March 12, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 38]

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Cover page: “Even if the two are far apart, towards the future [goal], it is still the same..” At the ship, Nakaba looks at the sea and ponders on what had happened that night. Flashback: She had grabbed Ahkil’s arm. Azhar said that this is very good. Then, slain Azhar is bleeding on the ground. End flashback. Nakaba looks aghast and teary-eyed over it. Then, Ahkil arrives and calls out to her. He asks why.. Then, he suddenly holds Nakaba’s face and shouts why she didn’t see this kind of future. Upon seeing Nakaba’s flustered face, Ahkil realizes that Nakaba did saw it. Ahkil softens upon seeing Nakaba trying to stop herself from crying. Ahkil also realizes that time when Nakaba wanted to say something to Azhar, refers to this incident. Ahkil asks her what she and his brother talked about. Nakaba won’t answer and just remembers Azhar leaving Ahkil to her [to take care of him]. Ahkil exclaims why she has this ‘eyes’/power. Ahkil kept on shouting why..before crying out for his older brother. Tears start to fall down from Nakaba’s cheek. She mentally tells him that she had told him before that this isn’t some miraculous power. Nakaba hugs grieving Ahkil to comfort him and apologizes to him for this power isn’t some miraculous power. She thinks, “So, I..” Later on, Nakaba is sitting by the deck by herself. Lito goes to her and asks what will happen after they return to Senan. They weren’t able to get the Retina ore so what will happen to his mother. Touching Lito’s face, Nakaba tells him that if there is a way to save her, she will definitely save his mother. She apologizes to him for that is the only thing that she can say. Lito just mutters her name.

Looking out the sea again, Nakaba is using her Arcana and she sees a bright light. She closes her eyes again. Then, Loki arrives and tells her to go inside the cabin because the wind is quite cold. Nakaba slightly smiles at him. With a clenched fist, Nakaba says that she will take hold of Senan. “Caesar will definitely become Belquat’s king. Before, when Caesar said he will become king, I felt as if I saw a dazzling future. Even if I still can’t quite see it.. and this step will take [/involve me] deeper. *Loki mutters her name* Caesar will become king. I believe that.. and, I’m going to get hold of Senan. This way, when Caesar becomes king, Belquat and Senan can be merged into one. *Loki looks somewhat surprised* This power isn’t some miracle *Arcana activating* So, I will change it into a miracle.” Loki kneels and bows down to her. He says, “My life is yours. I’ll only obey Princess Nakaba’s orders.” As they look at each other, Nakaba smiles and thanks him. At Belquat, Rosetta is delighted that Caesar has finally came back. Caesar and Belenus had just entered the room. Caesar apologizes to her for making her worried. Rosetta tells him that it is alright, and it is great that he returned safely. After telling Caesar to sit, Rosetta thanks Belenus for the report and good job. While sitting down, Rosetta says that according to Belenus, the one who killed Cain is an Ajin, and during the chaos, that red haired princess’ whereabouts is unknown. Caesar is surprised by this. Belenus confirms that report. Rosetta happily says is that so. Caesar just kept silent.

Flashback: At the town, Caesar asked Belenus what happens next, upon arriving back. Belenus told him to leave things up to him and he’ll send out feelers that Caesar has returned. Caesar agreed with that. Then, Belenus told him that if no matter what, he really wanted to get the throne, Caesar should be conscious [/prepare himself] as they move forward and, he is to fully believe in Belenus whatever it is that he’ll do. Caesar asked him what’s up. Belenus tells him that he dreams that in the future, this country will be ruled over by Caesar and Nakaba. “So please, by all means, do not forget that everything I will do is to realize this dream.” Ceasar said okay. End flashback. Rosetta says that for that there is no problem now since that red haired princess’ whereabouts is unknown. Caesar asks her what she meant by that. Rosetta calls out to Louise to enter the room. After Louise and Caesar greet each other, Caesar asks his mother what’s going on that she called Louise here. While Louise looks a bit flustered, Rosetta tells Caesar that she wants to hold a wedding between him and Louise. This surprises Caesar. Rosetta just smiles, and Louise continues to look uneasy. Suddenly, standing up, Caesar protests what’s going on, that he has to marry Louise, for he already has a consort from Senan... Rosetta tells him to calm down for isn’t the whereabouts of that consort currently unknown and there is no rule that he can only have one consort. “Cain has already passed away and right now, you will become the rightful heir. It will be okay if you marry the official consort princess[/legal wife].” Caesar asks, official.. Rosetta tells him that Louise is to become the official consort because that is the condition for the exchange, stipulated by Louise’s father. She also tells him that Louise’s father is this country’s general and isn’t it a good tactic to bring in the general’s troops to their side. Caesar tries to protest but Rosetta asks Belenus what he thinks of this. This surprises Caesar. After a pause, slightly tense Belenus that if they are to think of it, from the viewpoint of making Caesar ascend to the throne, this marriage it is a correct move. Caesar calls out Belenus’ name but he suddenly looks tense and flustered as he remembers Belenus’ warning about being fully conscious[/prepared].

Scans by Rei'S工作室.

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