March 18, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapters 5-6]

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Chapter 5’s Title: Now rejoicing, Now worrying/Swinging from Joy to Sorrow. Looking aghast, Hana is standing outside carrying a lantern with the words, ‘Shiromatsu’ [<- name of the brothel]. She is wearing her school uniform. The people around her start to take notice of her. They gather around her because they are curious about her outfit. To Hana’s horror, one of the men tries to peeks under her skirt to see what it is like inside. Hana immediately throws away the lantern and shouts for the man to stop touching her. So why is she doing this, and why she is still in a bad mood about yesterday... Flashback: At the store, Hana is surprised when Takitsuki has proven her ownership claim for the flower hairpin. Rennosuke told Takitsuki to end the idle chat there, and quickly return to her workplace. He even offered to bring her there. Takitsuki said that is okay, she can go back by herself. Rennosuke replied that even if she said that, she is still a renowned brothel tayuu and it is more convenient to have an attendant with her. [<- probably to ward off pestering guys] Hana tried to interrupt but Rennosuke apologized to her and told her to go back first. Hana is surprised when Rennosuke put his arm around Takitsuki and walked away with her. Later on, at Shiromatsu, Rennosuke praised Hana for being able to return on her own. He asked her why she is wearing her school uniform. Hana exclaimed for him to please let her see Takitsuki so that she can ask if Takitsuki can lend that hairpin to her. She told him that even if just now, nothing happened but if the situation is like how she came there, or perhaps there is that light again, maybe she’ll be able to return back to the future. Rennosuke said that he doesn’t think that just by changing her clothes, something will happen. Hana said that they won’t know unless they tried. Rennosuke told her to calm down and reminded her that hairpin isn’t hers. Hana is surprised by that so she asked him if he thought that she is lying. Rennosuke said that he didn’t say that but that thing is really Takitsuki’s. Hana realized that no matter what she said, Rennosuke or any other people of this era, won’t be able to understand. Irritated, Hana said it is enough, and left the room as Rennosuke tried to call her back. Hana thought that in THIS ERA, that hairpin belongs to Takitsuki and it became hers only after many years later. She planned to investigate things a bit for there might be clues on how she can back to her original time. Although, she is thinking that.. Rennosuke is saying Takitsuki this and that. End flashback

Hana is still trying to stop the pervert from peeking under her skirt. Just when she is about to hit the guy, a handsome young man holds Hana’s hand. The guy apologizes and tells the pervert to stop because Hana looked really irritated by it. Carrying the lantern again, Hana thanks Katsuki for the help. After offering to help her carry the lantern, Katsuki tells her that everyone are hired help at Shiramatsuya [‘ya’= house/store] but she shouldn’t hit the customer. Hana says okay. Katsuki is the cook of Shitamatsuya. Because he opposed Gonpachi, he left the store. He only came back after learning that there is a new owner. And, unexpectedly, he is the younger brother of Akesato. There is a scene of Akesato happily introducing to Rennosuke and Takamichi, her lively younger brother, Katsuki. Katsuki say that it must be hard for Hana to wear such a strange outfit just to attract customers, and she definitely would have wanted to wear some other formal clothes. There is a scene of Takamichi asking Hana if she plans on to keep wearing those clothes that attract attention, if so, she should go attract some customers or go clean the toilet. Lamely laughing, Hana tells Katsuki that she was the one who wanted to wear it. This surprises Katsuki. She thinks that even if Rennosuke thinks that nothing will happen just by changing [her] clothes, but then, she doesn’t know when she’ll have an opportunity to go home. And if she thinks about it carefully, aside from her mother’s memento, her school bag is also gone. It is only her school uniform that serves as her proof that she lives in the present era. Hana tells Katsuki that from the place where she is from, these clothes are what she wears everyday and it makes her feel really at ease in them. Katsuki says is that so. He apologizes for saying that her clothes are strange. Hana tells him it is okay but Katsuki insists that it is important because for the girls who came to Yoshiwara from outside, homeland is a very important place. He and his sister grew up in Yoshiwara so he doesn’t understand about it. Patting Hana’s head, Katsuki says that even if he doesn’t know the reason why she is working in Yoshiwara, but it would be good if she can return home soon. Touching her head, Hana thanks him. She thinks that no wonder he is Akesato’s younger brother. He is such a handsome straightforward man. And, finally, upon arriving there, she met a decent guy. Then, a couple of yujo/protitutes arrives and asks if it is Katsuki. Katsuki greets them and asks if they are from Chouji [丁字; guesswork name].

