March 12, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 8]

Originally posted @ on March 8, 2012

Cover page: “Occasionally, let’s try cool style..okay.” Makoto begs her mother to please let her cook her own bento [/lunch box]. Her mother refuses because the kitchen will become dirty, she’s very busy in the morning and fundamentally, Makoto can’t cook. Makoto insists that it is because she can’t, that she wants to strive hard and learn how to cook. She also assures her mother that she’ll clean things up after she’s finished. In the end, her mother relents and let her cook. So, Kirasagi Makoto, 15 years old, first year high school student, wants to become a radiant [young and pretty] girl, so that guy she likes would pay attention to her. Makoto cooks some sausages cut into cute octopuses. She happily dreams that Iriya <- person she likes, would compliment her homemade bento and their relationship will become better. In the end, her sausages end up burnt. On the way to school, Iriya happily greets Makoto. Makoto greets him back and comments that he brought his bicycle with him. Iriya says that he had overslept a bit and it seems that she is also a bit late today. While thinking that she had also ruined fried egg[/rolled omelette] thrice today, Makoto just laughs it off. Makoto is really happy that they went to school together even if it is just a 50 meter walk. Upon arriving at school, they were surprised by the noisy students who suddenly call out to Iriya. Iriya is puzzled over the attention. They show him Heaventeen magazine’s photo of Iriya and Makoto. The caption says that they are lovers found at the street. It also introduces Makoto as Rika’s younger sister, who is together with Date Project’s Shun-kun. Makoto is freaking out for it wasn’t supposed to be published. The editor ends up publishing it because she finds it interesting. While the other students/fangirls demand an explanation from Makoto about them being lovers, distressed Makoto tries to say no, and explain things.

Then, a male student arrives and asks Iriya, what’s going on. While everyone looks at the newcomer, Iriya calls him Yusa. Makoto wonders if he is Iriya’s friend. Yusa takes the magazine from one of the girls and asks if they are fusing about the magazine. Yusa asks Iriya if it is okay for this to be published. Iriya says that it is only that, and also, it doesn’t matter. Yusa tells Iriya that if there is anything else, he can tell him [or inform him if some other things are happening]. A bit tense Iriya says that it[/he] is already fine [and it is unnecessary]. Yusa notices that Makoto is looking at them. He asks Makoto if she is the one in the picture. Makoto says that she is. After staring at her, Yusa comments that she is too plain. After going into shock, Makoto tearfully thinks that she knows. Iriya scolds Yusa not to too rude. Shaking his head, Yusa says that it is impossible for these two to go steady. The fangirls immediately say that is true, how is it possible. Makoto feels like crying since they quickly agreed with that. Yusa tells serious Iriya to come along with him. As Iriya leaves with Yusa, the fangirls comment about those two guys’s relationship is quite close and they are like handsome guys combo. Both are super eyecandies, and it is the first time they saw those two guys talk with each other. To their surprise, Makoto doesn’t know who this Yusa is. A girl tells her that Yusa is F section’s Yusa Issei but she hadn’t seen him much because F section is at the west side[/floor], and Makoto is in section B. If Iriya is the prince of the east side, then Yusa is the prince of the west side. This made Makoto shiver for she felt hated[/glared at] by such an awesome guy like prince of the west side. She wonders if she was just mistaken by it. At the roof, Iriya tells Yusa that didn’t he tell him not to talk with him at school. Yusa answers that he is very worried about Iriya, like this incident now. Iriya insists that he already told him that it’s fine [and there’s no need to needlessly worry about it]. This irritates Yusa that he corners Iriya and shouts that Iriya likes that girl. Iriya didn’t answer. Yusa exclaims that undesirable girl is the most dangerous kind [/not to be trifled with] and, don’t let himself be deceived by her. Yusa complains how infuriated he is when she obvious doesn’t know [/understand] Iriya completely and would still continuously chatter.. Iriya sternly calls Yusa’s name. Looking irritated, Yusa stops talking because Iriya is angry.

During lunch, Makoto tries to ask Nanami if Yusa is Iriya’s friend during junior high or earlier than that, but Nanami doesn’t know. While Nanami is asking Makoto what that black thing [burnt sausages] that she is eating, Uki comments that ever since before, Yusa is quite sensational [/attracts attention]. Along with Iriya, they are twin jewels. He is also quite popular at her club, but apparently Kisaragi-chan only has eyes for Iriya-kun. This made Makoto blush. Makoto thinks that both guys are handsome but feels totally different from each other and Yusa is a bit scary, but.. Makoto looks at the door and sees Iriya. Iriya sees her and he happily waves at her. Blushing Makoto waves back and thinks that Iriya is more handsome. At the corner, displeased Yusa looks at the two. After school dismissal, Makoto returns to the classroom to get her bento box which she left. It is because she did her best in making it, she carried it in a bento bag instead of just putting it inside her school bag. She finds it a bit scary to be alone in the classroom. Then, she hears a noise. It is Yusa who asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she forgot her bento box. After a pause, Yusa tells her that Iriya is looking for her just now, and it seems that he is going to give something to her. Since Iriya is called by the teacher, Iriya is ought to be at the art room, so why doesn’t she go and check it out. Wondering what Iriya will give her, Makoto thanks him for informing her. Makoto also wonders if Yusa turns out to be a nice person since he even passed that message to her. So, could it be that she is only mistaken about being hated by him. Makoto is surprised when Yusa wants to go along with her to the art room.

In the art room, she is surprised that no one is there. Just when she is saying that there must be some mistake, Yusa angrily complains that no matter who it is, Iriya is too nice towards everyone, and made silly girls misunderstand. Makoto is stunned and then goes into shock. Pointing at Makoto, Yusa tells her to quickly give up on Iriya, and this isn’t a request but rather, an order. Yusa also tells her if she really thinks that she can go steady with Iriya for no matter how he looks at her, she is ordinary among the ordinary. Aghast Makoto thinks that she is right about her suspicion and she couldn’t refute him back but... Holding her bag tight, Makoto says that he obvious doesn’t know [anything], so please don’t belittled her like that. Yusa looks surprised. Makoto starts to regret what she said because she could have provoked him. Trembling Makoto asks him why he is.. Yusa smiles and threatens her that he won’t let her out, if she doesn’t agree to what he wants. He takes out the art room’s key from his pocket and show it to her. Then, he suddenly pushes Makoto that Makoto loses her footing. She hits the table and hits her head on the edge of the table. Ouch. With blank eyes, Yusa tells her that he doesn’t want to be rough on her but this is inevitable because she won’t listen to him. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a door being locked. Yusa quickly goes to the door and tries to open it but it won’t budge. While the security guard happily sings about going home and drinking, Yusa is screaming that there is still someone inside. It seems that the guard didn’t hear him. A bit tense Makoto exclaims what about the key that Yusa had. Yusa says that the key can’t be used to open from inside, and there is no cellphone signal there since they are at the fourth floor. A bit tense, Yusa says that they are locked in there. Aghast Makoto thinks, “No way--!?”

 Scans by 離境漢化組.

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