April 7, 2012

The One [Chapter 88]

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While Lele and Anji are getting their hair done, someone hurries them up. At the set, Lele thinks that Anji ought to be unhappy with her after what she just said but she wish that there won’t be more trouble during the shoot. To their surprise, Anji suddenly faints. While a couple of staff is helping him up, Anji mutters that he has low blood pressure because lately, he is in a strict diet plan. One of the staff tells him that it is okay, he should just lie down for a while at the lounge. While Lele is looking tense over this, one of the staff asks Diego, the photographer, as to what they are going to do. Diego says that they don’t have enough time so they’ll just take solo pictures of Lele first. Lele poses for some pictures. Lele thinks that with a solo photo shoot, things are going smoothly. That is, until Diego looks at his camera and says that that in all those pictures, there’s no feeling at all. Lele and the hairdresser are shock. Soon, they had a 4-5 hour shoot and yet, Diego isn’t satisfied even with one picture. This is the first time she had encountered this kind of thing after she break out from the stage of being a newbie [model]. Soon, Lele is feeling ill from the hot lights. The hairdresser tells Diego that they should rest for a while for the lights are already roasting the model. The other staff looks aghast over how red Lele’s shoulder has become. Lele tells them that it is okay, they can continue. Diego exclaims that they can’t stop because uncooperative Anji has already wasted a lot of his time, so, today, no matter what, they have to proceed on. He asks Lele if she can bear it a bit. Lele says there is no problem. While Lele continues to pose for the shoot, the staff is already talking among themselves that Lele is obviously very good so what is Diego fussing about. Diego keeps on shouting that Lele’s expression is not quite relaxed, her limbs are too exaggerated and he doesn’t want that kind of look [/gaze]. Soon, Lele has become exhausted and her body feels like it’s burning. Holding the back of her left shoulder, Lele is in a total loss on what to do for it to be right [for Diego]. Looking from behind the photo shoot, Anji slightly smiles over this. Diego approaches Lele and tells her that she is too sensitive with the camera, knowing anytime and anywhere, what the correct[/best] pose is. But then, this isn’t what he wants because it is too precise and tasteless. Even if Anji is a newbie, but during photo shoots, he would always be intoxicated within his rhythm that he would totally ignore the camera that is pointed at him. That is why it looks natural, but then, Lele’s ‘natural’ seems more like it was meticulously arranged. He fears that Lele herself wasn’t aware of it.

Lele is shock to hear that she is like machine accurate and tasteless. Lele is surprised when Diego tells her to raise her head and look at him. She did as told. To her surprise, Diego slaps her hard. Giving her a thumbs up, Diego says that is very good, an unguarded emotional reflex, a truly expressive expression. Scowling Lele looks a bit flustered. The other staff is aghast for what Diego did is too much. While walking away, Diego points at her and tells her to remember that automatic reflexive feeling. He exclaims that they will continue shooting. And, like that, this photo shoot continued throughout the day until sunset. At the dressing room, Lele’s hair is being fixed by the hairdresser. Anji looks at her and thinks that Lele looks pale and she won’t say anything so from the looks of it, Lele is totally treated miserably by Diego. Lele winces in pain over her painful shoulder. The hairdresser notices that blisters had formed on Lele’s shoulder which she is holding. Anji is surprise to hear the hairdresser exclaiming that the model’s body is an asset, and it will be tragic if this leaves a scar on her. He urges Lele to quickly get it treated at the hospital. Lele declines and says that there is a G.P party that she has to attend tonight. She asks for an ice pack for the blisters and it ought to be fine with that. The hairdresser tells her that this is the first time he has seen such an unreasonable photo shoot. Lele quiets him, and tells him that it is an accident, so don’t mind it. While the hairdresser and the other staff looks aghast, Lele thinks that the hairdresser and the other staff had already sense that something fishy is going on but she won’t cower away from this. While holding the ice pack on her burned shoulder, Anji tells her that she is too careless and if there is going to be a scar, it will affect the photo shoot. There is a scene of Diego feeling guilty over what he has done and wondering if he has gone over the top. Anji continues to tell Lele that Glenn is very strict with a model’s body, hair and skin, and isn’t she also a Devereaux girl. Anji says that it is because of Lele’s inefficiency that she totally failed to notice that the lights are burning her. If Glenn knew this, how is he going to punish her, and she really makes people worry about her. Lele answers back that, isn’t he also making people worry with his low blood pressure. Isn’t he also wasting people’s time when he just fainted? And of course, her plight can’t be compared to his, for right now, he is the darling at the palm of the designer but he has to be careful about dieting. In case he got anorexia, it will be a huge loss to the fashion world. Anji becomes flustered over what Lele said. Standing up, Lele asks him if he also got an invitation to GP party. Lele advises him to moderate his playful temper. Anji is surprised by that.

