April 16, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 64]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 14, 2012

The kids suggest to Kyo about having a surprise birthday party for Misao. Kyo isn’t keen on doing it because what’s the surprise if Misao already knows that her birthday is tomorrow. Ayame says that Misao doesn’t know that there will be a party. Tarou says that they want to celebrate it together because last year, they didn’t prepare anything. Sagami whispers to Ayame that he heard Misao hated Kyo for groping her chest on her birthday. =P Kyo tells them to shut up. Then, he says that he doesn’t want to prepare for it since they still don’t have any clues and for them to do this at this time. Saburou exclaims that he and his brother will do it. Sagami tells Kyo that they will still keep on searching for clues as usual. Kyo still tries to protest until Sagami tells him that Misao’s eyes are reddish this morning. Sagami says that he won’t ask what happened but Kyo ought to know that even if it is a priority to look for a way to save Misao’s life and he knows the urgency that Kyo feels but if he isn’t with Misao, then he is stressing over the incidental over the fundamental [/confusing the cause and effect]. Kyo says that he knows. They tell him that celebrating her birthday is good and he also wants to see Misao happy. So, to their delight, Kyo finally agrees to it. Ayame will also help in the preparations. To Kyo’s surprise, they tasked him to accompany Misao the whole day today and do not let her go in the living room. He is not to arouse Misao’s suspicions and keep her occupied. At the study room, Misao asks Kyo if Ayame went out today. Kyo says yes and he had sent her on an errand. He tells her that she can stay there with him today. Misao is happy about this. Then, Kyo is surprised for some books had fallen down. Misao apologizes and says that she will be quiet. Kyo thinks that Misao has gotten too afraid of him. He didn’t know it will turn out like this after he carelessly snarled at her yesterday but it is unexpected that she is showing this kind of expression. After fixing the books, Misao offers to bring some food but Kyo said that he already ate breakfast. She wants to make some tea but he says that he already drank three cups. Misao says that she is going to watch a television drama. Kyo quickly puts the cable on his computer to show the program that she wants to watch. Then, he puts a cushion beside him. Blushing a bit, Kyo says okay, stay here. This made Misao blush.

While Misao sits behind him, Kyo thinks that her scent has gotten stronger and she is easy to read for she now looks happy. Then, Misao snuggles to his arm. She suddenly sits up and apologizes for disturbing him. Kyo puts his arm around her and tells her that it is okay. Kyo kisses her and touches her face. He thinks that her scent has truly become quite concentrated than before. Blushing Misao pulls away from him and asks if he is playing around. Kyo says he isn’t. He is just wondering up to what degree is the concentration of the scent. Then, Misao sees thick paper with a clip binder. He tells her that it is handwritten ‘Immortal Fruit Record’. He tried to write down the contents of what he read and also made the Hachidai read it. Misao looks at it but she doesn’t understand it. Kyo thinks that this change in Misao, she has this allergic reaction to him. He wonders if it is a common reaction of pregnant humans or it is because she is an Immortal Fruit. “If it is because of being an Immortal Fruit, why does she have this kind of reaction?” Misao asks if there is something she can do, like is there something written in it about the Immortal Fruit doing something that wasn’t done. Kyo tells her that they are still looking for it. He thinks that he has always been looking at the ending part [of the record] if there is also this kind of change with the Kuzunoha Immortal Fruit because isn’t she the same with Misao but then, there is no mention about the scent. Pointing to the record, Misao asks what the words mean – ‘蓄精/literally means gather up essence’ and does it have anything to do with power. [The Immortal Fruit Records are written in ancient Chinese words so Misao can’t read it.] Kyo just grunts and thinks that those two [Kuzunoha guy and Immortal Fruit] are still continuing to do it even if she is pregnant, ‘continuing to indulge in sensual pleasure’. He tells himself not to think about it for even if it is him, he can’t do it. Misao decides to get an ancient textbook and a dictionary at her house. Still thinking, Kyo says okay. After a pause, he quickly stops Misao from leaving. Misao asks what’s up with him and can’t she go there. Kyo nervously says no, he can read it for her. So, she’s asking what ‘蓄精’ is, well, that means ‘H/sex’. Misao looks aghast that Kyo tells her not to have that kind of expression. [精 can either mean essence or energy and it can also mean sperm].

