March 31, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 30]

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Narration: “After that ominous prediction, and strange document stuff..finally, the serious difficulties have been overcame, thus, the Flower Banquet[/Feast] has ended without a hitch. That night, Hakuyou’s King and (temporary) Queen consort..welcome the moment of facing-off.” With their best fake smile, the two look at each other. Reishou says, “-Then, my queen, towards me, what are you unsatisfied about?” Yuulin replies, “Hohoho..oh dear, towards His high esteemed Majesty, how could I have any dissatisfaction!” Waiting ladies happily say, “Then, His Majesty and Her Highness are now going to enjoy the Flower Banquet together! Wishing you a beautiful good night.” Yuulin thinks, “Ah..! It has finally ended, after persevering until the end of the ceremony, but..what’s up with this Wolf King--!!!” Holding on to blushing Yuulin’s hand, Reishou looks at her and says, “When obviously at that time, your gaze was piercing through me, with just one look, you were obviously angry. Weren’t you planning to blame me for something?” Yuulin tries to laugh it off and deny that she is angry. As Houen, Suigetsu and others look on, Yuulin thinks, “What’s up with this!? Could it be that he’s feeling me out!? I didn’t lose to those serious difficulties, and assisted everyone to successfully holding the Flower Banquet for His Majesty.. I’ll definitely energetically act as the Professional Queen Consort up to the end! *blushing* Angry, that’s because of you! Quit acting innocent!” Blushing Yuulin says, “Let’s not talk about this. Your Majesty, it’s rare for them to get things ready for us so shouldn’t we be properly sitting [there] and admire the flowers?” Reishou looks at the side where there is a sofa, table, divider and other things prepared for them among the blooming trees. Looking at her, Reishou smiles and says, “..for me, I’m already appreciating the flower[/s].” Yuulin is speechless over that. Internally, she thinks, “Ah- this is infuriating! He’s such a wolf[/lady-killer]! *furious* In the end, he’ll say it to almost anyone! And everyone will do!” They were interrupted when a waiting lady calls out to them and apologizes for the intrusion but there is someone of high position who wants an audience with His Majesty. Reishou asks who it is. The waiting lady says that it is Prime Minister Shuu. After a pause, Reishou tells her to let him come in.

Yuulin thinks that it is quite rare for Reishou to let someone come during this kind of time. Reishou sighs and says that it seems that they will indeed be interrupted. “But then, this is a rare opportunity, for you might not have met him yet, because that guy would basically not go in and out of the government affairs building.” Yuulin sees a familiar thin-looking man. To her surprise, it turns out to be the guy, who gave her that ominous prediction. The man introduces himself as the country’s prime minister, Shuu Kouren. While Reishou and Kouren were talking, aghast Yuulin thinks that it is him, at the end of the Banquet, standing side by side along with Ryu-sama and Han-sama. “Cou..could it be that..he is someone who is very important? Or, I should say..among the chancellors, he is the highest official!” Holding some documents, Kouren tells Reishou to please read through these, and give it back as soon as possible. Reading through some of the documents, Reishou says that he would always say to read it through quickly. He tells Kouren that while waiting for him, he should stay and talk with the Queen for a while. Kouren says that it will be as he ordered. Reishou tells Yuulin that he’ll quickly come back. Yuulin says okay. Kouren bows to Yuulin and says that it has been a long time. Yuulin thanks him for telling her the significance of the Banquet before. Kouren tells her that this Banquet is quite successful for they’ve made the two families of Ryu and Han to reach an alliance, and cooperate in managing this, even if it is only in this situation. “But this is all due to the sincerity of Your Highness. Your Servant thoroughly expresses his gratitude.” Yuulin says not really, it is all thanks to their kind efforts and support. Deeply moved, Kouren says that even if that is so, she also spent a lot of care[/effort] for it to be done. Yuulin didn’t reply. She thinks that even if this man seems scary but he is actually quite gracious. She is puzzled when he says, “But..afterwards, what’s waiting for you is still a serious problem.”
