March 18, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 66]

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Shouta bids Sawako goodbye, and says that he’s going ahead. She watches him leave, and she looks somewhat sad. When she starts walking away, Shouta looks back at her. Looking frustrated, he bumps on the tree. And, the snow from the tree promptly falls on him. =P After remembering Sawako telling him that she wants to tell him something, Shouta thinks that he thought she is going to tell him that she wants to break up. He also realizes that the reason why Sawako asked him if he has a problem, is because of Chizuru. At a gift shop, Shouta looks at a pair of gloves and thinks that it will suit Sawako. He is still lost in thought about what happened when Sawako’s father calls out to him. Shouta is startled that he blurted out his greetings, etc. They casually talk about Shouta buying a gift for Sawako. Sawako’s father tries to show off his hat which Sawako made for him. Shouta is quite tense. He then asks Shouta if they are seriously going steady. Shouta says, yes. After wiping his tears, Sawako’s father [SF] asks if they have plans on the 23th and 25th. Shouta says that there is none. SF starts to talk about there being a class gathering on the 24th, so he and Sawako would definitely be together on the 23th or 25th. He starts to say that Sawako didn’t tell them anything, and it is silly to ask, so in order not to hinder them or anything, he is asking Shouta if they are going to spend Christmas together alone. To SF’s delight, Shouta says no, they plan to spend it together with the class. SF happily shakes his hand and exclaims that is good. While bidding Shouta goodbye, SF tells him not to catch a cold. Shouta looks surprised and then, let out a huge sigh. He thinks that in the end, this is good. Shouta exclaims in surprise when Kent pats his shoulder and asks who that small uncle is. Shouta asks why he is there. Kent says that there is a lot of good stuff for girls being sold there, but he doesn’t know what the other party will like. Shouta looks kind of surprised by that. Then, he is surprised again when Kent invites him for a cup of tea. At a teahouse/cafe, Kent is laughing his head off upon learning that was Sawako’s father. Shouta is still thinking over what happened earlier with Sawako. After Kent comments that he didn’t think that Shouta would actually come to drink tea, Shouta asks him if he has something to tell him. Kent admits that is true. He looks away and says that he likes someone. This made Shouta suddenly stand up and exclaims that he won’t give her to him.

This made Kent burst into laughter and shout that it isn’t Sawako. This embarrasses Shouta that he asks why he is talking about this with him. Kent tells him that if he tells this to Sawako, she would be very happy so how about he go and have a word with her. Flustered Shouta exclaims that there’s no need for that. Kent comments that Shouta really puts such a high regard[/importance] for Sawako, that even if he knows that he [Kent] has something to say, Shouta would only think of that one thing. Kent tells him that he wants to ask something about Ayane. He admits that ever since before, he didn’t think that it would be quite hard to attain the girl one likes. And, if one never tries to extend one’s hand out, it would be a hard to reach place. But then, if one does, she will run away. Ayane totally won’t give any opportunity, and why doesn’t she have self-confidence. Not wanting others to see inside her heart, and what he should do to make her open up her heart. So, Kent thinks of giving her a gift but he doesn’t know what she is thinking so this is quite difficult. He asks Shouta if he is weird. To Kent’s surprise, Shouta tells him, no, for he understands. Kent says that even if he isn’t quite sure, but he knows that Ayane was hurt so has Shouta heard anything about Ayane’s past love life. Shouta says no, though she came to school with a swollen face before. Shouta is surprised when Kent suddenly exclaims out loud as to why Ayane got into that kind of love, and he obviously can make her be filled with happiness. He can support and really treasure her, so what kind of guy that was. Kent says that Shouta is the same, what he is doing at his side with Sawako. Shouta apologizes. Then, Kent looks flustered and says no, so right now, there is him [for Ayane?]. After saying some yes-yes to himself, Kent asks him how things are going with him and Sawako for it seems that they have a falling out with each other. Surprised Shouta says no, it’s nothing.

Kent wants to get some tips from Shouta on how he managed to make Sawako open up and would it be good for him to be bright/fresh [like Shouta]. Shouta tells him that actually, he isn’t that bright even if everyone including Sawako would have thought that way. Thinking that even if he highly regards Sawako, Shouta says that he doesn’t know if he truly is what Sawako imagines him to be. Even if he is experience being surrounded with friends, but he doesn’t understand himself or about the stuff regarding the girl he likes. Even if he wants to go and treasure her, he doesn’t know which one is considered as treasuring her, and which one isn’t. And, he thinks that Sawako doesn’t know that he is this kind of person. After a pause, Kent says that it seems that he was mistaken before, and Shouta and Sawako are very similar. Shouta smiles and says that is the first time someone said that. Later on, Kent happily bids him goodbye and tells him that next time, if he [Shouta] needs to say out the things in his mind, just look for him and he’ll listen. Shouta sweatdrops over that. Looking at Shouta walking away, Kent observes that if Sawako has been labeled as ‘Sadako’, it could be like how Shouta is labeled as ‘bright’. And, that is what it’s like to be labeled as ‘Kazehaya’ when obviously those two do not have to think of those things. At home, SF exclaims to Sawako that he met Shouta but he won’t tell her where. He happily says that it seems that they don’t have plans to be alone and will just spend Christmas with everyone, so it is family day on the 25th. Sawako sadly smiles and says okay. In her room, Sawako is going through what happened earlier with Shouta. He had slowly grabbed her hand, but then, he let go. Then, Sawako’s tears start to fall down. She kept thinking that she was mistaken for the one who pulled away [/increase] the distance between them isn’t her, for it turns out to be Kazehaya-kun.

Scans by 君届同好会

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