March 31, 2012

Chitose, Etc. [Chapters 38-40]

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On the way home, Chitose tells Yuki that Amika likes Takeru/Subaru since he was the one who saved her from some bullying girls. She thinks that Takeru isn’t a bad kid. She tells Yuki that she would want to have a talk with Takeru so that he won’t always be angry with Yuki and Saaya. Also, she want Takeru to understand that the truth isn’t like that. Chitose also tells him that if one strives hard to talk with Takeru, surely, he would understand. Yuki agrees with her proposal because Takeru won’t listen to whatever he and Saaya says, so maybe it would be better if it is Chitose. Yuki is a bit hesitant because they will have to talk alone and he is worried that something will happen like that ring incident. Chitose assures him that it is okay because she’ll be careful. Determined Chitose wants to try it out. Later on, at the hallway, Chitose tells Takeru that she wants to talk with him. Takeru says okay, so where, at the courtyard or the roof. Gesturing for him to stop, Chitose tells him no, not right now, for he can’t skip class. She says that she wants to talk about a lot of things with him so can he find time to go out with her on weekend when he has no activities after school. Takeru says that he has work on weekend but it is the foundation day so he ought to have free time in the afternoon. Chitose agrees with that. Takeru happily asks if this is a date and is it okay. Chitose exclaims that it isn’t a date. Takeru insists that it is. Chitose says that they are only going to talk and there is a nearby park or cafe. Takeru exclaims that is boring and it is his rare rest day so find a place that they can have fun or else, he won’t go. After a pause, Chitose agrees. This delights Takeru who happily says that he’ll anticipate it then, and he’ll arrange where they’ll go. At the station, Takeru greets Chitose. Chitose says that he is only wearing glasses, so what about the disguise. Takeru says that he isn’t that popular, for him to do that. Chitose asks where they are going. He tells her that he actually wants to go to a theme park but he suddenly thought of some other place that he wants to go. Also, it is only today when he can go there. “Will you accompany me there?” Then, they watch a theater play.

Afterwards, Chitose comments that it is quite interesting. This made Takeru happy. He tells her that it is also his first time to watch professional acting on stage, and his senpai is the lead actor in that well-evaluated play. Chitose asks if he will also act in a play later on. Takeru says right now, he is only in movies and television drama but one day, if he has an opportunity, he would like to try it out. Chitose says that it seems that he really likes to act and it is great to sincerely like something and it can also be one’s work. He asks her if she has fallen for him. Chitose says no, she still has Yuki but then, she thinks that this is quite good. Takeru thanks her. Soon, they went to the riverside. Chitose asks him if he wants to eat some snacks, curry bread. She tells him that it is inconvenient to bring curry so she got curry bread instead. Takeru asks why it has to be curry. To Takeru’s embarrassment, Chitose tells him that it is because Yuki told her that Takeru said before that it would be nice if he can eat curry every lunch. Blushing Takeru exclaims that Yuki is a loudmouth. This made Chitose asks if he doesn’t like it anymore so Takeru exclaims that he really likes it. By the stairs, Takeru eats a couple of curry bread as Chitose tells him of having confidence in making it. Takeru is disappointed that Chitose only made a few for they were delicious. Takeru tells her to make more for him next time. Chitose says okay, and she’ll make everyone taste it too. Chitose tells him that she went to see Amika and was told about him saving her from some bullies. Takeru says that it is no big deal. She says that his relationship with Amika is quite good so did they went steady. Takeru says no, she totally doesn’t have that kind of thinking. Because after she was bullied, he noticed that she would walk near him and he felt that she likes him so he asked her about going steady but she said that she doesn’t think that way and only wants to be friends, so he was refused. Takeru says that that Amika doesn’t think of him as a guy but then, he is more relaxed this way. Chitose mutters that he is slow-witted. Chitose changes the topic by telling him not to get angry with Yuki and Saaya. Takeru says no, and to clarify things, he is not angry at Saaya but rather, he only hates her and the one who made him angry is Yuki. Chitose asks if he isn’t angry that Saaya confessed. Takeru says that is inevitable because Yuki is handsome but then, Yuki accepted it and went steady with her behind his brother’s back, and that is unforgiveable.