Yuulin is surprised. Emitting a dark aura, Kouren tells her that the obstacle hasn’t disappeared yet. “Still despised and not recognized. Not anticipated [by others], has not ended. Unable to communicate[/connect], being isolated. With no one to rely on, all alone by yourself.” Yuulin is freaking out for she just got a new prediction. Yuulin exclaims if her luck is really that bad. Kouren asks, luck? Yuulin thinks that this is bad, for it will come true, this person’s prediction will come true and she did her utter best, as if her life depends on it, to just get the Banquet to end smoothly. While Yuulin is trembling over this, Reishou comes back and tells Kouren not to say strange things to frighten his queen. Kouren says that it is because in this place, there is no one else to talk to. Reishou says that isn’t exactly a fun thing to do. He tells Yuulin not to mind it for it is his bad hobby – based on a person’s circumstance, Kouren likes to make crazy predictions to frighten people. Kouren says that a human life is filled with suffering, so if one is to have this kind of awareness, they can be calm and face everything in this world. Reishou says that because of Kouren’s face, the others fundamentally couldn’t sense what he is deeply concerned with. Holding a document, Reishou says that he wants Kouren to explain it to him in detail. While Yuulin still looks stunned, Reishou apologizes to her and tells her to wait a bit. Yuulin timidly says okay. After they left, Yuulin is still trembling over the prediction. She thinks that it is like some sort of rumored mysterious power-type of thing, but then, he told her of some really bad things. Sitting down and taking a cup of tea, Yuulin thinks that in the end of the end, it is still an ominous prediction.. “..huh..? the current me, aren’t I’m admiring the flowers all by myself?” The wind blows some flower petals at stupefied Yuulin. Inside, Reishou tells Kouren to do the work that he can do, and won’t always give it to him [Reishou]. “Can’t you be a bit considerate to me and my queen?” Kouren says that he fundamentally planned on seeing him during the Banquet’s rest period. Reishou says that he didn’t come. Kouren says no, he went but at that time, he saw His Majesty with a person whom he seems to have an unusual relationship so he didn’t dare go to him. “Should I have gone to you at that time?”
Reishou pauses as he realizes that Kouren is referring to disguised Yuulin. [<- It seems that Kouren thinks that Yuulin was a guy then. =P] Kouren asks if it would have been better for him to completely forget about that. Reishou tells him to thoroughly wipe it out from his memory. Kouren says that it is as he ordered. =P Kouren says that there is also that other matter. “Pertaining to the destruction of Her Highness’ palanquin.. the conclusion is ‘carelessness of the subordinates’.” Reishou says that regarding the queen’s matters, didn’t he leave the investigation to Jun. Kouren says that he had already investigated it and it is only because there isn’t much advantage if they publicize this matter. Reishou says that it is too early for throes guys to start [doing things]. “Whether it is Ryu family or Han family, just by having something to do with them, the success and failure of the Banquet would just become meaningless. *wolf mode* Even if the king isn’t around, this banquet will also succeed. On the surface, they are working together for a common goal, but how it is in private, actually doesn’t matter at all. It’s just too bad for those people who worked really hard for the Banquet. is also fine. There’s no problem with this, no matter what, the Spring Banquet for the Wolf King has been a total success! Everything that is bad and filthy will be treated as the past. As this new spring is starting, do one’s best for my era!” Kouren bows to him and acknowledge for it to be so. Later on, Reishou returns to see Yuulin staring off space and grumpily saying, “Ah- how beautiful, it’s truly so beautiful! Admiring the flowers all by oneself, can be quite poignant [/sad and beautiful]- *noticing speechless Reishou* Ah, ah, for the super popular Majesty, won’t be able to understand this kind of feeling, right.” Reishou couldn’t reply. While waiting for him all, by herself, Yuulin has given herself up to despair. Reishou nervously apologizes for coming back so late. “Are you angry?” Holding a cup of tea, Yuulin denies that she is, and says, of course not. “This is a temporary Queen consort’s duty! And, the flowers are very beautiful, the food is delicious, I’m quite satisfied with everything! *looking melancholic* Ah ah, next time, I can even understand if you say, ‘I have a bit of work, I’m going to have fun with some beautiful ladies, and I’ll quickly come back.’”