Pushing Hana to the side, they go to him and say that they heard that he quit from Kishijiya [喜之字屋; guesswork name] and returned to Shiromatsuya, just when they were anticipating for him to come and bring food for them. They tell him that instead of returning to Shiromatsuya, he should have gone to their place because even if there is a new owner, it still has a bad reputation so it would be hard for it to recover. They say that even if Gonpachi isn’t around anymore, there is this bad rumor about Shiromatsuya that has always been going around. This reminds Hana that the customers whom she had attracted, also turned around and tearfully said that ‘too bad, it’s Shiromatsuya’, so it must be because of that rumor. Just when they are going to gossip about Akesato, Natsu calls out to both Hana and Katsuki as to why they are goofing off in front of the main gate. The women look aghast for Natsu is with Akesato. Katsuki asks why Akesato is there. She tells him that they walked out [her] daytime customer. The gossiping women quickly bid them goodbye and leaves. Looking at them leave, Hana thinks that there is something about it that makes her feel troubled. Katsuki says that since their day work is finish, they should all go home together. Akesato calls out to Hana and asks what happened, for Hana is always lost in thought. Hana assures her that she is alright, and she is always energetic. Natsu tells Hana not to always space out, and quickly go with them. Katsuki tells her that she easily gets entangled with others so she shouldn’t stay far from them. Hana thinks that everyone is so nice unlike that Rennosuke, who told her go to home by herself. At Shiromatsuya, the other yujo-s are talking among themselves about being too idle and there is no business if there are no customers coming in. And, about daytime business, only Akesato has customers so what are they to do. Meanwhile, Takamichi hits his hand with an abacus and darkly lectures Hana and Katsuki, why they weren’t able to attract customers, and could it be that they don’t have the ability to do that or are they totally useless. Bowing, the two apologizes to him. Takamichi tells them to properly work. Natsu informs him about a strange rumor that has been going around. Akesato confirms that she also heard about it from her customer. Takamichi asks if it is about Gonpachi. Natsu says that a part of it is, but most of it is slander against Akesato. While Takamichi looks thoughtful, Hana also tells him that she and Katsuki heard about it and it seems that a lot of customers and people know about it. Takamichi finds this suspicious and it could be the reason why they suddenly don’t have customers. Sitting down to his table, Takamichi says okay, he’ll inform Rennosuke about it when he comes back. Hana asks where he is. To Hana’s surprise, Takamichi tells her that Rennosuke is currently at Mitubaya where Takitsuki is.

