April 22, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 8]

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Page 8 – Change The World. Blurb: “Your smiling face will blossom! My romance is about to sparkle!! Volume 2 is out!!! It has already been 2 months since Nino knew of Kira’s fate. As the two cried and laughed together, Nino continues to get attracted to Kira. But, Kira..!?” Narration: “November 1st. The two of us have gotten used to moving around together. It has already been two months.” The two arrive at school. While at the shoe lockers area, two girls and one boy [who volunteered for the school festival before] greet them a good morning, Kira is also very handsome today♡ and Bird Girl, like always, has a bird with her. While Nino is surprised by this, Kira greets them back with a good morning. Holding her school shoes, Nino thinks that just now, they’ve also greeted her. She holds up her hand and exclaims, “Good, good morning, too. *waving and blushing* Everyone, good morning.” The three prepares to leave and says that in the end, she is a strange person even if she is obviously cute. Kira tells her that [her actions] are too exaggerating. Kira looks at her as Nino blushes and giggles. Narration: “Lately, there are some gradual tiny changes in [my] everyday life.” Soon, in class 1-5, it is already lunch break. While the others are meeting with their friends to eat together, Nino thinks, “Speaking of that, why didn’t mommy gave me a bento box today? I should go buy it. *There is a scene of Nurse Mommy winked and told Nino that it is her small secret♡* It is a bit strange.” Kira calls out to Nino. Nino tells him that she is preparing to go buy some food at the canteen.. Kira tells her that there’s no need for that, and it is okay if she doesn’t go and buy. “Speaking of that, how about we change the place [where we eat] today?”

They are in some area behind the building where there are plants around. Sitting on a table, Nino stiffens when Kira gives her a tin box. Sensei quickly flies towards Kira and shouts, “Let me say, Curly Hair, what’s up with this! That box is very suspicious!! And no one comes around this place.” Kira tells Nino to first open it and see. Holding a small package, Kira says that this is something for the parrot. Sensei’s eyes pop out in surprise for Kira is holding a super expensive bird feed. Nino opens the box to find that there is omurice [omelette rice] in it with some side dishes. Nino blushes and says that omurice is her favorite food. Flying with the small package, Sensei calls for Kira to help him open it. Kira tells Nino that he had heard it from her parents and he made it this morning. Nino is surprised that he made it. Kira tells her that it will be a bit weird if it is a gift so he decided to give her something that won’t last[/remain]. “Regarding the school festival, I’m really moved by it. Treat this as a return gift[/favor] for you. I’m very thankful to you.” Nino blushes over this for Kira did this for her. Sensei is really happy when Kira pours the bird feed on the table. Nino is very moved by what Kira did that she starts kicking her legs about. She wonders what to do for she is very happy. Kira is puzzled over Nino’s reaction. Sensei happily devours the bird feed and exclaims that it is very delicious. Nino takes a bite and comments that it is very delicious just like how mommy cooks them. “It turns out that Kira-kun is really good in cooking.” Kira says yes, possibly, he is good at it. “Even if I and my father, the two of us, live together but in the end, there are many occasions wherein I’m all by myself at home. By the way, after thinking about it in detail, the two of us mutually don’t know each other very well, right? And, we obviously are always together. Since this is a rare opportunity, how about we do a self-introduction?”