Later on, Kyo has taken out Misao for a drive. She asks him where they are going, is it to shop. Kyo says yes. He thinks that they will be easily discovered if he stayed at home. Misao asks what they are going to buy. He says whatever she likes for tomorrow is her birthday and counting last year’s, she can buy two gifts. Misao thanks him. Then, Kyo opens up the window a bit. Misao asks if he is feeling hot. Blushing a bit, Kyo thinks that the scent is too condensed that he is feeling intoxicated. Soon, they go shopping. While walking at the streets where the girls are looking at weary and tired Kyo, he asks Misao if she doesn’t like anything. Misao says that it isn’t that, but only, she doesn’t really like it. He asks her what about the shoes earlier. Misao says that it is cute but the heels are high so she thought it might be dangerous to wear it when her belly becomes bigger. Kyo tells her to wear it after she gives birth. Misao says that is right. Then, she exclaims no. Looking fearful and teary-eyed, Misao tells him that she wasn’t thinking about not being able to wear it after giving birth, she didn’t think of dying after giving birth, that isn’t what she meant, please don’t be angry. Kyo is surprised by this reaction. Somewhat tense, he hugs her and tells her that he wasn’t thinking of that, so calm down. Kyo wonders what’s going on for Misao is so afraid of him that she isn’t happy. After calming down, Misao asks him if she can have a gift that money cannot buy like ‘massage’ coupon, or ‘be with Kyo’ coupon. She tells him that one hour a day is enough, she wants his time for him to just look at her, just talk with her and do other type of things [together]. Kyo wonders if he is an idiot for he fundamentally doesn’t need to ask, because the thing that she wants is so obvious. That is the time to be with him in the future until forever = for them to be happy with their child. Misao looks downcast when Kyo says what that is. Trying to smile about it, Misao says yes, she said something that will make him detest her. Kyo tells her that is also what he wants so it can’t be a gift, and she should ask for other things. He asks her how could she say that one hour is enough. Misao asks how about three hours. Kyo asks if that is already a lot. Misao asks if she can ask for more. Kyo says more. Kyo wonders what she is being apprehensive about and she should give her all and say that she wants him. Crying and blushing, Misao says, “Everything. I want Kyo’s everything.” Kyo pushes her on the wall of a building and starts to kiss her. Misao gets embarrassed since passer-bys are looking at them. Kyo asks if he has to stop and she says yes. He continues to kiss her and felt quite intoxicated by it as if it is sweet wine that he couldn’t stop. Then, Kyo remembers ‘continuing to indulge in sensual pleasure’ [in the record]. That made him suddenly stop.

Then, Misao says that she knows what she wants, it is a French Macaroon tower which she saw in a magazine. She and Tarou thought that it is quite good, and she wants it to be her birthday cake though it might be expensive. Thinking that the others might have also prepared that, Kyo says that it is okay. At the cake shop, the saleslady asks if they want a reservation and tells them to write a note on the book. Kyo says that he’ll do it. Then, he is surprised since Misao is already reading the book. On it, Misao has read that Ayane and Tarou had already reserved for the cake and their note is ‘Princess, Happy birthday’. At the living room, Ayane and Tarou freak out for Misao looks surprise at them. Kyo is just looking away. Ayane tries to cover the banner ‘Princess 17th Birthday’. Tarou tearfully cries over the surprise [being ruined]. Misao smiles and says that she is surprised. Tarou cries that it is no longer a surprise. Saburou cries that he was responsible for pulling the party poppers. Ayane cries that Kyo is useless. Kyo shouts that it is their fault. =P Misao asks if Kyo knew. Ayane tells her that Kyo is responsible for watching over her. Misao is surprised. She says that didn’t he say that he doesn’t like celebrating [special] days/occasions. Kyo tells her that her birthday is an exception. Misao smiles and is teary-eyed over this. Kyo thinks that it is a miracle for her to be at his side right now, and the one who is really moved is him. Looking at his hand, Kyo thinks that he won’t quietly give away the future with her and he’ll definitely depend on his hand. “Whether it is to rob or plunder, I’ll attain it.” Soon, they greet Misao a happy birthday. Ayane tells Misao that the French Macaroon tower will be brought tomorrow but even if she is busy, she did manage to bake a cake today. Misao happily thanks her and says that if she eats at this time, she’ll become fat. While the other Hachidai are looking on, Kyo says that it is still early. Someone says that it is already past 12. While Misao and the others are enjoying themselves, Houki asks Kyo if Misao’s aroma has become stronger than before. Kyo says yes. He thinks that it is an ‘enticing scent’. Regarding that ‘continuing to indulge in sensual pleasure’, it could be the proof that scent of Kuzunoha’s Immortal Fruit had also become strong. He wonders why it became strong and, what is the reason for enticing the monster husband? Kyo asks Houki what book it was where Shou’s note is inserted in. Houki says that it is a human medical book with a title of ‘Comprehensive Medical Study of the Woman’s Body’. Kyo mutters, “Human--..” and thinks that in the end, Shou has also noticed the same thing. While Misao and others are eating the cake, Kyo says that they will once again inspect and verify the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’ since the way to prolong Misao’s life might be within her own body.

Scans by 水银工作室.