April 16, 2012

Reimei no Arcana -Dawn of the Arcana- [Chapter 39]

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In church, Caesar gets married to Louise. Then, they head to the balcony where they wave to the crowd who shouted out their congratulations to the newly married couple. The women comment that Louise is very beautiful and Caesar looks very handsome. The men said that they were worried what will happen since Prince Cain had passed away and from the looks of it, it will be Caesar-sama who will be the next king though they didn’t expect that it will be settled through this kind of situation. Looking emotionless, Caesar waves his hand to the crowd. And, Nakaba with longer hair, is watching the couple among the crowd. Looking somewhat sad, she turns around and goes out of a door. Then, she quietly stands outside the door within the Arcana. Nakaba snaps out of it when Loki calls out to her and asks if she went to see it again. Sitting by the window, Nakaba sees Loki standing in front of her. Loki asks again if she went to see it, Caesar and Louise’s wedding ceremony. “It is already something that has happened three months ago.” Nakaba sadly says yes. After a pause, Loki asks if she is alright. Nakaba didn’t answer and just looks at him. She stands up and says that the Arcana of Time is really convenient because it enables one to see a person whom one can’t [go and] see. Loki calls out her name. Looking determined, Nakaba walks away and says that Caesar has already prepared himself [for this] so she also won’t cower down again. “I also don’t feel any regret (because I also) *Adele is standing by the door* (got married to this person).” Adele calls out to Nakaba and says that even if she said that he [Loki] is her attendant but he [Adele] told her so many times already not to be all alone with that Ajin guy. “You are MY WIFE so be a bit aware of that.” Nakaba mutters his name then she looks at him. Starting to walk past Adele, Nakaba tells him that there will be an avalanche at Mount Vorumaa [沃鲁瑪山] so she is going to prepare for the refuge[/evacuation] of the residents in that area.

Adele smiles and suddenly grabs Nakaba’s face. He asks her if it is the power of prediction and it is such a fantastic power. “..Speaking of that, I fundamentally married you because of this power. For Senan’s royal family, you better properly use that power of yours.” Nakaba thinks that is right, she is used her power as a bargaining tool. “Upon returning from Lithvanel, I’ve revealed to the king about my Arcana of Time. Seeing the future, I told them of the prediction and that prediction came true. I’ve made the king think that this power can become a threat to Belquat and at the same time, can become Senan king’s power. With the condition of Lina’s release and getting married to Adele, it has been agreed upon to lend this power [to them].. *looking determined, she walks away from smiling Adele* and make Adele become the next heir to the throne and [I, the] Queen Consort..! I won’t let [them] take advantage of this power. Rather, I’ve come to take advantage of them!” Going out the corridor, Nakaba tells Loki that she’ll give him the authority to direct the evacuation. She orders him to first properly consolidate the residential district to accommodate the residents. Following Nakaba, Loki says, yes. At Belquat, bored Emilia is sighing long and loud. This irritates Caesar that he shouts at her what she has been doing since a while ago. He says that he was wondering why she would suddenly come in there [his room] and unexpectedly, kept on sighing as if her life depended on it. “Your most beloved brother, Belenus is in some other room..” Emilia glares at Caesar and hits the table with her hands. Throwing a tantrum, Emilia shouts that he shouldn’t be asking what’s up with her for that is her line, what’s up with him. “You’ve suddenly listened to your mother, the Queen and got married to Louise-sama!! Could it be that you don’t feel quite useless at all!?” Putting his finger on his ear, Caesar says is it this again, how noisy. Emilia shouts that it isn’t ‘this again’ and he better speak up. Caesar says that it is alright, Louise’s heart is no longer with him since she has already fallen in love with his older brother. Emilia somewhat frowns and surprises Caesar when she quickly drinks some tea[?] and spills some on her face. Wiping the excess tea from her lips, Emilia looks sad and thinks that issue, isn’t what she wants to say.
Emilia tells him that Nakaba has married that Senan prince. “Even if one is to say.. Belquat fundamentally doesn’t need Senan’s strength and if the next heir to be king, Caesar-sama’s Queen consort is a Senan princess, then for Belquat, she is only a troublesome existence. And, even if I know that.. But, even if that is so, the request of Senan’s proposed marriage between you and Nakaba is just a white piece of paper, you unexpectedly accepted it.. Nakaba also..” Caesar tells her that he thinks that Nakaba should have her own way of thinking. “If that girl can attain happiness, then it doesn’t matter what happen to me.” Emilia calls out his name and he looks at her. Emilia just says that it is nothing and sorry for disturbing. She goes out of the room and stands at the door for a moment. She thinks, “I know. Uneasiness. Misgivings. Impatience. But.. because of that.. *walking at the corridor* if I were to ask him, I felt as if I’m violating a rule. *looks out the window* Nakaba..” At Senan, Nakaba is looking out the courtyard from the hallway. Using her Arcana, Nakaba thinks, “Arcana of Time is really very convenient. I can see the person whom I wanted to see.” In the Arcana dream, Nakaba watches Caesar walking at the hallway and she smiles. She gently calls out, “..Caesar. (But my voice couldn’t reach out [to him].) Caesar turns around to her but it turns out that he was called by Belenus from behind. “[Our] gaze also won’t meet. *reaches to touch Caesar* And, I can’t be hugged by you. *her hands passes through Caesar*” Feels like crying, Nakaba shouts at Caesar who is walking away, “..Caesar Caesar Caesar (I only) I like you. Even if you got married to someone else.. Even if I also got married.. (want to tell you) *crying* Cae..Caesar..? (I want to ask him that I feel fearful about this kind of thing. The small and weak me.)” End Arcana.
Nakaba looks flustered then she looks down at her necklace. Holding the pendant, Nakaba thinks that her mother has given up the position of becoming queen and its responsibilities, and her mother also wanted to marry her father. “..What kind of love did she experience..? The father who gave me this red hair. What kind of person is he..?” Nakaba activates her Arcana. She finds herself in the darkness with doors all lined up. She runs up front. After catching her breath and looking at some doors, she thinks that these doors are the time before she was born. She pulls open the door but it is locked. She goes to another door and it is locked. She tries another door and it is also locked. She realizes that the doors at this area are all locked. “Why..?” She is startled when Loki calls out to her. She turns to look at him, and then she suddenly felt dizzy. She steadies herself as Loki worriedly calls out to her. Nakaba tells him that she is fine. While Loki helps Nakaba to sit down, she asks him if he knows her father. Somewhat surprised Loki didn’t reply. Nakaba asks him if her father died before she was born. Loki says that he did, he can affirm that her father died when Nakaba is about to be born. Curious, Nakaba asks Loki what kind of person is he. Loki asks her what the matter is, for her to ask suddenly about this. Nakaba says that it isn’t sudden, for ever since before, she has always been curious. “..because this red colored hair is the color of my father’s [hair]..” Loki says that her mother, Stasha was previously said to be like a child. Nakaba laughs and says is that so. After a pause, Loki asks if she hates [it]. “If your father isn’t red haired.. if he didn’t mutually love your mother..” Nakaba smiles and says that if that is so, then she wouldn’t have been born. “Only.. (they have abandoned everything. I felt very envious of.. that kind of love wherein they only held each other’s hands--” Blurb: “The gears of fate has started to turn..”
Scans by Rei'S工作室.

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