March 22, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 36]

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Blurb: “Finally, it has arrived. This can be considered as an unanticipated start of the unfolding of the plot..?” Title: Future (career, etc) Prospects. Coming in Micchan’s apartment, Yuuzan and Andou happily exclaim that they will be intruding. Yuuzan is carrying some pizza and drinks [which he ends up eating. =P] Blurb: “It seems that Haru’s family situation is in a terrible state..” Holding up his right hand’s little finger, Andou says that in short, it is about this. [Little finger = lover] “The uproar started when the very first lover appeared. Then, one after another, they keep on appearing, and appearing. We were also quite shock for how much free time does he have anyway. Ah! In the latest news! There is a new girl that has also appeared, right? It’s girl number 12--” Micchan had just gotten out from the bath and opens up a can of beer. Aghast and uninterested Haru just opens the television and the program is about some tanuki. Yuuzan says that in short, because their father’s isn’t well, they have already forced him to be hospitalized in order to be treated. “To say it in a straightforward way, right now, our family is in the middle of a crisis.” Angry Haru asks, shouldn’t they be in the stage wherein they’ll seriously start considering neutering their father. [Lol] Getting ready to eat a pizza slice, Yuuzan says that he[/they] would have really wanted to do that. Yuuzan casually asks if they know that pizza taste better if there is honey on it. He then asks Micchan to give him some coffee. Micchan tells Möbius-sama to get it himself. Dark Haru asks Micchan why he let these guys in his house. Getting another slice of pizza, Yuuzan says that on their side, they are urgently thinking of some countermeasure in dealing with this situation, and they don’t even have time to leisurely eat like this. He also says that during this key moment, their father’s wife had a falling out[/got in a quarrel with their father] and she went back to her hometown. “And so, I’m saying.. women.. Ah.. *blushes* it is also like that girl before. Why is it that no matter where one touches women, they are so soft. And also, they always smell nice.” Taking a slice of pizza, Andou says that Yuuzan is always like that, acting like a junior high student. “Ah, speaking of that, the girl whom we met at the summer resort. Mitsuyoshi! Let me say- Actually, it is quite a waste- If it is okay that you are like this, then how would it be with me?” [<- It seems that Andou is indeed interested in Asako so he is asking Micchan of his chances with Asako since she was interested in Micchan]

Micchan just asks them what they came there to say. Andou says, “ least, right now, it is necessary for you to come home, young master. And if by any chance, it was found out that the master and one of his sons had severed their relationship, it would cause a greater uproar, and we are already in a difficult situation. I would want you to help us out, so how about it.” Reading a book, Haru says that he refuses for no matter what is said, in the end, they still plan to lock him up. Andou goes, ‘tsk’ and apologizes for only this, they cannot just back down. Haru angrily challenges him to try doing it through a fight. Yuuzan tells Andou to stop for it is impossible to make Haru be nice and listen to them. He smiles and says, “If this is how it is, let’s use plan B!” Walking towards school, Shizuku thinks that she can’t always just play around when it is already her second year’s second term. Then, she notices gloomy Haru with Andou standing behind him. All the other students are looking at them. Shizuku greets Haru and asks what kind of game he is playing. Thinking that she has seen this guy a lot of times, Shizuku asks “And this person is..” Andou tells her that his surname is Andou, and please don’t mind him, just treat him as if he is a breeze. Irritated Haru tells her that Andou is his father’s subordinate and starting yesterday, Andou has been keeping a close watch on him. Looking around, Andou happily says that in the end, summer uniform ought to be all white. Covering his face, Haru laments that with this guy beside him, he’ll be attracting too much attention. Surprised Shizuku comments that he is actually bothered by that. Haru asks her if she knew how much thoughts he wasted for people not to pay attention to him. Andou tells him that if he matured a bit and stayed in the house, then, he [Andou] doesn’t have to be inconvenience [like this]. Haru tells him that in the end, he still plans on locking him up. Watching the two, Shizuku wonders about Haru being closely watched over, and what could Haru have done. Asako calls out to Haru and exclaims why he suddenly has a bodyguard. Then, she recognizes Andou, who was at the camping trip. Andou smiles and greets her yoroshiku [/nice to meet you]. Haru tells Asako to be a bit careful because just by getting near that guy, she might get pregnant. Yano/Shitayanagi rides on a bicycle with Sasayan riding with him at the back. Yano and Sasayan greet Haru a good morning. Haru greets them back. Yano asks Haru if he thought of what they will do in the cultural festival. Haru says that even if he thought of a lot of plans, but it is still no good. Sasayan notices smiling Asko and Andou, behind Shizuku, who is reading a book. Sasayan asks Haru who is that guy. Haru says that that guy is only a pervert who likes high school girls.