Soon, in a party where everyone is dancing, a woman happily greets Lele and welcomes her back to Paris fashion circle. Lele greets her by kissing and says that it has been a long time, Sophia. Sophia, the magazine director of DP, tells her that more and more people are going crazy for her. Lele narrates that she isn’t a party animal but this is a part of interpersonal relationships. In all sorts of parties, there are models, society celebrities, fashion critics and those who are in the clothes industry. They would gather all together there. Sophia tells Lele that she heard that she is working together with Anji, and it really makes her anticipate the outcome. Lele just smiles and thinks that news really travels fast. Sophia says that it is hard to work with Anji but if their collaboration is a success, it will be a great help for Lele’s return. She also says that undoubtedly, when he appeared, it shook the whole fashion industry since there is no model like him, who can stretch across the male-female world. Right now, the whole [fashion] circle is in a mad rush to fight over him. Lele narrates that while they were talking, the main star has finally made his appearance. Wearing a plunging blouse and mini skirt, Anji comes in and removes his sunglasses. Everyone looks at him. Some people including Sophia quickly go to Anji to welcome him. Lele observes that upon his arrival, the media people quickly flocks around him. Unable to distinguish between male and female appearance and mannerisms, there is a kind of attraction to him, compared to a handsome man or a beautiful woman. At the height of 186cm among female models, he is like a crane among chickens. And even if he obviously has a manly contoured body, even if he wears women’s clothes, it doesn’t look odd on him at all. Lele thinks that even if he is a transgender, he doesn’t have true female qualities. [/something like not truly female-like.] After the media people left, Anji is sitting all by himself at the sofa. No one would come and greet him. Lele had noticed that earlier on, the other people had been snubbing him/treating him like an outsider. The other female models are grumbling as to why a not-male-or-female person would get a salary higher than theirs. Note: In a way, female models get twice or thrice the amount of salary a male model gets, and Anji is paid the highest rate given to female models. Some other model wonders out loud if Anji has been using estrogen for he doesn’t have any moustache stubbles. Lele tensely thinks that industry’s competition is quite intense, and a female model’s jealousy can be quite scary. Suddenly, a waitress spills a drink on Anji. The waitress just kept on apologizing as she turns to leave. Removing his fur jacket, Anji angrily complains for her to be careful. The waitress apologizes again and seems to have left him. ^^; Anji thinks that he is really out of luck for he just bought these clothes. He is surprised when a man starts to use his handkerchief to wipe the drink off Anji’s blouse. Then, there is another man at his opposite side who starts to touch him. The light haired guy says that Anji-darling is all wet. Dark haired guy with the handkerchief says that waitress is really clumsy. Anji asks what he is doing. While wiping Anji’s chest, the dark haired man says that Anji’s sparkling pinkish skin is seductively smooth. Anji tells him to get his hand off him.