While wiping some plates clean, Hana angrily complains as to what Rennosuke has been doing when they are all doing their best to work. She is also bothered about Rennosuke’s relationship with it friends or something else [/lovers]. She thinks that even if that is so, it has nothing to do with her but since he has always been helping her, she thought that he was her ‘friend/comrade’. Then, Hana blushes really red upon remembering Rennosuke telling her that he doesn’t hate a person like her. Hana suddenly shouts out loud that Rennosuke is a huge idiot. Takamichi quickly hits her head with the abacus and tells her to shut up. Resting her head on the table, Hana hopes that she can go back home soon and to go back, that hairpin is an absolute necessity. To her surprise, Rennosuke stands behind her and tells her not to always call the owner’s name. Pulling her up and touching her leg, he tells her that if they are alone, it is actually okay [to shout his name]. After blushing, Hana screams out loud and shouts what he is touching. Rennosuke laughs and says that she still has zero charm. On the first day of August [hassaku], there is a parade of girls in shiromuku [white kimono] on the streets. According to various sources, a long time ago, a yujo by the name of Kakahashi [高橋; guesswork name] is standing in the streets. In order for the customers not to notice her poor complexion, she would wear a shiromuku. And everyone praised her beauty as she wears that kind of kimono. Afterwards, it has become a Yoshiwara social custom. Hana says is that so, so that’s the origin of that shiromuku parade. While her hair is being fixed by Katsuki, Hana is wearing a kimono. Rennosuke tells her that it is because they lack shinzo [attendant/apprentice] who would walk behind Akesato. Natsu is the only one shinzo who follows Akesato so, Hana is the substitute for the ‘other’ shinzo at Akesato’s side. [It seems that in parades, it is usually three women in full regalia] Hana asks, so why it has to be her. Rennosuke says that that Natsu is also quite famous as a shinzo and she has the possibility of becoming a tayuu because of her beautiful looks. And, even if they are going to find some other shinzo, it would be hard to match up with Natsu. Also, this parade is a good opportunity to publicize the store and for that, it is okay to get someone who only has good looks, disregarding what is inside [/personality]. Hana angrily apologizes that she only has good looks. Katsuki has finished putting on the heavy head piece on Hana. Katsuki learned how to do it because he would occasionally help his sister with it. Katsuki tells Rennosuke that isn’t his sister capable, given her position, for their participation at the parade so why is Hana... As he prepares to put make-up on Hana, Rennosuke says that it is what is asked of him by Souemon [guesswork name from 宗衛門], the owner of Mitsubaya when he went there today. Souemon is the famous head of Yoshiwara.

Even if until now, they only allowed tayuu-s in the parade, but then, it has been a long time since famous people and retainers of the shogun had been forbidden to go in and out of Yoshiwara but then, they do secretly come in. They also have a few number of tayuu, and just like their stores, the big name brothels are also striving hard to earn money, thus they are in the same situation. Rennosuke had suggested that they call more customers from outside. Not only the big name brothels would participate but also, all the other stores. If the girls were to go out and dressed up really beautifully, the customers will also come, and this will make the entire Yoshiwara district benefit. Hana is surprised by this for it turns out that Rennosuke didn’t go there to see Takitsuki. After Katsuki excuses himself since he has to go downstairs, Rennosuke tells Hana to relax for her brows are all wrinkled. As Hana remembers Rennosuke telling her that hairpin isn’t hers, he asks her if she is still angry. Hana denies it and says that for him, whatever she says is a lie. Rennosuke says that it is because without a doubt, that thing is Takitsuki’s. Hana exclaims that of course, right now it is hers, but after some time,.. Rennosuke says that even if there are times when he doesn’t quite understand what Hana is talking about but he knows Takitsuki for a long time. He also knows why she has that hairpin and he clearly knows the reason why she treasures it. And, even if Hana asked if she can borrow the hairpin, but for Takitsuki, it is something that couldn’t be lend to anyone. “You and that woman are the same, for both of you completely have such a strong attachment for that hairpin.” Hana thinks that she knows that already, that for Takitsuki, it is something very important. Rennosuke only wants to protect Takitsuki and in the end, they [R&T] have that kind of relationship. To her surprise, Rennosuke tells her not to be anxious for, until she finds[/gets] the hairpin, he’ll always be with her. Hana just mutters, okay. She finds it a bit strange that she is somewhat moved by that. Then, Rennosuke says that he is finished. Using a mirror, he shows Hana what she looks like. Hana is surprised to see her made-up face, for this face is.. Rennosuke says that in the end, she and Takitsuki look really alike. “Same looks, and having the same hairpin. What kind of relationship could the two of you have?” Chapter 6’s Title: Totally at a Loss. Rennosuke says that it seems that there is something between her and Takitsuki. Hana is surprised by this. She starts to wonder about this since, it couldn’t just be a coincidence. “Could it be that we are..?” Then, a servant calls out to Rennosuke to come out for a while. Rennosuke says that he’s coming. Before leaving, he tells Hana that they have tested the clothes, and it seems that there will be no problem for her to become a substitute, so on that day, he’ll ask her to be a shinzo. Hana just says okay. Hana looks at the mirror again and thinks that she really looks like Takitsuki, and possibly, she has a blood relation with her.