Later on, Shizuku is walking at the quiet hallways. She goes in the geography prep [data& storage] room and finds Haru sleeping at the sofa with a book partly covering his face. Standing in front of him, Shizuku recalls hearing that Haru has a good relationship with geography’s Oga-sensei that he can even hang out in this kind of place. Soon, Shizuku blushes as Haru is making some snoring sounds. Shizuku suddenly pulls Haru’s hair that he exclaims that it hurts. Sitting up, Haru asks how she knew that he is awake. Surprised, Shizuku says that he’s awake. Yawning, Haru says that he thought someone is coming in so he simply pretended to sleep but he quickly realized that it is Shizuku. Shizuku asks him what that book he is reading. Flipping through the book, Shizuku comments that it is a book on introduction to quantum mechanics. [It is the same one he is reading when Yuuzan and Andou came to visit.] Thinking that she totally doesn’t understand it, Shizuku asks him if he understands it. Haru says that it isn’t very hard and if it is about understanding high school physics, he can understand it from reading. Shizuku blushes over him and pulls his hair again. Holding his hair, Haru asks what she has been doing now, does she hates his head[/hair] that much. Blushing Shizuku apologizes and says that it is because she couldn’t stop the urge to hold his hair. She mentions that before, he told her that he wanted to touch her head. She is surprised when Haru bends down his head to her and says that it is okay, and she wants to touch his head, right. Blushing, Shizuku bends down and starts to touch his hair. Haru giggles and says that it felt comfortable. Shizuku thinks that she really felt like wanting to give him a tight hug. Haru looks at her, and then kisses her on the lips. This surprises Shizuku. Then, Haru realizes what he had just done. He nervously says that he wasn’t careful, don’t be angry, and just now isn’t counted. Blushing really red, Shizuku says no, it is alright for she doesn’t hate it. Haru freaks out over Shizuku’s reaction. Then, Shizuku is startled when the door opens. It is Oga-sensei who calls out to Shizuku. With a very embarrassed expression, Shizuku quickly stands up and greets him. Haru quickly lies down on the sofa. Oga says that it is quite rare for him to see her there, so is there something that she needs. Holding her red hot face, Shizuku says that she wants to borrow the future prospective data book..from data room..key.. Oga says okay, he knows already, the key. Oga asks Haru if he is serious about that, [what he wrote in] the future prospective form. He had heard it at the office room where Saeko-sensei has been sighing with regret. Surprised Shizuku says that Haru unexpectedly hand over that future prospective form. Haru comments that it seems like she is implying that he doesn’t have a future.

Thinking that Haru doesn’t give her an impression of someone thinking about the future prospective questionnaire, Shizuku asks what he wrote. Haru says that it is going on board a tuna fishing ship. Oga sighs and Shizuku frowns in disbelief. Shizuku asks him what is that, does he want to become a fisherman, and this is the first time she had heard about this. She mutters that Haru still likes water-type of stuff. Haru tells her that it is deep sea fishing, and the ship departs from Canada. “Even if it is quite harsh, one can earn plenty of money from it. Even if right now, I can earn a bit of money but I can’t just always trouble Mitsuyoshi like this. After graduation, I’ll stay at the ship for around 2-3 years. Then, after settling up the money [/debt], I’ll use the leftover money to go around sightseeing. Hahaha” Shizuku thinks, “He’s serious about this--! And, he even planned on not returning for a few years, right? This guy! ..but, wait. If it is for the next grade[/college], then I also ought to strive harder in my studies. If I think of it this way, I actually think that this is not such a bad idea..? For the meantime, I’ll just put feelings at a side.” Sparkling Shizuku shakes Haru’s hand and says, “..I understand! Then, after graduation, both of us will go and do our best in our own respective paths. And, when it is suitable, we can meet each other again!” Haru answers, “Can you wait for me? When I come back, I’ll become a number one really amazing man. Occasionally, I’ll also send some fish to you.” Oga comments that they are still too egoistic. While Haru is looking quite happy, Oga says that he recalls that Shizuku is planning to study humanities but he thinks that she is more suitable for sciences. Shizuku tells him that it is because she isn’t interested in research and skill[/technology]. “My goal is take the quickest way to pass the national exam, and afterwards, find a stable and high income paying job. Even if I like this subject, but I don’t plan on doing research studies.” Oga says yes, she is quite reliable, and if he has a student like her in his class, Haru would have also chosen a different path. “But then, forget it, anyway, geography is very boring. *Shizuku glances at Haru who is reading a book.* ..ah, no matter what is said, for Yoshida-kun, high school curriculum is also quite insignificant.” Shizuku looks thoughtful over what he said.

