March 22, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 21 - little black book]

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[Plot: Junko is more into work rather than settling down and getting married. She plans to go abroad but Takane, her kind of fiance, monk and student, wanted her to be always by his side. So, after having sex as a way of comforting her for not getting that dream job, he told her in her that he was the one who ruined it for her. -_-;

She wants to point it out to him that she isn’t some ‘thing’ for him to possess, so she had sex with her best friend, Satoshi, who had a crush on her. Satoshi is her ideal man who is willing to support her if she goes to work abroad. It is like falling in love Mr. Wrong, and have no feelings for Mr. Right because after being confronted over this sleeping incident, Junko still chooses Takane when he came to pick her up. -_-#

Masako, a co-worker, also likes Satoshi and tries to get him from Junko. She is doing some stuff so that Junko and Satoshi won’t end up together. And, it seems that she likes rich guys though Satoshi isn’t exactly rich. A cross-dressing high school student by the name of Yuki, also likes Junko but of course, he is no match for Takane. Nene is Junko’s younger sister.

At first, she had a crush with Renji, Yuki’s friend but he turns out to be a super rich high school student playboy, who sleeps around with different women. Then, because Yuki is nice to her, Nene starts to fall for him. Lastly, after Satoshi was ‘used’ and ‘dumped’ by Junko, Masako took advantage of him to have sex.

Then, afterwards, she is irritated that they did it where Junko and Satoshi did, she goes to find comfort in Renji’s embrace. ^^; If you got lost by all that, I specially translated the character map which might be useful so check it out above.

Info about this side couple: Arthur Lange is 24 years old and he’s from England. Yamabuchi Momoe is 28 years old and she’s from Japan. Both are working at a school that teaches English. He is a playboy and she is also into boys..BL, that is. He finds overly clingy girls too annoying for they always want to get him into bed and if they do once, they consider themselves as girlfriends.

She just likes watching, reading and playing games where 2D guys are doing it in bed or wherever else. He is interested in her because she isn’t easily attracted to him like other girls are. She has zero interest in men except if it has something to do with BL. Both never had any experience with love.

They made an agreement of pretending as lovers at work, wherein they would mutually benefit. He will keep her love for hardcore BL a secret, and she will keep other excess stuff about him a secret –hmm..he isn’t an angel but rather a devil. He can get away from those clingy students, and go out with more girls.

As an otaku, she gets to experience going steady with a guy. But then, she is more interested in getting her BL stuff which he confiscated back in return for the agreement. =P And, that’s how it is with them, until now..]

At the office, Yamabuchi Momoe nervously glances at her co-worker Arthur Lange. Arthur asks him what it is. Looking dark, Momoe looks down and says that it is nothing. Blurb: “ into a crisis!?” Shaking her head, Momoe thinks that it is no good, even if she dies, she couldn’t say it, and she too scared to say it. 

Cover page: Madhatter Arthur is thinking that there must be something wrong with Momoe since she won’t go doki-doki upon seeing him and she still hasn’t fallen in love with him. Pouting Alice Momoe thinks that Arthur is mad as a hatter he is, and there’s something absolutely wrong with him. Episode 21 – little black book. His Lies and Her Secret.

Momoe thinks that she only needs a guy who’ll pretend to be her boyfriend for a day, and then, make him meet with her parents. But then, she’ll owe Arthur a lot if she asks this guy, and next time, he’ll definitely make her his slave. But then, she doesn’t know any other male friends. What to do..and why did she has to say those things last night.

While she is in deep thought, Arthur stands up and invites her to eat lunch together. Flashback: Playing a hardcore BL marine computer game, Momoe shouted that this is great, after 10 hours, she finally got the characters to go into super H. Then, to her shock, her mother is standing at the side, saying that she had always been shouting ‘super H’.

After realizing that she forgot to lock the door, Momoe exclaimed why she just came in. Her mother commented that it seems that Momoe’s room is getting too filled up with manga. [She even has a Tiger & Bunny’s Kotetsu pillow =P] She started to lecture Momoe about it, and spending the whole day in the computer on a free day.

Momoe quickly closed her computer so that her mother won’t see it. Her mother starts to sermon her about being almost 30 years old and how about meeting some son of a tennis friend. Momoe is bored over this conversation as she tries to push her mother out of her room and just say, yes, yes. Then, her mother started to say that among the relatives, Momoe is the only one who isn’t married and is there something wrong with her.