While cleaning the floors with a rag, Hana thinks that it is possible, and if it is true, then, maybe there is a connection as to why she came to this place. Then, a ball hits her head. A crying little girl apologizes to her. Hana thinks that for a child to be here, maybe she is a servant/maid. Hana smiles at the girl and tells her that it doesn’t hurt so it is alright, there’s no need for her to be afraid. Coming in, Katsuki exclaims that Yukiji [little girl] is here, and it is strange if there’s only one. Patting Yukiji’s head, Hana says that she’s so cute. Katsuki says that starting yesterday, Yukiji is his sister’s maid, and there should be one more child. Yukiji is saying ‘ah, ah’ that Hana asks if she is looking for her ball. While Hana happily gives the ball back, Katsuki is surprised to hear some loud approaching footsteps. Suddenly, a little boy who looks like Yukiji kicks Hana’s head and exclaims for her not to bully Yukiji. While kicking Hana, the boy exclaims that scoundrels will be punished by him, Toraji. While Hana is confused over what’s going on, Katsuki grabs Toraji off Hana and tells him to stop. While thrashing about, Toraji exclaims what teeny-tiny Katsuki is doing, and let him go. Muttering that Toraji is the one who is teeny-tiny, Katsuki asks if Hana is alright. While in pain, Hana says that generally, she is. Hana thinks that ever since coming to Yoshiwara, she is getting used to being beaten up even if gramps never hit her. Natsu arrives and exclaims that she has found them and she won’t let them get away again. Natsu thanks Katsuki for helping her in catching them. Katsuki says that it is alright, he had just finished work, so now, he is free. Natsu asks Hana if she was also been hit. Hana says could it be that she was also.. While Natsu is dragging Toraji out and he is thrashing about, Katsuki comments that Yukiji already likes Hana for she wants to hug her. Hana watches them and thinks that having siblings ought to be like that. She thinks that even if it is quite fun and lively here lately, but it won’t be good if this continue. She is worried about her gramps and her friends for they ought to be very worried if she doesn’t go back quickly. She also couldn’t get that very important hairpin, and if she and Takitsuki have a blood relation.., at present that is her only clue. She wants to see Takitsuki again and upon seeing her, she wants to verify it.

Later on, Akesato gives some document to Katsuki. Hana asks if he is going out. Katsuki says yes, he is going to accompany the two kids in delivering the documents for it is their first time in doing so. Takamichi had asked him to do miscellaneous work after he finished cooking. Hana asks if it is all letters in that box, and they sure are a lot. Akesato says that it is because they need servants in participating at the oiran parade, and they have to work hard. Natsu says that not only for the parade, but taking in servants costs money. Hana thinks that lately, Akesato and others would lock themselves in their rooms to write letters. Natsu tells Akesato not to force herself because her complexion doesn’t look good. Akesato smiles and says that she is fine. Natsu tells the kids where the letters for the customers are going to be sent to. Hana thinks that there is also a rumor circulating around about Shiromatsuya and so, everyone is hard at work. She feels that it would be good if she can be of help. After they bid Katsuki and others goodbye, Takamichi appears behind Hana and asks if she has completely finished the things that she has been tasked to do. Saluting him, Hana exclaims that she did, all the stuff that he has ordered her to do. Takamichi says that is good, so go help in the laundry and fixing of things. Hana is surprised that there are more work. Takamichi says of course, and she hasn’t cleaned the kitchen yet. Putting his hand on Hana’s shoulder, Rennosuke says that it seems that today, she is also being ordered around by Takamichi. He tells Takamichi that he is going out today, so he’ll leave things to him. Hana thinks that ever since the hairpin incident, things had been awkward between her and Rennosuke. And, even if that is so, she also had a hard time talking with him. Hana asks Takamichi where Rennosuke is going. Takamichi says that he is going meet up with Mitsubaya’s Souemon to talk whether that circulating rumor is true or not. Hana thinks that Mitsubaya is where Takitsuki works. Turning around, Takamichi tells Hana that this isn’t the time to be idle, she should quickly go to-- Then, he doesn’t see Hana around. While furious Takamichi mutters over how gutsy Hana is, Akesato is fretting over it. Looking away, Natsu just says that she doesn’t know anything about it.