While walking at the hallway, Shizuku asks if he is going to borrow that book. Haru tells her that Oga-sensei has helped him a lot, and that room is quite similar to his aunt’s research room. When Shizuku asks about the research room, Haru tells her that Mitsuyoshi’s mother teaches at a university. “I would often go there to play. At times, I would also help in doing research.” Shizuku looks thoughtful and says, is that so. Twisting about, Haru thinks of blushing Shizuku saying that she doesn’t hate it. At an okonomiyaki [Japanese pizza/pancake] restaurant, Shizuku and Haru are busy cooking for their respective groups. Shizuku = Asako, Sasayan and Iyo. Haru = Yano, Sako and Terashima. Sasayan orders for oolong tea and melon soda. Someone asks if a little oil is going to be added. Sasayan asks if the teppan [iron plate] has to be always changed. Shizuku tells Iyo to please back away [since she is too near the teppan]. Quiet Asako just looks tense and uneasy. Swiftly hitting the egg, Haru calmly says that next, breaking in the egg and then, cover it and add the seasonings. While Yano seems to be glancing at Shizuku’s group, Sako exclaims for Haru to wait, there is an egg shell in the okonomiyaki. Haru says that okonomiyaki [Osaka-style] can make everyone feel happy, and he feels that it is quite a good menu, even if what he is cooking this in Hiroshima-style. [Osaka-style is mixing all the ingredients in a batter and fry like a pancake. For Hiroshima-style, each ingredient is layered on top of the other.] Sasayan asks if section A is also going to make okonomiyaki for the cultural festival. He exclaims for them not to do that, for they [Sasayan’s class] have already reserved for it, and it’s a secret. Someone tells Sasayan that is enough, don’t mingle with section B, and no spying. Shizuku scolds Iyo not to touch the teppan but Iyo didn’t listen and ends up exclaiming that it is hot. While lamenting that a fixed project [like okonomiyaki stall] is quite popular, Sasayan comments to Asako that isn’t this side [of the okonomiyaki] already okay. Nervous Asako says if it is ready, and, for her to have each and every ingredient, it is enough to just give her half of it. Sweatdropping, Sasayan says okay, just give her plate to him. Shizuku asks Asako what’s wrong with her, for didn’t she always do[/cook] this thing. Puzzled Iyo looks at Asako and Sasayan. At the other group, Haru says that if one doesn’t treat it well, it will be burned, look. Sako nervously tells Haru that is enough, they know that he really wants to do it Osaka-style, and it is already rounded. They were interrupted when Andou comments that after school, at an okonomiyaki store, they are discussing about the cultural festival. “And, it is such an enriching high school life--!” To divert her attention, Sasayan tells Asako to please help pass the seasoning to him. Asako says that isn’t the seasoning right in front of him. Shizuku asks Andou if he is going to join them. Andou says okay, he’ll accept. Shizuku tells him that it costs 546 yen each per person. =P

