March 31, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 39]

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Cover Page: “New season is starting♥” Unpacking a box filled with books, Anna holds a book on figure drawing. She calls out to Hinata and asks him what she’ll do with these books. “Is it okay for me to just put them on the bookshelf?” Hinata says okay, thank you. While Hinata is carrying a box, Sou asks Hinata about what these stuff [looks like canvas pads/boards]. Narration: “Right now, it is summer vacation. And truly- a lot of things had happened. And, Hinata has moved back to this apartment’s room 303. Afterwards, Sou happily exclaims that it now feels like some sort of luxurious room. “Good- going to have a long term stay here.” Hinata comments that Sou only goes there to play and it isn’t necessary for him to go to his room. Sparkling Sou says that it would be good if Hinata would also play. Hinata says that playing with Sou is like playing to lose. Sou says that not yet. Looking at the two, Anna wonders what this is. “Even if I’m very happy that Hinata came back, but because the reason for leaving is a bit ‘what the’, I also felt heavy. *pouting* But in the end, these two guys are happily having fun...” Anna punches Sou’s back that Sou exclaims that it hurts, and why is she doing that, all of a sudden. Hiyori [Hinata’s mother] comes in and happily thanks the two for helping Hinata unpack his luggage. “Are you guys tired? Come have some tea and cake♥” Anna happily thanks her. Hiyori tells them that she made that cake herself and she is very confident in making it. It is a strawberry cake with greetings, ‘♥♥♥Happy Quitting School. ♥♥ Hina-chan, ♥♥ welcome back♥♥♥” Anna and Sou are shock by this and gloomily mutters, “Happy..” Hinata apologizes to his friends, and tells them that it is alright, he is already gotten used to it so.. Hiyori exclaims that it doesn’t exactly mean like congratulations for quitting school. Aghast Sou says no, this is a congratulation, it is absolutely a congratulation. Hiyori starts crying that ever since Hinata left, she has been extremely lonely so she is very happy that they get to live together again. Hinata says yes, that’s true. Hiyori continues to say that it is the same for Hinata because even if quitting school is really bad but he also totally doesn’t totally hate it, right? “And, you’re also very happy that you’ll be able to go to school together with Anna-chan and Sou-kun, right!?”

