March 18, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 63]

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Cover page: “Even if it is for the child, I will also not let you just die like that. So, determined Kyo had found out a clue that Shou had left--!?” Kyo is busy leafing through a lot of books that it took him time to notice that Misao is calling him. Carrying a tray of food, Misao tells him to rest for a while because she has always been hearing his stomach growling. That is when Kyo notices that his stomach is indeed growling loudly. While pouring some tea to accompany the onigiri [rice balls], Misao tells him that it would be better to eat some sweets when one is using one’s brains so.. To her shock, Kyo has already devoured all of the onigiri. Kyo looks at her then he touches her face to apologize for not being able to be with her lately. Looking at her blushing face, Kyo asks her if she had become thin when she is supposed to be pregnant. Misao laughs it off and says that it seems that the pregnancy symptoms are light on her, and while cooking, the smell doesn’t affect her either. Taking away the tray, she tells him not to mind that, and things are like this, because he is looking for ways so that her life would be extended after giving birth. Pinching his brow, Kyo goes back to reading. Misao thinks that compared to her, Kyo seems to be very tired that he’ll collapse. Then, Kyo tells her that from today on.. Later on, Ayame, together with Sagami and Houki, meets up with Misao at the hallway. Kyo has arranged for Ayame to live together with them. Ayame says that her health has stabilized, and since Misao is staying there, she [Ayame] will take care of her everyday needs. Misao is surprised by this that Ayame says that it is a joke for since she was young, she has been living as an ojousama [milady] so how could she take care of her. Sagami agrees that Ayame can’t do anything. Houki says that it would be more of accompanying Misao, type of caring. Ayame tearfully tells Misao to make her a chatting companion. Misao smiles and says that she is happy about this because most of the time, she is alone. Misao thinks that for Kyo to call Ayame there, that means this kind of situation will persist on. This surprises Ayame that Misao quickly says that she isn’t complaining [about being alone], for how can she complain when everyone is.. After Sagami and Houki take their leave, Ayame looks sad and gives Misao a hug. She comforts her by saying that it will be alright, there ought to be a way and Kyo will definitely find it. Misao says ya, and she also believes that Kyo will find it.

At the library, the brothers inform Kyo about Houki finding Shou’s note that was hidden among the books. Shou had wrote, ‘Is it possible to preserve both the Immortal Fruit and Misao?’ Houki says that Shou would always research by himself, so he could have casually just wrote that. Kyo says that it is too fragmented that he totally doesn’t know what Shou wanted to say, so are there other notes. Houki says that he only found this one. Kyo asks if there are any other things that they found, aside from Shouu’s note. Houki says none. Kyo hits the table with his fist and vents his frustration on them because after immobilizing the whole clan, this is the only thing that they got. Sagami and Houki apologize to him. Kyo felt guilty and apologizes for his outburst, since he knew that Houki and the others have been in the storage room all day. Sagami advises Kyo to rest or else, his body will.. Kyo insists that he is okay. Sagami tells him that it has already been a month since Misao have decided to give birth. Standing outside, Buzen and Zenki overhear Kyo and the brothers’ conversation. Buzen says that putting aside an effective method, they couldn’t even find any document relating to the Immortal Fruit so it is inevitable for Kyo to be anxious. He also says that the Kuzunoha main family has started searching for a year, and up to now, they weren’t able to find anything. Zenki shouts for him not to say such things anymore and he’s going to urge some other ayakashi [/monsters to help]. While hanging out with Ayame, Misao remembers Kyo telling her that there are very few cases wherein the Immortal Fruit is taken in as a bride. Flashback: Misao said that it has been 300 years since the Kuzunoha clan took in the Immortal Fruit as a bride, so what happened to the other Immortal Fruits in between. To Misao’s surprise, serious Kyo told her that they were all eaten up. He said that fundamentally, that is what happens to Immortal Fruits, and there is no leak of intelligence from clans who had married the Immortal Fruit. The only written account is the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’ which is also incomplete. End flashback. Misao thinks that she knows that the mood within the house is gradually becoming heavy, and everyone is starting to lose hope. Then, Sagami tells Ayame that he’ll be going to the village so he won’t come back today. After Misao is surprised by that for Ayame would be staying with them, she starts to blush when Ayame goes lovey-dovey with Sagami as she tells him to be careful. Misao thinks that she really wants to see Kyo.

