March 31, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapter 7]

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Title: Scratch an itch through one's boot/Way Off the Mark. While Katsuki carries Hana behind his back, Hana exclaims for him to quickly put her down. Katsuki asks what is she saying when she just fainted a while ago. Flustered Hana exclaims that she is saying that she is already fine now. Katsuki tells her not to force herself, and there’s no need to be modest. Hana exclaims that she isn’t being modest, and no matter what he says, this is quite an inconvenience for him that she’s being carried behind his back. Carrying the kids, Rennosuke tells Hana that she’s quite noisy that it doesn’t seem like she is someone who just fainted a while ago. “If you don’t like Katsuki to carry you, do you want me to carry you home once again?” Katsuki is puzzled over that, and Hana is really embarrassed. She angrily shouts that if she is going to be carried home by him again, she would rather go down and walk back by herself. Rennosuke laughs and says that she is quite lively, and it seems that she is already alright. Flustered Hana curses for how come she had suddenly fainted. This is the first time that it has happened when obviously, until now, she hasn’t even catch a cold. And, upon seeing Takitsuki hugging Yukiji, she really had a ‘reminisce’ kind of feeling. She wonders why, when compared to anyone else, she longs for her ‘mother’s existence. There is a scene wherein crying young Hana is being comforted by gramps. But then, she can only remember a hazy memory of her mother and yet, it would suddenly overlap with Takitsuki. It’s really strange for she thought that she had already graduated from having an attachment with her mother. She dismisses it as her uneasiness because she had suddenly come to this era. And also, she is already tired from trying to adapt to this situation. Then, they hear a woman shouting as to what she is planning to do that she would suddenly lay her hands on her customer. The other woman exclaims that it is her fault for letting the customer get away from her, and that man obviously isn’t her regular customer so don’t blame her. After getting down from Katsuki, Hana thinks that one of the women looks familiar. With everyone gathered around to watch the women quarrelling, Katsuki says that it is Murasaki. Hana exclaims that she remembered, when she first met Rennosuke, Murasaki is the woman she was chasing after him. Katsuki is surprised that Murasaki was chasing after Rennosuke.