Chitose asks him if Misaki knew about it. Takeru says yes for Yutaka told him about it. He was really shock by this that he won’t go near Yuki anymore but then, Yuki didn’t seem to notice it. Chitose says that Misaki wasn’t angry. Takeru says yes. Chitose says that it is inevitable for Yuki to accept it because if he didn’t, Saaya will be hurt. Takeru shouts to let her be hurt, for it is more correct to choose his friendship with Misaki. Chitose says that Yuki also likes Saaya, and if he chose that, Misaki wouldn’t be happy. Flustered Takeru exclaims then if that is so, then it would be better for them to go steady out in the open rather than doing it secretly. He is furious that they are treating Misaki for a fool. Chitose exclaims that it isn’t like that for they are just being considerate, and it wasn’t deliberate. They were worried about Misaki and felt that it would be awkward. Misaki clearly knows this that is why he isn’t angry and he even approved of it, but then, how come Takeru can’t understand this. She explains that Saaya told her that they want to fall in love because they were jittery at that time for they could die at anytime and given the situation, those three were elementary kids then. She says that it always really pains both Saaya and Yuki because they were able to live on and until now, Misaki is a very important existence to them. Feeling that liking others would betray Misaki, they were always together but Yutaka helped them get over it by telling them not to make Misaki as a bad memory. That has freed them. Takeru tries to dismiss it by saying that Yutaka is a grown up whereas he is still a kid. Chitose calls out his name that Takeru shouts that she is annoying, and he knows that he is just recklessly getting angry and it is because Misaki was just 10 years old. Takeru starts to cry and says that Misaki is quite pitiful and he should have been with him more.. Chitose hugs him and this made Takeru cries out his grief. After calming down, Takeru pulls away from her and apologizes for this is the first time he cried over Misaki. He had always been wondering how come he didn’t cry when he was told that Misaki died or during the funeral. Instead of sadness, he was quite angry as to why Misaki died. He doesn’t care whom he’ll get angry at – hospital, Yuki or even God. Right now, he understands why, it is because he is so sad that he can’t endure it and that sadness turned to anger. He thanks Chitose for after crying it out, he felt better. Chitose smiles and says okay.
While walking towards the clubroom, Yuki and Shun are looking at something on Shun’s cellphone as to whether he is going to buy it but then, it is expensive. Then, Takeru calls out, ‘hey’. He asks Yuki if he heard that he had a date with Chitose and it was really fun. Yuki says yes, and Shun is surprised by this. Takeru says he managed to be relieved himself of his anger or perhaps it is tiring to keep on being angry so in respect of Chitose, he’ll forgive him but then, he won’t give up on Chitose. He also says that if Yuki and Chitose are quite happy together, then he won’t forcefully steal away Chitose. As he walks away, Takeru tells Yuki that he’ll always be prepared and the two of them will quickly break up. Yuki just quietly smiles over this. Shun exclaims what the heck is going on. Yuki asks him if he hasn’t heard about it from Saaya. This surprises Shun. At a restaurant, having some drinks, Saaya pokes Shun’s cheek and asks if he is in a bad mood. Shun grabs her hand and angrily says that he heard about the stuff regarding Subaru from Yuki. He turns out to be Misaki’s younger brother and he is giving problems to them so how come Saaya didn’t tell him about this. To Shun’s surprise, Saaya says that it is because she doesn’t think that it is necessary. Saaya says that Takeru is giving problems only to Yuki and Chitose, not to her and him so it is fine for Shun to think of Takeru as a new student, and she doesn’t want Shun to prejudice Takeru. Shun exclaims that he is Misaki’s younger brother and he is an important person. Saaya says that is true.. After a pause, Saaya says that she doesn’t want Shun to think ‘it’s someone related to Misaki again’ and ‘isn’t this thing resolved already’. She also doesn’t want him to be unhappy so she thought that she should totally not involve him in this. Slightly flustered Shun says is that so but even if he knows that she and Yuki would talk over things, but if something is up, he hopes that she could talk it over with him.