In a dark room, Kyo calls out to Misao. He can hear some eating sounds. Then, he sees a young boy eating something..and that is, teary-eyed dead and bleeding Misao. Kyo screams out loud, and it turns out to be a nightmare. He sits up and finds himself trembling. Misao wakes up and calls out to him. Kyo apologizes for waking her up. Misao says that he didn’t. As he hugs her, Misao notices that he is quite sweaty, and he is trembling. Then, Kyo has fallen asleep. Misao takes some clothes from the drawer to change Kyo’s clothes. She wonders how many times had this happened wherein she is already sleeping when he comes, and before she wakes up, he already woke up and left. It isn’t easy for him to sleep but she has already seen countless times when Kyo wakes up from a nightmare, just like a while ago. When Kyo seems to have a bad dream again, Misao kisses him and thinks that this is the only thing that she can do. The next day, Ayame is happily talking with Misao about some guy but Misao isn’t listening and assumes that Ayame is talking about Sagami wanting to eat yakitori [roast chicken]. Misao then apologizes to her. While walking at the hallway, Misao thinks that obviously Ayame is also lonely but she really wants to see Kyo, and how come she can’t be patient. Then, she notices the door is slightly open. She peeks in and is surprised to see that Kyo lying his head on the table filled with books. Then, she notices him breathing that she falls down on the floor in relief that he was sleeping [for she thought he was dead]. She puts a blanket on him and notices that he is having a bad dream again. She kisses him and this wakes up Kyo. He quickly pushes her away and tells her to stop. Trembling Kyo asks surprised Misao if last night, she also did that to give him strength so he was wondering how he got this baffling strength. Holding his fist tight, Kyo tells her not to be like this, for he doesn’t want to eat her. She remembers Kyo shouting that he couldn’t love this child, who’ll sacrifice his mother just for him to be born, and if he were to look like him.. Misao thinks that Kyo detests himself as an akayashi who acquired power from her. Misao wonders if she is hated. Pouting, Misao tells Kyo that she fundamentally doesn’t plan on giving him strength. She only wants to kiss him after seeing his sleeping face and isn’t that what he does while she is sound asleep so when she wants to kiss him, she kisses him. Kyo somewhat blushes over that. Misao asks him if she can stay there, and it is alright if he doesn’t pay attention to her. Kyo says okay. Kyo touches her face. With a loving expression, Misao blushes. This surprises Kyo that he quickly takes his hand off her. This somewhat puzzles Misao. Holding a book again, Kyo says that it is nothing.

Misao asks him if he knows what day is tomorrow. Kyo says that the day after tomorrow is her birthday, he hasn’t forgotten. Misao says yes, but tomorrow is the day when they met again so they should celebrate it. Kyo refuses. Misao asks why, when it is their anniversary. She says that it is okay if they don’t go out, they can just be together. And, celebrating the anniversary is like creating a memory. Looking shock, Kyo asks her if she is already starting to prepare for her death, and does she think that she will definitely die. Is she trying to tell him that what he is currently doing is futile? Misao looks aghast and tells him that she didn’t mean it like that. Kyo insists that it sounds like that. Misao keeps on saying that it isn’t, and she is sorry about that. Starting to cry, Misao tells him that she only wants to be with him and she always believe in him so don’t get angry, and don’t hate her. Misao hugs herself and bends down to cry. Kyo is surprised by this. He lifts her face to him and says that she looks pale. Kyo hugs her and apologizes because while her mood[/feelings] isn’t steady, he has been impulsive lately. He apologizes again and tells her that he isn’t angry anymore. While he hugs her, Misao felt at ease. Misao thinks that after being with child, until now, her body and heart felt completely different. “Are all women like this? Even if until now, I am afraid, lonely and immature, but then, this is the first time I felt fear[/dread]. Not only that I’ll be hated by Kyo and be parted from him, more than this feeling of loneliness, it is being scared to death.” At night, Kyo has been thinking that even if from the start, just by touching Misao, the fragrance is quite strong. But lately, the concentration [of fragrance] is obviously different. That concentration, and that fear just now..and granted that she is pregnant, it is too abnormal. “What could be happening inside Misao’s body? *picking up Shou’s note* ‘Immortal Fruit’ and ‘Misao’, what did Shou find out..?” Blurb: “Misao’s imminent death is fast approaching.. What could be the meaning of that note which Shou had left.”

Scans by 水银工作室.

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