The man tells him not to pretend because from how one sees it, Anji definitely likes men. While putting his hand in Anji’s blouse, the man says that even if he would usually go for the opposite sex but he had gotten crazy over Anji. It was the first time he saw Anji at the backstage of the last TGW men’s wear season. Filled with lust and licking his lips, the man tells Anji that the male models can’t take their eyes off him [Anji] and Anji is really a rare type. He also comments that Anji has a totally feminine buttocks curve. Flustered Anji is surprised when the light haired guy touches his cheek and says that they are saying that there is truly a possibility that An-chan is a hermaphrodite bisexual. Forcing Anji’s face towards him, light haired guy says, so Anji has a crazy charm to all people. The dark haired guy agrees and says that his body is feeling hot already. Starting to pull one of Anji’s legs towards him, the man says that it seems that today, he’ll properly verify Anji’s identity. Suddenly, someone exclaims if their bodies are feeling hot, then she’ll come and help them cool down. Lele starts to pour the contents of a couple of wine bottles on the heads of the two perverts. The two men curse and exclaim what’s happening. After emptying the bottles, Lele grabs Anji’s hand and shouts that they are leaving. At the park, while Anji is sitting on the bench, Lele is calling Anji stupid for he should have resisted or at least, shouted. Aghast Anji says that after a year of his debut, this is the first time he has encountered this so he’s dumbstruck. Lele angrily exclaims that he is so tall and yet, he’s so afraid, in any case, he is still a guy. Anji asks her if she has seen a thin and weak guy like him. Lele looks at him and realizes that Anji really does look thin. Anji exclaims that in order to break in the size 0 of female clothing, it is necessary for him to reduce his weight to be the same as those other female models. In order to maintain his feminine soft lines, he can’t do much exercise/sports. He asks Lele if she thinks that with this kind of body, can he resist those two guys with strong muscles. Lele didn’t reply for she knows that body and face are a model’s assets. With his head bow, Anji exclaims that it is such a joke for he thought that he was only unpopular among female models but he didn’t expect that it is more wretched among male models since he is treated like a toy. Thinking that it seems Anji doesn’t have friends, Lele asks if it is hard since he definitely paid a lot to reach what he is now and be very lonely. Flustered Anji exclaims that what it has to do with her. He says that Lele is very strange for he made her suffer to the point of being half-dead and yet, she helped him.

Lele is surprised when Anji asks if she isn’t jealous of him. He says that even without using the strength of blowing away dust, he has stolen away the halo that belongs to them [female models]. The media people are crazy over him so they [female models] fear that this will continue for a period of time. Lele sheepishly smiles and says that she never thought of that. She tells him that she only hates that difficult bad temper of his but then, she also thinks that Anji’s appearance has sex appeal [/is quite attractive]. Anji sweatdrops and wonders if Lele is overly optimistic. Isn’t she really jealous, or could it be.. Anji exclaims that he knows. Pointing at Lele, Anji exclaims if Lele thinks of him as a man and has fallen in love with him. Lele is shock by that. Anji is a super narcissist. Looking in the mirror, Anji says that he is like some evildoer committing a sin. There’s no man as handsome as he is and there is no woman as beautiful as he is so how can he love any other person. Waving to Lele, Anji tells her to quickly wake up for loving him is just doomed to become a tragedy. Blushing Lele angrily shouts that he is stupid for it is impossible for her to fall in love with him. Surprised Anji asks why it is impossible for her to love him, and she would even call him stupid. Somewhat proud, Lele exclaims, “It’s because I already have someone whom I really like! And his looks won’t lose to you, even for a little bit! I only want to become your good companion!! Okay?” Anji is totally shock that in this world, there is someone who is as beautiful as him. Lele tells him that person told her that this stage forever needs more remarkable people to support it up. Superior models have their own brilliance so he shouldn’t always think that she is like those other models, who were jealous of him. “No matter, if right now your radiance is quite dazzling, I will strive hard for other people to also look at me!” Anji is surprised by that. Soon, to Diego and the other staff’s delight, Anji cooperated with Lele to take beautiful pictures of them together. Diego happily exclaims that he is really moved. While the models are being prep up by the staff, Diego happily tells Anji to always properly take pictures so that he won’t always bear the blunt of Glenn’s flipping out [/acting violently]. Lele happily gives Anji a thumbs up and thanks him. This made Anji blush and smile back. He remembers Lele telling him that even if he is sparkling now, she will strive hard to make others to also look at her. He wonders if this girl’s smile will forever be filled with positive energy. He touches Lele’s shoulder and asks if her shoulder’s burns are well now. Lele winces in pain. Anji apologizes to her. This surprises Lele. Blushing Lele says that right now he is so manly and cool. Posing, Anji says how about it, has she fallen for him. While playfully hitting his shoulder, Lele just laughs it off and calls him stupid. Lele comments that she doesn’t easily adapt and for him to be quite cooperative, she felt really flattered. Lele thinks that since last night, it seems that the distance between her and Anji has gotten closer. Anji then asks her if she won’t ask him why he doesn’t want to work together with other models before. Lele says that is his secret, right. Anji says yes, but if she asks him, he will tell her. This surprises Lele. Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on May 5th.

Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.

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