At the streets, a couple of yujo-s approach Rennosuke and try to pull him to their store. While they start to fuss about as to who saw him first, Rennosuke tells them not to pull and he is in a hurry today. They say that he has to agree [to visit] them before they’ll let him off. Rennosuke mutters how problematic things are when he walks alone. He is surprised when someone suddenly grabs his sleeve. Hana apologizes to the yujo-s and tells them that this guy already has an appointment with her. Pulling him away, Hana tells him that they should go. The yujo-s angrily grab Hana and tell her to wait, for how can she suddenly just run there and say such nonsense things. To their surprise, Rennosuke suddenly hugs Hana and tells them not to be rough, for she is the one and only girl he wants. He apologizes that he doesn’t have plans to buy any other girls. This made Hana blush really red and wonders what this guy is saying. Later on, while walking, Hana thinks that she shouldn’t be moved by that because for Rennosuke, it is just some social niceties. Rennosuke says that it is quite good that she is around since the women today are quite clingy. Then, he asks her why she is there. Winking at him, Hana says that she was just thinking if he would want her to shoo some women again, and it seems that he is quite troubled. After a pause, Rennosuke says that she couldn’t have thought that just by following him, she can meet up with Takitsuki. Hana looks away and thinks that Rennosuke is too sharp. He tells her that he told her before about that hairpin. Hana answers back that she already knows that hairpin is Takitsuki’s, and it isn’t because of that, she wants to see her. Hana says that it is okay if he doubts her, but until she finds her thing, he would always accompany her, right? Rennosuke smiles and ruffles her hair. He says that she is a good kid for she understands. Hana laments that he is treating her like a kid. Holding her hair, Rennosuke asks her if she wants him to treat her like a woman. Pulling down her collar to peek in, he says that for him, that is what he wished for, but after he became an owner, he couldn’t just casually buy women. While Hana is still stunned, he comments that her chest is pretty much like a woman’s. Hana blushes in shock and quickly covers her chest. She shouts what the heck he is doing. Rennosuke laughs and says that if he has that kind of desire, then he would be more than happy to treat her as a woman. Hana is flustered for he is teasing her.

She angrily tells Rennosuke that is sexual harassment, but he doesn’t know what that means. She thinks that she is a bit at ease, and she never thought that she can talk with him normally but then, during that time [Rennosuke siding with Takitsuki], she was very angry. Rennosuke asks her that since that hairpin thing is over, why would she want to see Takitsuki. Hana says that she has an idea, that perhaps, Takitsuki is her ancestor. She has always been thinking of this that she has gotten curious about it. She tells him that it isn’t impossible, and didn’t he also mention that there could be a connection with her. Rennosuke says that it is possible, but if it is one’s ancestor, he somewhat understands the feeling of wanting to see that person. If Takitsuki is her ancestor, if that is so, then Takitsuki would have been very happy. Puzzled Hana asks why. After looking thoughtful, Rennosuke tells her that it is impossible for a yujo to have a long life for even if she redeems herself and got out of Yoshiwara, she would have also immediately acquired sickness [sex-related], and it will also be very difficult to give birth at an older age. So, if Takitsuki is her ancestor, it would mean that she had lived a good life and has given birth to a child. And for a yujo, that is really an amazing life. Hana is a bit surprised-puzzled over what/how Rennosuke said it. At Mitsubaya, Hana is awed by how big and stylish the place is. Rennosuke tells her that it is because Mitsubaya is currently the largest store in Yoshiwara and it is of different level with Shiromatsuya. The servant welcomes Rennosuke and ushers them in. Hana notices that some women are muttering their disgust that people from Shiromatsuya are there. Hana tells Rennosuke that isn’t it odd that people are avoiding them. Rennosuke says that it is most probably because of the rumor. This made Hana wonder what kind of rumor it was. Then, Rennosuke tells her to wait there for him. Hana says, eh, then what about Takitsuki. Rennosuke tells her not to go ‘eh’ for Takitsuki is a tayuu so how can she just casually see her. Also, he only came there to see Souemon. While Hana is surprised by this, Rennosuke tells her to at that side, and be lost in thought there. Hana pouts for things aren’t going smoothly. Hana starts looking around the place and thinks that Takitsuki is somewhere here. She finds it baffling that even if she is thinking of a lot of things, she is a bit happy because if she were to see Takitsuki, perhaps, she would know her birth origins..even if she would probably be her great-grandmother because ever since she was born, she has been alone and she thought that kind of relative no longer exist.