Looking at him, Saaya asks if Shun is still bothered about the thing between her and Yuki and does he understand that she and Yuki totally doesn’t have that kind of relationship. Shun just says that he understands. Saaya says that Yuki is still special and in this life, it won’t change. Since Shun is going steady with her, he should accept Yuki’s existence or else, he’ll be distressed about it. Looking serious, Shun tightly holds his drink and says that is true, he’s sorry. Saaya then comforts him by clinging on his arm. At school, Chitose tells Shun that she didn’t go on a date with Subaru, they just chat. Since Yuki treats Subaru like a younger brother, she also treats him likewise. She did have Yuki’s permission before going out with Subaru. Shun comments that he is envious that things are going well with her and Yuki. Chitose asks if it isn’t with them. Shun confides to her that he is still bothered by the bond between Saaya and Yuki, that aside from him, or rather, he is bothered that there is some other guy more special to Saaya than him. And, when something urgent is up, she’ll get Yuki’s help, and not his. Chitose says is that so. Shun asks if she isn’t bothered by it. Chitose says no because for Yuki, Saaya is like family, just like Yuka is. Special treatment for family is inevitable. Surprised Shun says that he didn’t think that she is so open-minded. Chitose happily asks if that is so. Shun thinks that perhaps, it is just because she’s slow-witted. Shun says that he can’t do it for he is a small man. Chitose tells him that he’ll slowly get used to it so cheer up. Chitose suggests that next time, they go on a double date and have fun to the max. Shun smiles and agrees with this idea. Shun says that they go to a place where there is a wide landscape and they’ll lodge outside. Chitose says that if it is lodging out, she’ll stay in the same room as Saaya. Looking surprised, Shun exclaims what she just said, could it be that they haven’t. Chitose tells him not so loud. Shun is in total disbelief as to why not. Chitose tells him that it isn’t about why, they just haven’t done it yet and even if they didn’t do it, she is already quite happy. Shun says no, maybe it is okay for her but for Yuki..did he absolutely never did anything. Blushing Chitose says that they would always kiss and hug. Shun asks if that is all. Waving his hand, Shun still couldn’t believe it. Chitose says that maybe Yuki is a small eater who doesn’t have any desire. Shun corrects her that is herbivore but Yuki isn’t one because he regularly do it with Saaya. Shun says that maybe there is no opportunity and they weren’t able to be alone in the room. Chitose says no, they are always alone and would always visit each other for they live in the same apartment building. Shun asks if it is because their siblings are always around. Chitose says no, their siblings are always away from home.
Thinking for a while, Shun exclaims that he knows, it is because during the key moment, Chitose would refuse so Yuki couldn’t.. Chitose exclaims no, for Yuki had never even once asked her of this and it isn’t like she doesn’t think of it a bit, and if Yuki wanted to do it, if that is his wish, she won’t refuse. Shun asks again if Yuki never once asked. Chitose says no. Then, after a pause, Chitose asks if that is bad. Shun seriously asks if Yuki really likes her. This shocks Chitose. Grabbing his shirt, Chitose exclaims of course, for he said that he really likes her, he would even dote on her, and she can feel his love. Shun says no, Yuki actually likes her but, rather than liking her as girl, perhaps it is liking a pet. This shocks Chitose again. Shun says that this isn’t like love and could it be that Yuki himself isn’t conscious of it. Chitose is muttering about being treated as a pet instead of as a girl and that means.. Shun tells Chitose that if there is someone else whom Yuki would think as a girl would appear, she will be dumped. Chitose goes into a major shock. Shun sighs and says that it seems that it isn’t ‘final’ between them [C&Y] either. [‘final’ = they will be together forever] And, Chitose is still in a major shock. Walking home, Chitose is talking about some curve ball and Yuki laughs over it. Chitose looks at him and thinks that ever since hearing those strange stuff from Shun, she has been feeling a bit uneasy. But, after happily talking with Yuki, the uneasiness had totally flown away. It is really going smoothly between them and it is absolutely ‘final’ between them. Blushing Chitose asks him if he likes her. After looking surprised, Yuki smiles and asks what she is still saying when things had reached up to this point. “I really like you!” This made Chitose happy until Yuki pats her head and says that he likes her that he would want to put her on his pocket and she’ll always be with him. Chitose is stunned for pocket = always together = small pet. She could actually be just his pet. At school, Chitose gloomily thinks that she doesn’t want to be a pet, she wants to be a girlfriend. Shun tells her that maybe she is childish that is why Yuki don’t have that kind of thinking. Chitose angrily protest as to who is the guy who would lay his hands on childish her. Shun tells her that his hunting range is quite vast. Chitose says that isn’t something to be flaunted. Shun asks her if she can increase Yuki’s consciousness to make him think of her as a ‘girl’. Chitose looks flustered.