Nino exclaims that is right, for it seems that the things between them are indeed like what he said. Nervous and blushing, Nino says, “Nice to meet you, I’m Okamura Ninon*. Blood type AB. Height 156cm. Weight is a secret. I’m really interested in listening to Lilian Mazurka’s music and broadcast [programs].” [*From the cover page, it turns out that her name is Ninon but her nickname is Nino. I’ll use Ninon when she uses her full name.] Kira sweatdrops for Nino started by giving her name. He tells her, “I’m Kira Yuiji**. Blood type O. Height 181cm. Weight 61 kg. I’m interested in taking pictures, watching movies and listening to music. Currently, I really like the band group, Mr. Children. How about your birthday?” [** It seems that his name is Yuiji not Yuuji if based on the hiragana, not the Chinese ^^;] Totally full and satisfied, Sensei is lying on the table. “Ah, actually, my birthday is coming soon.” “Really? Mine, too! When is it.” Both say, “My birthday is on November 12th.” The two look surprise at each other. Nino exclaims that it is the same. Kira just looks at her so Nino is puzzled. He tells her to hold up her hand, and she did as told. To her surprise, Kira stands up and gives her a high five. He happily exclaims, “How amazing, that it is really hard to believe. *smiles* This makes me so happy that I don’t know what to do. *Nino blushes* We are classmates, and also neighbors, and even the birthday is the same! Really- aren’t you such a miraculous existence!?” Nino tells him that it isn’t something extraordinary. Intertwining his fingers on to her hand, Kira says, “It’s really great. To be like this, together with you right now, is the greatest thing that I’ve done over my past 16 years [of life].” Kira is surprised to see blushing Nino looking at him with wide eyes. Pulling his hand away, Kira asks her what’s the matter. “Nino?” Nino quickly slaps her face with both hands. Kira asks her why she has that kind of expression[/reaction]. Blushing Nino says that it is because currently, she is very moved so in order for her not to cry, she did that. She pulls her hair to her blushing face and says, “I’m really thankful to you, I’m so happy..”
Kira just looks at her. Lying on the table with his wing supporting his head, Sensei is watching and listening to them. Nino exclaims that as thanks, she’ll go buy some drinks and she’ll be right back. Kira tells her that there is no need for that. Nino just says that she’s going. After she left, Kira sits down on the chair. Blushing a bit, he mutters that in the end, what he just said. During PE class, the students are walking outside. Nino is smiling from ear to ear. Humming and somewhat skipping about, Nino thinks that ever since yesterday, her body felt so light and lively. Then, she overhears a girl telling her friend that guy already likes someone else. Her friend says that’s right, so she has this feeling that she’ll be rejected. This sobers Nino up as she remembers Mio looking in the room before. “But, is it okay for me to be this cheerful?” Mio looks out the classroom’s window and calls out to Nino. She smiles and asks if she can borrow some of Nino’s time. Nino tensely turns around and wonders why she is caught at this time. Nino asks her what it is. Holding a piece of paper, Mio asks Nino to help her bring a poster to her class for she forgot to give it to their homeroom teacher this morning. Taking the paper, Nino says okay. Wondering if that is all, Nino bids Mio goodbye. Mio says, “Ah ah, aside from that, before.. you and Kira were hugging each other.. is that a hug that surpasses friendship?” Surprised Nino turns to look at Mio and tensely says that it isn’t so. With a sly smile, Mio says, “Really, was I mistaken? But that child is an expert in making girls have that kind of feeling. [Make them] willing to strip off for him type [of thing].” Somewhat scowling and surprised Nino looks at her and thinks, “What- I actually don’t understand what she wants to convey[/imply]. *looking down and remembering Kira telling her that it is the greatest thing that he has done over his past 16 years [of life]* But..”
Nino looks straight at Mio and seriously says, “I like Kira-kun.” This surprises Mio and she asks, “..and then?” Nino replies, “Nothing. I only wanted to tell you and that’s it. I’ll be going ahead.” Mio watches Nino leave and she seems to still look surprised. Later on, Sensei flies to Nino and tells her that even if he already knows what had just happened but can she first get rid of that habit of hers of hiding in spaces between boxed [objects]. Nino is hiding in between the trash disposal units. Nino’s eyes look blank. Nino tells Sensei that fundamentally she doesn’t plan on saying those things. Sensei asks don’t humans have times when they do things impulsively. Nino looks down on the ground and notices a crumpled piece of paper. She picks it up and straighten it up. It is an answer sheet with a drawing of a boy and a mecha/robot [that kind of reminds me of Mazinger Z]. Sensei exclaims that it is only an otaku-type of drawing. Nino says yes but it is drawn really well. “Who could have drawn it?” To their shock, it is from section 5, Yabe Kazuhiro [guesswork name from 和弘]. In class, Nino calls out to Yabe. Irritated Yabe looks at her and tells her not to casually address him. Holding out the straightened crumpled paper to him, Nino says about this answer sheet. Yabe is about to protest when his eyes widen over the paper. His seatmate is puzzled what it is because he can’t see it. After freaking out, flustered Yabe quickly grabs Nino and takes her out of the room by exclaiming for her to come with him for a moment. By the staircase, Yabe tears up the paper. With one leg up on the wall where Nino is standing, Yabe exclaims how come Nino has that paper when he obviously threw it away. “Did you look in it!?” While thinking that the grade is below C, Nino says that she saw it near the garbage disposal area and it must have been blown away by the wind. “In passing, I saw that anime-type exquisite drawing.” This surprises Yabe.