Outside her room, Momoe thinks that this will be a long day. She also thinks that it is okay for her not to marry and it’s okay to be a virgin throughout her life and always reading manga = just be some nun who is happily looking at some priests making out. Then, her mother showed her a picture of a 50 year old balding man who is an elementary teacher.
To Momoe’s shock, her mother wanted her to meet with this man as a prospective partner and she can be at ease for this guy is in civil service. Also, according to his mother, he is a very good kid. Momoe asked how can a 50 year old guy be called a good kid, it is too strange. Her mother said that it is inevitable for there is no one else to choose from. Aghast, Momoe said that there is.

Her mother told her to quit lying but Momoe insisted that it is true. Her mother had dared her to bring that guy home for her to see. End flashback. Momoe snaps out of it when Arthur is standing in front of her and asks her if she is listening, he is asking if she wants to go eat lunch with him at the cafe. Momoe stands up and accepts it. She tells him that there is something she wants to tell him.

While the other female office staff members are envious of her, Momoe thinks that relatives and everyone else are annoying for what’s wrong with being single. She has been paying taxes and other public welfare funds on time, and being like this right now isn’t giving anyone trouble and at most, she’ll be a virgin for life.

Arthur glances at sighing Momoe who thinks that at the same time, she doesn’t want others to know that she doesn’t have experience. Just when Arthur asks her what she is going to tell him, a man approaches Momoe to ask her for some help with his English. Momoe brightens up and calls him, Nogami [guesswork name from 野神].

While Nogami is pointing to something that he doesn’t understand, Momoe tells Arthur to go ahead and she’ll catch up. Arthur sees Momoe, blushing and smiling at Nogami, that he wonders how come she doesn’t have that kind of expression towards him, when all the other women has that expression towards him. He finds Momoe too weird.

After Momoe teaches Nogami in English, she asks him about his job as a captain [of a ship] and she would like to know more about it. After Nogami leaves, Momoe has a happy silly smile on her face. Masako arrives and comments that guy is a new student, and it seems that he is some police. Momoe exclaims that isn’t police, but rather a marine.
And, lately, she is into a marine BL game so this is quite good. When Momoe asks her about Junko, Masako tartly tells her that has nothing to do with her so as the manager about it. To Momoe’s shock, Arthur arrives and says that she is still there when he was anticipating to have lunch with her.

Sweatdropping, Momoe says that she totally forgot so how about she prepares to go now. Smiling Arthur tells her that the break is over, and he waited 30 minutes for her. He says that it turns out that she fundamentally doesn’t plan on going to lunch with him and would rather passionately teach that student.

While the other female staff members are muttering over how could Momoe stood up Arthur and she is awful, Momoe apologizes to him. Arthur pats her shoulder and says, ‘No problem’, and regarding what she wanted to tell him, too bad, he doesn’t have time to listen. Momoe groans for Arthur has gone into devil mode and this is a second disaster.

In class, Momoe thinks that there isn’t any other hope, and asking help from a student is not an option. Back at the office, Momoe looks at her cellphone and laments that it is mostly women in her phone directory, and the guys are from her work. And today, it is only her mother who wrote a message to her about something wrong with the air conditioner at home so she called a technician to check it out.

Arthur looks at groaning Momoe and wonders if he was too harsh on her. =P Masako tells Momoe that her student in the next class has cancelled so she is free to call it a day. Having an idea, Momoe thinks that there is still this girl. She asks Masako to help introduce her to a guy who’ll pretend to be her boyfriend for a day. 

Masako asks her for her preference, and there is a guy who’ll listen to whatever she says. Momoe gives her cellphone to Masako as they can arrange for the meeting. Suddenly, Momoe remembers that the technician will be going in the house to fix the air conditioner. She suddenly rushes out of the office and forgot about her cellphone. Arthur asks Masako if Momoe already left for home, and is she alright for she is acting strange today. Masako asks Arthur’s help in returning Momoe’s cellphone.
At home, Momoe asks her mother if the technician went into her room. Her mother says no, for he went at some other’s house first, so he’ll be late or it will be done tomorrow. Tired from running, Momoe sits on the floor in relief. Her mother asks her if she is alright, and there is no need to rush in coming home. 