Rennosuke just laughs it off and asks if Katsuki was Murasaki’s customer. Flustered Katsuki says that it is impossible for him to be a customer, for from the very start, he won’t pay for the services of that person. Hana asks why. He explains that, his sister and Murasaki of Kukiya are famous prostitutes in this area, and for some baffling reason, from the very start, Murasaki would look with animosity towards his sister, and since the creation of the store, she would always compare this and that. Hana thinks that Murasaki actually gave her a strong[/confident] presence when she told her before that she is Kukiya’s Murasaki. Then, Murasaki slaps the other woman hard and scolds her for not being satisfised with her small gains. The other woman angrily shouts how she dares to hit her. Then, Hana hears some of the men happily shouting that there is a fight between prostitutes here, and this is going to be worth-seeing. Another person shouts that they should hit each other more. Hana angrily shouts what’s worth-seeing about that, don’t just stand there and watch, stop those two. Rennosuke laments that it would be okay if they just don’t mind. Katsuki calls out to Hana who is already heading towards the feuding women. Then, Hana is surprised when a hooded masked man steps in and holds the hand of the other woman. The woman protests what he is doing. The hooded man says that it is nothing, he only felt that just like what this girl said, in the end, it’s not good to quarrel. He turns around and asks Hana if it is so. Hana exclaims that is right. Freeing herself from his hold, the woman shouts for him not to ruin her good stuff. Before leaving, she shouts at Murasaki that she doesn’t know of what Murasaki she is, but next time, if she challenges her again, she won’t go easy on her. Offering a hand to Murasaki, Hana asks if she is alright. Murasaki recognizes her as the girl before, because of her clothes. She grabs Hana’s collar and angrily asks what she wants. Hana nervously tells her to calm down. Katsuki approaches Hana and scolds her for making them worry since she just suddenly run out there. Murasaki recognizes Katsuki as Akesato’s younger brother. Standing up, Murasaki says that girl [Hana] must be also from Shiromatsuya so they came there to laugh at her. Katsuki says that they weren’t. Shouting to the onlookers, Murasaki shouts for them not to go near because those two are people from Shiromatsuya, and if they go near them, they will be infected with a disease. Katsuki shouts that is just a rumor and no one has contracted any strange illness. A bit tense Murasaki says who knows, for there might be a possibility. Katsuki sternly says that is the same as a rumor, and Head Souemon has also said that it is only a rumor. He dares Murasaki to go to Mitsubaya to confirm it, if they are lying. While the onlookers are talking about this, Murasaki grinds her teeth that she turns to leave. She bumps into the hooded masked man and tells him that he’s blocking the way.
To Hana’s surprise, the hooded mask man drops a flower pendant with strings on it. The man picks it up and laments over not knowing what had happened but then, it seems to have been resolved. Hana recognizes it as her flower [phone/chain] strap. Just as the man starts to leave, Hana quickly shouts for him to wait. She trips and grabs the man’s hood. The man’s face is slightly revealed. The man shouts in surprise and quickly covers his face. To Hana’s horror, the man quickly runs out of the main gate. While wondering what was that all of a sudden, aghast Hana shouts for the man to stop. Hana tries to chase after him but the gate guards stop her and say that since she is a girl, she has to have documents before they would let her out. Hana tries to resist and shouts that this isn’t the time to ask about such things or else, she’ll lose him. The guards restrain her. Hana firmly believes that it is hers, and it wasn’t easy for her to find it. At Shiromatsuya, Rennosuke asks if she found her mother’s memento. Hana gloomily says that she did but the man got away. Hana thinks that it can’t be helped for the man ran out of the main gate. She wonders what she is going to do now, should she just wait for that man to return to Yoshiwara. But then, she doesn’t know when he’ll come back and if he’ll back to Yoshiwara again. It is also fundamentally impossible for her to look for him. She is surprised when Rennosuke tells her not to be depressed, she’ll find it soon. Hana asks if that is true. Rennosuke says that since the man is covering his face, that means he has an acquaintance[/friend] in this place. Rennosuke assures her that man will definitely come back. Based on that man’s clothes, he is a respectable customer who doesn’t want to attract attention. So, they just have to wait and hear some information, and they’ll definitely find the man. Hana looks with awe at Rennosuke that he says that it seems that she understands. Then, her expression sours when he tells her that she shouldn’t think that upon finding the man, she can quickly get it back. Hana asks why. Lightly knocking her forehead, Rennosuke calls her stupid for didn’t he warn her against advancing prematurely. “Didn’t I tell you that I’ll accompany you in finding it? Tell me if you find him, and I’ll help you get it back.” Blushing Hana touches her forehead and says, she understands. After he left, Hana thinks that even if normally, this guy is sloppy, but there are times he is quite nice. Slapping her face, Hana thinks that this is messing with her rhythm and why is her face so red and warm. She thinks that she must be still unwell so she needs to go out for some fresh air. Takamichi appears behind her and asks her where she plans to go. Hana is shock and thinks that she is in trouble for she had stealthily gone out of the store. Hana apologizes to him and says that from tomorrow on, she’ll do..

Takamichi sighs and tells her that her way of thinking is too naive. He tells puzzled Hana that he doesn’t need her oral apology and even if he doesn’t know what she plans to do, yet she couldn’t even do a small thing properly. He says that this store doesn’t exist to provide for her. Hana tries to explain but Takamichi tells her that if she still wants to stay in this place, she should act appropriately by doing her best at work. And, if she doesn’t want to do that, she should leave the store immediately and go lie down where she likes and just wait for death. As she watches him leave, Hana thinks that it is her wrong for her to run out without permission but then, it doesn’t warrant him to use that kind of words to tell her about it. In a room with Natsu and the others, Hana is busy sewing kimono that will be used in the parade. Hana thinks that even if she knows what Takamichi means but in the end, she just wants to quickly find a way to go back to her original era. Hana gloomily mutters that she feels that Takamichi has been particularly strict with her. Natsu says what she is saying when she is the one who is at fault and this store doesn’t need people who can’t work. She urges Hana to quickly work. Akesato laughs and says that Takamichi is indeed quite strict at times, but then, there are times when he is kind. While Hana doesn’t quite believe that, Natsu asks Akesato if her customer already left. Akesato says yes, that is why she’s going to help them a bit. Hana wonders which part of Takamichi is nice when he would always scold and hit her for doing things wrong. Then, she thinks that it seems that Akesato knows Takamichi a long time ago. Then, Hana exclaims in pain for pricking her finger with the needle. Natsu scolds her that she is quite careless. Akesato tells Hana to give it to her. The others especially Hana, were surprised at how fast Akesato sews. Natsu comments that Akesato is quite good in it. Akesato says that it is only sewing where Natsu isn’t good at and it wasn’t easy for Shouki [guesswork from 掌櫃; former owner] to teach her. Looking away, Natsu says that it is inevitable for she doesn’t like doing it and sewing isn’t exactly something a prostitute would do. She also says that it is only because now they can’t ask the tailor to do this so she is doing this. Hana asks is that so. Akesato says that is fundamentally true for a prostitute has to hones one’s skills like an ax, but, rather than being good with needlework, they are more proficient in the profession of drinking and smoking. Hana says if that is so, then it kind of feels charming. Akesato looks somewhat sad and says that is like saying, they cannot do anything else.