Thinking that things aren’t quite reassuring, Reishou asks if the ‘beautiful ladies’, she is referring to, are those ladies during the daytime Banquet. Yuulin looks away and pouts. Reishou tries to explain that it was an impromptu arrangement, and because it is a festival, as the Wolf King, he couldn’t just show off his bad temper at will. But then, he conducted himself with dignity at that time. Yuulin still won’t look at him. Reishou says that his bride is also very cute, and what’s more, it is proven that their husband-wife relationship is quite harmonious. “About that.. that.. I’m really sorry for making you stay at the harem..” Yuulin looks at him and Reishou’s doggy ears droop down. Unable to resist, Yuulin takes a bowl and shouts if he wants to eat. Puppy Reishou exclaims, yes. Blushing Yuulin wonders what’s going on, she is once again recklessly throwing a tantrum. “But! Who told him to be lecherous[/womanizing] like that! Back to the main topic.. it is necessary for me to be energetic..!” She exclaims that the Banquet has smoothly ended. Holding a cup of tea, Reishou says that is true, even if it is quite tiring. Yuulin exclaims that this Banquet is quite good, and it seems that everyone strive hard. Reishou says yes, they really did their best with such a small budget. Somewhat calming down, Yuulin wonders what’s with this feeling, as if they are talking about the weather. “I wholeheartedly wish this person to be happy that I happily did my best. But this person seems to be always alone. It feels like [I’m] talking about some other person.” Looking up, Reishou says that in the end, it seems that spring hasn’t arrived yet. Puzzled, Yuulin tells him that it is already quite warm and a lot of flowers are blooming. Reishou smiles at her and says that before, the house where he lives is situated quite up north and during this time, it is still snowing. “It seems that once again, it is only me, who had been forgotten.” [<- I’m not too sure what he means here. Is he reminiscing the past, or he isn’t in full control of the country yet, or something else.] Yuulin looks surprised and thinks that during the Banquet, because of what Reishou said, it felt as if spring has truly arrived, but now, if seems that the white flowers that are dancing in the sky has become snow. “Is it a dream? Or perhaps an illusion? As if, he isn’t here.” Reishou is surprised when Yuulin leans on his shoulder. He asks her what happened, is she tired. Blushing Yuulin tells him that she is just using her Professional Queen Consort skills, because tonight is the King and Queen’s Flower Banquet. Reishou says is that so. He smiles and says that she must be exhausted today. “Good work, and I’m sorry.”
Yuulin thinks that it seems as if no matter how hard she does her best, she always couldn’t make him understand. There is a scene of chibi Yuulin shouting to Reishou about Professional Queen Consort, everyone working for a common goal, and making the banquet a success. Chibi Reishou would just say yes, yes. “And our thoughts and feelings are always like a strange combination of circumstances [/accident arising from many causes]. Is it because I’m temporary? Or, because I’m a commoner? Perhaps it is because this person would always act as the Wolf King? Or because there is an insurmountable boundary space between us? I’ve obviously did my best for the Banquet. He is obviously here at my side. *remembering Kouren’s prediction of serious difficulties still waiting for her afterwards* But how come, I feel that he’s quite distant?” Dozing to sleep, Yuulin mutters, “..Your Majesty is an idiot..” This surprises Reishou then he laughs and says, “..good job, my bride.” Narration: “And like that, I’ve unconsciously passed that beautiful night. When I woke up in the morning, I’ve already found myself in bed. So, back to everyday life.” At the government affairs building, Houen and Suigetsu are busy quarrelling with each other. Yuulin tries to intervene between them. She couldn’t believe that after jointly holding the Banquet, when they obviously already forged a friendship, how can this be.. Suigetsu tells her that it is alright, because after all, he will be going back [home] soon. Houen shouts that he isn’t finished talking with him. Then he shouts at Yuulin how long does she plan to stay in this place. Looking aghast, Yuulin thinks that there isn’t any bit of change. Pouting Yuulin thinks that it is possible that all of her efforts had gone to waste for there is no effect. Walking at the hallway with Yuulin, Reishou happily tells her to give it up, don’t mind those guys anymore, for he thinks that it is just futile. Flustered, Yuulin thinks that this guy didn’t change either, always wanting her to give it up, but.. Yuulin tells him that it is okay if it is hard, troublesome or bad luck, it is necessary for people to continuously strive hard. “Even if right now, I’m helpless, but after some time passes, there will be a day when I’ll attain the results, that I want, okay!?” Reishou smiles and says that she is really a Queen Consort who won’t listen to what he says. This made Yuulin blush. She wonders what made him look so happy. Narration: “That path of the Temporary Bride, no matter if it is filled with hardships, and there are no results, despite of all that, one mustn’t fear difficulties. Just keep on walking forward.”
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