Midoriko happily exclaims that she likes shopping at Shibuya. She wonders where they would start. Midoriko tells Chitose to relax, for she’ll make her look dazzling. Chitose says okay. Chitose narrates that today she’s going to shop together with Midoriko and this is because.. Flashback: Shun asked if she is asking on how to make her look ‘womanly’, well, usually, it starts from wearing sexy clothes. Blushing, Chitose said that she doesn’t have that kind of clothes. Shun told her to just go buy them. Chitose exclaimed no, for she doesn’t know those things. Smiling Shun if it is about that, then Midoriko is an expert so why doesn’t she go ask her opinion about it. Sparkling Midoriko asked if Chitose wanted to make Yuki think of sexy stuff through her clothes, then okay, leave it up to her. End flashback. Chitose thinks that looking at Midoriko, it didn’t occur to her that she likes those kinds of clothes. Midoriko thinks that they should go there first. She grabs Chitose’s hand and drags her to a lingerie store. Midoriko picks a pink brassiere which she says is like a magic chest. Looking in the mirror, Chitose is very embarrassed by how big her breasts look. Peeking in, Midoriko says that this is a magic because the pads in that brassiere is quite amazing. Before wearing a cute sexy outfit, the [body] figure must feel sexy first. Chitose asks isn’t this like cheating. Midoriko says that is right, it might be disappointing when she strips off but, she can just close the light. After a pause, Chitose asks Midoriko if she always wear this. Midoriko says that she doesn’t wear them at school because it is tight and difficult to endure. She only wears them at certain times. Chitose wonders when those times are and Midoriko is really baffling. Midoriko exclaims that this is okay, for she looks okay in it. So, next, they’ll go buy the clothes. After testing out some sexy clothes with cleavage showing, Midoriko exclaims that this is okay. Embarrassed Chitose covers her chest and asks if this is really okay for she doesn’t think that it looks suitable, for her. Midoriko tells her to just tie up her hair and the outcome will be great. Chitose says that she isn’t brave enough to wear this kind of clothes outside. Midoriko tells her that she’ll get used to it but then, maybe a little bit of Lolita would be better. Midoriko grabs Chitose and exclaims that they’ll go to the next store. Soon, Yuki is waiting outside Chitose’s apartment. Yuki is shock at how sexy Chitose dressed up. After a pause, Yuki asks what kind of dressing up is that, when they are just going to watch the movies. Surprised Chitose tells him that Midoriko helped her in choosing those clothes, and it was Shun who suggested it. Yuki exclaims, Shun, why. Blushing Chitose asks if it is very strange, doesn’t it suit her. Yuki says it doesn’t suit her and he doesn’t like her wearing those. Chitose asks if it would be better if she goes back in and change. Yuki says that even if he is very sorry but she should indeed go change. As Chitose gloomily goes back in her house, Yuki blushes a bit.