Blushing and sweating profusely, Yabe exclaims, “You! You better listen up. You are absolutely forbidden from telling this to anyone. If you are going to tell, I’m going to kill you!! *sweatdrop* Ah, no..wait a minute. *Nino picks up the pieces of the torn paper on the floor* I should rather say that otaku-type of drawing isn’t my drawing!!” Nino says, “Yabe, Yabe Kazuhiro, until now, I’ve always been calling you Shit [Guy]. I’m really very sorry [for that]. I only wanted to tell you that you are really good at drawing. *stands up and puts the pieces of paper on Yabe’s hand* It is such an amazing drawing that [I think] it is such a waste for you to just throw it away like that.” Yabe looks surprised and remembers younger Kira saying, ‘Yabe, you’re really amazing.’ Then, Nino turns around and says, “Goodbye, Shi..ah, wrong, it’s Yabe-kun.” Yabe is miffed-surprised by that. Then, after she left, he blushes a bit. At the train station, it is already 5:25pm. While waiting for their train, Kira tells Nino, “By the way, regarding that things-[I]-want-to-do list, I’ve thought of another thing. *Nino asks what it is.* I want to eat the world’s most delicious food.” Nino says that is hard and is he referring to something that is very expensive. “If that is it, then, I should go get a part time job..” Nino notices that Kira is looking at the side. She looks and sees an old couple happily holding hands while lovingly looking at each other. Kira somewhat smiles and says that [kind of thing] is very nice. Nino looks at him and remembers Mio telling her that Kira is someone who has no future. She thinks, “Ah yes- I finally understand why I told Shitara-sensei about my feelings. It’s because I felt that I cannot just [stand] aside and support them.”
Then, Kira gets a text message on his cellphone. He looks surprised and apologizes to Nino that he has something urgent to do so he’ll go ahead. Before leaving, he tells her to be careful [on her way home]. While Sensei quietly looks on, Nino wonders what that urgent thing is and what’s up all of a sudden. Then, to her surprise, Yabe approaches her and calls out to her. Yabe asks her if she hasn’t told anyone about it. Thinking that he’s annoying, Nino says that she didn’t. Blushing Yabe says, “Absoutely!? Let me say again, that isn’t my drawing..*looks surprised at something* Ha?” Nino is puzzled that she looks across the train tracks where Yabe is looking. At the other side, Kira is approaching Mio who is standing by some vending machines. Nino’s eyes widen when Mio holds smiling Kira’s face. Yabe asks, “Kira and the clinic’s Shitara?” There is an announcement that Line 2 will quickly pass through. Kira and Mio hold hands and they kiss. Mio turns to the side and notices Nino. Then, Mio slyly smiles back at stunned Nino. Then, the train passes by to cover the scene. Also surprised, Yabe asks if that is for real, that is the woman whom Kira said that he sincerely likes. “Then, at that time, who was that flashy woman? What’s going on? *angrily holds Nino’s shoulder* Hey! You definitely know something, right!? You better clearly explain.” To his surprise, Nino turns to walk away. Yabe grabs Nino’s hand and shouts, “Hey! What’s up with you..” Nino turns to face him. He is surprised for she is already teary-eyed. Trying to pull her hand away from him, Nino shouts for him to let her go. To Sensei’s shock, Yabe pulls Nino to him and leans to kiss her on the lips. This surprises Nino, “Ha?” Blurb: “Nino has seen the scene that she really doesn’t want to see in this world, and she can’t control her tears! Then, she received Yabe’s unexpected kiss! In front of [this] B class guy, Nino will!?”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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