Then, Hana overhears a child crying outside. She recognizes the child as Yukiji. Some people are trying to talk with Yukiji if she is lost but no matter how they asked, she won’t answer. Hana goes to Yukiji and asks her what happened, and is she walking together with Katsuki. The older woman recognizes Hana as someone from Shiromatsuya, and if that child is also a servant from that place. Hana says that is true, and is there a problem. The older woman and man tell them to quickly leave their store or else, they would be infected by some strange disease, which that Akesato person had spread to the others. They say that it is a deadly disease, and in pursuing people, it had already gotten out of the store. Hana is surprised for this could be the rumor that has been spreading. Hana tries to tell them that is just a rumor, and there’s no need to have such a harsh reaction. The man says what she is saying for if there is smoke, there is fire. The woman start to pull Hana up and tells her that it is okay for her to wait for her owner, but she ought to stay far away from their store. Hana exclaims that it hurts. Then, someone asks what’s going on. To Hana’s surprise, it is Takitsuki. She tells the others that these are invited guests of Mitsubaya’s Souemon so if they are to do such a rude thing, it would have embarrassed their owner. The woman tries to protest but Takitsuki says that for them to believe such nonsense rumor, it will damage Mitsubaya’s reputation. She also says that actually anyone would die, but at least, she has never heard of this kind of thing. Looking at Hana, Takitsuki offers to let her stay in her room while waiting for Rennosuke for it seems that it [meeting] will take time. Soon, Hana and Yukiji are inside her room. Hana thinks that Takitsuki can be described as beautiful and even if they look alike, but her temperament is totally different from hers. While sitting down with Takitsuki, Hana begins to doubt the possibility that she is her ancestor, and maybe she was just mistaken. After some awkward silence, Hana thinks that this is bad, for even if she assumes that Takitsuki is her ancestor, she never thought of how she is going to confirm it. Hana and Yukiji are surprised when Takitsuki says that it is no good, she can’t endure it anymore. She grabs Yukiji and happily hugs her really tight. Takitsuki exclaims that this child is so cute. Hana is surprised over the sudden change of role.

Takitsuki apologizes to Hana, but it is because she really likes kids. While hugging struggling Yukiji, Takitsuki says that it is because this is such a high level store, it is necessary for her to speak in Kirawakotoba [language used by yujo-s/prostitutes during the Edo era]. And if she were to go outside, she has to maintain her imposing mannerism, and it’s so tiring. She tells Hana that actually she is like this. While wondering if Yukiji is okay, Hana is surprised over how big this sudden change is from her imposing appearance, and when they just meet, Takitsuki is no longer using Kirawakotoba, it is totally different from before. Hana apologizes to her misunderstanding about the hairpin before. Takitsuki tells her not to mind that, since she heard from Rennosuke that it was really similar and it is also very important to her. She also tells Hana that she had asked the shop owner to inform her if there is another hairpin that looks like it, and it would be nice if it is found soon. She then offers some tea for Hana. While offering some snack for Yukiji, Takitsuki apologizes for hugging her for a while. Hana thinks that Takitsuki turns out to be a super nice person. She felt kind of bad, for thinking of this and that about her and Rennosuke, as well as about the hairpin. Because of Hana’s clothes, Takitsuki remembers her as the one who obstructs her parade before. Hana is surprised that person is actually Takitsuki. Hana apologizes for the trouble but Takitsuki says that it is alright, and she was just surprised when Hana suddenly appeared there. She says that she is at fault for Hana was driven away roughly like that, by the young staff of their store. She has always been bothered by that. Hana tells her that she is okay. While Takitsuki is relived by that, Hana thinks that not only is Takitsuki beautiful on the outside, but she is even more beautiful inside. Then, they hear some running footsteps and someone shouting for Toraji to wait up. Toraji suddenly jumps to kick Takitsuki and shouts for her to get away from Yukiji. Hana exclaims why he is there. While Hana is shouting for Takitsuki to be careful, Takitsuki easily dodges Toraji’s kick. She grabs hold of Toraji’s head and says that he is 100 years early to try and kick her but then, this one is also very cute. Takitsuki proceeds to squeeze Toraji very tightly. This made Hana and Katsuki applaud, and no wonder she is good, because she is a tayuu. Hana is relieved that nothing happened. Katsuki says that they heard that Yukiji is there but Toraji suddenly rush in that he is worried what to do. He is also relieved that a tayuu is quite amazing.