There are many women who would only know this livelihood of being a ‘prostitute’, that even if they are over the age limit, they can only just stay at Yoshiwara and wait their death. Shouki felt that these kinds of women are pitiful so he opened up this store and taught them, the livelihood of ordinary women. He would even say that it would be good if the people who die [like that] in Yoshiwara would decrease and apparently, Shouki’s grandson, Rennosuke, and Takamichi think the same way, too. Akesato tells Hana that even if she isn’t a prostitute, but for Takamichi to treat her [Hana] strictly like that, he must have done it with that kind of thinking. Natsu scolds Akesato that she is doing too much work and she should go rest. Then, carrying some food trays, Katsuki arrives and says that it is mealtime. Upon seeing Akesato, he scolds his sister what she is doing there when she was told to rest. Akesato says okay already, she’ll go ahead. Hana thinks that she doesn’t know if that is true or not but she is quite thankful for Takamichi that even if he would always say harsh words to her, he would properly teach her, she who doesn’t know anything, about the work in this store. She thinks that she is an idiot for thinking that things should be like this and that, and even if she kept thinking of her flower strap, and even if she doesn’t really want to come to this era, she also shouldn’t let it be a reason to make, the people in this store, pamper her. Later on, carrying the meal trays, Katsuki says that work went smoothly but then, why is Hana suddenly helping her. Hana says that the things she can do are few, and she thinks it would be better for her to sincerely do some work. Katsuki says that she was of good help and be careful on the first step because she can’t see her foot. Carrying the trays, Hana says okay. Then, she looks at the side to see Akesato talking with Takamichi. Just when she exclaims in surprise, Katsuki pulls her to the corner and tells her to be quiet. Then, they peek at the two. Takamichi gave Akesato something and seems to reprimand her. Hana is surprised to see Akesato’s loving expression. She is also surprised when Katsuki sternly says that guy is such a cruel man. They were surprise when Rennosuke appears behind them and asks what they are secretly looking at. Just when Katsuki is about to scream that it is the owner, Rennosuke covers his mouth and says that since it is such a good ambiance so they shouldn’t break it up. Pulling down Rennosuke’s hand, Katsuki exclaims what good ambiance, is he saying, people in the store can’t mutually love each other, actually, it is forbidden. Putting his arms around Katsuki, Rennosuke says that he didn’t say about those two sleeping together, and he [Katsuki] is exaggerating. Hana realizes what they are talking about and Katsuki is freaking out over what Rennosuke is insinuating.