Anna and Sou exclaim in surprise, “Ha, Hinata is going to transfer to our school!?” Hiyori is surprised by their reaction and asks if Hinata hasn’t told them. Looking at the side, Hinata says that it is because it isn’t completely confirmed yet. Sparkling Anna exclaims what he means that it isn’t completely confirmed yet. Trying to calm them down, Hinata says that he hasn’t taken the entrance exam yet. Sparkling Sou exclaims when the entrance exam is. Hinata tells him that it will be on the 18th. Anna’s expression freezes. Sou says that it is coming soon, and how many subjects is he going to have a test on. Hinata says, three subjects. Anna thinks that the 18th is the day of the fireworks display so doesn’t this mean that they won’t have a date on that day. Disappointed Anna thinks that is right since right now, isn’t the time for Hinata to go watch the fireworks display. Sou quietly looks at Anna. Then, he tells the others that he is going home for it is almost time for work. Sou asks Hiyori if he wants to eat the cake at home so can he bring some home. Hiyori happily tells him that she’ll help him put it in a bento box. As they go out, Sou bids Hinata goodbye and wishes him good luck[/gambatte] on the entrance exam. Looking surprised, Anna says that is right, Hinata has to study so she is also going.. Hinata grabs her wrist and asks if on the 18th, they are going to let their love’s flower bud blossom. Anna remembers that Hinata is referring to that love message about their fireworks display date, which Nanoka had sent to Hinata. To Hinata’s surprise, aghast Anna exclaims that is not so, that is a message which Nanoka had sent on her own and she [Anna] ABSOLUTELY do not think that way. Hinata says is that so. He laughs and says that is quite regretful then, because it was quite interesting. Anna is speechless. Slightly blushing, she says but Hinata is going to have an entrance exam on the 18th. Hinata tells her that it will be finished before noon. “Even if I’ll be studying before the 18th, but I can go watch the fireworks display.” This delights Anna that she happily says is that so, is that right. Hinata tells her that’s right. Anna exclaims for him that before then, he should sincerely stay, and do his real best in the exam. Hinata says, yes. Narration: “I never thought that there is now an opportunity to go to the same high school with Hinata!! Even if from the start, it was originally a stormy-like summer vacation, but finally, I can see the light!!”
At a karaoke bar, Nanoka says that Hinata will be going to their high school. With a microphone, Anna happily exclaims that is right, and contrary to what she thought that after the end of summer vacation, she won’t be able to see him for a period of time. Nanoka happily says that means that Anna and others, the three childhood friends, would also be going to the same high school. Anna exclaims that’s right, that’s right. Nanoka laughs and says that’s great. “So, during the fireworks display, you and Hinata-kun, as well as Nagase-kun, the three of you, will watch it together, right?” Anna freezes. Nanoka happily tells her to go and invite Sou, and he would happily accept it. Anna asks that didn’t Nanoka tell her something like ‘there is no dating if there are three people’. Smiling Nanoka asks if she didn’t say that ‘the bonds of the three are very important’. Aghast Anna exclaims that she didn’t. Anna tells her that she is quite stubborn, and that kind of reckless leading her on, she won’t be fooled by it, even if she is always been fooled by Nanoka. Nanoka quietly pouts. Anna tells her that if she has something to say, spill it out. Nanoka says that she had invited Aya to go watch the fireworks display together but she told her, ‘I’ve already had an appointment on that day’ so she declined. Starting to cry, Nanoka says that perhaps, Aya already has a boyfriend. Anna exclaims in surprise as to what is that, ever since before, she hasn’t heard anything about Aya having a boyfriend. Nanoka angrily shouts back that she hasn’t heard about it yet, and if Anna knew it ahead of her, then she would have been a double shock for her. Anna sweatdrops and says, yes, that’s right. Teary-eyed Nanoka says that she has a bad premonition. “If what Nanoka is thinking is right, then Aya-chan definitely is.. definitely is..” Anna asks what. To Anna’s surprise, Nanoka says forget it, for it could just be her assumption and if she says it out loud, she feels that it is going to come true. Anna looks sad for Nanoka. She wonders what had happened with Nanoka, and she [Anna] thought that ever since the movie incident, Aya had started to tell Nanoka about things regarding herself, but apparently, it isn’t so.
Wearing a yutaka and waiting for Hinata outside the apartment, Anna wonders if one doesn’t easily change. She thinks that Aya would listening attentively to other people’s problems but in things regarding herself, she would totally.. Her thoughts were interrupted by Hinata who calls out to her. He says that she is early, and was she waiting for a long time. Anna happily smiles at him. While riding on the train, Anna asks him how the exams were, was it a success. Hinata says yes. She asks him when the results will be out. He tells her today. When Anna exclaims in surprised that it is today, Hinata tells her that they will call him if he got in but before he left, they haven’t called yet so his mother is going to take the call and would just text him about it. Anna says that would mean that he’ll learn about it during the fireworks display, and if that is how it is, this isn’t the time to be watching fireworks. Just when Hinata is telling her that even if he is currently nervous, the train’s door opens. He tells tense Anna that it is their stop. By the riverside, there are already a lot of people around. Anna laments that she brought a blanket for them to seat on but it seems that this year, they are also going to stand and watch the fireworks. She wonders when the others came to occupy the place. Hinata tells her that he found a space. Anna asks where. Then, Anna says that if that is the space he is referring to, it is only for one person. Hinata tells her to give him the blanket. After Hinata spreads the blanket on the grass ground, Anna points to the side and asks if they are going to watch it separately, then, she’ll to that side. Hinata sweatdrops and says no, and why would it turn out that way. Sitting down and gesturing to the space in front of him, Hinata tells her that she will be sitting here. This made Anna blush and she sits. She felt really embarrassed by this sitting position. She apologizes to him if her hair is a hindrance, and can he see the fireworks. Hinata says that it is okay. Touching her hair, Hinata says that she would always have a new hairstyle, and where did she learn it from. Anna tells him that she has been reading magazines. She thinks that she suddenly felt that this is for real. Then, the fireworks are lit. Along with the others, Anna and Hinata watch the fireworks up in the sky. Narration: “Hinata and I are no longer childhood friends, but rather, had become lovers..”
While walking at a street with lots of food stalls, Hinata comments that he is more at ease when they are sitting down to watch. While stirring her kakigori [/shaved ice dessert], Anna says that is right, it is better to sit. She hasn’t calmed down yet. Then, Hinata’s cellphone starts to ring. Reading it, Hinata says that it is a message. Anna exclaims if it is his mother and is the results out. Hinata didn’t reply that Anna nervously asks what it is. He looks at her and cutely flashes a v-sign. Happy Anna exclaims that is great. Since everyone is looking at them, Hinata tells her not so loud. Anna exclaims, “Congratulations Hinata!! No, even if you might not be that happy about it, but I’m super happy that you’ll be going to our high school.” Hinata smiles at her. Anna happily tells him to also inform Sou about it and he would absolutely be very happy about it. Hinata says that is right, and Sou’s work should be over. Hinata starts to call Sou’s cellphone. While Hinata waits for Sou to answer, Anna turns around to see a familiar long haired girl figure, clad in a yukata. She recognizes her, and it is Ayane-chan. Hinata tells Anna that Sou isn’t answering and maybe he isn’t finished with work yet. Seeing Anna hiding behind a post, Hinata asks what she is doing. Spying on Aya, Anna thinks that Nanoka’s hunch is still quite accurate, for apparently, Ayane-chan is together with some guy. “Ah, I can’t see him clearly. Sorry, but the guy there, please move aside!!” Then, Anna looks surprised as Aya happily seems to offer a bottle of tea to a black haired guy, who also looks familiar. Then, Aya says that it seems a phone is ringing. Holding his cellphone, Sou says that it is his cellphone. Anna calls out, “Sou?” Sou and Aya turn around to look at Anna. With a scene of Nanoka telling Anna that she thinks Aya has a boyfriend, the foursome look surprise at each other and Sou’s phone continues to ring.
Scans by all★wink汉化组.

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