The door opens and an older man comes in. He says that it is too noisy but then, Takitsuki’s expression is too relaxed. Behind the man, Rennosuke asks what they are doing, and even Katsuki is here. Rennosuke apologizes to Souemon about his staff suddenly barging in. While Hana and others are tense for it is Souemon, Takitsuki wonders if she looks that relaxed. Souemon tells Rennosuke that it is alright and it seems that Takitsuki is very happy. He also tells Rennosuke that he’ll go investigate about that rumor, and if he learns of anything, he’ll inform Rennosuke. Rennosuke apologizes that he’ll be taking his precious time for this. Souemon says that this is related to the discipline in Yoshiwara and as head, he is duty-bound to be concerned about it. After Souemon bids them goodbye and left, Hana and others are relieved that Souemon wasn’t angry. Takitsuki tells Rennosuke that it is very good that he got the good graces of her owner, and ever since before, she admired his skills in that. Rennosuke says that there is no need to exaggerate, for it is thanks to her, who helped mediate between them. After observing the two, Katsuki whispers to Hana if there is a leg [/relationship] between Rennosuke and Takitsuki for they are too intimate. Holding sleepy Yukiji, Hana says who knows about that. [*‘Have a leg’ is an idiom in Chinese.] Overhearing them, Toraji exclaims out loud what does that ‘have a leg’ between the owner and the tayuu meant. This shocks Hana and Katsuki, and to their surprise, Takitsuki burst into laughter. She tells them that it isn’t that kind of relationship for this guy is only her childhood friend. Rennosuke says that it isn’t ‘only that’ and how could she say that to a former fiance. Hana and Katsuki scream, ‘Fiance’. Rennosuke says that it is in the past. Takitsuki tells them that before, because of a fire, all their properties are burnt into nothing. House and family are all gone, and this is the reason why she was sold to this place. And, of course, the engagement has been cancelled. But then, she thinks that this kind of relationship with him is more suitable, and their being conversational [/intimate] doesn’t that kind of feeling. Hana thinks is that so, even if they are childhood friends and engaged, Rennosuke is.. She watches the two. Takitsuki says that before, Rennosuke is a spoiled brat. Rennosuke answers back that she could even say that, when she is the ringleader of the brats. Hana thinks that even if that is so, Rennosuke doesn’t think of it that way. She wonders why her chest hurts, and wait a minute, why does she feel sad about it, and as if, she likes.. She blushes really red in surprise when Rennosuke leans near her and says that Yukiji has fallen asleep. While Rennosuke is puzzled over Hana’s reaction, Takitsuki asks if she can carry Yukiji for a while. While trying to calm herself down, Hana says okay. She carries Yukiji to Takitsuki’s embrace. While Takitsuki carries Yukiji in her arm and says that this is warm, Hana starts to feel strange again for why this scene looks so familiar. She remembers her crying mother apologizing to her. Looking ill, Hana wonders why she can hear her mother’s voice. Her chest hurts that she couldn’t breathe. She wonders why her mother and is no good, she feels quite sad[/unwell]. When Rennosuke asks again if she is alright, Hana faints. He quickly catches her. While Takitsuki is surprised by this, Hana still wonders why upon seeing Takitsuki, she remembered her mother.

Scans by 不良汉化组.

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