Katsuki tells him that he obviously know that if a prostitute won’t be happy if she sincerely loves someone. Rennosuke says that it is okay if she is just attracted to someone, within her heart, and the freedom of a prostitute is only up to that extent. Katsuki can’t answer back. He angrily leaves as Hana tries to call him. Hana wonders what that ‘can’t be happy’ means and because she already stayed in this place for a period of time, she thought that she already knows what kind of work Akesato’s job is. But, if she [Akesato] truly likes someone, won’t she feel pain, always feeling sorrowful. She is startled when Rennosuke asks what happened that she is so quiet. Dark Takamichi appears before them and asks what the two of them are doing when he was wondering why it is noisy there. Rennosuke just says that it is nothing, only just thinking when did he and Akesato got together. Takamichi tells him to quite joking around for he isn’t him, since he is only giving some medicine to her because it will be problematic if she gets sick. He says that it isn’t surprising that he would do this thing since he is the head manager of the store. Rennosuke says is that so, and it must be quite hard for him to foot the bill from his own pockets, such a nice head manager. Scowling Takamichi asks what he is implying. Rennosuke says he looks scary. Taking Hana with him, Rennosuke says that they are leaving. Hana glances back at Takamichi who is looking at them. Hana thinks that it is impossible not to feel hurt since one can’t be with the person one likes. Outside, Rennosuke is teaching Hana how to walk in the parade. He tells her to keep her chin up and look straight ahead. After following his instruction, Rennosuke says that she did well, and the parade will finally be held tomorrow so she only has to pay attention on not stumbling down. While he is still talking, Hana is thinking that kind of love must be the same for Rennosuke. Rennosuke angrily pinches her cheek and tells her not to have such a melancholic expression. Holding her cheek, Hana apologizes and says that she doesn’t know why but she is bothered about what happened yesterday. Rennosuke says that isn’t that strange for this is Yoshiwara, and even if one knows, changing is also a very painful thing, and it can’t be helped if one falls in love. And like this, it is inevitable that one’s heart would easily give up. Thinking of Takitsuki, Hana wonders is that so. She asks Rennosuke if he is hurting. Puzzled, Rennosuke asks what she is saying. Hana says that it is because he likes Takitsuki. Rennosuke looks surprised that Hana quickly turn around and nervously laugh that this is quite tiring. She gloomily wonders why she feels dejected by what she herself had said. Standing up, Rennosuke asks if she is thinking of him. Flustered Hana quickly denies it.

Rennosuke pulls her arm and make her somewhat lie down on the floor. He chuckles and says that it is quite unexpected for her to be interested in other people’s love stories. Untying the obi, Rennosuke asks her if compared to that, would she want him to teach her something more interesting. While Hana is confused, Rennosuke leans to kiss her. Hana quickly punches him on the nose and shouts that it isn’t necessary. While Rennosuke winces in pain, Hana quickly runs off. Rennosuke laughs that Hana’s reaction is still like a kid’s. “Really so foolish. Takitsuki already has a Mr. Right.” On the day of the parade, there are a lot of people around. A man shouts that the parade for the first day of the month is starting, and a lot of famous ladies are going to walk the parade so it would be someone’s loss if they didn’t come to see it. All dressed up, Natsu is with Akesato and the two kids. She asks Hana if she is alright. Also dressed up, Hana says that she is fine but she hasn’t gotten used to the heavy hairpiece. Everyone is surprised that Hana is that girl, who wears strange clothes. Rennosuke whispers to her that in the end, since she is dressed up like that, one would feel really bad if she doesn’t make others think she is a prostitute. He also says that after all the practice, she still keep swaying about, that he really wants to carry her. Hana angrily shouts that it isn’t necessary. Rennosuke laughs and tells her to absolutely not stumble. Biting her teeth, aghast Hana thinks that this guy is really fooling around with her and he is always like that. Just as Akesato prepares to go out, Rennosuke tells her that this is a good opportunity to raise up her head, after all the rumors that people had been gossiping around. Akesato says that she knows, she will do her very best to be able to repay the store’s favor, bestowed on her. Hana is angrily pouting how she could be happy over being fooled around but then, right now, she must put all her concentration on the parade. Just when Hana is about to go out, she hears Akesato’s scream. While Natsu goes to assist Akesato ,who is sitting on the ground, Takamichi shouts who threw that stone. Hana is shock to see Akesato covering her forehead and there is a stone with blood on the ground. Hana quickly looks around at the onlookers and sees a woman who partly covers her face. Hana thinks that surely, it is that woman. Hana starts to run towards the woman and shouts for her to stop. Then, she sees the hooded masked man at the other side of the crowd. Aghast Hana wonders why he would appear at this time. “The two people whom I’m concerned with, are at two opposite directions (-□-;)!!”

Scans by 不良汉化组.