March 12, 2012

The One [Chapter 87]

Originally posted @ on March 3, 2012

Feidna starts sobbing to Eros about not wanting him to let her go when he promised to take care of her forever. He comforts her by saying that he is still the same guy who cares for her but he has something that he wants to chase after..not come and go just because Feidna says so. Feidna cries that she won’t leave anymore and he is the one whom she always loved. Eros tells her that he knows that it is a lie for he is just a safe haven for her. He doesn’t complain nor refuse her because she is like a family for him. He tells her that she ought to know this. Feidna cries again that she doesn’t believe it for he obviously loves her and who else in this world understands him more. While hugging her, Eros tells her to let him go, and she should also learn to truly love and treasure one person so that she’ll find her happiness. At the apartment across the street, Leo is freaking out that Eros is alone with Feidna. He shouts if Lele is going to let it be. Lele tells him that Eros say that he won’t see her if she doesn’t go to Paris but then, if she goes, it is the same for she can’t see him. Then, Lele gloomily asks Leo if Eros is going to dump her and be happy with Feidna. Then, she quickly runs off. Lying on the sofa, Feidna asks Eros to let her sleep there for the night since she has no place to go to. Eros tells her to rest and leave whatever she has to say for tomorrow. Eros goes to the living room and starts calling Lele. He wonders if she is angry so she isn’t picking it up. Leo answers it and calls him a two-timing jerk –> hugging Feidna and now calling. To Leo’s shock, Eros knows that he is peeking on him through the telescope. Eros asks him where Lele is. While mentally freaking out as to when Eros knew about it, Leo tells him that Lele is hurt and ran out crying to who knows where. This surprises Eros. He starts to look for her. At the roof, Lele is barefoot while thinking over what Eros told her about what her dream is. She starts to think that she doesn’t have a certain image like Feidna who is fiery and her mother, who is an ice queen. In the end, Eros finds Lele sleeping on the roof. Seeing her bruised feet, he realizes that she has been practicing the whole night. Touching her feet, he calls sleeping Lele stupid for he told her that a model’s feet is very important. Lele mutters her apology and says that she will do her best so wait for her to become stronger. He kisses her closed eyes and says yes, she can be at ease and fly, he will be her support forever. ^^

After a week, Lele flies off to Paris. Glenn shouts at Lele as to how can she ask for another opportunity, and does she even know who he is. Lele admits that she is quite shameless. She decides to use Eros as her alibi that if she can’t convince Glenn, Eros will break up with her. Glenn is freaking out that Lele’s boyfriend is Eros. She also lies that Eros is excited over the possibility of them working together before but unfortunately, it is already impossible. Just as apologetic Lele is about to leave, Glenn stops her. He will give that opportunity to her but she has to pass a test. Glenn is working with Anji [安吉] for a season’s collection but he is being difficult because he doesn’t want to work with another model. Glenn wants a two model shoot so Lele is going to help him finish that catalogue. If she manages to do that, Lele will be his muse again. Lele researches a bit about Anji, who is a gorgeous feminine guy, and wonders if it is really hard to work with him. Later on, a staff introduces Lele to Anji, who is putting lipstick in the dressing room. Anji comments that Glenn still won’t give up. He starts to say that he doesn’t know who Lele is, and a small time model shouldn’t talk with him. While Lele is shock over this, the staff tells her to hold on for Anji has already drove away 5 supermodels. Then, Anji tells Lele to put his shoes on him and he’ll let her have a photo shoot with him. While the staff laments that it has started, Lele did as told and compliments the back of his feet and skin. This made Anji blush. He stands up and tells the photographer that he is ready. Soon, the two models are going to have a photo shoot but Anji keeps on bumping, covering, and stepping on Lele, among other things. The photographer laments that he can’t use half of the pictures if Anji keeps on doing that. The other staff helps out ‘beaten up’ Lele. Then, Glenn asks Lele if she can continue for she has injuries. Lele says that these stuff are nothing, it won’t affect the shoot. As she walk home, Lele’s feet still hurt from being stepped on by a stiletto. Then, Lele gets a message from Eros on her cellphone. Flashback: While making love, Lele told Eros not to call while he waits for her because she might falter and weaken upon hearing his voice. But, she wanted a favor from him. He has to send her pictures of him everyday as a way of supporting her. End flashback. So, even if he thinks that it is stupid, Eros takes a picture of himself eating. Lele laughs over the picture that has a message asking her if she has eaten. Lele takes a picture of herself and tells him that she is fighting for the enemy is quite difficult but she will persevere until the end. Eros wonders what happened that Lele is hurt <- she has a bandage on her face.

On the second day of shooting, they are going to change the theme since yesterday’s shoot didn’t go well. They are now going to have a shooting with a leopard and a snake. The photographer hopes that Anji won’t fool around this time. Soon, the shooting is going smoothly until Anji pricks the leopard with a needle and it tries to attack Lele. He also frightens Lele with the snake. Soon, the shooting became like a circus that has lost control of its animals. While Lele is shock over what just happened, Anji tells the hairdresser to fix his hair. Lele asks why Anji doesn’t want to properly work together and is it interesting for him to waste everyone’s time. Anji asks if she wants to quit or tell Glenn about it. Lele says that he must think that he is ‘somebody’ that everyone will let him do whatever he wants but then, until when, would people be able to bear his un-cuteness. He would only have to wait for a new thing or a similar type of model, and he’ll quickly lose favor. Only those models, who attain respect, can last long in this industry. Lele asks Anji if he plans on becoming a model who’ll last only for 2-3 years then disappear, leaving only an impression as a stinky brat. Flustered Anji shouts at Lele who said that he’ll only last for 2-3 years since he is one and only, no one can replace him. Anji is furious over what Lele said and wants to get back at her. Anji goes to the photographer and whispers that he knows that he is persevering with him [Anji] because he likes him. Anji apologizes and says that he won’t be naughty again but Lele really makes him feel uncomfortable so, make Lele suffer a bit and let her know hardship so that she’ll leave. And later on, whoever Glenn brings in to work with him, he will nicely work together with that person. Next chapter will out in Taiwan on April 5th. Blurb: “In working together with Lele, Anji continuously makes things difficult for her. But, taking no account of former resentments, in an accident, Lele saves Anji and he changes his attitude..”

Scans by Icy_Chrisy.

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