March 22, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 7]

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Blurb: “Volume 2 is coming out on April 13th. There will be a side story in it. For physically and mentally hurt Kira, Nino finally breaks out of her shell!” Page 7 – Happiness. Kira reads a message from Nino saying, “This time, leave it to me to go and prove[/convince] ^∇^” Kira looks thoughtful. Narration: “Kira-kun, I’ll tell everyone that we’ll prepare for the school festival together. But even if I said it..” Nino turns bunny-surprise as everyone in the class looks at her. Then, everyone starts chatting with the others again about something popular and thinking about this thing on their cellphone for a while. Narration: “Everyone just let it go through their left ears, and then, totally go out the right ear.” At the stairway behind the building, Nino is downcast. Sensei tells her that generally, it is because her expression is too straight [/serious], and in communicating with others, first impression is very important. “I can give you some suggestions. *folded wings* But, before that, I would want to confirm something.” Nino says is that true, and what does he want to ask. Sensei bluntly asks, “Have you fallen in love with Curly Hair?” Nino is surprised by that, and she starts to blush really red. After a long pause, wondering how to answer, flustered Nino looks down and says, “..about this.. it is yes. I think that it ought to be like that. But then, generally, nothing will change.. it is already enough that I can be his friend..” Looking serious, Sensei mutters that it is [like that] for now. Nino asks, what, but Sensei says no, it is nothing. Sensei exclaims, okay, they’re going to start. “So, Nino, to your best [/gambatte]” Nino says, yes, ‘pah’.”

In section 1-5, a guy tells Yabe to look there, Bird Girl hasn’t given up and starts to go to that side. Number 1 – Try a nice greeting. Towards a couple of girls reading books, Nino says, “Yo. Do you want to prepare for the school festival together?” The two girls just look at her. Silence. Number 2 – Try a refreshing [/bright] greeting. Riding on a bicycle, Nino rings the bell *grring* and tells a couple of guys, “Hi✿ Wanna prepare for the school festival together?” The two guys just look at her. Silence. Number 3 – Try a lively greeting. With pompoms, Nino tells a couple who were eating lunch, “Gakkou Sai☆ School festival, issho ni, let’s prepare☆” Couple look at her. Silence. Sensei thinks that it is no good, they can’t get on the right track, and it seems that today is no good. Looking at Nino’s direction, Yabe looks somewhat displeased. The next day, Nino calls out to Yabe and friend. She thinks that she should do better than yesterday. Yabe tells her, “Let me tell you..” Nino is surprised that he answered her. To her surprise, Yabe tells her to not to stay close to him. “It always felt as if there is some sort plot that it makes one feel very uncomfortable.” A girl says that wasn’t Kira absent because of a cold, and she’s helping him in handling this. “No matter what, it is a bit too sudden that it is a bit suspicious.” Another girl says that Kira is a bad boy type and what’s up with him [lately]. Nino couldn’t answer. Later on, Nino is sitting underneath the stairs. Perched on the railing, Sensei tells her not to hide there. Nino says that after deeply learning from experience, how come she still wasn’t able to properly communicate with the others. Flying down to her, Sensei tells her that it is alright, they can imitate Sanma Akashiya to fight on. Nino mutters that she thinks that generally, it will also fail. Sensei exclaims that it absolutely won’t because after all, it is Sanma, after all.

Then, her cellphone rings. It is a message from Kira saying, “Could it be that you are planning to prepare for the school festival? It doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t want to trouble you.” Flying, Sensei comments that it is quite rare for Curly Hair to say such kind of stuff. Nino looks very thoughtful. Walking in front of the class, Nino thinks, “It isn’t so, Kira-kun. This is for myself. I want to enjoy the same scenery with Kira-kun.” Standing in front, Nino says, “It’s okay even if I have to apologize multiple times, but please, allow me to ask everyone again. Does anyone want to prepare for the school festival together [with us]?” Some students are already irritated by Nino while others sweatdrops and say there she goes again. A girl asks why she is doing this as if her life depended on it. Nino replies, “Kira-kun is a crybaby. We are neighbors so we are always together. Not long ago, Kira-kun has been crying. I sincerely, I truly want to laugh happily together with everyone.” This struck a chord with Yabe as he remembers Kira telling him that he pretty much like the former Yabe. To everyone’s surprise, Yabe suddenly rushes in front and slams Nino on the blackboard. Grabbing her collar, Yabe says, “Let me tell you, you are really quite annoying.” Nino fearfully looks at him as she remembers those kids beating her up before. Her hand is trembling but then, she remembers that fun photo sticker that she had with Kira. She clenches her fist and says, “..Kira-kun is my friend. Could it be that you are not? *Yabe surprised; she smiles* If only my friend can be quite happy, I will do my very best.” The other students are surprised by what she said. Then, Nino thinks that this is no good for the mood is too serious, and she wonders what to do to lighten things up.

