March 31, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 9]

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Knocking on the door, Makoto and Yusa are shouting for someone to open the door. Yusa says that it seems useless for it has become too quiet outside. Makoto asks what they are going to do. Going back to sit on a table, Yusa tells her that they can only just wait for a bit. Makoto hates that idea for she has to be all alone with this detestable guy. Then, she thinks that this guy kept on hindering them and it was mentioned that Iriya doesn’t have a girlfriend before so could it be that these two guys are actually..!? Bunny says that it isn’t so. Yusa angrily shouts at her, as to what she is looking at, just go to the window and see if there are people outside. Freaking out, Makoto says okay. She wonders who’ll quickly come and help them. At home, Iriya gets a call from Rika. After thanking him for the photo shoot, Rika asks him if he knows where Makoto is because she isn’t home yet. She had already asked Uki but she also didn’t know. While their mother is furious that Makoto didn’t call them, Rika says that it seems he also doesn’t know. Soon, it is already 730pm. Yusa angrily complains over being hungry. Then, he starts to blame Makoto for it because if she had quickly given up on Iriya, this wouldn’t have happened. Standing by the window but still hasn’t seen anyone, Makoto is shock by that accusation. Yusa asks her what she likes about Iriya. Makoto says that she likes him because he is handsome and tall. Yusa says so, it is just those nonsense reason. Makoto thinks that at first, it was like that. Then, Makoto says that Iriya would attentively listen to what ‘she’ says. He is very, very kind, and helped cheer her up. Yusa angrily tells her that Iriya would do that to anyone so she isn’t special, and that shouldn’t make her expect more. Makoto thinks that she knows, even if no one told her about giving him up, she had thought of it a lot of times, but she won’t do things half-heartedly anymore. Teary-eyed Makoto tells him that if it makes him happy, she can tell him she’ll ‘give up’ multiple times but that would be a lie so, is that okay with him. Yusa grabs her collar and says that that she really thinks that she’s high and mighty, and even if such cool-sounding words came out from her lips, she is still the type who thinks of ‘Iriya will save me’. “Always thinking of that when you obviously didn’t know anything about him. Don’t just casually make him as [/encourage him to become] the prince that you’ve wished for!!” Makoto is puzzled by this.

Then, there is a knock on the door and someone is calling out to Makoto and Yusa. The door opens and it is Iriya with the security guard. Iriya says that Rika called him and said that she hasn’t come home. He asks them what they are doing and was Makoto crying. Yusa tries to tell him that it is nothing but Iriya insists that he sincerely answer him. Yusa confesses that he just wants to punish her a bit by locking her up. After looking shock, Iriya pushes Yusa on the wall and shouts for him not to joke around and locking up is.. There is a flashback of a young boy[?] trying to open the door. When Iriya thinks about that, Makoto tells him to stop since she is alright. Then, Iriya recalls someone saying, ‘..didn’t do anything wrong. I’m alright, so..’ Iriya grabs her hand and says that they are leaving. She says okay. She looks back at Yusa who looks somewhat flustered. While walking home, Makoto thinks that Iriya won’t say anything, and this is the first time she saw him like this. Iriya turns to her and apologizes for startling her, and it is because of him. Makoto says no, for he willingly went to save her. She blushes when Iriya gently pats her head. In front of her house, Iriya smiles and bid her good night and ‘see you tomorrow’. Lying in her bed, Makoto thinks that she ought to be happy for she was heroically rescued by a hero from her confinement.. but that never seen before expression and also that cruel sounding voice. Remembering what Yusa told her about not casually making Iriya into her dream prince, Makoto wonders if Yusa knows the Iriya whom she doesn’t know. This makes her a bit jealous though she doesn’t want to always have that kind of relationship with Yusa and if it continues on, it will be quite scary.
Yawning her way to school, Makoto thinks that she didn’t get to sleep properly and it will be PE in an hour. She freezes upon seeing Yusa greeting her. He was waiting for her at the gate. Makoto tries to run away but Yusa quickly grabs her and tells her to wait. Makoto freaks out upon seeing a tear falling from his eye. She becomes nervous because he is crying. Sitting on the ground, Yusa tells her that Iriya won’t answer his calls. He had asked Iriya that he must have been angry yesterday, so what should he do for him to forgive him. Iriya angrily shouted at him that if he wants to apologize, go apologize to Makoto and not him. Then, Iriya hanged up on him. Afterwards, Iriya won’t answer any calls or emails from him. Makoto is aghast when pouting Yusa mutters that he absolutely do not want to apologize to her. After wiping his tears, Yusa says that he finally thought of it. “We are friends, right?” Makoto sweatdrops over what he is saying. Yusa says that with this, Iriya would be more at ease. Makoto thinks that obviously yesterday, he was filled with malice as if she killed his father. And now, only to get Iriya’s forgiveness, he wants to make up with her. And from how he looks, it seems that he is doing this grudgingly. She is amazed over this because it is different from what she’ll do. And for him to do this as if his life depended on it, this person must also like Iriya very much. To Yusa’s embarrassment, Makoto starts laughing. Then, she says that they can be friends and she’ll do it as he says because there are a lot of things that she doesn’t know so she wants to know about stuff regarding him [Yusa], Iriya’s friend. Makoto holds out her hand to him but she is standing away from him and her waist is trembling. Yusa smiles and holds her middle finger. Yusa says that contrary to her looks, she has willpower. “I’ll tell you something good. If you really want to get that guy, not becoming a princess is no good.” Yusa says that Iriya is coming. To Iriya’s surprise, Yusa shouts to him that they have become friends. Makoto thinks that because there are still a lot of things that she doesn’t know, even if she has some fear, but she wants to know a lot more of that world where Iriya belongs, and only he sees.
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