April 16, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 67]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 13, 2012

Finally, school is over and what’s coming up is Christmas and New Year. The party will start at 6pm. Sawako looks at Shouta who is preparing to buy stuff with the others. He just said goodbye to her and left. Sawako compares last year and this year..even if they are together, she is feeling uneasy now. Chizuru has forgotten to buy a gift for the exchange gift and she seems to be troubled about something. After exclaiming that she should have bought that, Chizuru bids Sawako and Ayane goodbye and left. While Sawako and Ayane talk about buying something, Kent calls out to Ayane. Kent is surprised when Ayane is already greeting him a Happy New Year. =P He tells her that he will go to their class’ party. Ayane looks tense. As Kent bids them goodbye, Ayane quickly dashes off that Sawako rushes to catch up to her. She is surprised when Ayane slows down and turns to her [Sawako]. Ayane asks Sawako if Kent likes her. Blushing Sawako thinks yes but she couldn’t say it out. She is surprised when Ayane says that isn’t so, for Kent is just saying stuff [that he doesn’t mean] so it’s impossible for it to be true[/shouldn’t be taken seriously]. Sawako tells her that Kent is a good guy. Ayane says she knows that he is a good guy so occasionally, she would think that he is serious but it is impossible. While Sawako wonders why, Ayane asks doesn’t she like Shouta and how was it to like him. Sawako says that she doesn’t know for she is obviously happy but she is always uneasy. Sawako tells Ayane about her current feelings – happy or sad, she feels pain while with Shouta. She doesn’t know what Shouta is thinking and feeling, her own feelings and what she should do (if he is troubled while with her, if he feels regret and if he already doesn’t like her anymore). Ayane is surprised when Sawako starts crying. She apologizes to Ayane for right now, she is very strange and she herself doesn’t know [why].

Ayane hugs her and says that she is, too. Even if the problem isn’t the same, she is envious of Sawako for her trouble is totally unlike hers. This surprises Sawako that she looks at Ayane. Ayane tells her that she is envious of Sawako and Chizuru who can smile, blush, hurt and cry, and do their best. She just follows others blindly and has never passionately gone steady with someone. Ayane admits that she was shock when Sawako asked her when she came to like that guy [last boyfriend;forgot the name] for she never thought of that question. She can’t get along with girls and it is more relaxed[/easy] with guys because she can roughly know what they want and she can do it for them but in the end, it is quite a hassle because it isn’t true love. That is why, she thinks that the other party is also like that, not sincere. So, when it seems that Kent is serious, her feelings got complicated and she doesn’t know what to do – want to have a boyfriend, fall in love, didn’t she gave up, will she like someone one day or not. She really doesn’t understand herself and felt she is the quite troublesome. Ayane is surprised to see Sawako crying. This made Ayane apologize to her for talking about herself and wasn’t she talking about Shouta. She tells Sawako that she sincerely likes [Sawako?], she can’t help but be envious of them. She isn’t worried and she will listen to what Sawako has to say. Sawako says that it isn’t so and everyone definitely really likes Ayane. Sawako thinks that Ayane is such a nice person and doing everything as if her life depends on it for others but she would unexpectedly feel that no one truly likes her. Touched, Ayane asks if she is crying for her and she’s so kind. Sawako says no, it is because she is kind. Ayane says no, it is because Sawako is kind, and those who’ve met Sawako have become a good person. While Sawako is thinking that isn’t so, Ayane thanks her and says that even if she isn’t kind as Sawako thinks she is but she knows what Sawako says is sincere.
She feels that it is only with Sawako and Chizuru whom she had taken the imitative to get in touch[/get close with], and this is the first time she mentioned this. Soon, the two bid each other goodbye. Chizuru thinks that she longs for[/be like] Sawako and Chizuru. Then, she mutters her apology to Sawako. She is happy and she really likes Sawako but it doesn’t fill her up and she’s really awful. She remembers Kent’s fangirls telling her that Kent can fill up the vacancy/emptiness that girls can’t fill up. Ayane laughs upon remembering that Sawako and Kent said the same thing, ‘that isn’t so’ [when Ayane is belittling herself]. She thinks, no..Kent is the most relaxed[/easy] choice. He is a good person so it is no good. Sawako turns to look back and thinks that Ayane doesn’t approve of herself. Then, at the karaoke bar, students are saying that it is room 201. Sawako sees Ayane and Chizuru coming in. Sawako praises them for looking beautiful. Kent opens the door for Ayane. When Sawako asks Chizuru what gift she bought at the last minute, she gets embarrassed upon seeing Ryu. She then says that it is nothing and quickly urges Ryu to go in. Ryu is puzzled. Ayane calls the two in and tells them where to sit. Then, she calls out to Shouta and says that she made space for him. Sawako and Shouta seem to look at each other. Kent grabs Ayane and tells her to sit there. So, class 2-D’s Christmas party starts right now.  Scans by 君届同好会

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