March 22, 2012

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 69]

Originally posted @ on March 22, 2012

Students are noticing the difference in Misaki. Satsuki hires a new chef. Suzuna likes to cook and Misaki warns her from cooking too much for Hinata else he becomes fat again. Misaki gets a text message from Usui asking what color of underwear she is wearing tonight. =P That is so lol. A bit teasing from Usui that even if he got nothing much to say, she won’t hang up on him. It is mascot/fairy tale theme at the cafe. New chef is overly friend with Usui as if Usui is some sort of hero. After some taste testing, Usui asks him why he wants to work there when other place are suitable for him since he can cook such delicious food. This made the chef happy and overly hyper which makes Usui feel uncomfortable.

Then, Misaki arrives at work and chef immediately puts a wolf head on his face. Later on, Misaki dresses up as Red Riding Hood. While they were talking about the phone call if Misaki was weird then, they were puzzled when Wolf chef put his arm around Usui. Misaki goes out to work and finds the chef weird. Suzuna and Hinata came there to eat that day. They order onigiri [rice ball] and sandwich. Onigiri is made by chef and sandwich by Usui. Suzuna finds the onigiri nostalgic. After eating it, she wants to see the chef. Then, it was revealed that the chef is Misaki and Suzuna’s father. Scans by 红莲汉化.

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