March 22, 2012

Vampire Knight [Chapter 81]

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Zero is thinking that Ichiou and that Yuuki girl perished on the same day, and the one he kissed is just the remains of that girl. And even if he believes that she will go with Kaname, how come he has hope, and how come the remains of that girl would look at him with the same eyes before. And yet, gradually becoming cold Ichiru, didn’t. Why is it them, [whom Kaname decided to mess up with.] So, Zero agrees to hide Sara in the Association, and Sara will assist him in fulfilling his wish. Sara asks Takuma if he is coming. Takuma says that he is. Senri tries to stop him by saying that isn’t something he’ll do. Takuma smiles and says that this is something he’ll do. Just when Senri is going to emote about the Takuma he knows, Rima arrives and asks Senri what he is doing. When she is reprimanding Takuma to stop while he’s ahead..Sara and others are already gone. Senri runs to chase after his beloved Takuma. While Hanabusa and Maria look on, Hanadagi’s servant is suppressed by Kaito. Kaito tells her that even if he knows that she wants revenge but she can’t cause a ruckus there. He says that the opponent is a pureblood and she’ll just die. Hanadagi’s servant tries to kick him and say that it doesn’t matter. Hanadagi’s servant exclaims what the hunters are doing, and could it be that they were assigned weapons[?] to kill purebloods but let Sara do as she pleases. [<- not sure on this part] Kaito didn’t refute it. Hanabusa says that even so, she cannot cause a ruckus in their dorm or else, he’ll restrain her using ice.

Facing Kaname, Yuuki says that she is in a bad mood for even if they are in this kind of situation, Kaname is quite calm. Kaname says that he was the one who abandoned her and he is an awful guy. Yuuki says that she hasn’t given up yet, and does he remember, that if he wants to abandon her, he ought to use his hands to kill her. Or, perhaps, she should go kill him. Kaname says that he remembers and that is precisely why he gave ‘Artemis’ back to her, for her to slaughter vampires and become a weapon. Jumping to attack Kaname, Yuuki exclaims that is right, using this weapon, she’ll take away his regeneration ability and ability to move. Kaname blocks her Artemis with his sword. Yuuki exclaims that she won’t let him do as he pleases anymore. Kaname says that it is perplexing. Yuuki says then, just like on that day, pierce her heart with this sword. Kaname swings the scythe off. She swings her scythe again at him, but Kaname evades. Yuuki says that one day if it is her turn, it won’t be with such half-hearted feelings. With a bleeding wound on her face, Yuuki exclaims, ‘Right now..!” Before she can swing the scythe, Kaname tenderly touches her wound. After an exchange of loving expression, Yuuki swings back her scythe, ready to attack again. Kaname tells her that within her consciousness soaked in blood, answer her own questions. She is waving around that weapon and yet, she doesn’t know. “Killing Purebloods is ‘Her’ wish.” Kaname poses with his weapon while getting ready to attack. Just as Yuuki jumps and swings down Artemis on Kaname, Yuuki wonders if he is referring to that female ancestor. Kaname says to let go of him and regard [him?] as a lunatic. Then, Yuuki strikes nothing but the ground. She looks around and wonders where she is for she only sees emptiness. Then, standing behind her, ‘Zero’ points his Blood Rose on her head. He says something about letting him settle with that field guy[?], and why until now, she hasn’t given up on him. Yuuki turns around and thinks that it is an illusion [courtesy of Ruka]. Then, ‘Zero’ shoots Yuuki on the head, and asks her why she won’t give up. Bleeding Yuuki mutters that Zero won’t criticize her like that. Yuuki realizes that this is an illusion that Ruka made her see and Zero isKaname is currently chasing after Sara.
At the Association, Hanadagi’s servant is screaming to let her go for she wants her revenge against this woman. Sara and others just look at her. Taking her away, Kaito tells her to calm down for she isn’t that woman’s opponent. Yagari asks Zero what he is planning to let Sara hide there, and has he gone mad. And could it be that he hasn’t heard of the rumors. Kaien arrives and asks what’s happening. Zero says that regardless of integrity, purebloods don’t need to exist so they should just let Sara and Kaname kill each other. Kaien exclaims if this is a bad joke and is everyone serious about this. As a hunter with conscience, don’t they feel ashamed by this. Sara asks them what they plan to do, are they going to watch her die and not save her, there is still time. From the streets, a spider watches Kaname and others walking. Ruka says that she wants to stop the two of them but she let Yuuki-sama saw a cruel illusion. Licking the blood from his fingers, Kaname says no. “I’m very grateful to you..” They are now in front of the Association’s gate. Then, Zero tells the others that those who don’t want to see something uncomfortable should leave. To everyone’s shock, Zero bites Sara’s neck and sucks her blood. Sara says that is right, this is the help for his revenge. Exterminate Kaname Kuran who is endangering her, the guy who stole his [Zero’s] everything. Touching the door, Kaname mutters that he can’t stand it, giving Zero that nasty blood. Looking at the door, Zero mutters, ‘annihilate’..
Scans by玖玖爱枢♀汉化.

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