Somewhat flustered, Yabe says that no matter what, it is troublesome. “Do you think that just by hanging on to ‘in the name of youth’, you can do whatever you please!?” Nino and Sensei are surprised. Sensei mentally tells Nino that the opportunity has arrived. Yabe is puzzled when Nino is taking something out of her pocket. Holding a bottle of dark liquid, Nino says, “It’s shoyu.” [Nino is imitating Sanma’s Kikkoman soy sauce commercial. Sanma is a Japanese TV comedian.] Yabe and everyone else are stunned by this. Glaring at Sensei, Nino thinks that in the end, this is also a failure. Sensei sweatdrops and thinks that this is quite strange. Suddenly, someone let out a laugh. To Nino’s surprise, the two girls, who offered to helped them before, say that they know already, and for Nino to do it up to this extent, they can’t just ignore her. “Yes, that’s right, we’ll help out.” Soon, a few others are also telling Nino that is enough, they would help out, too. Nino is very delighted over this. Sensei is quite proud over the outcome. At the hospital, that night, Kira gets a message from Nino. It reads, “We can prepare for the school festival together! I found four people who are willing to help. The teacher also gave us permission. We’ll be waiting for your return.” Kira is moved by this. Narration: “I wonder what Kira-kun would say upon his return? In the end, he would be crying, right?” After school dismissal, Nino stiffly thanks the four students for helping and she’ll be under their care[/yoroshiku]. They greet her back, and then, there is silence. Holding some papers, Nino stands up and tells them that they should start folding flowers, and think of some menu. The others think that in the end, Nino is too strange for she is talking in phrases. Narration: “I really want to quickly see you.” Then, during the break, while making paper flowers, the two girls ask Nino what happened for she looks very happy upon reading a message on her cellphone. Thinking that he was discharged, Nino tells them that Kira said that after school dismissal today, he’ll come and join them. They are excited for the main star is finally coming. They eagerly anticipate his reaction and guess that he would definitely cry.

Then, the homeroom teacher approaches to Nino and calls her. Nino looks tense for it is Old Timer. Old Timer apologizes to her and tells her not to prepare anymore. After the three girls looked shock, the long haired girl exclaims why, for didn’t he say that they can prepare even if they are few in number. Old Timer says that the application is too late for other clubs are going to use their classroom. She says that weren’t the fourth floor unoccupied. Old Timer says that floor is no entry for the anti-theft measure is quite strict so there’s nothing can be done about it. “And, I should say, it is quite futile from the very start.” The other girl says that aside from the fourth floor, there should be some other empty classroom. Old Timer tells them that in the end, unfortunately, with only six people preparing for it, this has also been opposed by other teachers. Yabe quietly watches Nino. After school dismissal, the students are getting ready to go home. Kira has arrived and he is changing his shoes at the shoe lockers section. The two girls approach him and tell him that they were preparing together for the school festival. Surprised, Kira says okay. He is puzzled when they say that it is too bad for it won’t easily go smoothly at all. Kira is surprised. They ask him if he hasn’t heard, the school festival thing has fizzled out. “Okamura-chan really did her best so she got a huge shock. Oh right, Kira-kun, are you really a crybaby? *smiling* Next year, if we are still classmates, let’s prepare for the school festival together. If we are successful, let us see your tears, okay!” Kira still looks surprised. Later on, Kira goes to the classroom to find it empty. Then, he walks at the hallway to see Yabe being reprimanded by a teacher about remembering to bring something tomorrow. Yabe says okay.

Then, he notices Kira. They quietly pass by each other. Yabe suddenly says, “If it is the inner courtyard, she generally isn’t there. *Kira turns to look at him* Weren’t you looking for that girl? If it is the ‘former me’, I won’t be hiding at such a dark and narrow place. That means lamp[/light] before dark.” As Yabe starts to walk away, Kira realizes something. He goes back to the classroom and stands in front of the locker. He notices that the brooms and dustpan are outside. He calls out, “Okamura, are you inside? Quickly come out.” After a few muttering, Nino says that she doesn’t have any face to see him. Swinging the locker door open, Kira exclaims that she’s really inside, and why is she staying ther... Kira is surprised to see Nino crying. Crying Nino holds her skirt tight, and says, “I’m..sorry.. I wasn’t able to do it well.. Sorry.. Sorry..” Sensei is standing underneath Nino. Kira holds her crying face and licks her tears near the chin. While blushing in shock, Nino asks him what he is doing. Kira says, “..stop crying. If you still cry, I’m going to lick you again. *Nino exclaims in surprise; he hugs her tight* Okamura Okamura Okamura, thank you. I felt that I’ve already obtained the thing that I’ve wanted. It is already enough. ..but, if you won’t smile then it would be meaningless. If you can feel, together with me, that ‘we did it’, then I’ll be more happy. *teary-eyed and smiling* So, how about a smile, Nino.” Holding his hand, Nino smiles and says, “Okay..” The two smile at each other and Sensei look really irritated and angry. Biting his beak, Sensei thinks that he is really restraining himself. A note says that he is a bird who can read the mood. Narration: “October 4th. Today, I’m really so very happy that my chest felt quite filled up. *Kira comments that just now, it seems that the parrot is glaring at him.* But, I don’t know why. *Nino sees Mio coming in the classroom and she looks unhappy which surprises Nino.* But, at the same time, I also felt very afraid.” Blurb: “Kira’s smile has made Nino’s chest burning hot!! The feeling of love also can’t be repressed!! But, Mio will..”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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