April 11, 2012

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 56]

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So, Aiko, Nozomu’s missing beloved sister for many years, turns out to be Sumi. Nozomu and Sumi are shock. Nozomu’s father asks Nozomu if he remembers that Aiko was kidnapped when she was barely a year old. At that time, even if they got the kidnapper’s ransom note demanding for money, but no one appeared at the place where the exchange will take place. Thus, Aiko was gone from them forever. There is a scene of Nozomu’s father comforting his wife while teary-eyed young Nozomu looked at them from the door. End flashback. Nozomu’s father exclaims that Aiko is unexpectedly alive. Eisuke admits to shock Sumi that he is saying this for the first time but she is an abandoned baby whom he picked up from a rose garden. And, from then on, he brought her up like his own sister. Sumi says that he is lying. Eisuke says that he isn’t for when he picked her up, she is wearing clothes used for carrying babies and a cross..[which Sumi happens to be wearing], yes that cross. Opening his album, Nozomu’s father takes out a picture and shows Sumi a picture of young Nozomu and baby Aiko with the same cross around her neck. He says that cross belings to Aiko. Eisuki says that he didn’t expect Sumi to be the daughter of the Ijuin family. Sumi just looks very shock. Nozomu repeats again about Sumi being Aiko. Nozomu’s father says that he understands right, this is the reason why they absolutely shouldn’t marry. This made Nozomu smile which surprises his father. Nozomu happily tells Sumi that this is the reason why he is infatuated with her. His father is shock when Nozomu declares that he will still marry Sumi. Eisuke shouts that Sumi is his younger sister. Nozomu says that even so, he doesn’t care or perhaps, he should say that he is very happy that Miss Sumi is his younger sister. Nozomu’s father shouts in protest but on cue, his heart fails him. While his father cringes in pain and Eisuke rushes to him, Nozomu calls out his butler to bring his father to the hospital.

Eisuke shouts if Nozomu has gone mad for wanting to marry Sumi, even upon knowing that they are siblings. Another butler grabs Eisuke and makes him leave. Trying to resist, Eisuke shouts for the butler to let him go. He shouts for Sumi but Sumi obediently follows Nozomu’s leading her back into the house. So, Eisuke is taken away and smiling Nozomu brings Sumi in. Sumi looks like she was in shock [/hypnotized] over the turn of events because Eisuke isn’t her true brother, it is Nozomu. Meanwhile, Soichiroh returns to the old shack and is greeted by kneeling Komai who is surrounded by the kids. Komai asks Soichiroh to take him back to serve him again from today on. Soichiroh asks what happened. Komai says that Nozomu has hired new butlers. Soichiroh asks if that is serious. Komai tells him that the maids including Keiko are still there so they ought to properly take care of Sumi. Soichiroh says is that so. Noticing that Soichiroh looks glum, Komai asks what’s up with him. Soichiroh tells him that because of work, he will be away for a period of time. Komai asks where he is going. Glum Soichiroh just says that he is going to a far away place. Later on, Soichiroh goes to his house. He looks up the window where the bedroom is. He mutters out Sumi’s name before turning to leave. Soon, it is time for the wedding. In the church, a woman is gossiping about none of Nozomu’s relatives came. Another woman says that it is because the girl used to be Ashida Product’s madam and she heard that the groom has not yet formally divorce his ex-wife, Miu. When the woman exclaims in surprise, a man hushes them for the wedding is starting. The church door opens. In wedding clothes, Nozomu and Sumi are standing by the door. The gossiping women blush over them. While walking towards the altar with Nozomu, Sumi can’t think of anything anymore because just thinking it for a while, her head hurts and her heart hurts. “Soichiroh-san..!!” At the port, Soichiroh looks surprised. Seeing Soichiroh looking back, his boss asks him what the matter is. Soichiroh says that he’s coming. He walks on towards a ship.

Scans by 深雪汉化.

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