Momoe thinks that this is great for it would be awkward for outsiders to see the room of an otaku. To her shock, her mother says that it is alright to let the technician see it because he is also the one whom she is referring to Momoe last night. Momoe exclaims if she is kidding for she said he is a teacher. Her mother says that his real job is a teacher but his family sells electronics.

Since he is interested in Momoe, they might get the repair service for free. Just when she is telling her mother that she already has a boyfriend, Momoe remembers that she left her cellphone with Masako. Then, the door bell rings. While Momoe is freaking out, her mother answers the door. Just when Momoe prepares to dash in her room to make him not enter it, the one who rang the bell was Arthur.

While Momoe’s mother blushes over dashing Arthur, Arthur returns Momoe’s cellphone to her. He tells her that she might be troubled if she couldn’t find it so he had asked Masako to tell him her address. While wondering why Masako gave her phone to this guy, Momoe thanks him for specially coming to return it. Arthur smiles his angelic smile and says, ‘It’s my pleasure’.

Aghast Momoe wonders what she’ll do if she has to owe this guy. Then, Momoe’s mother asks if this guy is the ‘he’ whom she is referring to, and it is unexpected that he would come there. Her mother says that she thought it is because Momoe hates being introduced to other guys so she lied about having a boyfriend.

Momoe blushes really red when her mother tells Arthur that her daughter never had a boyfriend throughout these 28 years. Aghast Momoe exclaims how could she say it out loud, and this guy is not.. Just when Momoe’s mother invites him in, Arthur holds her hand and kisses it. This surprised both mother and daughter.
To Momoe’s shock, Arthur says that it is like what she thought, he is going steady with her beloved daughter so he hopes that she’ll remember him, and please call him as Arthur. Mesmerized by him, her mother starts to say that if he gives up on her daughter, he can go with her.. Momoe tells her mother to be a bit more serious.

Afterwards, blushing Momoe’s mother waves goodbye and says, ‘Please come back soon ♡’ Angelic Arthur waves back. Momoe tells him that she’ll walk him to the station. While Momoe is grudgingly thanking him for his help, Arthur asks if it is okay for them to pretend as lovers, not only at work but also during their private time. 

He says that it is too bad that she even asked Masako to help her find some other guy. Momoe is shock and embarrassed that Masako told him about it. Arthur says that as punishment for standing him up for lunch, she should be more sincere in acting as lovers with him. Looking behind her, Arthur says that her mother is looking at them so she shouldn’t look behind or else, it will be suspicious. 

Actually, her mother has already gone inside. Arthur tells Momoe that they will be exposed if they kept on murmuring like this so, he asks her to do something, like treat him as a lover. He tells her to do something to him, that would look natural. Momoe says that she couldn’t for they are still in front of her house. 

Arthur lies that her mother is looking suspicious at them. Momoe wants to turn and look but Arthur tells her that it would look like she is going to do it deliberately if she turns to look. Arthur bends down to her and closes his eyes. He tells her that it is fine and just do it where she wants [ = to kiss him]. 

Momoe wonders what to do, and if he is her lover, what would she do. To Arthur’s surprise, Momoe pats his head. He asks her what she is doing. Looking sincere, Momoe says ‘nice, good boy’. She thinks that she always wanted to touch his soft blond hair. She tells him that this is thank you very much for your help today’s ‘pat on the head’.
Holding her hand, Arthur laments that in the end, he couldn’t make her show that kind of expression towards him. He says forget it, they should go. Momoe tells him to wait for does he plan on hold each other’s hands until they reach the station. Arthur says that they will do that until her mother doesn’t see them (but then, she had already gone inside early on). 

Arthur also says that this way, he’ll forgive her, and no matter what, this is her first time in going steady with a guy. Gritting her teeth, Momoe tries to deny it but Arthur doesn’t believe her. Momoe exclaims if he is treating her as a fool, when he obviously said before that virgins are troublesome. He must be laughing over her that she is some rare beast to be still a virgin at age 28. 

 Arthur says that he isn’t only referring to the women’s body, when he said that it is troublesome. And for him, virgin or not, it is the same. If she isn’t a virgin, he would be jealous of the guy whom she had sex with before. If she is a virgin, he will be jealous of the guy who’ll come afterwards. “That’s all there is to it.” Looking down, Momoe asks if it is only that. He says yes. Momoe doesn’t seem quite convinced by what he said.

Scans by 深雪汉化组