April 16, 2012

Bara to Juudan [Chapter 3]

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Cover page: “Ren’s bullet had struck Mitsuki down. His goal is --!?” Mitsuki is confused over what Ren is saying. He just told her that he was always waiting for the opportunity to hunt and kill her. Holding her injured shoulder, Mitsuki looks up to Ren and asks him what’s going on. Ren jumps down and strangles her. He tells her who allowed her to casually call his name. “You monster.” He tightens his hold that Mitsuki starts to choke for he is quite strong. Trying to stop him, Mitsuki asks what monster, what is going on. Letting her go, Ren says that it is quite pitiful if she doesn’t not knowing anything so he’ll let her know before she dies. “You’re not human. You are a vampire who is carrying on the Rose Queen’s lineage. That name originated from the clan of the vampire queen, who is beautiful and splendid like a rose. And, she is your distant ancestor. Even if right now, you still have the consciousness of being ‘Mitsuki’.. but it is only a matter of time. Sooner or later, one day, your body will be totally occupied by the Rose Queen. And I--.. have come here earlier to hunt and kill you, as a vampire hunter. Two years ago, I had started to keep a close watch over you. So that when you first awaken, I will kill you.” Mistsuki shouts that she doesn’t believe it, and didn’t he tell her that he will always be at her side. Somewhat smiling Ren says that he will, always until the moment he personally sees her die. Mitsuki is stunned and can’t believe that this is happening. Pointing his gun at her head, Ren says that talk is over. “Farewell, Mitsuki.” Mitsuki thinks, “I don’t believe this.. All of this is a lie!” Ren is surprised when the old building behind him suddenly exploded. While Ren is dodging the debris that is falling down, Mitsuki quickly uses this chance to run away. Ren fires his gun at her but Mitsuki quickly jumps up to a crane [machine]. She looks down on him before jumping away to escape. A couple of guys quickly rush to Ren and asks him if he is alright. [They address him as Ren-sama so his position is higher than those other two.] Reloading his gun, Ren says that he is okay and they should immediately leave for the queen’s residence. He also reminds them to take care of the injured <- bitten would-be rapist. Touching his bleeding cheek [probably injured from the falling debries], Ren mutters that he didn’t expect her to use such a strong power and he had belittled her too much.

Breathing hard, Mitsuki wonders if she caused that explosion just now and she suddenly could jump that high. She reaches her house but sees a couple of guys standing outside. They say that the queen hasn’t come home yet but then, she shouldn’t have gone far because of her injury. Looking at them from behind a post, Mitsuki wonders who those guys are and were they tracking her down. “Could it be that they are also.. vampire hunters..? They’ve come.. to kill me..!?” She is surprised when she overhears a couple behind her, saying that Mitsuki is bleeding. Mitsuki quickly runs away and thinks, “No.. I’m very afraid.. Who’ll come.. Who’ll come and save me..! *breaking the glass window and climbing over the window* Aside from school.. I couldn’t think of any other place that I can go to.. *walking weakly while holding her injured shoulder* It hurts..! Consciousness is getting more and more fuzzy..” She opens the door to her class. It is already night and the moon is shining brightly. She looks at her seat and remembers.. Flashback: While the teacher is telling them about an article, Mitsuki is looking at Ren. Then, Ren turned and noticed that she is looking at him. He whispered, “Don’t look, idiot--” This embarrassed Mitsuki and angrily exclaimed, “Who.. Who is looking at you!” She ended up being reprimanded by the teacher to properly listen to the lecture. Blushing Mitsuki looked at her book and said yes. She blushed even more when Ren laughed and said that she is really amusing. End flashback. Sitting down on the floor, Mitsuki wonders if his smile, and also that kindness.. “Everything.. Could it be.. all of it are just fake? Hey.. Ren.. Please tell me.. That this is only a dream..” When cringing in pain, Mitsuki holds her neck and notices that her necklace, given by Ren, is gone. She wonders if she lost it when she got shot then. “What am I thinking.. I cannot go back to that place.. Furthermore.. the Ren at that time.. is already..” Mitsuki cries as she remembers Ren putting the rose necklace on her and said that it is her birthday gift.
In some old building, a couple of guys go downstairs to a windowless hallway. One of the guys asks how the situation is. The other guy says that there has been no big hindrance, and regarding the queen’s good looks, it is a fully justified reputation. The guy says that’s right, and at that time, for a moment, he stared [in awe] at her. Walking behind them, scowling Ren calls out to them and asks if they want him to arrange things for them to become baits. The two guys apologize to Ren. He tells them not to be careless for she is their greatest enemy whom they have to defeat. The two guys say, yes. Then, another guy arrives and exclaims that he has a report. “We’ve found the queen’s whereabouts.” Ren asks, where. The guys says that it is at.. At the ruined building in the abandoned yard, the hunters are running around. Someone exclaims if he is sure that she ran towards this direction. Another guy exclaims, yes. Someone asks if he was mistaken. They pass by a tree where there are a lot of bushes. Then, Mitsuki stands up from the bushes. Suddenly, someone grabs her head. Ren pins her down on the ground and says that she unexpectedly run back there. “I really don’t understand what you are thinking. *Mitsuki exclaims in pain since Ren is twisting her arms behind her.* But then, it did saved us time from looking for you. *bending to her* –ah, looking at this injury, you also won’t live for long.” Ren notices that Mitsuki is holding something on her hand. He takes it and sees that it is the rose necklace. Ren says, “This is..” He is surprised when Mitsuki holds his hand with her trembling hands. She shouts for him to give it back. “This is.. my.. *crying* most precious thing..!” Surprised Ren tensely asks if she returned there to get it. Then, Mitsuki faints on his shoulder. Ren seems to holds her up. Later on, a couple of guys call out to Ren and exclaims that they couldn’t find Mitsuki at this side. Ren tells them to enlarge the scope [of the area to look for her]and continue to search. They exclaims yes. After they left, Ren looks at the rose necklace on his hand then holds on it tightly. Exhausted Mitsuki has fallen asleep underneath the bushes.
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