In school, Shun and Midoriko exclaim in surprise that the battle failed. They both think that perhaps it wasn’t sexy enough. Chitose exclaims that it is enough, rather than arousing Yuki, he is more in shock. While Chitose groans, Midoriko comforts her and says that it is okay, they’ll think of some other way. Shun sighs and wonders if sexy clothes won’t do. Saaya touches Shun’s shoulder and asks him what this battle is all about. Shun smiles and says that it is about Yuki and Chitose. He is a bit bothered that they haven’t done it yet and he is just giving some suggestions. Saaya asks him why he is bothered. Shun says that it is because a lot of things happened between them and they are friends, and he thinks that it would be better if they [C&Y] got along better. Saaya asks that weren’t those two getting along well already. Every couple has their own way of going steady, so outsiders shouldn’t just randomly intrude. Sweatdropping Shun asks her why she is pursuing this question. To Shun’s surprise, Saaya tells him that he is bothered[/thinking] about those two, but rather, it is only Chitose. Shun laughs it off and says that is impossible. Patting her head, Shun calls her silly, and asks if she’s jealous. Saaya just looks a bit flustered and serious. At the clubroom, Shun is working on the laptop computer when Yuki hits a book on his head. Yuki asks Shun what kind of nonsense, is he telling Chitose. She is wearing very sexy clothes during their date, and her brassiere can be seen. Shun laughs and apologizes. He asks if Chitose doesn’t suit wearing sexy clothes. Blushing a bit, Yuki sits down and says that it really suits her and she’s super cute that he would soon lose his reason. He doesn’t want other guys to see her like that so he made her change her clothes. Shun asks if he has been enduring that is why he would only kiss Chitose. Blushing Yuki asks how he knew. Shun asks why he is enduring when Chitose is already mentally prepared for it. Yuki asks if that is true, she won’t hate it. Shun exclaims that it is alright. Yuki says that even so, he still wants to endure it a bit because he currently likes the simple Chitose that he doesn’t want to stain her. By his hands, he is a bit afraid of making Chitose change. Shun sighs and says is that so, but then, this will make Chitose think that he doesn’t look at her as a girl, but rather, as a pet. Yuki exclaims how can that be. Shun says that it is because he told her so. Yuki shouts that he talks too much. Shun apologizes and praises Yuki for being always alone with Chitose and yet not losing control. Yuki admits that of course, he always has, wanting to make her his but no matter what, he wants to endure. He wants to wait for a while and keep the current Chitose, like this.
Looking thoughtful, Shun admits that if it is him, he absolutely can’t do it, and Yuki can be quite calm about it. Yuki says that isn’t so. Shun asks if Yuki only have this kind of experience with Saaya. Yuki exclaims of course, because he only went steady with her. Yuki asks if Shun has done it with other women besides his sex partner. Shun says that during junior high, he would fool around and there are one night stands. That is because he wants to accumulate experience so he wants to try it out a bit, and the pressure of exams is also quite great. Speechless Yuki asks if Saaya knew about this. Shun says how can he tell her about it and don’t tell her. Yuki says okay. Then, Chitose arrives and tells Yuki that both of them were tasked by Midoriko to get the printed/registered shirts for the sports festival. Shun smiles and wave as the two leave. Then, he mutters that in the end, it is ‘final’ between those two. Yuki and Chitose go to a building and ride on an elevator to reach the 6th floor. Yuki tells Chitose that it seems Shun said some strange things to her but it isn’t like that, he likes her as a girl. This made Chitose blush. She sighs in relief and says is that so, that’s great but then, why would he only kiss her. Yuki says why..well, he thinks that right now even if they don’t do that kind of thing, it is also okay. Chitose says that Shun told her that if he really likes her, he would absolutely want to do it with her, and it is impossible for him not to, want to do it. Yuki shouts that he likes her, but, for the current her, it is still too early. Flustered Chitose shouts early, when she is at the same age as Saaya..and he did it with Saaya when they were in junior high. Yuki says that is..everyone is very strange then. Chitose mutters that Saaya is also proactive. Yuki tells her that isn’t the topic here. Blushing Chitose says that it is because she is childish so he doesn’t have that kind of thinking. When Yuki tries to tell her that it isn’t so, Chitose mutters that it is just like what Shun said. This irks Yuki that he shouts that she kept on mentioning Shun, who does she believes, him or Shun. This stuns Chitose that she couldn’t believe that nice Yuki got angry. Yuki just faces away from her and just quietly stands. She nervously thinks that this is a quarrel and it is their first, what she is going to do. Suddenly, the elevator stops. Chitose exclaims what it is. Yuki says that there must be a malfunction. Yuki presses the intercom/alarm button but there is no answer. While emotionless Yuki just stands there, Chitose fretfully wonders if they are trapped in.
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