Towards Andou, Iyo says that he is Haru-senpai’s father’s.. Andou says that before, he didn’t know that she is the daughter of the Yamaguchi family and his boss is currently under their care.. Haru immediately kicks Andou’s leg from behind. Pinning Andou’s head around his arm, Haru angrily says that isn’t his job is to keep an eye on him so get out. Andou says that they are just talking a bit. Haru tells Iyo to go eat with his group. Iyo is more than delighted to do so. Sitting at the other table, Iyo says that she’ll be intruding. The baseball trio blushes over her. Yano nervously asks Iyo if she watches television. Iyo says that every week, she records some comedy show. [<- something like a comedy talent show, I think] Tense Asako whispers to Sasayan as to what kind of person that Andou guy is and how is she going to talk with him. Sasayan says that talking normally would be fine. Shizuku is thinking that basically, it is a conversation that cannot be said in front of her. Looking gloomy and irritated, Shizuku thinks that he would even try to hide it up to this extent thus, it makes her even more curious about it, and it seems that Iyo knows about it. Later on, Asako waves goodbye to Shizuku and tells her that she’ll go design the dance kimono, and from tomorrow on, they will have a special training. Walking at the opposite way, Shizuku says that since she accepted it, she’ll properly deal with it. Then, she notices Andou waiting outside. He says that she is already going home. Shizuku says that if it is Haru, he is still entangled with the others, along with Sasayan, about the menu. Andou chuckles and says that students are quite carefree. Looking at him, Shizuku asks him what’s up with Haru. Puzzled, Andou apologizes to her and says that in exchange [agreement], he cannot tell her. Shizuku mutters that Haru obviously didn’t properly take compulsory education, but his learning ability is higher than hers. “How come he is in this place? How does his family think of him? And along with this thought, Haru said that he is going to catch tuna. He himself said that, but then, it isn’t a bad idea.” Andou apologizes for being rude but then, did Haru really say that, but then, it isn’t really that hard to believe. Shizuku says ya, compared to her, at least, he is more.. Andou looks at her and tells her that he doesn’t quite know the details but Haru and Yuuzan are the children of the [boss’] ex-wife. “When they were young, because their parents divorced, the two were taken cared of, at the madam’s hometown in the province. It wasn’t quite long before they’ve realize that young master Haru is special. So, the two brothers are brought back to the father’s side. But, young master Haru, how should I say this.. *smiles* ah, regrettably, has no feng shui [harmony/cannot get along] with that family.”

Then, Andou’s cellphone rings so he answers it. While Shizuku wonders if there is such a thing as no feng shui, Andou is talking with someone about eating steamed buns. [<- most probably, Yuuzan =P ] After closing his flip phone, Andou apologizes to her and says that he has an errand. He tells her that he is going ahead so can she help him say a word to Haru [that he is leaving]. “At least, how come young master Haru is staying in this place. Of course, it is young master Haru’s own wish! He said that it is really great that he can come back to this place. And, isn’t the reason because you are here?” Shizuku just looks at him. Soon, it is night. Shizuku and Haru are climbing up the outdoor stairs to her house. Twisting about, blushing Haru looks at Shizuku and imagines blushing Shizuku giving him a thumbs up and sparklingly telling him that she doesn’t hate it. =P Shizuku calls out to him. With open arms, Haru asks what is it, is it to touch his head, then come. He is surprised when Shizuku asks him if he really doesn’t plan on going back home. Haru asks if it is Andou who told her. He curses that Andou broke the agreement and said too much. Looking away, Shizuku says that Haru is at fault, for not telling her. “It’s because you won’t say anything that I always don’t know what’s going on with you.” Looking serious, Haru says that in that house, it is only with Yuuzan whom he is related with. “The first one who answered my question is only auntie. So, for me, there is already no other reason for me to go back to that place. And, that is all there is to it.” They look at each other. Then, putting her hand on her waist, Shizuku says is that so. Turning to walk ahead, Shizuku comments that the thing that she wants, Haru would always say that he doesn’t need it. “..I’m a bit envious of you.” Haru looks at her in surprise. He remembers junior high Yuuzan sadly telling him, “Haru, that’s very good, right.” Haru watches Shizuku walking upstairs. Puzzled Shizuku turns around and asks him what’s up, he should go home early. Haru snaps out of it and says, yes. Shizuku asks him that in the end, what does his class decided to do. Haru says banana crepe. Shizuku sweatdrops and says that it totally has nothing to do with okonomiyaki. The last scene is Yuuzan walking towards Yamaguchi General Hospital. Blurb: “Uneasy autumn starts..”

PS. Volume 9 and a drama CD came out this month. Volume 9’s cover is the couple with Andou. The drama CD seems to be focusing on Haru and Yamaken’s scenes in volume 8. If I read it correctly, there will be no chapter next month because the author usually takes a break when a volume comes out. The next chapter will most probably come out on May.

Scans by 離境漢化組.

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