night when he was talking with the director but then, there is something unnatural about it. It would be okay for people who only knows of ‘Tsuruga Ren’ on the surface but she feels something is wrong. She thinks it is a bit similar with Ren’s fake gentleman smile wherein even if he is furious, he can smile in such a sparkling way. It is like a smile wherein he doesn’t really intend to smile. She thinks that it is impossible to smile and if it is her, she fundamentally can’t smile because Tsuruga-senpai--.. Her thoughts are interrupted when the teacher says that is all for today, they should remember what was mentioned today and at least, pass the test. Kyouko is freaking out that the class ended and she totally didn’t get to hear anything that was said. She tries to call for the teacher to wait when she hears someone calling out to Mimori and tells her about buying an album that has an advertisement for Shou’s album. While Kyouko’s expression sours upon hearing about Shou, the friend asks Mimori if she wants the photo sticker. Mimori exclaims that she wants it. She squeals that even if it is black and white, Shou looks handsome. Looking at Mimori with sympathy, Kyouko thinks that she understands that, because in those times, she also –happily cut pictures of Shou and pasted them on an album. And, that is why, she also knew how it is like to feel hatred to the point of making her head dizzy. Losing herself in it and she couldn’t suppress her feelings. There are flashbacks on Shou’s PV wherein she tried to strangle Shou. And then, the feeling of hopelessness and being severely beaten [since she couldn’t restrain her feelings to act properly]. Remembering Ren looking shock that his BJ just smiled, Kyouko wonders if in Ren’s heart, there is something that is invading his consciousness, an other self that intensely breeds on negative energy. Even if it is just her hypothesis, but Lory did say that Ren fears, and fighting against himself so, Ren could be fighting with that SELF. While highlighting her notes, Kyouko thinks that even if she didn’t inquire the reason [for it], and if at that time, the reason, which Lory couldn’t explain clearly, is THAT minefield. She thinks that hidden and buried deep within Ren’s heart, no one can touch that dark deep darkness and even if someone extend their hand, one can’t touch Ren-- Then, she realizes something about how Ren looked then when he told her that he can’t love anyone, and how helpless and tense she was after he confided it to her. [Refer to chapter 67] Then, Kyouko looks as if she realized something. Blurb mentions that Kyouko remembers about what Ren said that day about ‘important things can’t be faked’, realizing this, Kyouko will.. [I actually can't quite recall Ren saying that ^^;] The next chapter will be out in Japan on May 2nd.
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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